Sub 3h15



  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Holy smokes! Cracking job SBD, amazing result, congratulations.

    Same to you, OO, another superb time.
    Inspirational stuff from both of you. Well done!!

    Managed to get myself around super muddy trails yesterday to bag 20 miles. Got out for a recovery today and got another 7 miles in the tank. 45 miles for the week, my biggest since July. A few days to go and then a cliff edge 10 day taper which will contain very little running, just rehab stuff.

    Looking forward to those race reports...
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    crikey SBD you out trumped me there, that’s sensational, very well done👍
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    SBD, that time (though subject to what other v55s did today) puts you in the top 10 for your age group on the runbritain rankings for 2019!!
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
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    Thought I was on the sub 3 thread by mistake going by the race times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SBD a huge pb on a time set nearly a decade ago you have certainly excelled today well done indeed. Is 50 plus  the new 40 or new 25 !!!!!!!!!!!!
    0054 back sub 3 again very well done sir .
    Gdawg nice 2nd 20 nearly there now you have enough endurance from previous campaigns to get round so just try to get to that start line without injury
    Poacher welcome back ,I had a knee mri before my op and it should be able to tell you what's going on in there so you can get a fix and get back at it.
    TR sounds like you had a decent day out too well done.

    5m recovery (9:19 av) today with a few strides thrown in the mix and 45m for the week.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Wow, SBD: the time in general and the possible MV50 ranking.  A very good day at the office!  And was that with or without 4% shoes?
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Thanks everyone - I'm still a bit in shock - will write a full report when I come back down to Earth - but no magic shoes, just the trusty ASICS 2000.

    Need a few beers now ...

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    brilliant, SBD - well chuffed for you - enjoy those beers !!!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done  OO, flying the M50 sub3 flag.

    SBD - cracking run, not surprised given the paces you have posted recently and that 1/2. You are an advert for P and D, and having the patience to do the build up races as training. Very well done.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I struggled a bit early on and wasnt happy with tight hammys and back, and was 2.59ish after a few miles, dragged it back and was on 255 pace by 9 or 10, managed to kerp it there despite some very achy legs. But managed to rally and push hard in last 6 and ended up 2.55.12, would have been 2.54 but had to ease off to prevent cramping in last mile.........still a solid run and another M50 sub3.....i nearly back to where i was.

    Hope VT had a good day?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    That's mighty impressive TR considering the injury as well👍
    You guys are starting to make my time look a bit shabby 😂
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Wow, TR!! Fantastic, well done.
    I'm 52 now with a 3.01 PB from London this year. You boys have laid down the path to follow. I'd never contemplated sub3 before, but stuff it, I'll give it a go next year.

    Great work, Lads. 
  • TR, first off, sorry I didn’t wish you luck! I was confused about when you were running. Sounds like you put some guts on the line today. That is a really impressive time and a beautiful chapter in your comeback story. Enjoy that result

    OO, Wow! You are on quite a roll this year. Sizzling time in the marathon (and across all distances for you this year). Is there nothing you can’t do??

    SBD, monster PB 9 years later is really incredible! You certainly put  the work in to qualify for what you got back. Very pleased for you! And top 10 for age class. Hard to top a day like this, eh?

    Well, earlier today I felt like the fastest guy on earth, but as Gdawg says, have a few trailblazers leading the way (TR, OO, SBD!). On my side of the pond, weather was perfect (35 degrees F at start and 52 at end; no wind). I dropped nearly 7 minutes off my PB from 2015. First half 1:31:43; second half 1:31:27. Final time 3:03:10. Motor ran great today but like TR, glutes and calves kept me from really opening it up in the final 6. But what a day. I was thinking of my internet buddies down the stretch (a soft chant of DBS was in my ear) ;-)

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Brilliant result VT and a huge PB. Looks like you paced it really well even you had the muscle issues over the last 6 miles.  No doubt on the Boston Qualifier!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Pleased for you VT that's a great time and a very even pace. Just a little push needed now for sub 3, it's within your grasp👍
  • Just popped over from the sub 3 thread to congratulate SBD on a monster performance (very apt from VT) and to get such a PB, 9 years on from the last is incredible.   Congratulations too to OO54, a fantastic time to cap an incredibly strong set of performances. I think I read you are doing Malaga in December, I am running it for the second time (good marathon and great fun city) and will look out for you and say hello. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Ouch Ouch, yes indeed. I'll be meeting Jimbob from the Paris thread. Would be good to meet up if you fancy, we're both first timers to the course and city 👍
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
     . . to add to my earlier salutations for OO & SBD,  big congrats to VTr & (with the greatest respect, from one "biffer" to another) ;)  , TR  - heart warming stuff, chaps !!   
  • Thread made for some great reading this morning - what a weekend!
    OO - excellent result. Hope you had a good sleep!
    Poacher - hope the outcome of your MRI and consultant's appointment is positive.
    SBD - !!!!! Yes !!!! Stupendous!!! I thought you were on for a good race, but that is just amazing. Huge congratulations :)
    GD - 20 muddy miles is some going. Soon be taper time :)
    TR - impressive stuff. Well done.
    VTr - brilliant PB. Really chuffed for you. Looks like you paced that to perfection.
    6 mile recovery run on Sunday and a puny 2 miles today (just checking the logistics of running to the gym and back) with a 40 min swim sandwiched in between.
  • Seems like a good weekend for all. Great time result from SBD. OO always says he cannot run marathons well and then casually runs sub-3 yet again and great even pacing form VTrunner.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    The day after a Mara is always the worst, feeling tired and mentally drained. Thank heavens I don’t have to go to work! So here is my report for the York Marathon.

    The background to York is that I entered at the last minute 8 weeks ago and only did my first long run on the 1st September seven weeks before race day. I’ve been in good shape through the summer but the shortened programme made it hard to feel confident about the Mara distance. I did manage 3 long runs of 19-20 miles and a couple around 16. There was also plenty of swimming and an improved diet which has kept me at race weight all year. I felt relaxed about the race but discovering it was a BMAF National event did add a bit of spice and focus.

    Race day came around and the weather was cool and drizzly with the breeze picking up as the day wore on. The start was a bit messy as I arrived late to the pen. I didn’t get a chance to eyeball the other V55 athletes, but the field was stacked- the best turnout for many years- so probably better that I was in the dark. The race started and soon settled down. Compared to the previous big city Maras that I’ve run the route and the field of runners was sparse. No jostling for road position and much easier to focus on pace without distraction.

    The first 18 miles went by with a steady pace around 6:45 per mile, passing half way in 1:29. I got distracted by the 3 hour pacer pulling away in the distance but as it turned out he ran a crazy sub 2:57. It took a lot of experience to let him go away without staying in touch. From 16 there is a boring stretch with a long double back. I was shocked to see loads of V55s ahead of me coming in the opposite direction. This hit my motivation a bit and I wobbled slightly for the next 6 miles and found the going tougher. I was just about hanging onto 3 hour pace and a few secs outside on miles 19, 20 and 22. At mile 22 I started to feel that sub 3 was on and this lifted my spirits. I was passing other runners including 2 V55’s who’d passed me earlier. I got back under 3 hour pace for the next 2, until the b*stard hill at 25. I couldn’t believe the cruelty of putting a long steady incline just ½ mile from the finish- pure mischief on the part of the organisers!

    Mile 26 came out at 7 minutes, in spite of the hill, then the last 0.2 was at 5:46 pace- I do love a sprint finish. I was a bit shocked to see the 2:58:40 on the finish clock, way beyond my expectations. I can’t say it was an easy run, I had to give it everything over the last 6 miles. A bit disappointed not to get a negative split also but a small price to pay.

    I thought the race was well organised and fairly enjoyable. The course was a bit boring in places and I don’t like long double backs, and this race had 2. The brass monkey ½ is for me is a better event in York. Still, I may come back next year as it’s a BMAF event again. I ended up 6th V55 in the BMAF race, the winner an incredible 2:44:30 and 12 of us old boys going sub- 3 hours. The guy who won the title last year (at Chester Marathon) didn’t even get a medal in spite of running 2:53:44- he seemed bemused. I was miles away from a medal in 6th place, but pleased with the time and to be up there with the best in the country, and with an 81% WAVA which I think is my best in a marathon. Just for PMJ this compares with 86% WAVA, my best in a parkrun :wink:

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Well done, VtR!

    OO: that's a pretty good rate of return for 8 weeks' training ;)  Nice to see strength in depth in the veteran fields.  And an 81% WAVA is some going.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    oo, the 3 hour pacer does it every year. At 5m he was 40s ahead of me last year and as you say it took a lot of trust in myself to not panic and go with him. I think i started picking off all those he had run into the ground from about 22m. He finished all alone. That 2nd out and back is tough as is the climb to finish. 

    I will read back later.....
  • RichNRichN ✭✭✭

    Some great racing over the weekend. Inspirational stuff. Well done all.  

    OO54 – Top work on the sub 3, masters placing and WAVA score! Nice report too. 

    DT19 – thanks for coach info will investigate. Strong tempo running. Agree dogs can be a pain – worse are owners, especially those who don’t pick up. So inconsiderate! 

    Leslie – not broken anything yet skiing, but maybe that’s tempting fate… Nice 400’s, good to see you enjoying those flyknits

    VT – well done on the PB. Great pacing too with the negative split. 

    SBD – well done on smashing the PB. Big advert for P&D! 

    TR – another inspirational effort, especially toughing it out. Well done. 

    Joolska – solid 1500’s over the weekend. 

    Saturday I did 12.8km (sorry went metric for Vienna and haven’t adjusted back!) including 5x3mins at circa 10k pace. All came out sub 3:45 pace and 800m or just above. Good signs. 

    Sunday – a nice controlled 90 mins with a ten minute effort towards the end, chalked up another 18+km. 

    Got me to just over 60km for the week (plus 70km+ on the bike) which is roughly my peak distance for the year, but heading upwards and legs feeling fine despite me adding in some strength work too this week, so pleasing. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Happy days VT, well controlled, a good platform laid and you are back yo racing properly.

    OO - great stuff, all your tempo park runs and 10k set you up well eith a few long runs, theres more than 1 way to skin a marathon.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    DT yes the pacer was away from me at 8 miles with a big group in tow, but my wife said he finished pretty on his own.
    Good going Rich👍
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Fair point TR, my training is actually pretty similar all year round- high mileage and weekly parkruns and lots of races. In marathon season the main thing that changes is that the Sunday run and mid week longer run get even longer. I noticed that most of the V55s finishing ahead of me yesterday were much slower at the shorter stuff. Typical parkrun times of 18+ or 19 mins.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    A good weekend of training Rich - I tend to work in metric.

    Great report OO - very well paced.  You had a bit more wind at York compare to Abingdon so getting under the three hours off the limited marathon focussed training is a great achievement.  You obviously didn't suffer from cramps in the last 6 miles - would you put this down to anything specific?

    Good run/swim training Gul.

    Thanks for the congrats OuchOuch (you have an impressive record of Sub 3s over the last few years) - shame you weren't able to make Abingdon but Malaga sounds like it will be a fun alternative.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Abingdon Marathon – 20 October 2019

    This was my seventh marathon start and I was hoping to reverse the trend of the last two (2:59:34 at Brighton in April 2018 and 2:59:53 at Boston in April 2019).  Training went really went, essentially following P&D for a 16-week period with a peak weekly mileage of 84 miles.  Based on recent races and long run pace vs HR data, I felt a 2:52 time was a reasonable target if conditions were favourable, although this felt rather ambitious (and even a little scary) given my PB of 2:58:xx.   After much thought and deliberation, I decided to just run to feel/HR but make sure this was no quicker than 6:30 m/m pace.

    On the Friday, a couple of hours after the 7am 8K easy run with strides, I felt a bit of discomfort in the left knee.  Raising the knee was painful, it felt like a problem with one of the hamstring tendons where it attaches to the lower leg bones.  I’d had something similar in August 2018 which took a while to recover from.  Not good!  Spent the rest of the day icing and applying the ibuprofen but it wasn’t much better by the evening and I felt a DNS was looking likely.  Woke up early on the Saturday and continued with the icing and ibuprofen on an hourly basis from 7am to 9pm.  There were definite signs of improvement when it was time to hit the bed, but I was not optimistic at getting beyond 5 miles at race pace.

    Had a couple of kilometres warm up on the track at Abingdon and the knee (having liberally applied the ibuprofen) felt OK.  So back to the original 6:30 plan, ignore the knee, but be prepared to drop out if it became an issue during the race.

    Lined up a couple of rows from the front and crossed the line after a few seconds.  Out of the stadium and on to the main road.  Quick check of the Garmin, which told me I was running too fast (6:15 m/m) and the HR was a bit high – slow down!  Found myself running in a reasonable group but had to keep putting the brakes on to stop the HR getting above 165.  Went through five miles in 32:11, but other than the HR being a bit high everything felt fine. 

    My eldest son was waiting just after the 5-mile point with the sports drink.  Almost dropped the bottle (should have practised!) but managed to rescue the situation and he then cycled off to the next arranged stop just short of ten miles.

    The next 5 miles down to Milton Business Park were uneventful and I just concentrated on keeping the effort under control.  The top of the left hamstring was feeling a bit tight but I was in no mood to pander to phantom niggles!  Hit the ten-mile marker in 1:04:20, so a bit ahead of the 6:30 m/m schedule but all feeling good.

    From ten to twenty miles, I made a concentrated effort to take on board the gels and sports drink.  I avoided the half-marathon split (a tradition) and just focussed on the 15 mile and 20 mile times.   The legs were beginning to feel a bit heavy from 17 miles, but the legs kept to the metronomic initial pace and the twenty mile marker was reached in 2:08:40.   So, further than I thought I might get when I started at 9am, but the left upper hamstring and hip flexor were now beginning to feel a bit tight.   But only a 50-minute final 10K required to break 3 hours – how hard could that be!  Slowed a little over the next two miles which were covered in 6:34 and 6:42 but then could feel the calves threatening to cramp at 22 miles.   Into survival mode, so miles 23 and 24 covered in 6:58 and 6:54.  Just needed to keep going and avoid stopping for the next two miles and a bit.  Thankfully, my son was now following me on the bike about 100m back, so there was added motivation and parental pride at stake!  Miles 25 and 26 covered in 7:13 and 7:10 but I was now in the stadium and only 300m to the finish.  A quick check of the watch, which I’d avoided since the 20 mile point, showed 2:49:xx, so time for one final effort to cross the line in 2:51:14.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Abingdon Marathon – 20 October 2019

    Continued ...

    Woh! I hadn’t seriously expected anything so quick, so just over the moon with the time.  Finished 42nd and 3rd M50 for which I got a trophy.  Mixed feelings about the knee injury (no idea where that came from, but it was bloody annoying!) and the last 6-mile death march (I had trained specifically to avoid this but it was possibly a result of the knee issue).

    I’ve always felt I would struggle to keep getting under 3 hours for the marathon as I got older, so achieving a 2:51:xx seems a bit surreal at the moment.  And to have done it without the magic shoes is an added bonus!   One part of me thinks this might be as good as it gets, so perhaps I should retire whilst I’m ahead.  The other is thinking the legs are not that trashed so this would be a good time to chase the 10-mile PB and then of course there’s London and Berlin in 2020 …

  • SBD, what a thrilling run. I was nervous just reading it. You had so many things to worry about. I commend you on your focus in the moment. I'm still in awe of the final result. If it never gets better than this, you could hang your hat proudly. But I strongly suspect you're not done making noise on the PR front. 

    BTW,  how is your knee today? OO and TR, how are you two feeling today? I'm surprisingly good (the least amount of DOMS ever for me). And my legs felt shredded directly after the race. 

    OO, what a textbook attack of that course. I'm glad you didn't take any sh*t from that hill at the end! Your WAVA score tells the story. Maybe your finest marathon. Not a bad day on the road. Also, I agree, I'm within sight of 3 hr now. It's calling to me...
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