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    ok thanks. Similarly, in the hours after a  un or whilst on a long run, if I sneeze I know it's going to hurt!! It's usually fine after running at tempo paces etc. It really just seems to kick off when I run at easy pace for more than 70-80 minutes.

    Tempo over lunch. I think Lewis wanted to get me back on the horse after Sundays half and make sure I knew it wasn't because I was shit. So a rare tempo at hmp for 5 miles.

    Usual plan of start below pace and then pick it up. Came in 6.29, 6.20, 6.20, 6.18 and 6.20. Was pretty pleased how I sat in at the right pace. Strongest I've felt in a good while and at the finish there was no hands to lap breathing hard etc, just stopped, took a minute to check my stats then cooled down.

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    Stevie nice bit of speed, enjoy the holiday. I've no races planned but looking around to see what's about.
    Gul ramping up after your good news ..
    TR sounds a little bit like a small hernia they are quite hard diagnose to find in the groin area ,know  guy at work has recently been told that's what wrong with him.
    0054 plenty of shoes for a few campaigns !
    Dt speed is there should soon work in a race.

    5m easy last night ( 9:20 av ), Lower right side of my back was quite sore yesterday an unwelcome return of a pain that was there when I was doing big miles, thankfully feels at lot better after a good sleep.

  • Watching Ineos - so many beautiful pink shoes....
  • Must be fast shoes Nicko he has gone sub 2
  • He was wearing the next generation which apparently has an air pocket under the forefoot like old Nike Air; all the pacers had the Next% though.
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    DT - id never get anywhere near 5m of hmp, probably 3m max, so you can probably go a lot quicker than 6.20 going by yr description.

    Ileslie - i did initially think that, but i did 3000m last yr and am nnearly there this yr, so it must be improving slthough its a bit imflamed at the mo. 
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    TR, i have this big 6.20mm barrier  for 10m and half. I've never raced a half or 10m sub 6.20 pace. My 10m pb is 6.20 and half 6.22. Just can't seem to break it. 

    What a run this morning. Watched the whole thing with fascination.  just spin for me today. 
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    DT - i remember you posting some pretty sharp 10m tempo times in comparison to that 6.20 hmp? Might be worth doing a 10 or 1/2 without a watch and just racing it, or forcing yourself to do 6.15s early doors so you prove to yourself you can do it.
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    Finished my 300th parkrun to the Kipchoge news- will always remember that!
    It was a perfect parkrun morning and I had a gathering of friends, family and a big celebration cake to share. Race wise I snuck under 18 minutes with a 17:58 for a 86% wava. 
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    Good leg speed OO, that must have been in the red flynits.
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    DT # NO human is limited lol...get more mile reps in and get that speed up!
    TR never easy to find the cause of these pains .
    Nicko I suspect they will be selling like hot cakes even in pink which are starting to look passable now !
    0054 brilliant time and cake was well earned.
    Hoping for great speed when these new shoes arrive !

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    Congrats OO, amazing time to mark an amazing achievement.

    Delayed the start of my run to witness the goings on in Vienna. Incredible thing to watch. 

    Nipped out for a 20 miler on the muddy trails and it rained throughout. Loved it!! 
    Rested the knee and calf for 3 days to see this one through and everything behaved with barely a reaction at the end. I love running in rain and mud at an easy pace and after watching Eliud, it was a fine 3 hours on feet.

    Same again planned for next week and then a couple of medium runs before a 10 day taper which will be more like a cliff drop to get things healed as much as possible.
  • OO - Woohoooooo! Fast and furious for #300. Cake looked delish! Congrats!!
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
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    Gdawg nice to get the last 20's in the bag 
    0054 3 cakes I hope they left you some and were you first finisher ? 

    10 x 400m a day earlier than planned but after sub 2 its time to crack on lol plus weather looks worse for tomorrow night and it was nice and dry tonight if tad cold at the start but I warmed with the reps and steam was rising of me soon enough.

    Reps were :
    1:29, 1:26, 1:29, 1:27, 1:29, 1:28, 1:30, 1:28,1:30 and 1:27 to finish so all at or below 6m/mile pace and dark so just hard effort as can't see Garmin  and just over 6 miles in total.

  • Royal Parks Half 1:23:10. Happy with 2:20ish off my PB and a 1 minute 10k PB as well.

    Slightly disappointed I couldn't push the last 800m to go sub 83 for a NYC qualifier but I'm sure it will come.
  • Nicko a brilliant improvement those pink shoes did the business and you should be sub 83 next outing no worries.Sounds like you need to smash a 10k and cash in soon !
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Great result Nicko. Well done!!

    Thanks, Leslie. That was actually my first 20 of the campaign with just 3 weeks to go. I'm plannin the same run next Saturday. 

    7 mile recovery today, back on the muddy trails to help build strength. Loads of wind and rain which I actually quite enjoyed. 

    Due to injury management, only three runs this week but 38 miles bagged and over 5 hours on feet. Pleased with that.
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    Excellent result and PB nicko.  A big return on the limited training.  Shame about missing the NYC time.  How much difference do you think the pink shoes made?

    Good to see there's no issue after the 20 mile run G-D.

    A good rep session Leslie - nice and consistent.

    Well done on reaching the 300 OO - that's a great milestone and a quick time for the day.  Hope you enjoyed the cake!

    A tidy tempo session DT with a good turn of speed.

    That's a good long run bagged early morning Gul.

    Good to see the leg were still working at the road relays Stevie.  Enjoy Las Vegas.

    13 miles this morning in wet and windy conditions.  Followed the recent long run pattern of sluggish initial miles and a fast final 5 miles (6:29 m/m pace with a slight tailwind).   Not much left now before Abingdon.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    We’ll done Nicko that’s a great time you should be pleased.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Congrats on the 300, oo and the sub 18. 

    Nicko, great perfornance and pb, congrats. I'm  looking at NY mara next year. I've a gfa based on mara and half so need to look at costs and logistics. 

    Leslie, good reps. 

    SBD, nice long run. Looking forward to seeing what comes next Sunday. 

    great 20, gdawg. 

    TR, yes over winter i was doing regular 10m tempos in the 6.30s with the odd ones creeping into the high 6.20s. I just cant seem to get a race day conversion. 

    Some odd goings on today with Brum half being cut by 2 miles and Peterborough being cancelled with all the runners stood on start line both due to suspicious activity, neither of which amounted to anything.  Meanwhile in Chicago another huge performance. 

    Just an easy 6m today as wife is away all weekend. Didnt think I'd get any opportunity so pleased to get that in. 
  • DT - tidy lunchtime tempo run. Hadn't heard about Peterborough HM being cancelled.
    Leslie - pleased to hear your back is okay. Good interval session.
    OO - excellent way to celebrate your 300th parkrun - very impressive WAVA. Not a bad cake either :)
    GD - good long run in the mud!
    nicko - that's a great PB; congratulations. 
    SBD - nice MLR. Getting close now!
    So a marathon world record after all this weekend! I missed Kipchoge's sub 2, sat in the car at Peterborough Railway station as he was finishing. Did 7 steady miles earlier that morning and then had a day walking round Nene Park and various garden centres. 11 very slow miles this morning (averaged 8:52/m!)

  • Bit tricky keeping up with all the posts on here ;)
    40 mins, 80 lengths this morning.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Easy 4 yesterday followed by spin.

    Intervals session over lunch today.

    Good running and swimming, Gul.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Session went well enough. It was 10 x 0.5m at 10kp off 45s. Average moving pace came out 6.10mm with all reps pretty consistent around there. You soon learn that 45s is a very short period of time. As quickly as I was stopping and recomposing myself I was off again.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    I miss doing speed intervals. Nice work there DT.

    Rapid water work there, Gul.

    11 miles of whatever steady pace looks like planned for tonight...
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I don't miss them when I don't do them. Give me 10m at mara pace anyday!!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I don't think I'm strong enough for very speedy speed work just at the moment...  Tempo runs are more my thing. 

    After a rather busy weekend and a long work day yesterday, I can belatedly report finishing 30th in the Gwent League XC, although I was running a bit conservatively to protect the weak ankle.  Hopefully I can improve on that through the season, although I think my glory days of finishing in the top 10 might be out of reach just at the moment!
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    Good to hear the ankle held up at the XC Jools.

    Hope the steady paced miles go well G-D.  Are you still committed to running at NYC?

    Speedy half mile reps DT and consistent as well.  What's your next target race?

    Is that 40 mins of running and 80 laps swimming or 40 mins of swimming Gul?

    How's the taper going OO and VT?

    6 recovery miles yesterday and 7 general aerobic lunchtime today.  Today's run included 4 miles at 7:15 pace at a HR of 143 compared to 148 a couple of weeks earlier so the taper is having the desired effect.  8 miles with 2 at MP planned for tomorrow and then just short recovery runs from Thursday through to Saturday.

    Just need to avoid people with germs for the next few days but am on the First Defence and Tyrozets as a precaution :'(

  • Gul getting a lot of swimming done and 2 lengths a minute you are rocking now if that what it is you must be like a torpedo down the pool  !
    DT those are very short rest alright ,I usually take 80-90 secs and id be a lot slower with 45s rests id think.
    Jools you are on the way back just remember and will be in that top 10 soon !
    SBD coming to the boil nicely now .

    Club session tonight either 10 x 300 or 4 x 1 mile which I chose ,  I thought 4 reps was a lot for a session with jog 200m back to start of loop then off again no rests ! Coach said nice and steady  no busting yourself lol  , flat to the mat from the start more like and try to move up and hang of the back of group 1 for a change ......and as the reps went on the gap was getting smaller each time .

    mile Paces were :

    6:32, 6:30, 6:25 and 6:31 to finish  and 8.5 mile in total.

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