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  • Great stuff Gul - super performance and way way faster than me this morning. Ran the 4 miles over to the Mole Valley parkrun and then went round in about 21.30. Yes, it was hilly but I still feel as though I'm lacking some pace. The only consolation was that I got progressively faster.

    Hope you had a good race at the Nationals today Speedy - surely there have got to be some photos!

    G-Dawg - I think you'll be passing the mighty Stones on your way back up to the National League - 10 points from safety at this point in the season is not a great situation to be in.

    I've only reached 23 miles so far this week - managed a 2 mile early morning run in Chisinau on Wednesday (I was definitely the only runner out on the streets) but that was it for the first few days of the week. Working from home yesterday so got a good hilly 9 miles in and planning another 16 miles Box Hill circuit tomorrow morning.
  • I wish I could help with the Garmin ssc, but I'm a technophobe. I can barely operate my own. Have you checked out the online help section on the Garmin website? 

    Gul - that's amazing!  

  • Hi guys. Some seriously good training going on. 

    Gul - awesome parkrun! Massive pb, looking very good for you. 7mm or thereabouts for your Mara shouldn't feel too difficult. Hopefully conditions will be favourable on the day too. 

    Speedy - that's a brilliant photo. I like your look, it's cool. How was it? 

    Lorenzo - good that you're making progress. You always deliver a good marathon. 

    Birch - how did your boy do at the xc? 

    OO - yeah I'm grand thanks. How's the body holding up after Seville? 

    Leslie - getting back into to it nicely. 

    SBD - that was a decent 11k run. Building nice for Boston. 

    Jools - looking sharp. Will you race a half before your marathon. 

    Only 10 miles for me this week but managed a small parkrun pb for me on my local course. Finished in 18:43 and 2nd place. Was pleased as it was quite windy but very sunny and dry underfoot. The weather here is unreal ATM 16c and sunny. Feels like late spring. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Gul-Brilliant parkrun,well done.
    Speedy-great photo,really see the concentration and effort you're putting in
    DT-Speedy 20 from you there.
    First 20 since Gran Canaria today,only planned 16 with a clubmate but felt ok at the end so added another 4 on,came out at 8.25,which is top end for me,but felt fine.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    The accidental 20 mile runs are always the best Ian!

    Very warm here as well Gerard.  well done on the parkrun PB. Have you got any longer distance races planned?

    Hope you had a good run Speedy - conditions must have been good.

    No slacking on the mileage Lorenzo - hope you managed your 16 miles in today.

    Good long runs from DT and G-D.

    That sounds far too easy OO!

    A twenty second PB is huge Gul - well done - clearly multiple long runs during the week and no taper is the way to go.

    Long run today of 24 miles.  Have never gone beyond 22 in training but the plan said 24 so I thought I'd give it a go!  Very warm (14C) but with a welcoming breeze.  Not sure what to wear at 10.00am but went with the shorts and singlet and was very grateful for the choice a couple of hours later.  Was also worried about the hydration so dropped a couple of bottles of sports drink at 8K (27K on the return leg) and 35K.  Still managed to lose 2.5Kg despite drinking at least 500ml so conditions were definitely on the warm side.  Kept it nice and steady but worked a bit harder in the second half to give an average pace of 7:52 m/m. 

    Feeling a little wrecked now but will hopefully be recovered by tomorrow!  81 miles for the week so a few beers in order! 

  • Got to be honest, I hated every second. It was really quite windy and the only thing I hate more than wind is hail stones. It was hard work and I never felt like I was actually running. I felt like there was a band around my lungs and I couldn't get any air in, and my legs wouldn't do more than shuffle/plod. I only felt like I was actually running in the last 100m! 

    It is weirdly warm indeed SBD. I left my house in glorious sunshine having opted for shorts and T, but got down to the river to find it shrouded in a dense fog and the temperature was 3 degrees lower. Luckily I had some gloves in my bag as it was a bit fresh (6 degrees) for the first hour or so until the sun burnt through the fog. 

    75 miles this week. Should hit 80 next week if all goes to plan.
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
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    SSC hold the 2 button in until it beeps reset my older garmin when it had a hissy fit and locked up 
    Gul what a cracking time despite your signature flat out first race mile  , your in cracking shape !!!! A more sensible start and id say sub 18 is on the cards some time soon ! Re the very slow first miles in a run , my kneecap is usually hanging off these days and its too painful at the start to move at more than a crawl until it calms down !
    DT good fast finish 20 these were often my favourite runs !
    Speedy looks like you are going well in the pic .
    Gerard nice parkrun time
    Ian always a good sign when you do more than planned.
    SBD just stick 2.2 on the end and be done ,amazing how much weight drops on a long run, a big week too.

    Rest day today after a very slow 5 yesterday (10:30 average said I needed a day off ! ) 30 mile for the week.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Sounds like hard work Speedy what a shame you didn't enjoy the Nationals. I was rubbish at Parliament Hill last year but still enjoyed it. 
    Amazing you are running so well Gerrard given the limited training- keep it going for for May.
    I had a lovely plod in the Lakes today for a 36 mile recovery week. Hope to get back to it from tomorrow.
  • SBD - Great long run. I haven't got any plans to do any longer distances for the foreseeable. I'm thinking of a 10k in April but that's about it. I may do an Autumn marathon but nothing concrete as yet. 

    Speedy - XC is hard work. I did a few last year and I enjoyed the experience but give me a flat road any day. 

    OO - Thanks. I'll have to put in a bit more work If I'm to keep up with you in May.  ;) Sounds like you enjoyed your in the lakes. 

    Ian - Good long run. What race did you do in Gran Canaria? Sorry if I missed that before. I used to live out there. Great place. 

    Leslie - 30 miles is a decent week. 

  • Birch - hope you had a good day at the National XC - family racing? I'm just going to ignore race time predictions... I'm sure King's Lynn parkrun is short on distance (maybe not as much as my watch which only made it 2.87 miles!) so not worth a proper 18:23 (official time).
    OO - nice relaxed parkrun. 
    GD - nice long run - all looking good.
    DT- good to get a 20 in the bag and nice change of pace too.
    ssc - not seen the 630, but I'm thinking it looks like the sort of thing which might need a cold boot, which hopefully is in the manual or online (usually powering on by holding a certain combination of buttons).
    Lorenzo - I'm sure the rest on holiday will have done you some good.
    Speedy - running into the wind is a killer (and that looks like a hill to me too). Great photo though.
    GM- that's a great parkrun. I reckon you would smash that at King's Lynn!
    Ian - good long run.
    SBD - excellent work on your 24 miler.
    Leslie - eek, that description of your kneecap doesn't sound good. You are made of tough stuff to keep going.
    As mentioned above, official parkrun time was 18:23. Also got a new WAVA PB of 81.5% :) Took a rest yesterday and started the week today with 15 miles (2 warm-up, 8 steady, 5 MP) averaging 7:45/m.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    ssc, give garmin tech a call. They may suggest a factory reset if you can get it to do that.

    Leslie, 30 miles is a solid week. If you can just settle at that for a while and then see what happens.

    Speedy, xc can be a miserable event if it just isn't what you're up for on the day.

    SBD, solid long running. My longest this time around is 23. I usually go no further than 22.

    Nice long running also, Ian.

    Gerard, good to hear you are clearly still in good shape!!

    I managed to find childcare for a 5 mile recovery yesterday afternoon to give me 46 for week. As long as I do what is on the schedule this week i'll hit 200 for the month and match last February. That was the first time I had ever hit 200 and it was pretty tiring. This time, I've managed it whilst fitting in both a taper and recovery week for a raced half and generally feel quite refreshed.

    8 planned over lunch then spin this evening.

  • Morning all, lots been going on here in the past week it seems, need to catch up.

    Thorpe and Egham Half was yesterday, supposed to be my A half marathon for the campaign, unfortunately since last Tuesday I have been mostly knocked on my ass by some sort of bug and wasn't yet up to running it. Was hoping for a last minute recovery until the last minute but no dice. 

    London Big Half will now be my fast half I hope; and tentatively will get back into it this evening if the day goes well.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    SBD - excellent 24 there; interesting re the weight loss - good foresight to have the fluid stashed on the route . .   
    Gerard - even lower mileage than me (32 here last week), but you appear in good shape with that parkrun - well done !   

    Gul - good call re any "predicted" outcome - main thing is you seem to be going very well in your campaign.    Yes, son was running at Harewood House (daughter not done XC this season).  He came in 163rd from the 2,000 or so finishers, in 41.02 for the 12K . He was pleased enough.   
    Speaking of the Nationals - arrived just as Women's race was finishing (great venue for spectating, but took ages to enter/exit the park); didn't spot you, Speedy, but agree re the conditions - first time I've ever worked up a sweat whilst jogging around supporting in short sleeves in February . . . .  
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Anyone run in Nike Vaporfly 4% shoes?

    A social media thing for Runner's World came up with some science behind the design and running economy claims.
    There was a spreadsheet thing too, put in your height and weight and some benchmark times for various distances and it works out a prediction.

    Apparently I could do a Mara in 2.59 and a HM in 1.23 all based on my current PBs of 3.05 and 1.25.

    Gets you thinking but just can't get over that £209 price tag...
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    i have 4 pairs g dawg!

    That table however simply deducts 4% off your time. ive tried it with various weights and heights snd the predicted time is the same. 
  • Gul - An excellent Parkrun, especially the day after a long run! As others have said it bodes well for Boston.
    DT - Very speedy 20! Especially the week after a half, you are certainly going well
    Ian - Excellent accidental 20! Im hoping to get at least one in before Manchester
    Speedy - Excellent pic and racing at the national! Big mileage for the week as well
    Leslie - That knee doesn't sound good! Good weeks training though
    Gerard - Well done on the parkrun PB!
    SBD - That's a big long run! I also loose loads of water while running, always take me ages to feel rehydrated as well.

    So first week back in training went well. 28.5 miles for the week, including 10 x 2mins at 10k pace on Tuesday (6.00-6.15 pace) and a 4m tempo at 6.30s on Friday. Finished off with 9m at 8.09/140BPM yesterday which felt really good. 34m on the plan for this week

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Well-done Stevie back to it!
    Why 4 pairs DT? I have a pal who hit 2:57 last year and credits the shoes, but I still cant persuade myself to fork out that muxh.
  • Only done 6 miles in mine G-Dawg, but they were a nice 6 miles. Definitely something to them; I got a bit of a discount which helped.

    My thought was that even if they physically are only as good as another decent pair of Nike's; if I think in my mind they will help, I'll have that much more confidence at the start line.

    Whatever the science, they are amazingly light and feel really good to run in.

    However, if you get the flynit, I'd recommend unpeeling the insoles then gluing them back in with a stronger superglue than Nike used, people reported problems of them coming loose so better safe than sorry.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    oo, i bought a pair when they very first came out that has over 300 miles on them and i use them for parkrun snd bug tempos now. I then have a second pair that are beyond their best for A races but generally ok. I bought  a 3rd pair for Yorkshire and this years London when they released the flyknit and i had a 20% off code. They then released a new colour scheme in January st the same time as they gave me a 25% off code so bought a pair which are boxed in the back of the wardrobe for a year or so time. 

    Nicko, shame about the race, youlooked set gor a good time. At least you have another one planned. 

    Sounds positive, Stevie. 

    8 hilly miles over lunch. Fidnt feel great so pace was a rather sedate 8.29. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Very good planning DT you sound worse than me. I will try a pair eventually but would need a hefty discount. I remember looking at the assembled runners at the start of NY Mara. Amazing how many of the runners around me had them.
    Im having a bad day, home from Keswick and went to a funeral. Both have taken the wind out of my sails so I’ve passed on a run. Will get back tomorrow with my pal Charlotte. Do any of you remember Charlotte Moore, ran at the Commonwealth 800m many years ago as a rising star. Now in her 30s but still an incredible athlete, and bizarrely at at our club.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nicko-Unlucky on the race,hopefully big half will be better and get the result you want.
    OO-Not surprised you didn't fancy a run,hope you feel up to it tomorrow.
    Gerard-It was the gran canaria marathon,last weekend in Jan,will probably do it next year as it was cheap and a good break at that time of the year
    Easy 6 miles after work,really happy with it as I've done 50 in the last 4 days,which is a lot for me,and it felt really easy once I was going,esp after 11 hours in work.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    DT - clocking up a decent total for February.
    nicko - sorry to hear about the bug and missing the half - hope you're fully recovered soon.
    Birch - solid performance by your son.
    Stevie - some good sessions there.
    OO - ((())) tough day. Hope today is better.
    Ian - that is a lot of miles in 4 days by anyone's standards. 
    Very late to bed night last night, so had a lie in till 5:30 and just did 7 miles this morning including P&D inspired 5x600m.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    A lay in to 5am - very lazy Gul ;)
    Yes 10 mile run and 3k swim today and still this evening to plan...
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Decided to do my hilly loops run today,it is just under 4 miles in total,with about 450ft of climb in total across 3 laps,came out averaging 7:03,previous best was 7:09 so pretty happy esp after a heavy few days.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    You are going good Ian 
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    OO - Swim question. I can only do front crawl and I'm OK at it but not been in a pool for years. I plan on starting to train for the Swim Serpentine in May when I can use a 50m Lido and do some lake swimming. The Serpentine swim is in September. Along with running I plan on swimming twice per week. Do you think an hour and 20 mins is a reasonable time to do 2 miles in?  That's what I put on my entry based on field placement for last years's results, deep in the back half of the field.

    I'm not at all bothered about 'doing' a time, just want to comfortably earn that London Classics medal.
  • Well it’s finally happened after 10 years of running. I’m injured and can’t run. I was at the Doc yesterday and diagnosed with a muscle strain\tear in my upper glutes. I haven’t been able to walk without pain since Friday and it’s like being stabbed around my tailbone with every step. I’m on the strongest Co-Codamol tablets and Naproxen for a fortnight.

    I’m angry with myself and totally gutted. All the warning signs were there but I pushed on without rest. I ran a marathon on 14th and didn’t take a single days rest afterwards despite discomfort in the area. I over ate and drank a lot on holidays, gaining a lot of weight quickly. I ran uneven hilly trails and hard cement wearing old shoes I’d kept at my in-laws holiday apartment.

    After every run I could barely walk for about 30 minutes before the pain went and the muscles loosened up. I still ran on. I’ve never missed a day’s training due to injury so thought I was unbreakable. After a week’s holiday I returned home and went for another 7 mile run on Friday. I had to take 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen before I started the run because I was already in pain.

    When I finished the run I could barely walk again. However, unlike previously the pain and tightness didn’t go away. I got up on Saturday morning with plans to run my 200th Parkrun within a 20 miler. This was impossible due to the stabbing pain with every step.

    I took my first ever day off due to injury. On Sunday nothing had changed and I went to the Docs yesterday. I’ve now missed 4 days of running and feel like crying.

    I’ve already had to get a refund for a 6 hour race this Sunday. The following Saturday I’ve a 40 mile ultra booked and a marathon a week later. However, what I’m annoyed about the most is the 100k Anglo Celtic Championships in Perth, Scotland. I was going to represent my country and earn my first full national vest. Gutted is an understatement at missing this.

    On the plus side I’m off work for a fortnight as I’m not allowed to sit at a desk for long. I have to keep active and stretch a lot. The pain gets worse the longer I’m seated, when I try to walk again. It’s a strange injury as I can’t push the area to find the pain but as soon as my weight is on one leg it flares. 

    Sorry, but I’ve only read back briefly after my holidays. I’m a bit down and reading about running isn’t helping. Run well everyone!

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Gutted for you BB. Injuries seem inevitable if we push too hard, sometimes we feel invincible and then the body resists when you least expect it. It’s rare injuries come at a good time but the timing of yours is particularly unlucky, a cruel blow. I feel for you, mate.
  • Absolutely gutted for you BB. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Terrible news Badbark. We all tend to push ourselves when we should know better and sometimes get caught out. Let’s hope the rest will fix it. 4-7 days you can get away with but you’ll have to be sure it’s properly fixed before coming back.
    G Dawg, 1:20 is exactly what it would take in the pool (I’m not quick). I’m not sure how that translates to openwater, might be quicker with the wet suit. My pool speed is 2 mins per 100 yards. Should be thereabouts.

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