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  • Badbark - those parkrun stats are quite impressive just by themselves.
    DT19 - great set of reps.
    Poacher - I'm sure it would be a doddle compared to Huddersfield ;)
    SBD - good tempo session.
    OO - just look at it as a well earned easy end to the year. Hope that pesky hip is better for the New Year.
    Stevie - that was a great PB streak.
    12 miles this morning. Should have been 13 but had to cut it short to avoid embarrassment, if you know what I mean. Quite a pleasing progressive run - 3 @ 7:50, 3 @ 7:09 and 6 @ 6:49.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    You had me worried for a moment then, OO!! I am definitely not running a mara this weekend!!

    I echo what SBD says re comprehending how people do it. My mate is charging towards 100 and think he is perhaps on 76. He run a mara this week in fact and came 2nd in 3.07. However he ran 2.54 in Abingdon so clearly he doesn't run them flat out. What I do find hard to understand is that in between them all he races really well, having run his first sub 60 10 miler the weekend before last.

    Stevie, yesterday was a complete wash out- Next 2 days look decent though. I may have the same issue with London this year in that all 4 times I have run it I have walked away with a pb.

    Nice session, SBD.

    8 miles easy planned today which I am hoping to do over lunchtime, work stuff permitting, otherwise tonight.

  • SBD. said:

    Good to see you returning to form PMJ.  It looks like the photographer must have caught that one stride when you were striking the ground heel first!

    I am not usually a heel striker but I have to agree that it looks that way. Probably need video to show more but my trainers are clearly worn under the big toe and almost none on the heel. More importantly, he has me right foot forward. My arms do not move while I am running so I am always left arm forward and it looks odd with both left arm and left leg forward.

    My luck continued yesterday. I do a monthly handicap and over the last 6 months or so I have been relatively slow so my handicap has drifted out and I was able to capitalise on that yesterday with a win and a prize of a 1965 Chuchill Crown. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I think we need to see the bling PMJ. Well done....
  • I bet DT secretly wishes he could run round Portsmouth on a freezing December morning, with all the joys of sand, mud, shingle, sea walls, incoming tide etc etc and the wind howling down the Solent as one struggles to the finish  ;)   The forecast for Sunday is for unrelenting rain too.

    Stevie the foot is just about there thanks, it's been months, nerve damage is not something I would recommend.

    Good park running OO

    SBD with only 5 maras attempted, you must have a pretty good success rate as you have been sub 3 haven't you?  

    Resting the battered legs today so 51m on the bike, chuffing cold and the roads in east Cheshire are truly s*******e in places.
  • Yippee! I've earned a vest! :)

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    Fantastic, BB - many congratulations :)
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Much deserved BB and in good company 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    See you there, Poacher.....sounds too much fun to miss!

    Badbark, massive congrats. Very well earned and deserved. 

    8 miler over lunch. came out 7.58 pace for 138 average bpm and 2.6 training effect on garmin. My easy run paces have made a right leap this last 2 weeks, back to pre marathon peak fitness levels. Hoping that transfers up as thatll be a goid place to kick off london campaign. 
  • DT - You are certainly in good form, I'm fairly confident you will PB in London!

    Badbark - Congratulations! That's a fantastic achievement and I'm sure more to come! Does this change any of your plans for ne

    8.6 miles last night trying to concentrate on good form. Was tough mentally having to think about every stride! Did start to come more naturally towards the end. Average of 8.10/147BPM so about 10 beats higher then I would normally be but some of that was the change of form. I also overestimated how cold it was and was overdressed!

    Had to retire my Ultraboosts this morning as they were stinking the house out! Got 650 miles out of them which I think is a fair return. 6m tempo to do tonight

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    That's amazeballs, Badbark. Congrats!

    Cracking progressive work, Gul.

    Ticking over here. Have been doing loads of heel drops and raises to try and beat the sensitive Achilles on both feet. Seems to be working but still not 100%.

    Popped out last night for a 6 miler. Ran it as an alternate miles session with 3 miles at 7.1x pace and alternating the splits to 6.4x.

    One came out at 6.38 and happy to report that it all felt very strait forward. Average fo rthe session was 6.56 and well managed.
  • PMJ - congratulations. Took a minute for the penny to drop and realise what you meant by a 1965 Churchill Crown!
    Poacher - good bike miles.
    Badbark - congratulations, that's fantastic news, and as has already been said very well earned and deserved.
    DT - yes, looking very good.
    Stevie - nice easy run and good mileage for your shoes.
    13 easy miles this morning, average pace of 8:18/m. The zip broke on a little pouch where I keep my door key and in the end I had to knock on the door and wake up Mrs GD :( Fortunately it was time for her to get up anyway. 
  • GD - xpostnice session and pleased achilles seem to be improving.
  • Big congrats Badbark, totally deserved.

    Just to help all and sundry, here is the 1965 Churchill Crown I won on Tuesday (left) alongside the one I won at the same event about 5 years ago (right). I guess there are about 24 of us who regularly turn up so a win every few years is sharing it round.

  • Nice winnings!

    BB that's excellent, many congratulations 

    Gul how did MrsGul react when you returned from the run and hammered on the door at 2am?

    GD, DT, Stevie - nice runs all round

    Sad to see the demise of the well known Cabbage Patch 10m - PMJ I think you have run this too?  There seems to be some disagreement between organisers and the local council about exactly why it's happened.

  • I hate it when I buy the latest and greatest running shoes and I fall for the marketing hype again. I have to use them as casual shoes, I hate just buying shoe after she and retiring them as casual shoes because they suck to run in.  I run a lot better and smoother in Nike Pegasus and other neutral shoes. I get  sore knees and back from stability shoes, my hamstrings  and my calves hurt from stability shoes too. 

     I have not yet tried the Adidas Ultra Boost they sound like great shoes if they last for 650 miles, ~1000km.  I am so sick of my shoes only last 200 to 300 miles. Cushion wears out and the shoes feel dead compared to a new pair of shoes. Over the last 6 years, I have purchased around 30+ pairs of running shoes and it has been a very mixed bag, some good and a lot of bad cheap rubbish shoes that seemed like a bargain at half retail price.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yes sub17, Ive had poor recent history with shoes with 4-5 pairs not good enough for racing. The exception has been my Sketchers which I bought in the US, they are the surprise package.
  • Sub17 - I love the ultraboosts, only for easy runs though. They are a bit spongy for anything faster, that said I did run a 1.28 half in them. Some people get a lot more then 650 miles out of them as well

    6m tempo last night, seemed to take me a couple of miles to get going. 6.30, 6.28, 6.26, 6.20, 6.18, 6.19 really pleased with the progression. HR was fairly constant between 169-173 as well. I am on 1588 miles for the year so it would be nice to hit 1600. I am off to the airport tonight though as we are flying to Hong Kong for Christmas tomorrow. Hopefully get at least one run in while im out there and then another on the 31st to hit the target.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    nice session, Stevie - not flying from Gatwick, are you ?   
    shoes - Mizunos on 947, Asics GT2000 0n 957;  I'll retire them on 1,000.    

    miles - none this week (lazy, but have to confess, mainly non-motivation - for many reasons, this isn't my favourite time of year)  however, I'm on 1645 , so another 55 in 11 days is the aim.    
    Gul - is there a Boston plan in the offing?   
  • Luckily we are going from Heathrow Birch!
  • PMJ - much nicer than the average bling.
    Poacher - I think she was relieved it wasn't the police come to say I had been found lying in a ditch.
    sub17parkrun - generally speaking, when I retire my running shoes they are only good for the bin - wouldn't dream of wearing them for any non-running use!
    Stevie  - excellent tempo run. Have a great time in Hong Kong and hit your target.
    Birch - once I've hit my target of 3,000 I'll have a few days off and then start a structured plan rather than just 11+ easy/steady miles every single day.
    13 miles again today - very similar average pace of 8:15/m. Got talking in the officer about running the other day and came up with the idea of starting the Keele-Dover ultra-marathon. Gives you an idea of the kind of inane chatter that goes on here...
  • sub17, agree about the Nike Pegasus. I must have had 20+ pairs of those over the years but they have priced themselves out of my range. £74 with a £31 discount off the £105 RRP! I'm now buying Ascis Gel Pulse at £50 a pop with £35 down from the RRP of £85. 

    They are probably not so long lasting as the Nike but the wear in trainers is hidden in the midsole so if it is 3 pairs of Asics or 2 pairs of Nike I'll stay with Asics for the time being. 
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    PMJ good to see you making a comeback and raking in the cash 
    Badbark very well deserved ,your in the big league now but really you always were !
    Stevie sub 2:50 is a cracking target !
    Poacher won't be long till that 100 comes around for you .
    0054 hope that hip settles soon.

    I have wore Nike Pegasus for years too and would be reluctant to change.

    768 mile for the year and no running since 29th November and chances of any are slim as my wife goes in for back surgery on 27th dec so will have my hands full !

  • edited December 2018
    Morning all - lack of structured approach to training + general busy-ness has meant that I've just about found the time to stay abreast of all the posts but not really found very much to say about what has been a "ticking over" period.
    Great to see some more bling being posted (what's the origin of the coin as a prize PMJ?), international honours (congrats Badbark) plus some shout outs for forum folk on the MT podium in recent weeks.
    Stevie - hope you enjoy HK. Spent the first couple of nights of my honeymoon there, but that was pre-running days. Thanks for the recommendation on the On Cloudflows - after much deliberation I went out a bought a pair and so far so good. Definitely feel different to my Mizuno Hitogamis but will be interesting to see how they perform in race conditions.
    Poacher - great to see you back on here. Looking forward to celebrating the 100-up with you. Sounds like the perfect excuse for forum get-together!
    No road races planned in the New Year yet, but I suspect I'll get something in the diary before long. Fleet Marathon in mid-March falls at a good time in the run up to Boston and having done it before, I know it's a well-run event. What's everyone else's Spring racing plans? Also, is anyone else going to be at the South of England XC Champs at Parliament Hill at the end of January? After last year's mudfest at the Nationals with GM and OO, I couldn't resist the temptation to have another shot at the famous hill!
    Birch - all the plans are in place for the Sheffield weekend. Mrs L graduates on the Friday (11th) so still aiming to get over to the parkrun (which one did you say is your local run?) on the Saturday.
    Managing around 40 miles a week at the mo, and at 1,983 for the year so far I should have hit the 2,000 mark before Christmas.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Hope your wife is ok Leslie take care.
    After 2 days rest I managed 38:26 at the 10k. It’s a tough hilly course so happy with that and 10 secs up on last year. Junior was just behind me but won prizes for 4th lady and 1st under 23 prizes boosting her Xmas cash.
    Great relief after 2 weeks disrupted running with my hip problems. 13 miles tomorrow will get me to 2500 for the year and close the book on a pleasing year. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Enjoy HK, stevie. You get your fair share of holidays in! Had a few days there about 10 years ago. 

    Why keele-Dover? was this just a random choice of places?

    Leslie, sorry to hear about your on going and pending difficulties. Fingers crossed 2019 is better. 

    11 miles yesterday lunchtime with an 8 mile tempo. A very difficult cross wind made it feel like i was constantly fighting in. A poor 6.43 first mile led to some progression with average pace of 6.33 and last 4 miles at 6.31, 6.31, 6.32 and 6.32 so settled around where i wanted to be eventually.

    A big night out last night and a very late finish has left me unable to leave sofa today which is frustrating as conditions looked great for a plod. 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018

    Difficult to keep up with all the training ...

    Good luck Poacher for tomorrow.  At least it's not too warm!  I have two Sub 3 finishes from five starts but I'm hoping I can nail a few more ... 

    Enjoy HK Stevie - are you planning on running?.  Boston logistics is my post Christmas, pre New Year task!

    Huge Congratulations on the National selection Badbark - will this be an A event?

    Hope the heel drops are doing the job G-D.

    Very sad news on Cabbage Patch - I'd always planned to run this if I was ever close to Sub 60 shape!

    Excellent focus on the 3,000 target Gul.  Are you going to run a spring marathon?

    2019 can only get better Leslie.  Hope your wife's surgery goes well.

    Good to hear you've been busy Lorenzo.  If I can avoid injuries, I'll be running Boston in 2019.  Still need to organise the accommodation - what did you go with?

    Excellent 10K time OO given the course and dodgy hip.

    A good tempo run DT - those are quick paces given the conditions.  Poor commitment on the late drunken night though!

    6 miles recovery today, after 12 miles general aerobic yesterday,

    2,501 miles year to date - 2,600 would be nice but I don't think I'll quite make it ...

  • Great to see some more bling being posted (what's the origin of the coin as a prize PMJ?).

    Managing around 40 miles a week at the mo, and at 1,983 for the year so far I should have hit the 2,000 mark before Christmas.
    The guy who organises the handicap is a coin collector so he has a load of coins. 

    I was aiming for 2018 in 2018 but will pull up short but will aim for 2019 in 2019. 

    21:11 today at parkrun but much happier than the 21:02 last week as this week was 100% on grass and canal paths so a much better run.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    We are gonna be very close on mileage SBD but looks like you’ll pip me.
    Another encouraging parkrun PMJ, any juniors to scrap with?
    Good luck tomorrow Poacher, looking forward to the report already :)
  • OO54 said:

    Another encouraging parkrun PMJ, any juniors to scrap with?

    None in sight after the first few hundred metres. I am starting to slide back into my more usual slot so 17th overall and 17th male with the first lady about a minute behind. The VM50-54 group I am in always seems (at least to me) to be loaded. In the top 21

    4 seniors
    2 V35
    4 V40
    3 V45
    5 V50
    3 unknown (I think a few in fancy dress did not want "slow" times recorded)

    The SM25 in 22nd place was 2nd SM25 but the VM50 in 26th was 6th VM50.
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