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  • Good race Leslie, decent time considering it's mostly hills - looks like hard work from that pic!

    Welcome VTrunner - very solid weekly mileage there.

    Another solid 5k time OO, nice work.

    Achilles was pretty stiff for a couple of days after track last week; volunteered barcode scanning at parkrun saturday and was able to do the whole run first, however pulled up after first lap as things didn't feel right; nice to be there and help out though. Long run with clubmates yesterday morning; 13.1 with quite a lot of hills so nice and slow - very humid even early on - lost about 2kg in sweat!

    Have started using Huel as meal replacement to try and shift weight a bit quicker - so breakfast and lunch just shakes and then real meal in the evening - feel like I'm on the slimfast plan! Will see how long I manage to stick that out.
  • I lost about 2kg this weekend too, though I'm sure it's mostly dehydration. 26.7 miles on Saturday (ran to Shipley parkrun, missed the start due to navigational and mathematical errors but ran it anyway, ran back again) then the Dovedale Dipper yesterday, which was a 5-hour adventure on the hills, hills, more hills and gorse plantations of rural Derbyshire. A mere 27.3 miles in those five hours. Second lady, even though I wasn't trying. If I hadn't gotten lost for a good 7 minutes I'd have accidentally won - she only beat me by five minutes. Anyway, I got around 8 hours 40 of time on feet, and if you include Friday night's run too it's so very close to 100k, so good training. And I'm not broken! Taking a rest day to ensure my legs are ready to race the last Summer League on Wednesday and the Midlands 10000m on Saturday. Yes, I am certifiable!
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    That sounds totally bonkers Speedy I can't imagine that kind of punishment.

    I felt sluggish on my Sunday run yesterday and felt wasted today so had a rare day of complete rest- not even a swim. I've a 10k race tomorrow so hoping the rest has worked. 
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Amazing efforts there, Speedy. Bonkers indeed!

    It seems in just 3 months I've gone from the best form of my life to rank novice. Trudged out a 15 miler on Saturday, just couldn't get going at all, it was hard effort all the way, including the 9.00 min miles. On Sunday I did 8 miles to collect the car after a night out and again, the legs couldn't go any faster than 8.20 pace.

    Last night, however, there seems to have been a small breakthrough. I would have rested due to a very sore left calf but needed to do something as I have football to attend tonight (watching, not playing). Ran at various paces and cut it short to just 4 miles as the calf was on there verge of going ping. Best to lose a mile than a whole week or two of training. Just 7.20 pace average but there was some quick stuff in there to show that things are returning to normal.

    Body is all fine, can definitely go harder but my legs really haven't recovered from this ultra malarky. I reckon I'll be flying again in 2 weeks.

    Enjoy the rest day OO, you've earned it.

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    Bonkers stuff, Speedy!!

    Well done on the parkrun, OO. Hope you feel better for the rest and 10k.

    I think your recent runs look fine, GDawg. I know you like to run everything a bit faster, but it won't hurt to slow it down for a little bit.

    Well done on the half, Leslie. You certainly look like you've put the effort in, in that pic.

    Nicko, I have been using meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch for about 18 months now, just Monday-Friday. It can be difficult to adapt to at first when everyone else has a nice big sarnie or something similar but you just need to shut off. It's now just normal routine for me.

    What I take is not as complete and calorific as Huel (or as expensive) but with the right snacks it does the job. You do have to be careful in that period when you get home and before your evening meal not to pick at crap though. If I am really needing food I will just have a couple of scrambled eggs as I don't tend to have my evening meal until about 8.30.

    Back from Lanzarote last night so 3 days rest from training. Will pick it back up for 12 days though it's all pretty futile as off to Florida for 2 weeks in 13 days time.

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    London gfa opens tomorrow. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I’m sure you’ll be flying soon enough GD.
    Thanks for the tip off DT 👍
  • DT - what replacement shakes do you use? I thought at about £1.33 for a 500 calorie meal Huel was quite good value but I could be swayed if there's better options. I won't stick with this regularly as I just like food too much; but I think it will help me shift some of this extra baggage a bit quicker.

    Hope Lanzarote was good, thanks for the heads up on London.

    GD - something as exhaustive as that ultra will definitely have an effect; sure the speed will come back soon.
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    Nicko, I use exante meal replacement shakes. They tend to come in about 200 cals per shake so way less than Huel. I tend to buy in bulk when on a particular offer so pay just under 50p a shake. I like to snack quite a bit through day on nuts and fruit and make up my calories that way. If I took in 500 cals for breakfast and again at lunch, plus an evening meal and snacks, i'd be pushing 3000 a day.
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    I’ve never tried meal replacement (sounds awful tbh). However, I usually scoff 2 bowls of cereal before bed as I’m so hungry. A mixture of bran flakes and posh muesli is my current favourite.
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    Speedy 26 on sat and then 27 the next day is in a different league , fair play are you the new Badbark  lol ?
    Gdawg careful with that calf if it goes ping it will be a lot longer than 2 weeks to fix it , your body is in recovery after the Ultra so don't be too tough on it !
    DT back of holiday then back on holiday you are having a time of it !
    0054 goodluck tonight !

    Do people who run a lot  really need to be on shakes to lose weight ? , surprised at this tbh  My weight was always directly related to how much I ran and when i was on the big miles I had to get up during the night to eat lol  as hunger kept me awake ! 

    40 miles last week and the weight loss or rather fat loss has started though still a long way to go ...

    Little speed session when I got up after nights with 8 x 60 secs fast /90 secs jog to get a bit of speed back in the legs, paces from 6:30 to 5:30 as then freed up. Hammy a little tight after.
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    It's not so much about weight loss for me. I don't tend to be able to eat a large amount in one go. I make up the calories by eating every hour or so. Plus i was just just having white bread toast and spread for breakfast. The calories in a shake are about the same as that but overall nutritional content is far better. Lunchtime i would have a ham salad roll and crisps from greggs as a classic example. The shake is less cals but nutrionally better. Plus, usually 3 lunchtimes a week i take a 90 minute lunch to train. I cant then sit there for 20 minutes messing about with food. I dont take them on weekends. 

    Here's the nutritional info below . 
  • I have Huel for breakfast. It doesn't taste of much and it takes me at least an hour to get through it. In that time I'd have consumed more calories in cereal and snacks. It's really quite filling. Kinda grainy I admit, but it stops me eating so much crap over the morning.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Never tried the shakes - high mileage and calorie control are my weapons of choice. Although I'm not sure the fish, quiche, nan bread & chardonnay evening meal quite makes the mark!  Currently at 75kg so only 4Kg over racing weight.  Should hopefully be able to shift this over the next 8 weeks.

    Good weekend training for the 100K Speedy

    That's a good weekly mileage and solid HM Leslie.  Just need to shift some of the ballast and you'll be flying!

    I've already had my London deferral from last year accepted - hopefully this means I won't take one of the current year GFA places.  I have a feeling the 3,000 restriction may come in to effect this year.  

    Hope you can get some quality sessions in before heading of for the second holiday DT.

    Hope the 10K race went well OO.

    Go easy with the calf G-D.

    Building back nicely nicko - just don't push too much on the speed sessions.

    A little weight loss on the Sunday LR for me - 2.5Kg, but obviously all fluid - only 16 miles but conditions still on the humid side at 6pm.  As the last run of the recovery week it was meant to be easy, but it ended up getting quicker each mile, starting at 8:10 and finishing at 7:00, giving an average of 7:26 for the run.

    A big 4-week block ahead, ending in the Maidenhead Marathon.  Was hoping to nail the 10K tempo session tonight but still feeling a little drained and muscle weary after Sunday's long run.  Managed to keep it under 4:00 m/km pace, so a good session to have ticked off.  Just the 15 mile MLR tomorrow to get through now ...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Impressive long run SBD- wish I could do that! I'm always slow on long runs.

    Morpeth 10k is an undulating 2 lap course and conditions last night were good. I took it easy the first lap letting my main rivals get ahead. I picked it up 2nd lap and caught most of them. A solid effort overall in 37:31. 21st overall but pipped into 2nd V55 in spite of a 5:42 last mile. A half a minute down on last year but pleased considering how ropey I felt the last couple of days. 
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    A lot to catch up on here! Been trying to keep up but external audit at work has been taking a huge amount of my time up, let alone getting the marathon training in!

    Leslie - Great pic and run at the half marathon, Belfast marathon is on my list as my other halfs dad grew up there and I love the city (and Ireland in general)

    Speedy - That is super impressive running over the weekend, especially not being broken at the end. Good luck in the 10000m, really wanted to do that race!

    OO - That's a rapid time for someone whos been feeling ropey! Strong finish as well

    SBD - That meal sounds perfect to me! Excellent training as usual

    Be careful with that calf G-Dawg, mine were tight for a few days before it went ping in January.

    Im with Leslie & OO on the eating front. I'm constantly hungry let alone if I was only having shakes to eat in the day time! I try to adapt my diet to my fueling needs. Most days I'll have overnight oats/cereal for breakfast with salad for lunch. On session/tempo days I'll try and have pasta or something more substantial for lunch and an SIS Go Energy drink in the afternoon. I'm more focused in trying to keep weight on at the moment!

    Had a disaster of a ten mile tempo last Friday. First 5 miles were fine at 6.10-6.15 pace then half way through mile 6 my legs suddenly seized up and I couldn't even hold 7min mile pace! Made myself finish the mile then sacked it off, had to force myself to do the 2m cooldown which came out at 9mm! I think it was a combination of being completely shattered from work and the heat was was a lot hotter then expected! Took the weekend off as I was down in Salcombe/Plymouth with some mates anyway.

    This week has started a lot better, 5m on Monday where I tested out my new On Cloudflash which I picked up for half price at the Track Challenge. Absolutely brilliant shoe, really snappy and responsive. Could feel my calves at the end of the run so will ease into the gently. 17m 'broken tempo' last night, split into 5 easy, 4 @ 6.40-6.50, 2 Easy, 2 @ 6.20, 1 Easy, 2 @ 6.40-6.50, 1 easy. Went really well and hit almost all of the target splits, really happy with that especially on a hillier route then I normally run. Got 3 big weeks planned before a mini taper for Kenilworth Half on 01/09.
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    SBD- Do you mean half mara? Isn't that the masters race? You didn't sneak an England vest did you? Decent long run. Like OO, mine are more sedate affairs.

    I think you might be right this year re London. Could well see the times to get in reduced. I hope they announce what it was like Boston do, just to give people a realistic idea of what is needed going forward.

    Nice 10k effort, OO, particularly given how you have been feeling.

    Easy 10k last night which had me huffing and puffing after being away. 2 X 3M at mp lunchtime to get some easy tempo back in.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I find the thought of meal replacement shakes really depressing.  I like my food too much (which shows, as I'm now well over race weight after all this reduced mileage)!  I don't think it's hard to get a nutritionally balanced diet from proper food.  I'd typically have cereal for breakfast (oats/dried fruit/nuts with whole Jersey milk: so pleased we can get that delivered by the milkman!); cheese or hummus/bean pate roll for lunch with a couple of pieces of fruit; some sort of carb (generally rice or pasta) with some sort of protein (lentils/tofu/beans/eggs) and veg/salad for dinner with more fruit afterwards.  A little bit of chocolate after the evening meal.  The odd beer/glass of wine and plenty of tea throughout the day.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Same here, Jools. I like my grub too much to go down the shakes route. One change I did make this year was just making a banana, orange juice and spinach smoothie for breakfast. I have a salad based lunch and avoid too many or any carbs in the evening, majoring on protein through chicken and egg based meals. Cut out booze Monday and Tuesday, the odd wine or lager Wednesday/Thursday, not too much Friday but tuck in on Saturday. Seemed to help getting me down to my new race weight of twelve and a half stone.

    Not the best of diets but I'm never going to be an Olympian!!

    Stevie scared me with his calf ping comment above, so after a brief test around the garden, I've ditched running today. Calf is a bit better but has too much pain to run through. More to lose than gain. Sensible head on. Will jump into the lake tonight instead and test my new wetsuit.

    Applied for London GFA. If it is a Boston style application, I should be OK as my 3.01 from this year pops me two age brackets above. We'll see...
  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    Glad to hear you being sensible G-Dawg! Swimming will keep your fitness up, as will getting out on the bike. 

    Also entered GFA just incase they change the Champs time, still aiming for sub 2.45 in Berlin though!
  • Belated greetings from China. MrsL and I have been out here for nearly 2 weeks and have another 6 days to go. Fantastic country from the little bit of it (Xian, Pingyao, Beijing and Tai’an so far, with Shanghai and Hangzhou still to come) that we’ve seen up to now.

    Have managed precisely zero miles so far, although I’m hoping that the 20,000+ steps per day plus walking up a couple of the sacred Taoist mountains will mean I don’t lose too much fitness. Hoping to get at least one run in while are in Shanghai but timing it to avoid the 35 degree heat and high humidity. 

    I’ve timed our return to get back in time for the London GFA closing date (and younger Lorenzito’s A level results!) so hoping that my Abo result from last year is good enough. 

    Glad to see that Speedy has picked up where Madbark left off. 

    Great to hear from VT again and also to get a fine race summary and pic from Leslie. No surprises on hearing that OO keeps on running super fast. Ditto with Nicko

    You’ll be back in form soon G-Dawg - nothing to worry about at this stage. 
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭
    Enjoy Lorenzo - soundsgreat

    I use the slimfast meal replacement shakes but as a recovery rather than meal replacement. Tend to then go for a lot of greek salad with fish/chicken or meat for Tea(Dinner)and a soup/sandwich for Dinner (Lunch). Eat a lot of fruit through the day.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a great trip Lorenzo. Enjoy the remainder.

    Second open water swim tonight. Did 3 big loops and still feeling good, threw in a small one at the end. Managed 1.75 miles in just under 61 mins.

    Went through the mile in 34.18, so that’s training PBs for distance and pace. Defo going to enjoy the Swim Serpentine now knowing I can do the distance and depending on crowd congestion, may even post a time quicker than I predicted, but not really bothered about that...

    New wetsuit worked well and just a nice way to spend a summer hour after work.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    You'll be entering triathlons before you know it G-D!

    China sounds fun Lorenzo  - enjoy the rest of the trip and try and get at least one run in!

    DT - yes that should have been Maidenhead HM, I don't think I'm quite ready for a marathon yet!  No England vest for me but I'll be trying to chase a few of them down!  Good work on the tempo miles.

    That's a big broken-tempo session Stevie - but well executed.

    That's still an impressive time on the 10K OO.

    15 mile mid-week MLR tonight.  For some reason, relaxing in the garden with a glass of white wine seemed more attractive than the run, but I managed to force myself out.  Very sluggish for the initial 10 miles but managed to pick it up a little for the final few miles to squeeze under 7:55 minute mile pace. 

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Hi folks. Pleased to say things are finally improving here. After just 18 miles in July, I did 6 yesterday and 8 this morning. Also submitted my GFA application :) Now for a bit of a catch up...
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    DT - Great effort at the Magor 10k; a good learning curve.
    GD - good start to the NYC campaign.
    Nicko - good to hear from you. Nice target for Royal Parks HM.
    Stevie - congrats on the massive 500m PB!
    OO - nice parkun at Blyth.
    Leslie - hope the HM went well.
    Jools - solid 5000m; steady improvement is the way to go.
    Poacher - pleased to hear walking is better at least; hope the visit to the doc was positive.
    SBD - shame about NYC. Hope you've got a place at York or Abingdon.
    Oops just spotted the time. I'd better get to work!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Always good to hear from you Menn.
    Great news Gul- we need you at Chandos in 2020 😁
    I've also entered my gfa.This would be my 16th London and 30th Marathon. I'm also counting Manchester 2020 when I'll be pacing my daughter at 4 hour pace for her 1st mara.
    2* 5k races coming up in the next week. Saturday is a club league event on the track, then next Wednesday is the Newcastle quayside 5k. The ambition is to go sub 18 in both. Optimistic but doable I think.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    7M plod last night and 9M plod this morning, but this morning's was brightened up by the first mass ascent of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, and a fair few of the balloons landed on the Downs, where I was running!  Plenty of the 'shapes' were flying: a welly, a koala, a teddy and Darth Vadar :)
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Stevie - sorry, obviously my previous post should have said 5000m! Otherwise that would have been an incredibly slow 500m. Would love to try track sometime, but I guess that would mean joining a club! External audit, hey? I can sympathise with that. Glad you put last week's tempo run behind you and nailed it this week.
    GD - nice MLR; lost a lot of pace here too, but no rush for me. 8 months or more to VLM :) Well done on the open water swim. Not something for me, I don't think. Don't push too hard yet - you need to be in one piece on that start line!
    OO - that's a great 800m; congrats on the season's title! I am seriously thinking about doing some swimming in place of some of those road miles; this latest injury has made me realise that I need to take some action to keep running as long as possible. Another solid parkrun. Cracking finish to your 10k, well done. It would be a pleasure to meet as many of you good folk as possible in Chandos next year :) Nice target for your 5ks.
    DT - ticking over nicely and good lunchtime session.
    PMJ - hope the weather isn't spoiling your holiday. My target mileage for the year has had to be seriously revised! Currently on 1554, so somewhere around 2,500 would be reasonable now rather than 3000+.
    SBD - pleased to hear you have a place at York just in case you don't get a cancellation place at Abingdon. Training sounds like it's coming along nicely. I presume the Maidenhead marathon will be a training run? Good will-power yesterday evening.
    Leslie - good speed session; you topped me by over 100 miles for July :) Excellent work in the HM; that sounds like a tough day.
    nicko - very speedy 200m efforts but take care of those niggles. Good luck with the Huel.
    VTr - yes we certainly do change; I never imagined myself as any kind of runner during the first 40 years of my life. Good luck with the Baystate marathon; sounds like training is coming along.
    Speedy - that's an insane weekend of training though you must have seen some nice countryside. Hope you are okay for the races this week!
    Jools - nice food diary - I'm feeling hungry now. Those balloons must be quite a sight.
    Lorenzo - sounds like an amazing trip. Waiting for A'Level results here too (Miss GD the younger).
    A little bit of weight gain for me over the last month or so with hardly any training, but I have cut down on my lunch, so only a few pounds; no need to reach for Huel yet!

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