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    Good runs guys, not sure I’d fancy racing in today’s heat. So you will be in London next year Jools for he Mara?
  • Should be: just (!) need to avoid injury until then...
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    Good work, Jools. Will you be joining us at the Chandos?

    Bad luck, Nicko. I guess yoyr training has lacked a bit of consistency post mara so a 1.25 half was a bit of an ask. 

    Great session, SBD and well done on pb. Im hurtling towards 50. I think im on 33 over 5 years. Doubt they'll do a 50 top by the time i get there. 

    Easy 14 today. Kids rugby season back on so didnt get out until nearly 2pm and suffered a bit in heat. It was cloudy for mile 1 and when i went out then it came out until mile 13. 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Well done on securing the Champs Qualifying time Jools in what sounds like less than ideal conditions.  

    A tough day nicko.

    Quite warm this afternoon so well done on getting the 14 done DT.

    Good easy miles Leslie.  The plan is to race at least 10K distance on the Saturday, but if there are no races available the 10K parkrun is a good substitute. 

    I was on parent taxi duty this morning as well so didn't manage to get out for the long run until 5pm.  It had cooled down by then but I forget that it gets dark before 8pm.  So 22 miles @ 7:36 pace, the last four in the dark!  A bit sluggish for the first ten miles but the tempo picked up in the second half and managed a few 6:50 miles towards the end before it got dark.  Last mile at 7:45 pace as I navigated the unlit cycle trail!  Brings me up to 83 miles for the week.  Just two more big weeks to get through before the Abingdon taper.

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    Jools your back on track with the time you needed excellent and if you find how to avoid injury other than not run let me /us know !
    Nicko sounds like a very tough day out ,we all been there, once a wheel comes loose on the wagon its a painful drag to the line, still 1:27 ain't too shabby and cloud be a 1:25 on a cool day ....
    DT nice relaxed sunny 14 enjoy them as they will be few and far between very soon .

    3 x 1 mile tonight after day shift the first came in a slightly disappointing 6:51 so more coal was shoveled for a 6:38 and all out for a final 6:30 each with 2 mins very slow jog in between and just over 7m in total giving me decent 43m for the week. It was dark when I got in the nights are already closing in now ......

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    I managed 53 miles for the week plus 4 swimming, but yesterday’s 15 was on a sore hip which held me back on pace. I have the British Masters track 10k next Saturday so it will be a balance to keep the miles up this week and get there in one piece. 
    Certainly true about those dark nights Leslie, just wait till the cold weather bites too!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Looking forward to seeing what Abingdon brings, SBD.

    Leslie, nice reps.

    Yep the nights are definitely drawing in. It's a bit of a double edged sword as I love the conditions this time of year (though it was summer conditions yesterday), but I start losing the opportunity after work to hit certain favoured routes. The forecast going into next week looks very similar to this weekend.

    I'M at the Midland rd relays Saturday running leg 1 for our vets. That'll be quite an experience as that is the leg the fastest runners do. The downside is that my plan to spend the morning watching NZ V SA at the RWC won't happen as i'll have to set off by half time. 44m last week which is decent enough.

    Similar this week I hope.

  • I should be at the Mids RR too - B or C team I should think!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I assume you guys make a choice as to go to southern or midlands then? I assumed there were south western relays.
  • No, it's just northern, Midlands and southerns. Well, there are south westerns but they're not official ones which allow the men to qualify for the nationals.
  • parkrun at Wycombe Rye on Saturday came out at 20:08 so if I can keep that level of fitness up and find a course without grass playing fields and steps I should be able to get a 19.xx before the end of the year, or maybe even just take Wycombe seriously. I tend to go out on Friday for an easy run and get carried away and then I run down to parkrun (2.5 miles) and have the run back at the back of my mind so maybe a Friday off and a drive to parkrun will see me by.

    13 on Sunday for a 43 mile week. Strava shows about 40 miles a week every week since Nov 12th 2018 so good spell of consistent training. 
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    Just a quick scan en route to entering my update; congrats on the time, Jools. Other good stuff going on too by the look of it, team.

    Did my first run for over 2 weeks last night, just a 4 mile tester. Calf completely fine but there is still a shin splint issue. However, no limping at the end like before, iced it as soon as I got in and just mild soreness today. Very surprised at the pace considering it felt nice and steady, 7.00 average with a 6.43 final mile which included a few strides. 
    In the past week or so I've buried myself on the bikes, both off and on road. Also did a few turbo sessions to keep the CV going. Seems to have worked and I think I'll keep it going alongside the running for my now 6 week campaign.

    Will try something on the trails tonight and just see how things go. Need to build up to a 20 miler in a few weeks.
  • Great pace on the comeback G-Dawg; bike looks like it's definitely helping keep the fitness up. Careful on trying to get too much volume too quick.

    Nice parkrun time there PMJ.

    Easy 6 recovery with hill yesterday at 8:20 average; keeping it really casual. Looking at my performance from Sunday my HR stayed just below 170 the whole way; so I think the CV was OK, I just remember feeling super tired and quite sick - probably under-hydration and I must admit I was pretty hungover on Saturday! Confident I can pull it together for Hyde Park.

    If I can get this kind of height at the finish again I'll be happy  :D

  • Never seen anyone triple jump their way across the line before. Skills!   B)
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    You're flying nicko - great finish!

    Hope you can get through the shin splints G-D - great work on keeping the fitness intact.

    Sub 20 should be a breeze at Black Park PMJ.

    The relays sound like fun although, having recently re-joined the local club, it looks like they're not planning on going!

    Where is the Masters 10K race OO?

    A decent week's mileage DT.

    A good set of mile reps Leslie.

    Woke up yesterday with a stinking cold and spent most of the day sneezing.  Managed a seven mile recovery run in the evening but assumed any quality training was off the cards for a few days.  On wakening this morning I didn't feel too bad so decided to go ahead with the scheduled interval session early evening.  The HR was pretty normal on the w/u so decided there was no reason to be too cautious, so 6 sets of 1K with 500m jog recoveries, the same session as the last two weeks.  Reps of 3:40, 3:40, 3:37, 3:37, 3:35 and 3:35 all without the HR getting too high.  A very satisfying session!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Very encouraging GD, nice and steady there & welcome back.
    Thats a fab photo Nicko, flying!
    SBD the race is at the Monkton stadium South Shields- it’s a BMAF event.
  • PMJ consistently consistent running sub 20 is there for the taking , a nice benchmark .
    Gdawg you have had a little unwelcome taper so the pace will be up ,fitness is fine you just need to make the startline now .
    Nicko cracking leglift and as a guy who has virtually none whatsoever it looks impressive ! Certainly looks like you are on top form there  but hungover is a bad start to any race if you are looking to pb.
    SBD another quality session hope the cold stays away ,was at training tonight and a girl had just had flu and I was like don't be breathing near me lol !!!!!!!

    5 very easy (9:19 av) yesterday evening and Club session tonight:
     6 x 400, 4 x 800 and 1 mile.  During the warmup and strides not much zip after Sundays session but as it went on felt stronger and stronger , was in group 2 and after 2 reps they started complaining about the pace ,after that I was in my own group of 1 lol as there was no way I was slacking off .......

    400's (40 secs rest) were 6:35-6:30 pace
    800's( 80 secs rest) paces  were 6:32. 6:38, 6:28 and 6:36 2nd and 4th were back in and a little slower due to a slight climb
    1 mile was 6:19 and that was me maxed out but I enjoyed it ! fastest this year (again) new weekly pb lol 
    Just under 9 miles in total with warmup and cooldown .

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    That's some bounce, Nicko. Particularly as you were struggling.

    Gdawg, fingers crossed you get back to it. When i was last injured i spent a month doing a spin class everyday. My arse hurt but when i started running again I'd lost nothing but some endurance. 

    Solid session, Leslie.

    Good determination, SBD.

    7m tempo  yesterday following last weeks 10k. The sun seemed to come out minutes before i went out annoyingly. 7m average 6.35 for 162bpm. Last week 6.2m was 6.36 for 163 so a bit further and faster for slightly less effort. 

    Just circuits tonight.

    Gul has disappeared again. Hope he hasnt relapsed on his injury. 
  • DT19 said:
    That's some bounce, Nicko. Particularly as you were struggling.

    Just a final 100m sprint to try and beat some random guy who I got in a race with - certainly a lot less bounce for the rest of it.

    That's a really solid tempo, nice work.

    Decent 1k reps there SBD, hope the cold is clearing up.
    Leslie - nice session, good to hear you are leaving the others in your group behind!

    Recovery 6 on Monday, decided to rest yesterday which I think was a good decision. Hoping to get another easy run tonight and track tomorrow then fit in a tempo 6 at some point this week - maybe just do parkrun twice and see if I can still finish the 2nd rep ahead of people :smile:
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Double park runs are good fun nicko.

    A good tempo session DT.

    Excellent work on the reps Leslie - that's a speedy last mile rep.

    Sounds like a good race OO - what do you expect the numbers and standard to be?

    The cold seems to have vanished which is good timing, given Swindon HM on Sunday.  Still feeling a bit sluggish for the initial miles of this evening's run but I'll put that down to training fatigue.  Managed to pick up the pace over the last few miles, so a couple of 6:35 miles and 7:36 average for the 15 miles.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Not 100% sure SBD but 10 or so in my age category I suspect. A few of my local rivals are there but not sure who will turn up out of this region. We will also have he V50s and V60s in our race to could be busy on the track.
  • Haven't had chance to post in ages! Have been reading along though.

    Congrats to Jools on the champs qualifier, I'm confirmed for GFA but hope to get champs next Sunday!

    Great photo Nicko, when is Royal Parks?

    SBD -  You've been banging in some impressive training, will you race the half on Sunday?

    Leslie- Really good to see your paces coming down and fitness building, you certainly get some races in! What's next?

    OO - Where/What is your race? 

    Good luck to DT & Jools at the relays this weekend, our club are sending 4 full teams! 

    G-Dawg - Good to hear your making progress, my 6 week block for Manchester worked out alright! You can definitely keep the fitness up with the turbo. Are you doing swim serpentine this weekend?

    Followed Kenilworth Half with one of my best weeks of training. Managed an 11m tempo at around marathon effort which came out at 6.13s, definitely showed I didn't bury myself in the half! Then ran 21m round Virginia water with the other half and friends joining me on the bike. Had 12m of faster sections and was pleased for the last 3m to come out at 6.10 pace. The following week wasn't as good, had to sack a session off as I just had nothing in the legs so decided it wasn't worth flogging myself. Finished the week off with a 12m tempo which came out at 6.20 pace. Taper has started now and legs are feeling pretty good, 8m tempo to do tonight as the last big session. Looking forward to getting out there now.
  • Simon Coombes 2Simon Coombes 2 ✭✭✭
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    Ah this is where he's hiding ;)

    Berlin looking good. Time to get jealous again for the 4th time since 2015! Times looking good there SW...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Stevie it's a 10k track race for the British Masters title. Great to hear you are feeling so good👍
  • DT nice fast 7m tempo ,good to hear the effort needed is dropping off .
    Nicko hope the track went well 
    SBD another very strong 15, I always liked to blast the last few when i could !
    Stevie  I made a decision this year to race myself fit , its been very tough but fun and its working so far ,I've a 5k early October, possibly the last race this year  so that's my focus now then work on my 1 mile pace see if I can get sub 6 again before the years out ...with a focus next year on my half time and get back into Pb shape if possible but it would be a big ask ........Nowt wrong with your paces, you are on fire and hope the mara works out for you !

    Club session tonight,  on offer 50 min tempo or 30 min tempo , I was planning to do 2x 15 min with a little rest but managed to keep it going the whole 30 in the end ,no way I was doing 50 mins lol.

    Set of at a hard pace again was seeing 6:25 by half a mile so had to rein it in a bit or id never last the distance , most are doing Dubin mara so doing the 50 min session so nobody caught me till I was turning round to come back again so it as all on my own anyway.

    The miles splits were 6:43,6:47, 6:51 ,6:51 and 6:48 for the last approx 1/2 mile ,after Tuesday my legs were feeling it and the second half I really had to work at it to hold the pace and just under 8 miles in total.


  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Lots of good training Stevie - you're in good shape - just need to let the taper do it's work. Sunday's HM will just be a MP run with no taper.

    Another good club session Leslie - just make sure you're not doing too much too soon.

    Should be a good race OO.  Must do a 10K track race sometime!

    8 mile recovery run this evening with strides.  Managed to push the stride speed up to 3.00 min/km - very nice!

    Did anyone else enter Tokyo?  I thought I'd enter just to understand the process without expecting to be successful.  Checked the website earlier today and I seem to have been successful!  Sadly, I don't think I'm going to be able to make the trip due to various personal reasons but will give it some thought over the weekend.

  • Entered Tokyo but unfortunately didn't get in. Hope you do manage to find a way to do it SBD, it's an incredible city.

    However I did receive my Boston confirmation this evening so that's the Spring target sorted - appreciate Boston advice for travel/accommodation from anyone with experience!

    Track tonight - 5 mile warmup, drills then 4 x 600, 4 x 500 off approx 60s. Hit around 2:00 for the 600 and 1:40 for the 500 which is about where I want to be. Very high heartrate though - topped out at 202 at one point. Mile cooldown took it to 9 for the evening.

    Stevie - you're going to smash it. Royal Parks is on the 13th Oct FYI.
    Leslie - great tempo run
  • Just over 10 miles steady last night, although my Garmin reckoned it was 11 with a fastest mile of 1.48 ;)

    Nicko: you'll still have muscle fatigue from the half, so your pace to effort ratio will be out of kilter at the moment 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I also got rejected for Tokyo. Hope to get there eventually it's somewhere Id love to go back to and take my wife.
  • Congratulation on the Boston and Tokyo entries Nicko & SBD! 

    Good luck on the track OO

    Leslie - Racing yourself fit certainly seems to have worked! Great tempo

    Speedy mile Jools! Strange when they do that, Ive never had it happen.

    8m tempo was the standard taper feeling, started at 6.15s and faded to 6,25s. That's all the hard sessions done now though so its all easy until race day.

    Trying to decide whether to do the Big Half next year as my spring race, would anyone recommend it?
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