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  • OOI bought a T6 transporter on the business as my accountant advised me it was the most cost-effective way to have a vehicle; I'll miss my V8 car but the van is much more sensible and should be nice when kitted out - not going full camper but getting it fully insulated, lined with a bed/seat converter in the back and a few bits, should be nice as a mobile office and overnight sleeper on trips.

    I've got a spot for the Big Half through the council so will be doing it as a MP part of a longer run.

    Probably about 6 inches on top of the cars down in Bedminster Joolska - maybe the snow stayed away more from the posh end of town!

    Stevie - good idea to stick to the physio instructions and not push too hard, hopefully you won't have lost too much fitness. Nice long swim too.

    Great long run this morning Gul, nice start to the month.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Great news on being pain free, Stevie. Hope the comeback sessions work well today and Sunday.

    Gul - 100k. A nice number to break my Ultra duck. Although, the Paris Marathon measured 26.4 on my watch, so I'm claiming that as my first ultra!  :D

    Just need to do a few time on feet sessions on the trails but doubt I'll do more than 20 miles or so.

    Rest day today and 18 slow ones tomorrow.
  • nicko - enjoy the van once it's kitted out!
    GD - will you do back to back long runs instead of VLRs, then?
    Just checked the stats on this morning's 20 miler and find them totally unbelievable. Avg HR 198, max 218! Hoping the optical wrist heart rate monitors are truly as unreliable as people reckon they are.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Gul - That's a great idea. 20 miler on a Saturday and a 15 mile recovery on the Sunday. Multiple 10 milers midweek would also help with time on feet.
    I feel better now. A plan is coming together.

    Defo a dodgy HRM reading there. Mine does that sometimes. I know the regular stats, so can spot the anomalies. Do you find your resting HR drops the day after a long run or hard session? My usual RHR is around 42 but can drop to 36 the day after a big session. Could be a weird thing with the wrist strap reader, I guess? 
  • G-Dawg - I missed that you had entered an ultra! Fair play, at the moment its not something I'm considering, although Comrades does intrigue me! I'm sure Speedy & Badbark will be able to offer some tips
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Well done on getting the 20 miler in Gul - no snow underfoot?

    Good patience on the rebuilding Stevie - when do you hope to be back to pre-injury training levels?

    The Big Half looks a bit flat!

    A good treadmill tempo nicko

    Which race is the 62 miles G-D?

    Conditions didn't look very inviting mid-afternoon with quite a lot of slushy stuff on the pavements and back roads so hit the gym treadmill instead.  The plan was for 12 miles steady but ended up running it progressively, starting at 8:24 pace and finishing on 6:40 pace.  The heart rate for the last stretch was c. 165, which is bang on MP level - so perhaps the speed hasn't totally deserted me.

  • I can't offer any ultra tips, the 100k I'm doing in October will be my first proper one. The 6 hour race doesn't count as I didn't train for it. OK, there's a tip. Train for it! 

    I missed logging a couple of treadmill runs, so January was actually 279 miles.
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    Both Keswick parkruns were cancelled today so we travelled up the road to Penrith as first timers. Lovely friendly parkrun and flat course but directed onto the grass due to ice on the paths which made for a bumpy surface. It’s the best I’ve felt for ages. 19:15 and 7th with 80:5 wava-
    we will definitely come back.
    Still debating about the big half- as said it’s quite an expensive weekend.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Cracking time and wava OO. Good work.
    I got about 10 yards on my LSR today at walking pace and nearly went A over T three times on the ice. Knowing that the route would remain icy due to lack of footfall, shady areas and continued sub-zero temps I went back indoors and put the trail shoes on.

    The commons looked lovely but were a combo of snow, ice, mud and deep puddles under an ice crust. It was great fun but very slow. 

    Legs had a good workout over the 17 miles and the time on feet style session is an insight to what I'll need to get my head around for the 100k at Race To The Stones in the summer.
  • Thankfully the roads were very quiet and most of my 11 miles were therefore on the roads rather than pavements/grass.  The Downs were the same: frozen, rutted snow where a turned ankle was only ever a step away!
  • Although the roads looked clear decided not to risk it, so 10k on treadmill with a 20min 5k in the middle 

    Great parkrun time OO my locals cancelled too although not been there in a while anyway.

    Good distance GDawg. and nice to see you're still getting distance back Jools.

    20 planned tomorrow, new route to go and switch my club vest for one that doesn't fit like a boob tube.
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    Afternoon folks - been a busy last couple of weeks so haven't found the time to post, but have been keeping up with news on Jools' music loving cat, a bonkers session on the treadmill from SBD and some speedy racing and training all round. Great parkrun this morning OO.

    Good to see that G-Dawg is joining the Ultra world - impressive debut with a 100K. Are you planning any 30+ mile training runs between now and then?

    Hope people's training hasn't been too interrupted by the snow; I'm sticking with my aim of running in shorts whatever the weather, although it's been a tad chilly recently. Managed to just tip over 200 miles for January including just under 15K at Parliament Hill last weekend for the South of England XC Champs - at least the weather wasn't too bad but it was gruelling nevertheless.

    January's total was some way short of my 233 record for a January but still a good start to the year. Managed to get out running for all but 2 days in the month, so building a decent base. 

    Feb has started well with a plod through the snow yesterday morning followed by 21 miles along the North Downs Way including some tough stretches through what looked like freshly fallen snow. All very beautiful and a constant reminder of the joys of running.

    Up to 54 miles this week so with an easy run tomorrow morning I should get to 60.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Good to hear from you Lorenzo, I cannot believe you are running in shorts!
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    Gul, those stats all seem very unlikely. i think kit error is a safe shout .

    Chtist knows what my parkrun would need to be to get 80%. Great going, oo. 

    Some solid mileage, Lorenzo. 

    Another big tredders effort, SBD. 

    By contrast i did 4 at recovery on one yesterday and that was a challenge. 

    Did my long run today. 17 miles with 5 easy, 4 at mp, 2 easy, 4 at mp, 2 easy. Crisp and clear and no snow or ice to deal with. that gives 59 for week. Nothing scheduled tomorrow however my highest weekly mileage is 64. Tempted by a 6 mile recovery! Feeling tired right now mind but finished running at 4 and opened a beer by 5ish with the rugby. It was last night i could have done with one for tbe Welsh game but didnt want to compromise todays run. 

    On a plus my weight has now finally shifted. just 2lb off vmlm weight. Does anyone else find when they try to lose weight there's a sort of pipeline effect? I have to live very clean for about 2 weeks and watch the scales sit solid, then suddenly one morning 3lb disappears and it just keeps dropping. 
  • GD - I only wear my watch for running since breaking the strap the other month, so don't have my RHR any more. Can't say that I noticed any difference after a big session when I did wear it 24/7. Wise choice going back for the trail shoes. Well slogged out.
    SBD - that's a good treadmill session. No snow on the ground here - an odd flurry now and again but it hasn't settled.
    OO - cracking WAVA.
    Jools - glad you negotiated the conditions safely.
    nicko - another nice treadmill session.
    Lorenzo - that's a long run in the snow - but it can be very enjoyable when it's fresh. +1 for the shorts. Did consider dusting the leggings down, but not done it yet.
    DT - great long run. My weight just seems to go up and down like a yo-yo, depending on whether the last thing I did was eat a huge breakfast or go for a long run  :)
    Took a rest from running again this weekend, so 66 miles for the week. 10 weeks to Boston, so plenty of time to fit in a good few more long runs yet.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Sub-zero temps this morning. Put some trail shoes on which have sticky soles to help with ice on the pavement. Quiet traffic meant I could run in the road more which were nearly ice free. 5 miles recovery to finish the week on 44.

    Busy week coming up, so getting sessions in will be a challenge but the main focus is the first 20 miler of the campaign next Saturday.
  • Snowed only one day here then left with increasing amounts of ice on the pavements making conditions a bit tricky but got 26 mile last week, 21 the week before and 30 this week with 96 mile for January. 
    Dt scales still completely stuck at 82.5kg here so hoping for the start of a downward trend soon !
    Gdawg 100k is a big step up fair play ..
    Gul heartrate aside your training runs are looking very strong these days !

    badly need to add a long run soon now I've got going ...

  • 20 miles done on mostly clear and dry paths, but now I have a sore throat. Just on one side. I'm hoping it's from breathing in cold air and nothing more sinister.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Good 20 miler Speedy - hopefully the throat will turn out to be nothing. 

    Some consistent mileage Leslie.  Perhaps you need a race to give you some focus.

    A relaxed recovery run G-D.

    A good weeks mileage Gul, given the rest.

    Good LongRun DT.  Good work on the weight - still 6Kg adrift from race weight here!

    A good start to the month Lorenzo - the North Downs Way run must have been very scenic.

    Early start for me, hitting the roads at 8am, with the temperature still at -4C, but still warm enough for the shorts.  Half road, but the middle half was on the cycle trail which was had a mixture of snow and ice cover.  Very atmospheric and the stretches of crispy snow were fun, whilst the sheet ice was interesting ... Settled for a time on feet run.  So, 22 miles in 2:59:44 - would be very happy with that time in Boston!  Brings up 78 miles for the week with the various niggles not complaining too much. 

  • G-Dawg - are you not running in the XC league race next weekend?

    Gul - good mileage there. Looking in fine shape for Boston. 

    Speedy - hope that it's nothing too serious with your throat. I see that it's so cold there that the health authorities in Chicago have advised people against having a conversation when they're outside.

    On the subject of weight, mine doesn't seem to fluctuate too much - always around the 70kg mark. Either that or the scales are broken. 

    6 miles this morning to bring up by biggest week for over 6 months. Hadto tiptoe round some ice patches this morning and it felt much colder than yesterday.

    Commuting runs planned for tomorrow.
  • A modest 13 for me, albeit that is my longest run of the year!
  • 20 very very slow today, slowest I've run in years. 54 total for the week though which is quite high for me.

     Lorenzo - you're obviously one of those naturally light people, lucky for you!

    Great very run SBD, good on you for getting out early in the freezing cold, big weekly miles again.

    Speedy - hopefully just cold dry air causing that.

    DT - i have the same with the weight dripping in one go, I'm sure there's a scientific reason for it. Weighed in 75.5 after my run today, partly dehydration there but definitely on the way to the 73 target.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    A humble 14 in the Lakes for me and 50 for the week. Some great long runs there guys in difficult conditions. 
  • GD - trail shoes coming in handy then!
    Leslie - steady progress; long may it continue. Optical HRM is rubbish - average of 123 bpm today.
    Speedy - hope the throat is okay. Well done getting the 20 miler in.
    SBD - another great long run; looking very good.
    Lorenzo - good mileage, whatever it might be!
    Jools - onwards and upwards.
    nicko - very slow long runs are good for you sometimes!
    OO - what's it like the Lake District?
    12 easy miles to start the week for me. Cold, wet and windy. Took a while for my fingers to start functioning properly again afterwards. Very lucky here though to avoid the snow, at least for now.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Leslie, sounds like a bit of consistency building there?

    Nice 12 to start the week, Gul.

    Nicko, what do you mean by slow though? It won't do you any harm and is good time on feet to replicate closer to what will happen on race day in terms of how long you will be running.

    Nice going, Lorenzo.

    Solid 22, SBD and weeks mileage.

    I got out for 7 at recovery effort yesterday. It's a bit long to be genuinely called a recovery run though. That gave me 66 for the week which is my highest ever.

    Day off running today as I've run 8 consecutive days. Just spin later. Big tempo planned tomorrow.

  • DT - Was averaging over 9 mins / mile - I know it's good to have the time on my feet and was around 3:15 total time so I know it's good on one side as thats longer than I intend to be running at Manchester - just a bit surprised about how slow I actually ended up going compared to previous campaign long runs. No big deal though.
  • Good to see you getting back to it Leslie - some nice consistency there

    DT/Nicko - The weight comes off like that because as you burn fat the body fills the fat cells up with water just incase it needs to fill them with fat again. After 2-3 weeks it realises it doesn't need them anymore and empties and gets rid of them. Hence the sudden weight loss. Great running from both of you.

    SBD - Shorts in -4!! Unless I'm racing I'm in tights at plus 4!

    Hope the 20 went well G-Dawg

    Another test run went fine on Friday so fingers crossed I'm good to go. Will discuss with Lewis tonight the plan for building back up as I have 9 weeks of training before Manchester.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Ah right, that makes sense, Stevie.

    I never wear running tights. I bought some and tried them and hated them. For me it's 10c or warmer shorts and t'shirt, circa 4c-9c long sleeve t shirt, under 4c gloves and a base layer, unless I am doing a session then see 4c-9c.

    Stevie, I think you are at the stage now where you could do with the extra 3 weeks Stratford gives you. You'll need a few weeks building up and you could possibly do a 1 week taper. That leaves a 5 week peak block versus 8 for Stratford.

    Nicko, I am sure the next one will be sharper. You know how fit you are from your two recent race outings. It may be that your system is still recovering a little from those.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    I’m a cold morsel seem to wear more layers than most and my hands are always freezing. Not sure what you mean Gul? The weather was cool and it rained but no snow. If you mean more generally I’m sure you know what the Lakes are like, but here’s a photo from the weekend 

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Cracking photo, OO.

    Good session tonight. Managed to get a 10 miler in which is a bonus as it's a busy week.
    For variation I did 2 x 5 mile progressives starting at 7.1x with 10 sec uplifts down to 6.3x. Controlled it well and hit all the markers.

    Final mile was 6.32 and the average for the night was 6.55. Very happy with that, especially after the Saturday slog.

    Signed up to the Serpentine Swim 2 mile event in September. It will be the third of the London events (Marathon, Ride 100 Miler, Serpentine Swim) and I'll collect my London Classics medal. Just need to learn how to swim in a lake during the summer.

    And as I write this, just received the email confirming my GFA entry to New York!! Get in!!
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