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    how does this work? surely theyd fill the race in no time for free?

    9.5 over lunch with 3 x 2 miles off 2 mins, progressing from hmp to 10kp. Came in 6.24 and 6.23 then 6.11 and 6.19 then 6.14 and 6.14. Hard session but feel like i nailed it. 
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Crackerjack session there, DT. I don't think my legs could turnover anything like that at the mo.

    Did 9 miles on the muddy trails yesterday. Planned on doing a 15 but ended up having loads of other stuff to do, so had to get home sharpish. Came out at 7.58 pace.

    A more flexible day today so went for a 10 miler at 7.05 pace. Despite the legs getting a good workout yesterday they felt OK today, even managed a 6.29 final split.

    The plan is to just get to 100 miles for December which will complete a full set of 12 three figure monthly totals ever and then rest completely for a week before kicking off the London campaign on Jan 7th.
  • 16 weeks today until Manchester and I've managed to get back on it the weekend and the foot seems to be holding up, being careful still though. Treadmill 5 with a steady final mile and a slow 11 with hills today. Glad it's feeling better for skiing next week also!

    Lots to catch up on here; good session DT and great pacey run G-Dawg.
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    A good couple of runs nicko - are you planning on running in the ski resort?

    Nice runs G-D and  looking good on the 100.

    A good turn of speed on those 2 mile reps DT.

    18 hilly miles today - hard work on the uphill finish and feeling a bit wrecked now but I'm sure that's just temporary!

    Gives me 67 miles for the week, so back on track on the mileage and good to get a couple of solid weeks in before Christmas.

  • Evening all. Not been here for a long time due to (a) being a very, very c*** runner these days, with little to contribute (b) been abroad most of the autumn, all over the shop, and I really hate flying. Last foreign trip involved trekking in Nepal, got up to almost 18,000ft where the air is thin but the effects of altitude keep you honest.  And it transpires than walking and running don't go together.

    I note that so many of you are training really well and running to a very high standard. Respect for that. Extra respect for VOG Birch, your longevity is extraordinary.

    Other than that, still targetting 100 maras for some reason and knocked off no. 89 today; will probably add another couple this month and then the target is looking doable. I have a vague plan of reaching 100 maras and 100 Parkruns (currently on 76) in the same weekend. 

    Who has an A race coming up?

  • DT - Cracking session, I find that really hard to progress through so that's really well executed. 

    Nicko - Glad to hear your back to it. I'll be doing a 14 week program basically. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    SBD - I love that a 67 mile week is getting back to it! That's 10 miles further then I've ever been in a week

    GD - Thats great consistency over the year .Great platform do build for London from. Have you got a target yet?

    Poacher - Great to hear from you! Are you still doing Manchester?

    Did my session of 4x5 min at 10k pace yesterday. Was in Stratford so could run round the parkrun course for a nice flat uninterrupted surface. Was windy and wet through! Averaged 6.03, 5.59, 5.58, 6.05 so nearly nailed the planned progression. I feel like I'm not quite firing on all cylinders at the moment, can't pinpoint why though. On the other hand I'm running intervals 30s quicker then I was when I started Abingdon training so I'm in a good place
  • SBD - definitely, trail shoes being taken for some fun mountain runs and I have a gym for dreadmill work in case of bad weather; we're even doing a stop on route for a scenic run around lake annecy. The trip also involves ski touring (basically uphill skiiing) so a lot of work to go along with the copious amounts of cheese and wine.

    Stevie - yes will be great to finally meet up - what will you be targetting in Manchester now you've been smashing it? Also got a 14 week program, this one concentrates on a hell of a lot of target pace runnnig and focuses on 3 key workouts with everything else being gravy.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Good to hear from you poacher and your trips sound fantastic.
    Humble 40 miles here including my slowest parkrun for a long time at 20 mins plus. Hip is still playing up but needs to get sorted before my 10k next Saturday
  • Nicko - Depending on how training goes I'd like to go sub 2.50 at Manchester. Enjoy skiing!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nice running, G-Dawg and good progress with the mileage.

    SBD- That would also be my highest ever week by 3 miles!!!

    Sounds like you are starting from a very good place, Stevie!

    Hi, Poacher, good hear you from you. Well done on another incidental and casual marathon. Funny that you have done roughly the same number of parkruns as marathons!!

    oo- Have you had any physio?

    I rounder the week off with an easy 15 yesterday. My hr v pace on easy runs has suddenly improved this week and after yesterdays my garmin told me I was peaking.

    In terms of annual mileage I am currently on 1,993, so will pass 2000 tomorrow. In terms of how that sits for me, I got my first garmin for xmas 2014 and started using connect in January 2015. My totals so far are-

    2015- 1,310

    2016- 1,446

    2017- 1761

    This year should end up pushing 2,100 which is a nice progression.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    SBD - good miles. especially this time of year, when other stuff can easily distract . .   
    Stevie - excellent session - you're right, it shows you are in decent nick  . . .  
    OO54 - careful with that hip - maybe a few days rest ?   
    Poacher - good to hear from you;  nicely done with #89  - not many could casually "knock off" a 26.2  ,  and "for some reason" ; well, the century is a fine goal, and its the goals that keep most of us going.  Be great if some of us could be there when you crack the ton . . .  
     . . so, I really must set some for 2019, and get out of this rut.  Still, can always find a straw to clutch at - seems I moved up a place in the XC League after the final race last weekend - 5th V60-64, in my final year at that category (I did say it was straw clutching, but I'll grasp it) :)  
    Gul - did 4 laps round R.Valley with my daughter on Sat (and put a couple of 2 mile tempo segments in there), and I must say, it re-emphasised my view that your marathon was definitely worth sub 3:15 on another course - much of the surface is pretty rough, and physically and psychologically quite annoying . . .    
  • OO - careful now with that hip thing. There's a slow plodding mara on the cold windy Town Moor on Dec 30 - surely you will be there...
    Stevie - Manchester is the plan, potentially a fast course for you.  Ideal weather the last 3 yrs too.
    Birch - I was having that very conversation yesterday with a woman who had just finished no. 91. Neither of us had a clue about where to do no.100.  I'm considering deferring VLM next year (likely to be abroad anyway) then coming back for the last hurrah in 2020. But you cannot plan too much as injuries and other stuff may intervene.  What does anyone think would be a special day out for a celebratory mara?

    Focus for the start of next year is duathlon + training for the 300km bike sportive in Sweden in June anyway.

  • Badbark do you have a plan for no. 100?  You might well get there before me.
  • DT - cracking 3 x 2M session. Like the progression on your annual mileage too.
    GD - nice work on the muddy trails.
    nick - pleased to hear the foot seems to be holding up now.
    SBD - great run to finish your week.
    Poacher - craftily sneaking in no 89 there. How about Athens for your 100th?
    Stevie - that's a great session to say you're not firing on all cylinders!
    OO - sorry to hear the hip is still not right. Do you think you might need to take a rest to get it sorted?
    Birch - moving up a place overall is definitely more than a straw. I still have to say that I didn't find the surface round Rother Valley much of an issue.
    Busy weekend, but managed to clock up 12 slow miles on Saturday and 10 on Sunday to make 81 for the week. 11 easy miles this morning.
  • Poacher - Marathon du Medoc! No pressure on time and the celebratory drinks are provided  ;)
  • Poacher said:

    Badbark do you have a plan for no. 100?  You might well get there before me.

    Congratulations on number 89! I'm still a bit behind at 76 with the next one on Friday. I don't have anything planned for my 100th yet as it still feels a good way off. However, having done 21 do far this year, with 2 more to come I should be hitting 100 before the end of 2019.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    100 maras- you guys are incredible.
    Stevie that’s a very scary target!
    I usually wait for the hip issues to go by themselves and cut back on running intensity. I also had a good swim today.
    Sorry Poacher I’m in the Lakes on the 30th, 
  • Stevie you'll have finished showered and gone home by the time I finish no doubt!

    Back to the club progression run tonight; went out with the wrong group who set a faster than usual pace on the way out so I ended up way back on the return leg and struggled to keep pace. 7 miles graduating from 7:50 to 6:20. Santa hat was a bad choice of attire. 
  • OO - It is a bit scary but I think its achievable. I'd love to go sub 2.45 at Berlin, that is a scary target!

    Nicko - I'm sure you won't be too far behind! That's some progression run!

    13 miles at 7.55/142BPM last night. It's funny how one run changes things, felt in better nick last night

  • My legs seem to be coming back to me for the first time since mid-June when something went odd in my leg and I had to pull up when there was a ping and walk back home a mile into a training run. By the autumn it seemed to have healed and I was getting back when I turned my ankle at the start of November. I have since got in 4 solid weeks of 40 miles (mainly offroad).

    Saturday I did my local parkrun (Wycombe Rye). I have been gradually building the pace back up but still running cautiously so the runs have been "progressive" which means I have started conservatively from the second row and got caught up behind a load of runners over the first narrow km and then spent the next 4 kms slowly passing people. The difficulty with passing people is you feel you are doing well but, in reality, you are just passing 25 minute parkrunners on the way to clock something under 23 minutes. On Saturday, my warmup (a couple of miles down Marlow Hill) felt very easy and controlled and I set off from the front row with the intent of getting a clear run. There was a local athletic club out in force with a load of youngsters who had started way too fast so I had a good set of targets lined up in front of me. I passed the first at about 1.5km, then the next pair just about halfway. The first mile was sub-7 minutes (6:41) and I was pleased when the second (6:53) came out as that has the down and back up the steps segment in it. Just the last mile to keep tidy and all was good. A few passed me towards the end (including one of the youngsters) but 21:02 for me was good. Had I known it was so close to 21 I could have found those few seconds.

    It is odd but the parkrun I did at Black Park on 1st January as part of a double in 19:55 will most likely be my only sub-20 this year. Thankfully I am not having to chase that target now but need to get one knocked off early in 2019.

    Even an air shot from the photographer

  • nick - still a good progression run.
    stevie  - yes, very nice MLR.
    PMJ - like the photo. Pleased to hear it's starting to come together for you again.
    Overslept this morning and consequently only managed 7 miles this morning averaging 7:41/m.
  • I’ve been trying to run lots of Parkrun’s this year and have just checked the results. So far I’ve run 39 with 3 more planned. The only time I’ve missed one, has been when I’ve been racing at the same time or on holidays abroad. I’ve even run 5 times the same day that I raced later. I’ve run 10 different locations throughout N.Ireland, with another one planned this Saturday. I think I’ll run another different one on the 29th to make up the dozen. My fastest was 18:07 and slowest 22:51. 188 in total.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    great pic, Philip - air shots always good !

    good parkrunning stats, BB
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nice progression, Nicko.

    It's taken me 5.5 years to hit 30 parkruns! Good effort in that respect (amongst others) Badbark!

    PMJ- Good luck in getting back to sub 20 shape for next year.

    Stevie, yep the runners mentality can often be quite fragile and insecure (in a running sense I mean).

    Gul, nice miles last week!

    Not  a great day for a session today at all, however I persevered over lunchtime with 12 x 0.5 miles at HMP off 45 seconds. The wind was howling around the racecourse. I decided to split it as best as I could so I ran back and forth the top end so that each rep had roughly 400m wind assisted and 400m head wind. Really struggled to hit paces with reps at 6.30, 6.28, 6.26, 6.34, 6.24, 6.42, 6.28, 6.32, 6.26, 6.36, 6.30, 6.40 pace. 45 seconds seemed reasonable at first, however by the last 4 reps it was over before i'd even thought about the next one.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
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    Nice ideas thanks. Gul - Athens is a classic but isn't there a 12km hill in the first half? Nicko - Medoc sounds absolutely great, have you done it?

    PMJ - nice air shot but is the kid in the green vest about to overtake you?

    OO - nice excuse but I expect you to do hill reps on Cat Bells as penance

    Dt - very good session that.

    BB's 21 maras in a year is astonishing for the speed at which they have been done. But the number pales against the people you meet when you hang around the fringes of the multiple mara world. I have met many people who make the mind boggle - like the fella last weekend who reckoned he had done 90 this year, living in a camper van.  The fella who did 50 in a year while juggling a partner and young family and holding down a busy job.  The fella who has done well over 200 maras off the back of a messy divorce.  A few weeks ago at no. 88 I met people who were finishing 10 x 50k in 10 days.  Everyone has a different story to tell and their own motivation. Plus very understanding loved ones. 

    Portsmouth for me this week, that'll be 10 for the year, much of which has been spent injured. Lightweight. 
  • Poacher said:

    PMJ - nice air shot but is the kid in the green vest about to overtake you?

    I think I just passed him then but h got me just short of the finish but a mere 70.85 % compared to my 71.87 %. Isn't speed wasted on the young?
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Good to see you returning to form PMJ.  It looks like the photographer must have caught that one stride when you were striking the ground heel first!

    Good progress on the numbers Poacher.  How about returning to your first marathon (London?) for the 100th?

    Having only run five marathons, one of which was an injury DNF, I struggle to understand how people run more than 10 per year.  I guess they just become regular long runs ... 

    A bit low on the PR numbers as well, with only eight to my name.  I was however proud they were all Sub 20, until the seventh came in at 20:03!

    A good session in challenging conditions DT.

    A good target for Berlin Stevie!

    Tempo session tonight, 7K with 3.5K w/u and 3.5K w/d. Bit of a mental struggle before and during but feeling better for having completed it.  First 4K @ 6:48, 1K @ [email protected] and the final 2K @ 6:32. HR peaking at 174, so just about in the right zone.  Onwards and upwards ...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    I didn't realise you had another mara planned this weekend DT, good luck & what's your target?
    Very pleased for you PMJ you've had a lot of bad luck this year and it's great to be ending on a high. 
    I've had a good parkrunning year. A few under 18 and passed the 250 mark with the T shirt to show for it. Unfortunately my year is ending on a low with the return of the dodgy hip.
    Junior OO is home for Xmas and well be doing the Saltwell 10k together on Saturday. It might also be the day I pass 2500 miles for the year.
  • That's a great session DT, especially in the conditions.

    Good tempo SBD, have you committed to Boston yet?

    Good luck on Sunday Poacher! Is your foot any better?

    Got completely drenched on my 5 miler last night. My legs were also feeling a bit battered afterwards. I think that's a combination of trying to change my form to land more midfoot and my shoes coming to the end of their life. They've got 640 miles on now so I'll probably retire them after this week.

    I've only done 7 parkruns, I had PB'd in every one until the last one!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Apologies I see Poacher has the Mara not DT 
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