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  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    "conditions were very tough as the tide was in "   -  not a phrase often encountered in running race reports  . . .       
    just over12 yesterday - ran to and from Primary School XC venue - a circuitous 7.4 there, then about 90 mins later, and some jogging around supporting, 4.8 back. Down as 12 in the diary, so 43 for the week in 4 running days. 
     (Zero today, as marshalling at the local 10K, graced by the presence of one Eilish McColgan) 
  • It must be 4 years since I was last here.
    Many of the same people on the forum and still churning out thousands of miles a year.
    Seems like it could have been only yesterday!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Good man onegear, get back in. Think what you've missed!
  • SBD - yes, that must be frustrating. I'm quite fortunate to have plenty of streets and cyclepaths with street lights (even though I moan that some of them are switched off for several hours during the night).
    subparkrun - good luck with your training - hope 2019 is a good year for your running.
    nick - hope a longer period of rest lets your foot heal.
    OO - sounds like a good, if tough, day out at the beach.
    Birch- good tally on Saturday and for the week. Hope you enjoyed the 10k.
    onegear - hi. Your name sounds vaguely familiar - I must be getting old! Welcome back; hope you can stick around.
    A bit of a busy weekend. 15 miles on Saturday morning @ 7:42/m. Then spent most of the day setting up for a carol concert in the park, which was hard work but good fun. Had a bit of a nightmare with the laptop software for projecting the words but a bit of prayer helped get it working just in time! Just time for 6 easy miles on Sunday morning to make 79 for the week. It was Mrs GD's birthday, so had to be back home early. We had a boat trip in the afternoon to see the seal colony on Blakeney Point which was very enjoyable. A bit late up this morning, so had to set a decent pace to get 11 miles in (7:20/m). 

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nice weekend racing, OO.

    Nicko, is that the same issue that was troubling you when you first started posting here last January?

    SBD- I just pop my headtorch on and hit the lanes regardless of lights etc.

    Still smashing some great miles out there, Gul!

    Birch, nice 12. How big is that Percy Pud race to attract someone like that?

    Saturday was my usual spin and bodypump combo then 4 painful hungover miles yesterday. It was my wifes birthday Friday and Saturday night we went to some 80s party event.

    Racing Sunday, so a reduced schedule this week.

  • DT - no that was tendonitis in my achilles which I am managing to keep at bay currently. I think this is potentially a sprain from the Gower race that hasn't had time to heal. I can run with it but it's not right. If it's not cleared up by the end of next week it'll be back to the physio I think. Just one of my many issues! A shame as I was really enjoying some of the club sessions recently.

    Good mileage GD and nice race result OO
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    DT - 2860 finishers.   I think the £1000 prize for breaking course record has an attraction - (yesterday's male winner did break the record) , but McColgan has been here before, and states she really likes the race and the course (she has the course record, but just fell short of it yesterday). A real pleasure to see her run, and see such a grounded, approachable world class sportsperson.   

    my daughter and clubmates (in the hats) with Eilish and partner    

     Image may contain 5 people including Andrew Woffindin and        Ben Stittle people smiling people standing outdoor and        nature

    crossing the line 

  • Thanks guys, but I "broke" doing my 8th London in 9 years and had to give up serious running.
    Fair play to you all and keep on doing what you're doing.
    I was the one who started as an overweight 49 year old non-runner who got his first sub 3 at 54 with just one gear in the gearbox.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    DT19 - what's the race on Sunday?
    nicko  - hope it clears up without having to go back to the physio.
    Birch - cracking photos.
    onegear - that's a real shame - but a great achievement you made on the way. Very encouraging for us older ones too!
    Forgot to say that my garmin strap broke on Saturday morning. Only had it 3 months! But very impressed with Garmin's Customer Services. Replacement strap will be on its way (free of charge) as soon as one is in stock. I had been wearing it 24/7 to monitor resting heart rate, but I wonder if it was damaged while I was sleeping, so will only wear it for running once it's mended.
    12 miles this morning @ 7:46 /m.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Onegear- That sounds like a cracking few years you had there mind to start from scratch at 49 and still get into sub 3 shape in 50s!

    Gul, my quite expensive garmin has all these functions for everyday use inc sleep tracking, stress and rhr and in fact looks quite unsporty. However I keep it purely for running just to keep it in good shape. I have a basic fitbit charge HR for daily stats.

    My race is the annual Christmas pudding 10 miler. It my only attempt each year at the distance but fell victim to the snow last December. It was then re-run in early January but I was injured. My pb is 63.24 so 6.20mm pace. I've not run sub 6.20mm pace in a race longer than 10k so I am hoping it'll happen Sunday.

    Nice pics Birch. I can see the attraction for her then.

    Fairly big session over lunch - 2k at 10kp (90) 1k at 5kp (3 mins) Repeat (3m) Repeat. The 10k efforts came out 6.10-6.15 pace and felt quite solid and controlled. The 5k efforts were about 6mm and took me into that discomfort zone I don't like!!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Good good luck DT, I think you can do it but I guess there are many factors on the day. 
    I’ve used my new garmin the 735  just once for swimming. Really pleased with it so far and just gonna keep it for swimming only and use the old 235 for running until it dies. The 735 is smaller and lighter even though it does more.
    I have XC this weekend- my first this season, then last race of the year is a hilly 10k in 2 and a half weeks. The 3500 target will probably be reached a week before the year end, so may end up around 2550.

    Whats on your Xmas lists folks?
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Good luck at the weekend DT. Sounds like it might sting a bit but you're the man for the job.

    Looking to change shoe brand as i think the Asics GT2000 v6 are giving my Achilles a good bashing and they blooming hurt! Thinking about New balance Beacon or Vongo. Anyone got these? Might add them to the Chrimbo list.

    Had a cracking day at Borough Market at the all day sauce fest with REALLY old work chums.
    Stayed on a lower strength cooking ale and didn't have a headache on Sunday so went and got proper muddy on a beer recovery session on the trails.

    Last night was the regular Tuesday 10 miler with a mate. We ran from the track just as it started to rain...and it was cold...and it was grim...and it was was cold wet grim and dark! 
    Knocked it out at a steady 7.18. I always make sure we do those sessions in under 1.15, they're a great foundation for the rest of the training. When we get into campaign, we'll play with them more and get them under 70 mins.

    Meanwhile, the mighty Woking FC have drawn Premier League Watford at our place in the FA Cup 3rd round. A fantastic day is promised. We'll get soundly thrashed but the build-up is already mega exciting! 
    To give it context, Watford are top flight and we're in the Vanarama National South which is effectively division 6 compared to our lofty opponents.
  • DT - good lunchtime session - could be a new PB on Sunday if the conditions are reasonable.
    OO - are you planning to run 950 miles backwards in the last week then ;)  Enjoy the XC.
    GD - ideal conditions for your track session then. Can it be wet, cold and dark and not grim?! 
    13 miles this morning - 6 @ 8:23/m and 7 @ 7:36/m.

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
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    Onegear..Welcome back I remember you from lurking on the sub 3 forum ,gives the rest of us some hope sub 3 its still possible in middle age !
    Gdawg sharp 10 miler you are in good shape.
    Birch nice pics Eilish looks fast !

    Bad news is I turned 46 last week but my daughters transfer tests are now complete so I may actually have some time to run at last .

  • If I told you I’d run a marathon today 38 minutes slower than my recent PB, you’d probably think it was an easy jog. However, nothing could be further from the truth. I completed the EAMS Santa Marathon in 3:25 and struggled throughout.

    I haven’t had a proper rest for months and it’s really catching up with me. Setting a goal of running over 3650 miles this year (10 miles daily average), has turned out to be much harder than I expected. It was fine until Berlin but I’ve really struggled recently, without any ‘A’ races to train for.

    Today’s weather was awful with strong winds and rain on an exposed coastal course. It was out and back route 6 ½ times with the wind in our face coming back. My goal was to run sub 3:15 but found 7:20 to 7:30 pace tough early on. I felt tightness in my abs, hips and glutes.

    I reached half way in 1:38 but was struggling to maintain pace. I decided to ditch the sub 3:15 attempt and just try to get to the end. My pace continued to decrease as the miles went on and I was feeling miserable. I just about managed to run the whole way despite really wanted to walk late on.

    I was so glad when I finally finished. This was much harder than most of my sub 3s! I was soaked to my skin, freezing and feeling weak as a kitten.

    On reflection I’m very proud of today, as it was bloody tough. I was awarded my 75th marathon medal before the race, after achieving this milestone a few weeks ago. So that’s 76 now completed. with two more before the end of the year. Then, I’ll finally take a well-earned rest!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Oops we’ll spotted Gul, should be 2500 of course.
    Most unlike you Badbark, I’m wondering if the conditions played the major part and just sucked out your motivation. I’m also surprised there are so many midweek maras over your way. I rarely see mid week races above 10k here.
    I’ve  had a poor day too. Really not feeling the love but ground out a slow 7 miler.

  • Leslie - belated birthday wishes to you. Hope you can start to build up your training again now.
    Badbark - that is a staggering amount of miles - you are super-human. And 2 more planned before the end of the year! That rest will certainly be well overdue.
    OO - I think we're all ready for a rest!
    10 slow ones today. Right calf was a bit tight near the start of the run, but loosened up okay. Maybe a warning sign!
  • Badbark - whatever the result, another marathon ticked off the list in a time most will never achieve - and just casually on a weekday! Congrats, and let's see a picture of your shiny 75 medal!

    No running for me still; bike, gym swim only.

    Had a moment of madness and bought some Vaporfly 4% Flyknit this morning when I got a Nike restock notification. I think that cements the fact I won't be able to afford that expensive Berlin package now! Maybe I'll make it to Abingdon start line next year instead.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I had the notification for them as well today. I've got a pretty fresh pair that I wore in Yorkshire that I have put back in the box for London. I'll get another pair on the next release.

    They are a great shoe. Not sure if you have tried  a pair on before? The minute you put them on your feet and move in them you realise they are different to anything you have ever worn.

    Take it easy, Gul! Chasing miles is great to an extent but not if that pursuit costs you.

    Crikey, that sounds like a rough day, Badbark!!

    8 miles hilly mlr yesterday. Easing back now for Sunday. Wind forecast now upto 15mph.....

  • Not tried them but I have some Epic React flyknit which I really like so hoping the fit is similar.

    They will definitely be a race day only shoe!
  • Gul thanks and I'm sure you calf will be fine.
    Badbark sounds like a horrible day at the office and the mileage challenge you have set yourself is just about impossible for 99.9% of us so I'm not surprised you are struggling a bit but you are almost home now so hang in there.
    Nicko great to get a nice pair of new shoes shows commitment even if you can't run now .

  • nicko1981 said:
    Badbark - whatever the result, another marathon ticked off the list in a time most will never achieve - and just casually on a weekday! Congrats, and let's see a picture of your shiny 75 medal!

    As requested, here I am (left) receiving my shiny 75 medal.  :) 
  • OO54 said:
     I’m also surprised there are so many midweek maras over your way. I rarely see mid week races above 10k here.

    It's really all down to the East Antrim Marathon Series. They have just announced their plans for next year - 


    13th Half Marathon Day - Castle - Sunday.


    14th Valentine's Day - Loughshore - Thursday.


    3rd EAMS - EOI - V36 - Sunday.

    16th Stormathon - Loughshore - Saturday

    17th St Patrick's - Loughshore - Sunday


    6th FATLAD - Woodburn - Saturday

    28th Not London - Castle - Sunday


    4th Belfast B2B - TBC - Saturday

    18th FATLAD - Woodburn - Saturday

    25th PWC - Stormont - Saturday


    8th FATLAD - Woodburn - Saturday


    4th Independence Day - Castle - Thursday


    10th FATLAD - Woodburn- Saturday

    17th or 18th Ultimate Knockagh - Knockagh


    7th FATLAD - Woodburn - Saturday

    22nd EAMS EOI-V36 Sunday


    12th FATLAD - Woodburn - Saturday

    26th Dublin B2B - Loughshore Saturday


    3rd Halloween - V36 - Sunday

    21st FATLAD washup - TBC - Thursday

    22nd FATLAD washup TBC - Friday


    4th Santa Run - Loughshore - Wednesday

    20th Black Eye - TBC - Friday

    30th NYB2B - Castle - Monday

    31st NYB2B - TBC - Tuesday.

    Remember these dates and venues are a guide for now. All events will be subject to Parade Commission and relevant local authorities granting permission.

  • DT - hope the weather is okay on Sunday.
    nick - daren't ask how much those vaporfly shoes cost!
    Badbark - nice photo. And that's quite some list of events organised by EAMS!
    Met another runner 5 or 6 miles into my run this morning and chatted to them for 3 miles or so before heading off in a different direction - a very rare occurrence for me. Ended up doing 13 miles with 6 @ 7:56/m and 7 @ 7:05/m. A bit faster than I expected.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    A great pic there, Badbark and totally rocking the face fuzz.

    Track last night and I wasn't feeling the love.
    Session was 3 x 1k with each 1k faster than the previous. Then repeat for a total of 6 reps.

    I was set 3.5x, 3.4x, 3.3x. 
    First one came out at 3.51, the second at 3.44 but due to a huge headwind on the back straight, I could only do 3.43 for the third.
    We walked the 200m to the start point and went again, 3.51, 3.42 and then a blow out of 3.49.

    A tough session, didn't quite hit all the markers but the headwind and 3 consecutive running days were certainly factors and it's still a good workout. A 2 mile w/up and a 1 mile w/down bagged me 7 for the night.

    Another day in Borough Market tomorrow, stag do this time. I'm best man so I've had to do the organising. Just hope I don't have to be there first and also be there at the end, gonna be messy!
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    More excellence, Badbark - the beard is coming along nicely, too - with luck, you'll be able to pass as Santa's double by Christmas Eve (though you'll need some padding inside the red suit)  . . .   
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Enjoy GDawg. I also have a messy club party tonight it’s the season. Easy parkrun and XC today and whatever I can salvage tomorrow should reach mid 50s for the week.
  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭
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    Gul – That’s a great session and show’s your still in 3 to 3:15 marathon shape….

    GD – Well done on the tough track session. I believe the ones you don’t quite hit your target are more beneficial in the long run. It show’s you were working hard throughout.

    OO – Good luck in the XC and enjoy the party!

    Thanks for the positive beard comments!

    I ran 18 miles today including a 19:04 Parkrun. I wasn’t flat out, so very happy with that after Wednesday’s marathon and a few drinks last night.

    I bought a new Garmin chest strap and I like all the new average stats from today's run.

    Cadence – 172 spm

    Stride length – 1.19 m

    Vertical Ratio – 8.7%

    Ground Contact Time balance – 50.5\49.5%

    Vertical oscillation – 10.5 cm

    Ground contact time – 228 ms

    The most interesting stat was the GCT balance, which looking at a graph shows that I favour my right the faster I run. It was about 51/49% at a 8 m/m pace throughout, but 48/52% during the Parkrun.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    our works party last night. despite the free bar i demonstrated a degree of restraint. Ferl ok now ive done a lught spin class then sat in the spa.

    Good luck on the xc, oo. 

    good session, gdawg.

    Gul, you are definitely maintaining post mara fitness. 

    Badbark, yes my gct balance shows around 52/48 to my left at 8mm but the faster i run the more even it gets. my yorkshire mara was 50/50. I used to be interested in vertical oscillation and worked on that to reduce from about 10 down to 7. 

    Weather forecast still all over place tomorrow, just need to wait and see what the morning brings. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    Nice parkrun at my wife’s pace of 28 mins.
    XC- streaky 8 miler at 7 min pace. I was not a counter so an nconseqential race.
    Club party fairly tame, should not stop me running 14 tomorrow for a 60 mile week 

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