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    you do look remarkably fresh in these photo's, Gul. More so than the guys pictured with you.

    After nearly 3 years of moaning at my wife for throwing out/losing my 3 county medals i've actually won, during a redecoration, she has finally found them today whilst in the process of moving things around again for some building work, which I am chuffed about. I'll put them somewhere out of her meddlesome reach going forward!

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    Gul you look very fit and very happy which seems appropriate 
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    Gul looks like you are enjoying that race and I keep telling myself " I'll be back" in that front group lol
    Dt you are of course right id be far better away from club sessions which are only making my legs very tight but if it wasn't for them Id do nothing as just too busy right now but should have more time soon ,only looking to keep moving this month ,nice 13 miler.
    0054 what a crackin' run , 10m in 60 is amazing downhill or not never mind your age  !
    Birch you are as tough as old boots, chin up lad ! I feel a bit like that as all the people in the club last year I could lap are now lapping me ...

  • Well done on the PB Gul! I’m sorry it didn’t go perfect for you. You deserved even better. It’s good to read that you have identified errors you can correct. 

    I recommend that you race more often and should look to be running another marathon within a few weeks. Why wait until spring when your body is currently close to peak condition now? Don't tell anyone, just go run one without any pressure. 

    OO - Fantastic 10 mile time! 

    Thanks for spotting my Marathon Talk podium mention Lorenzo!
  • Congrats on the marathon PB Gul, great report, sounds like not an ideal course so a great achievement. Be careful with that dehydration! With a more favourable and supported course and hydration, fuelling I'm sure you could do even better and bag that GFA. Huge mileage total for the year!

    Great 10mile result there OO - seriously pacey; 10miles at 6:00ish pace sounds like hell to me.

    Lovely place to golf G-Dawg - do you have to be invited to play by a member? Loads of decent clubs in that area - recently heard that Swinley Forest course which is right next to one of my workplaces is considered to be amazing, yet fairly unknown.

    Those flipbelts look really good; might treat myself if I get a Berlin spot.

    Foot's been playing up so not run since last week but got out to club progression run today; 25mins social pace out, then back 10mins steady, then ramp up for final stretch back to the start point.

    7.5miles total and I was surprised to get a 5K PB time during the home stretch with a 19:01 just trying to keep the frontrunners in sight. It's slightly downhill but a bit of a confidence boost that I can maybe get mid 18:x at some point in a proper race.

  • DT - "meddlesome reach"; nice pun, or was that unintentional?
    Leslie - just wait till they are lulled into a false sense of security and then go for the killer punch :)
    Badbark - yes, you are probably right, but it's just a question of priorities and I can't see that it will be possible to fit in a race in the next month or two.
    nick - nice work! Has the foot been fine since?
    5 mile recovery run this morning. 10 miles a day from tomorrow to the end of the year would give me 2990.2 miles, so I've left myself a lot to make up. 
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    Nice going, Nicko. Yes I rate them highly for what they do. No problems like Stevie had in his mara with his gel belt messing him about. You can even buy flipbelt water bottles designed to fit into the belt, but they are too expensive for me to think worthwhile.


    Yes that was a deliberate pun and it was nice to be reunited with them last night. I sat and looked at them for a bit and tried to remember when I won them. Looks like you will be back on a heavy schedule to hit that target!!

    I found last week that marathon talk is on spotify so I can download and then play in the car travelling to work going forward!

    Much colder today. Planning a session over lunchtime.

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    ah, DT - you're casting temptation Gul's way - Saturday marathon , 8 and a bit laps around water . . . . 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I know, I can't see how he cannot. He would be like a veteran out there!
  • GD  - it's OK thanks, still sore but no worse; icing and ibuprofen might make it go away.

    DT - they look a lot more secure; I always worry about my gels and keep checking they aren't slipping - lost most of my gels in my first marathon at mile 3 when I had them in an armband, so am paranoid each time!

    That marathon looks interesting - with the 5k laps easy to track pace and might even make the time go quicker just counting 8 rather than 26 or 42.
  • DT / Birch - ha, ha! Nice try. Unfortunately, I'm rather busy that weekend :)

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Get to a flat parkrun Nicko sub 19 is on cards. Get yourself up to the Northeast and I’ll even pace you ;)
  • DT - I didn't realise you could get podcasts on Spotify, I will be listening later! Lewis's (Coach) wife is on the latest marathon talk speaking about her charity. All about getting people exercising during and after cancer treatment. We went to their charity ball on Friday and she is very inspiring. She ran Great North Run whilst having chemo!

    OO - Fantastic 10m time, I'm not sure how I would race one as its halfway inbetween HMP and 10k pace, must be difficult to get right!

    Nicko - Sounds like your foot could do with a rest. I can't remember if you have entered a spring marathon, if not you should consider joining Poacher and I in Manchester!

    G-Dawg - Very jealous you got to play Wentworth, must have been a great experience.

    7m last night which I managed to discard off my watch without saving as I walked through the door! Session tonight of 20 x 1min off 1min recovery. Supposed to be static recovery but will do it as a walk as its going to be chilly. Having a crack at parkrun on Saturday, hopefully complete my sub 18 goal

  • Stevie - yes probably, will see what's going on with it after this week, am only planning 3 key sessions a week so hoping it gradually repairs on the rest days; definitely better than it was. No spring marathon yet, still considering trying my contact for a London place again, though Manchester is an option too. Will decide after Berlin places announced. Good luck with the Sub 18 on Sat.

    OO - thanks for the offer, a little far for a Saturday morning though! Pomphrey HIll near me is quite flat so will try that one soon.
  • StevieWh said:

    OO - Fantastic 10m time, I'm not sure how I would race one as its halfway inbetween HMP and 10k pace, must be difficult to get right!

    I never had too much trouble with race pace: once you have done enough training then the body naturally adjusts to the right pace. I think the harder thing is to train properly for both the 10k and half marathon. I have a sort of theory that you need to target training at some specific distance and you can do OKish a bit either side but not great. As an example, if you train for 10k then you will be OKish up to 10 miles but the half will be too long and if you train for the half then again OKish for 10 miles but you probably won't have enough speed for the 10k. 

    The normal way to do these sort of things is to train for the longer distance and then come down distances and trade endurance for speed so winter of training for an early spring marathon and then change down so by the summer you are doing 5ks and 3ks.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yes Stevie but that in between thing is part of the attraction of a 10 mile race, it’s quite unique. There are fewer 10 mile races but worth having a go. As PMJ says, after the Mara I basically got some speed sessions in. My pace is very similar to 10km but you just have to stretch it a bit further, maybe losing 10 to 15 secs in the later stages.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    A lot colder tonight and a little bit of sleet.
    Did a 10 miler with a mate. Decided to do alternate miles with 20 second uplifts.
    On my Garmin 235 the splits were 7.2x and 7.0x which averaged out at 7.12 pace.
    My mates Garmin Fenix came out at 7.1x and 6.5x. averaging 7.05. Weird.

    Anyway, it was a good session in grim, dark conditions.
    It also put me to 1641 miles for the year, my highest ever by one mile. Should bag a full set of 12 x 100+ miles for the fist time too. Happy with that.
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    Stevie, yes I discovered a new Spotify world last week. apparently there's a decent runners world podcast as well. I listened to her interview on Friday, very interesting. 

    10 milers are a good distance to race. I have one out towards Walsall 2 weeks Sunday. well regarded race and as it is a less cool distance to the masses who want 10ks and halfs it attracts a decent quality field. 

    Nice going, g-dawg. 

    tough session today. 5 x 1 mile at around 10k pace off a mere 1 minute. Came in 6.13, 6.13, 6.06, 6.19 and 6.10. Was hanging by the end!!!

    Just an easy 8 planned tomorrow.  
  • DT- I'll give that a listen as well then. Sometimes listen to podcasts on my long runs. Sounds like I'll have to enter a 10 miler! Cracking session, never easy off 60s recovery!

    Great run G-Dawg and good totals!

    20 x 1min tonight off 1min rest. All at 5k pace, worked down to 5.45s for the final few reps with a couple at 5.30s. Felt really good so hopefully I feel like that on Saturday!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    As oo says, they are few and far between these days. There's a decent one in Gloucester on 30th December which I did last year. Other than those and Rugby in September I don't know of any others reasonably local. 

    Nice session, good luck Saturday. I'm having one of these new Spotify players for Christmas which is just like an iPod but plays all your downloaded Spotify content so my plan is to listen to more podcasts when running. 
  • Historically, 10 mile races were always my favourites. I think the thing about them is that they are suited to the sort of training I did, so my usual runs were around the hour mark so an hour race is just about right. A 10k is going a lot harder than the day to day training and a half is a lot longer but the 10 mile sits there in the middle. It is also the only distance where I got a bona fide country medal: bronze in the Oxfordshire 10 mile champs, I won a gold in the Bucks 5,000m but I was the only entrant. 
  • Stevie - so easy to discard instead of save. Once or twice I've saved instead of resumed.  Great work with the 1min reps. In fine form for Saturday.
    GD- nice session and mileage looking very good.
    DT - cracking mile reps - a really  tough one with only 1 min recoveries!
    PMJ - quality running indeed to pick up a bronze.
    I've never raced a 10 miler, but my HM and 10k paces are now very close together (6:21 and 6:28), so would be interesting to give it a shot! Probably need to have another stab at a 10k too.
    Oddly enough, I did 10 miles this morning - but at a steady 8:03/m pace.
  • PMJ - always good when you get a podium as a participation award - it's how I bagged my British Championship skiing medals - being one of only 2 or 3 entering the over 30s comps!

    Gloucester 10 is apparently pretty good, might be doing it if I'm back from France in time.

    Have bitten the bullet and entered Manchester Marathon today - my first as a registered England Athletics member so got my massive £3.00 discount. Worth it.

    Best get my ass in gear and ready to start a campaign. Sub 3 or bust.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    nice 10, Gul. 

    Nicko, fingers crossed you do the training. Yes it's a reasonably decent event. They also do a 10k in November. I know someone who did in in 35 minutes and only came 29th. 
  • Yes hoping I can get an uninterrupted few months of training for the first time. This will be the first year I'm not working an event through November/December so can actually run and keep a base rather than ramping up quickly.

    Taking the elite route by heading for some high altitude training in the alps over Christmas Well, skiing, but I'll do some running there too :-) 
  • DT - I'd never seen those Spotify players before but they look good! I always carry my phone with me though so I just use that. The Rugby race is in the Warwickshire Road Race League which I want to get involved in next year so I might do that

    Nicko - Glad to hear you've entered Manchester! Its my first one as an EA member as well. Hopefully you can get some consistent training in. Im already looking forward to getting stuck back in to mara training

  • I like the 10 mile distance too. Although there are not many in N. Ireland and none on a fast course. Breaking 60 minutes in a 10 miler is a running barrier I’d like to break. However, I’ve never broken 61 so the chances are remote.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yes I used to say 10 miles was my best and favourite distance. I still enjoy them but seem to get my best WAVA on 5 & 10kms these days.
    I think I’m on for c2500 miles this year which is also a record. 5 marathons has helped.
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    Gul - Nice marathon pics. You look very fit and happy!

    A return to racing for me last night, the first time since the Oct marathon. It was a 5k road night race along the prom. I've done it a few times and it's so weird as it's really dark in places. I jogged the mile from my house to the start and had a terrible stitch. I thought... Oh no, what am I gonna be like in 10 mins when I hope to run about 2 min per mile faster! Thankfully the stitch didn't come back. It was a good race with a pack of 4 of us battling for the final podium position. I was in 6th at the turn about 10 seconds behind 3 and 4th and just behind 5th. I managed to reel them all in one by one and put in a few surges to take 3rd in 18:39. Splits were 3;44, 3:46, 3:46, 3:45 and 3:38. Not a pb but close. Felt really good and was pleased as I beat a couple of guys whom I've never beaten before. the target was sub 18:30, so not too far off. I think If I actually put some training in I should be able to do it no problem. My running the past month has been very on off, more so than before but I'm enjoying it when I do get out.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    good racing, Gerard :)  
    " I think If I actually put some training in I should be able to do it"    
    you might be onto something, there ;)
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