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    Well done on the Tokoyo and Boston acceptances guys.

    Stevie, you are definitely well placed for Berlin. Yoyr gfa could switch to champs in london for 2020. 

    Ive had a stressful few days. Ive had a very uninteresting mark on my head for a few months it did nothing but also didnt repair. i finally saw gp wednesday mirning and her provisional diagnosis was basel cell carcinoma. Luckily i have bupa so was into to see a consultant at 10.30 today. Thankfully it wasn't quite developed into cancer but it was on that pathway. 

    20 minutes later i had cryotherapy to remove it and hopefully wont have a scar. Messes up my running for a few days as sweating brings a risk of infection. Will have to pull out of tomorrow's rd relays and leave sundays long. After that it should have scabbed over. I managed circuits Wednesday night and a pleasant hilly 9m mlr last night. Shame as I'm just feeling like I'm back into it post hols. 
  • That's a bit scary DT! Good that you got it checked out and sorted so quickly though, you'll be back to running in no time.
  • A few days won't affect your fitness. Glad it was caught in time.
  • Stevie -  did it this year and to be honest I don't think it's worth the hassle of doing in London; I got a free place so it kind of made sense; however the start was a right kerfuffle with the bag drop etc and I don't think the course is that good.

    However it was a really, really windy day; I still got a big PB and it probably does have a bit more sense of occasion than some others; so depends on how willing you are to spend the money and the extra fuss of London.
  • SBD. said:

    Double park runs are good fun nicko.

    Bit too easy IMHO. Last week tail walker at out parkrun was 59:24 so the real challenge would be 3 back to back 20-minute parkruns which is 15 km an hour so achievable. I couldn't do it now (aiming for my first sub-20 of the year tomorrow) but historically have done 17 km in an hour.
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    SBD congrats n getting into Tokyo ,can you defer ? as the chances of getting a second crack might be slim. Yes you are right I'm on the ragged edge boom or bust again lol ,after the 5k I need to get a plan !
    NIcko 202 hr sounds like you are trying hard ,if you feel ok its nothing to worry about sure we have all seen 200 at some time ! Must dust down my old hr monitor and see if it still works !
    Stevie the hays in the barn , now just get those batteries charged up again.
    DT that sounds very scary and I'm glad you have got it sorted , we forget how many hrs we are out in the sun with daily running , suncream tends to run in my eyes and is extremely annoying so I tend to avoid it but I probably should wear a hat although apart from this week which has been amazing and 20c every day a rain hat would have been more use .
    PMJ tripple parks runs the new craze walking round  I guess ,good luck tomorrow we expect 19:59 from your metronome pacing but 18:59 would be ok too ...

    5 squeaky sore legged ones this morn .

  • Leslie H said:
    PMJ tripple parks runs the new craze walking round  I guess ,good luck tomorrow we expect 19:59 from your metronome pacing but 18:59 would be ok too ...

    I'd be over the moon with 19.anything and I expect it will be very close to 20 if it is under at all. I did 20:08 last week and this week I've done fewer miles and less hard miles so I am fresher and I am going to Rickmansworth which makes the top 20 fastest according to runbritain guru Tim Grose

    1 Victoria Dock 0.87
     2 Hackney Marshes 0.92
     3 Worthing 1.05
     4 Pegwell Bay 1.15
     5 Eden Project 1.16
     6 Dulwich 1.16
     7 Heslington 1.16
     8 Aberbeeg 1.17
     9 Long Eaton 1.18
     11 Stretford 1.24
     12 Burgess 1.24
     13 Swansea Bay 1.24
     14 Worcester Pitchcroft 1.26
     15 Southport 1.29
     16 Victoria 1.32
     17 Rickmansworth 1.33
     18 Hove Promenade 1.34
     19 Stratford-upon-Avon 1.35
     20 Riverside 1.35
     21 MUSA Cookstown 1.36
     22 Exmouth 1.36
     23 The Wammy 1.37
     24 Great Denham 1.39
     25 Raphael 1.40
     26 Gunnersbury 1.42
     27 South Manchester 1.44
     28 Wolverhampton 1.45
     29 Catterick 1.47
     30 Hastings 1.49
     31 St Andrews 1.51
     32 Rother Valley 1.52
     33 Penrose 1.52
     34 Belfast Victoria 1.53
     35 Hull 1.54
     36 Kings Lynn 1.54
     37 Southwark 1.54
     38 Poole 1.55
     39 Ellenbrook Fields 1.56
     40 Huddersfield 1.57
     41 Bushy Park 1.58
     42 Bakewell 1.61
     43 Brueton 1.61
     44 Aberystwyth 1.61
     45 Woodley 1.62
     46 Severn Bridge 1.62
     47 Albert 1.62
     48 Peterborough 1.62
     49 Northala Fields 1.62
     50 Telford 1.62
  • Good luck PMJ, a clubmate ran his first sub 17 there this year so it's definitely quick!

    Leslie - the P20 suncream is really good, doesn't tend to run with sweat. I've used it for a couple of marathons and hot long runs
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    Good recovery miles Leslie.  According to the website you can't defer the Tokyo entry.  Still looking at options to make it work!

    Good luck with the Sub 20 parkrun PMJ, a nice milestone to dip back under.

    That's a close one DT - good that you caught it when you did.  Shame about missing the relays.

    Well done on the Boston entry nicko.  For travel/accommodation:

    1) I flew direct Heathrow to Boston, leaving Thursday am returning Tuesday pm.   Pretty hassle free.

    2) Hotels are very expensive.  You can get some good prices by going through the travel partner, Marathon Tours & Travel.  Prices notwithstanding, staying somewhere between the finish line and bus loading area at Boston Common puts everything (exhibition, race-day bus and post-race return) within walking distance including the path along The Charles if you're planning any pre-race running.

    12 miles late morning for me.  Progressive run from  8:20 down to 6:26, average 7:22.  The final 2K, at 6:26, were at a HR of 160, so just below marathon effort.  Will plan to run Sunday's HM at this pace or a little quicker.

  • Afternoon all - for some reason (mojo?) haven't posted for a while but with all the activity on here, I figured I should stop looking and start contributing again.

    Nicely judged HM time Jools - as you say, it's a top priority to get to the start line at London injury free. 

    Nicko  - great pic. I'll have a pair of those shoes they're still in stock. Who makes them - Spacehopper?! Great news on Boston as well - when I was out there, I stayed in an Airbnb in East Boston but quite close to a metro stop so easy to get in and out of town. If you're looking to stay somewhere local I'd get your reservation sorted soon as the hotel prices are eye-watering. As SBD says, the flights out there are pretty straightforward - are you just going to Boston or are you going to bolt some other travels on as well?

    Bad luck for the Tokyo applicants, with the exception of SBD. Hope you can work things out to be able to make it.

    More super-fast stuff from Stevie - in great shape at the mo.

    DT - glad you manage to get things sorted out. Looked rather unpleasant from the picture on FB.

    I'm ticking over at the moment - nothing super long; basically a combo of commuting runs, easy runs and a bit of parkrunning. Managed a pleasing progressive run along the banks of the Birmingham - Worcester canal earlier this week and I'll probably hit 45 for the week if I can get out before ferrying younger Lorenzito up to Leeds.

    Was tempted to stay up in town after a do last night and would have done the super fast Victoria Dock parkrun, but ended up running to the Denbies vineyard for the Mole Valley parkrun (536th easiest, i.e. top 50 hardest in the country!)  where I had a very enjoyable run round with a 17.30 parkrunning mate whose returning from injury.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Brief report. Windy conditions at the BMAF masters 10k. Tight race with me and 2 other V55s in contention the whole race. Mile 1 6:02, mile 2 5:40, then settled around 5:50 pace. Two of us left on the last lap, it came down to a sprint finish. I managed to blast home for the title and gold medal.
  • Congrats OO - hope you've also got a picture of you smiling! 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Well done OO - excellent work. Enjoy the celebratory beer or two ...
  • Well done OO!

    A less exciting day for me at the road relays (leg 1 for the c team): 17.07 for 4.33km is shy of my course best of 16.24, but I felt pretty strong and definitely gave it my all. Hopefully each race makes me stronger!
  • Congratulations OO!

    Just about to head out for my final 'long run' of 12m. Looks like I'm going to get drenched
  • Congrats on the top podium spot OO.

    Envious of the Tokyo entry. I wanted to try the ballot process but realised the race is the day before my youngest’s 21st. Defo fancy it for 2021. Got a mate out there now watching the rugby, Japan looks great.

    After the successful comeback last Monday, the injury returned on the Tuesday run, a slower 4 miler. Didn’t panic, just got the right hump. Got back on the turbo trainer and booked a physio session for tomorrow.

    Just tried a steady 5 miler and legs felt great. There’s still something in the calf area not quite right but no shin pain and the calf is loads better. As DT said, 6 weeks just to get some endurance as speed is fine. (not going for a PB anyway).

    Did the Swim Serpentine 2 mile event yesterday and bagged the London Classics medal upon completion. Absolutely loved it. Superb event despite getting kicked in the chest by someone doing breaststroke in the first 50 metres and getting bashed into a few times. The second mile was better once I’d cleared the slower swimmers. I wasn’t particularly quick, 72 mins and the Garmin measured 2.2 miles but I just wanted to get the job done. Chuffed to get the big, heavy Classics medal.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Hope you don't get too drenched Stevie.

    A good strong run at the relays Jools.

    So how come you've all got two medals OO?

    Good to see you back to a decent mileage Lorenzo - are you niggle free now?

    Swindon HM today.  Not the most exciting of venues but the course, looping around Swindon on main roads, was quite quick.  And you get to start at Swindon's best known landmark, the Magic Roundabout!

    The plan was for an MP run, so 5m w/u (with the last mile at MP) and then the race at MP, followed by 2.5m w/d.  Felt sluggish on the warm up initially, but gradually loosened up, managing a final 6:22 mile.  There was a field of c. 2,000 but the sharp end was a bit limited, so only 100 runners running below 1:30.  Crossed the line after a few seconds and just concentrated on finding the rhythm and hitting the right pace.  First three kilometres in to a slight breeze in 3:53, 3:53 and 3:48.  Damn - this wasn't quite the plan!  The next kilometre was slightly uphill and the pace dropped to 3:56 but the HR had risen to 174.  The legs and breathing felt fine but I was clearly heading for a disaster if the HR stayed above 170.  I had some good company at this point and decided to ignore the Garmin and just run to feel.  It had started raining just after the start but it wasn't too heavy, so conditions, even with the moderate wind, were pretty good. Had a bit of a disaster at the 7mile point, where I almost choked whilst trying to take some water on board.  Lost a good 30 meters on the runner I had been alongside and struggled for a few kilometres before finally catching him up.  Went through the 10 mile mark in 1:02:12 but I think the marker can't have been in the right place!  It did however feel like a good time was on the cards, so I tried to push the pace over the last few miles as much as I could but struggled with the hill at 11.5 miles where I almost came to a standstill (6:47 mile).  Thankfully, the last mile was downhill and I managed to pick the pace up to 5:55 and cross the line in 1:22:39.  Not quite the MP plan I had in mind but a pretty good result non the less.  Not far off my 2010 PB of 1:22:12 although that did measure short on the Garmin!

    82 miles for the week and just one more big week to get through before the Abingdon taper.

  • Sounds like a good run, SBD: did it feel like MP effort or was it closer to HMP?
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Definitely nearer to HMP than MP (there is no way MP pace is below 1:25!) although I did have the w/u miles and I've not tapered.  So not quite the plan but a very satisfying run!
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    Lots to read back. I only got as far as the pic of the old fella who had apparently taken his own podium to a race and paid two mates to stand on the lower steps. Some people have no shame.   :)

    Lots of good running all round I think

    Other than that, the rubbish leg has been poked about and x-rayed, now waiting for MRI. Under the circumstances we should really have cancelled the walking holiday in Switzerland but the pain was worth it to see the Jungfrau Marathon go by.  We were coincidentally descending from Wengen as the runners came up.  A brutal course with 1,823m of ascent, ending up just below the Eiger. Winning time - a remarkable 2.59 by Robbie Simpson the Commonwealth medallist. I don't suppose I will ever run this, but it looked like a stunning event.

    The profile is scary

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    what happening with you don't be shy !
    Stevie I will look into the p20 thanks though its probably a bit late for this year now ,a little 12 miler hardly enough time for you to get wet these days !
    did you go to the parkrun ?
    0054 nice 1st on the podium guess you are used to it now !
    SBD given the tough 12 miler you put in 2 days before in an already huge week and a long 5 mile warmup  1:22 is a fairly awesome time so id say you are well on track to smash it ......matching you pb from 9 years ago is no mean feat either as most of us are going rapidly the other way with times !
    Lorenzo glad you are getting back at it 
    Gdawg those swim starts look mad and it's  every man for himself, bet that boot in the chest slowed you down a tad ...ouch !
    Poacher that looks amazing and it was no coincidence you were there at that exact time , meticulous planning more like it more fun to run down but a bit dangerous by the look of it .

    Up after nightshift no 3 and up the cycle path for 6 x 400m with 80 approx secs recovery very slow, it varied quite a bit so need to keep more of an eye on it next time.
    Times were surprising quick for nights but conditions were perfect with no wind
    1:30, 1;28.1:29, 1:26, 1;27, 1;25 as my legs freed of , The last felt very tough but was still the quickest ,thought I could make myself squeeze one more in but legs flat refused .

    44m for a decent week ( for me )

  • SBD - Great run and so close to a PB! Bodes well for Abingdon

    Great work on the Classics medal G-Dawg, hopefully the physio can sort you out. My coach set me some decent turbo sessions when I was injured, so let me know if you want any of them. 

    Good to hear from you Poacher, fantastic photo.

    12m at 7.48, HR barely over 130 so bodes well. Nothing over 5m on the plan now until Sunday. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Great weekend action. SBD that's a superb time you must be really excited for the mara, you are on fire. To answer your question the race was combined north east champs and British Champs, so 2 medals.
    Trust Poacher to go and watch a race called 'young lady', outrageous.
    Added a plodding 20 yesterday as York mara preps continue.

  • Great medal for OO and an impressive half "at MP" from SBD.

    I did Rickmansworth parkrun on Saturday, came out at 20:04, so no sub-20 yet for me but it will come. I have had 20:08 and 20:04 the last two weeks so it just needs a few more stars to line up. Rickmansworth is fast and flat but the surface underfoot is not the best (it is asphalt paths but they are rutted as they are laid over tree roots) and the GPS is almost useless with the tree coverage. The route came up short (so the rote is the right length and GPS measured it short) so the splits I was getting were slow so I was pushing it too hard to keep on target. 

    Got out for a longer one yesterday before the rain began: the timing was good so 15 miles from a 7:45 start to be back and showered in time to sit down with a beer at 11:15 to watch England play rugby. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    OO- congrats on the masters victory.

    Stevie, Looking forward to tracking next Sunday morning. How long are you spending in Berlin?

    SBD- That's a great time, especially as it wasn't planned or tapered. To be within touching distance of a pb set 9 years earlier in the mid 40s is very impressive.

    Solid mileage and reps, Leslie.

    Good to hear rom you, Poacher.

    Congrats on the London classics medal, gdawg. Hope you can get a god months running in pre NY.

    I've ordered some of that p20 cream. It's a bit cheaper this time of year. Was able to get back to it on Sunday and got my planned 12m in, so I only missed an easy 3 with strides and the rd relays as a consequence of all this.

    Fairly full week training this week then a taper week. I can't seem to make any in roads on the holiday timber so suspect the least of my issues come race day will be my fitness. It is likely my weight is going to limit what I can achieve more so.

  • Glad your back at it DT. We arrive in Berlin Friday morning and then leave late Monday afternoon. Trying to balance doing touristy stuff while staying off my feet!
  • Stevie - go for the boat trip on the river Spree. Great way to see the city without wasting energy.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    You're looking in great shape for Sunday Stevie - any specific plans to carboload?

    Well done on getting the 12 in DT.  Good luck with the weight - I could do with losing 2kg before Abingdon.

    Getting close PMJ.  I've not done Rickmansworth - do you think this is faster than Black Park?

    That's a good 20 to tick off after the race OO.

    A nice set of reps and a good week's mileage Leslie.

    7.5 recovery miles this evening.  Didn't quite get my timing right so the last couple were in the dark! Legs not feeling too bad so hopefully OK for the planned quality session tomorrow.

    Just noticed that I could get a good for age place at Berlin 2020 if I managed to beat 2:55 at Abingdon.  Food for thought ...

  • DT - cross posted before; good news that your health scare got sorted so quickly.
    PMJ - 3 parkruns back to back in an hour would blow some of my PBs out the water; and no chance I'd be able to do it on our locals (I actually only managed the 1 very average one on Saturday due to slightly excessive enjoyment of Friday night)
    SBD - great training recently, fantastic HM result shows that, and thanks for the advice, will solidify my plans this week; maybe get a package deal with Thomas Cook....
    OO - congrats on the podium, your recent times have been incredible.
    Jools - solid work at the relays; looks like we had a good day up there overall.
    Poacher - hope you get some promising news from the MRI. Lovely spot to holiday out in Jungfrau, have skied Wengen and Murren etc in the past and it really is a spectacular area - definitely don't fancy that run!
    Stevie - I think you'll pull out something special this Sunday! Rest up and eat.

    Missed long run yesterday due to my weekend visitors needing special care after an exuberant Saturday and simply couldn't be arsed after that. The rest was good though and I felt fairly strong at progression run tonight - although taking it easyish I logged some segment PRs and a best effort. Miles coming in 8:16, 7:30, 7:00, 6:18, 5:52 and 5:37 for the end few hundred metres.

    Pomphrey 5K tomorrow; have my current PB there from April so hoping to improve on that as my short stuff PBs are pretty weak and need some love.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    Enjoy it Stevie, can't wait to see how you get on.
    Complete rest today.
     I've also been struggling a bit with weight, not much just 1-2 kgs but really tough to shift.
    That 20 was really tough SBD. The last few miles were above 9m/mile. But 3 hours on feet was great to achieve.
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