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    DT - agreed, if you are running that pace pretty controlled for 8m then it bodes well for a springtime mp, and your 10m sunday.

    OO - not sure about using the next % for parkrun. Im goibg to use flynits at gosport 1/2 sunday, then decide if my moral compass will cope with getting a pair of the next % for vlm. Black friday deals will be around soon.
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    Cheers DT I'll also look out for Black Friday 👍
  • Ticking along here. An odd mix of apathy and joy seems to be the order of the day. As an example, last Monday was forecast to be rainy at lunchtime so mid-morning I set out early but had some gardening to do first (switching the plants in my tubs form summer bedding to winter bedding) and by the time I had finished the rain had arrived so I did a 1.5 mile loop instead of my normal 5.5 miles on Monday. Wednesday was a clear late autumn/early winter day and I had no problems with 8 miles on the Thames and the hills above Marlow. Friday an easy 7 and then Saturday I decided I needed to pad out parkrun to make up for Monday so the plan was 4 mile warmup, parkrun and 4 miles back. Started parkrun easy and just felt good and passed people throughout the run and ended up with the same time as last Saturday when I was neigh on full out all the way. 

    Anyhow, quick organisation with Gul: I am in King's Lynn Saturday 23rd November so will be doing parkrun there. Are you about?
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    DT - no room for spare clothing in my backpack once I've put a towel in there!
    PMJ - good to have a relaxed and flexible approach and not be tied to a schedule :) I am around on 23rd, but not sure if I'll be able to make parkrun. I'll see what I can do as it would be good to see you and I am seriously overdue a parkrun in any case!
    I had to be home before 7am this morning but still managed to squeeze in 11 miles by stepping up the pace a notch (still only 7:35/m average though). 
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    Ticking over nicely PMJ. My garden is a sad and sorry affair 😞
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    Big marathon comedown here. Aching neck and shoulders and all sorts of muck coming out from my chest. Nice to have no leg pain for the first time since May. Started the new regime of core and strength work last night and can feel the effect of lunges today.

    Will keep that going this week with a view to possibly venturing out for a small, slow off-road saunter at the weekend.

    Good to see GM posting back in the parish.
  • Gul Darr said:
    PMJ - good to have a relaxed and flexible approach and not be tied to a schedule :) I am around on 23rd, but not sure if I'll be able to make parkrun. I'll see what I can do as it would be good to see you and I am seriously overdue a parkrun in any case!
    I am up on Friday and heading out to a local pub with Roy and a few others. Saturday I am with my parents (it was my Mum's 80th yesterday) and then I'll do a longish run early Sunday morning (but not Gul early).
    OO54 said:
    Ticking over nicely PMJ. My garden is a sad and sorry affair 😞
    I sometimes wish I could leave mine more but my parents are an agriculturalist and a horticulturist so it comes under frequent inspection.  
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    PMJ nice efficient parkrun ,maybe it was the long warmup worked well ?
    0054 my garden is a swamp you need wellies to go near it  after summer 
    Gdawg always good to try something new.

    Club session
     Hill repeats with cones at  1/3 ,  2/3 and at top of hill  first go fast to cone 1 then down easy them 2 and down etc etc 1,2,3,2,1 then 3 mins rest followed by  10 mins up to the top and down at a steady pace .On the hill repeats tried to keep up with the front group but struggled and fell back a bit pace was about 6:30 but on the 10 mins I was way ahead as I worked the downhills too . Then 5 x 25m flat out to finish with walk backs not got the speed for these !!!

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    PMJ I can just visualise your elderly parents mouching round your garden with a critical eye- congrats on the big birthday. One of my neighbours is a super keen gardener and looks over the wall in horror at my moss ridden lawn and overgrown borders.
    Looks like a tough sesh Leslie. I had a club GP, 3.6 miles in blustery conditions. I was down on last month with an average pace of 6.09 but expected it after the 20 miler on Sunday. All for the greater good.

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    GD - good luck with the core/strength work. 
    PMJ - I think I should be able to make parkrun after all, so hopefully see you there. Send my regards to Roy - haven't seen him since 1995 when he did a structural survey on our house!
    Leslie - tough hill work there!
    OO - good effort at the club GP.
    7 miles plus swim and sauna this morning. 

  • Gul Darr said:
    PMJ - I think I should be able to make parkrun after all, so hopefully see you there. Send my regards to Roy - haven't seen him since 1995 when he did a structural survey on our house!

    Sounds good. I'll confirm details closer to the date.
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    I have very little garden left to tend to these days having had a small extension built on it last year.

    Nice going after the 20, oo. I think you are being slightly optimistic to hope to see the Next % in the sales!!

    Solid couple of runs, Gul.

    Shame the lurgy has caught you, gdawg though marathon running and air travel are two of the biggest culprits for making me succumb so to have both together it's not hugely surprising.

    Bit of a sharpener session yesterday of 1m at hmp (3m) 4 x 2 mins at hmp (3m) then 4 x 1m strides at 10kp. Easy 8m today.

    I have fairly genuine concerns however that this race will either not go ahead or the route will end up changing materially to not end up 10m or something. Derby is still under water on the course as it goes through the castle grounds and up the side of the river. Even where the water recedes it leaves a lot of crap on the surface. The organisers came out with a very firm 'it's going ahead come what may etc etc' last night, but then caveated it by saying a final decision will be made Friday. It's due to rain a lot in Derby. There's rain forecast from 3am tonight until 2am the following with heavy rain for 8 hours through the day tomorrow.

    All I can do though is 'control the controllables' and prepare as normal.

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    DT - good attitude. Its probably also affected by car parking and travel availability too, if those are disrupted as well as the run route then your race is unlikely.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    DT - that sounds very doubtful, but as you say, just focus on what you can do and prepare as normal.
    15 slow to easy miles this morning. Felt very tired and lethargic at the start of the run, but picked up a bit by the end.
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    Yes there's a lot to factor in to a mass event like this.

    Latest update last night was that it is going ahead but they are having to change the route. Now that's fine to say last night, but they are soon to get the rain we have had since 2am and have woken up to flooded roads and it's forecast to go on here all day still.

    Any re-routing as far as I can see will invalidate the race licence. Plus I am not doing a 100m round trip to run a random distance that is short or long.

    Nice 15, Gul.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    DT - or turn up and find it's been cancelled at the last minute :(  That's a shame, though.
    I've just discovered that the organisers of a local 10k are adding a HM on the same day - 15th March. Flat as a pancake on the Fens in Lincolnshire just 15 miles from home. Sounds perfect :)
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    DT-It would depend if they have had the new route previously measured,I know Chester did for their marathon incase of issues like they had this year so the new route was licensed,may be worth an ask.
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    0054 nice pace at the gp especially after a 20 
    DT sounds like your heart isn't in it so just give it a miss.
    GUL the perfect race for you 

    Club session 4 x 1 mile repeats with 90 secs rest 
    Lead the first in a spritely 6:18 then a 6:21 back where I was overtaken , a harder effort of  6:11 still wan't enough and after that the wheels fell of for a 6:31 to finish !

    another club was taking up the whole of the narrow path on lap 2 and despite shouting coming though as I approached radidly from behind unfortunately they then all went to the side I was on and boxed me in and as I just got room to pull out again I got whacked by the guys who were following close behind as I had to come to a near stop and they were still going 6m/mile , no harm done but tried to pass a second group a little further down and nearly got taken out by a black metal park bench I missed  in my hast to catch up in the poor lighting  ! I took a little more care after that lol !
    Need to run where its street lit now as its dark earlier but that route will soon be too busy with people to run fast with Christmas coming in the near future.

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    Leslie - an eventful session all in all. You did well to survive unscathed, but a good effort. And it sounds like you have a logistical nightmare on your hands. All you need now is the German Shepherd dog :)
    7 miles and swim this morning. 

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Apparently the race is going ahead on their 6th version of the course!! A few gripes that involves some lengthy out and backs and switchbacks as well as the fact that in order to fit everyone down what will be some quite narrow paths it's a 9 wave start!!

    Leslie, decent session. You are definitely still progressing quickly back to former fitness. I tend tell people where I am if coming through as it causes a sense of panic otherwise so I'll should coming through on your right.

    Rest day yesterday. easy 4 with strides tonight then a rest tomorrow again. Conditions actually look pretty perfect in Derby on Sunday which is some positive.

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    Gul German Shepard dog is the best behaved dog in town along with his owner who when he sees me always stops and holds him in but I wouldn't go sneaking up on him at high speed from behind as it could turn nasty !!!!!!!!! Nice early 7 and swim. Unfortunately the parks are not lit in the evening so they are for summer use only as its very likely a walker would get mowed down in the dark ..or maybe we all just need head torches .

    DT yes it only caused delayed panic and I had to come to a complete stop anyway , I only shouted as they were 4 deep and there was no way through out of courtesy they did have a little advance warning as we were there as we just finishing the first mile as they passed us but I suppose they never expected us to be coming back so soon or so fast, I did go right to pass but unfortunately so did everybody else lol.  Glad the conditions for the race look better even if the curse sorry course ! has had 23 revisions and is now 66 laps of a carpark !
    My last 4 x 1mile was October and about 6:30 so yes decent improvement  . I find now the guys are often prepared to sit back and cruise unless I bust the first mile and set the pace which then makes everybody ultra competitive , I can't stay with them on all miles but having faster guys to chase is making me faster so all good.

    Out this morn for 13.1 in 1hr 56 which is about 5 mins down were I was in July with a number pinned on picked it up towards 8m/mile for the last 4m but it was hard work on very tired legs .
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Is it possible to do a 13m training run without making it 13.1??? I've never managed it.

    I need to get my race head on now that it is definitely happening and prepare to suffer!

    I completed some naff little quiz on the nike plus app a few days ago to unlock a mystery prize. Just received my prize, being 20% of any purchases in the app for the next 7 days. Those of you debating the next %, it's worth having the apps as 20% off £240 is a reasonable sum.

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     I'm in Manchester helping my daughter move house. The local Didsbury parkrun was flooded so we did Stretford. A lovely fast one finishing and starting on an athletics track. 700 runners and a number of water jumps this week due to the weather. Happy with 18:21, my fastest for a while and 16th in a very tasty field. I'll be out for a 10 miler with my daughters club pals tomorrow which should be a nice change of scene.
    I'll check out the Nike quiz, thanks.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Nice parkrunning, oo.

    Well after all the drama of the week, the course was ok in the circumstances. Not much fun for your fun runner though. The surface was difficult and with 3 switchbacks and numerous other sharp turns, 5 times i very nearly went flying. 

    I had 6.15mm in my head as a reasonable pace target. Sat there pretty much the whole race give or take a few seconds eitherside. Thought i was on for a big pb as the mile markers were running very  close to my gps then mile 10 beeped and the line was a good 100m away. Picked the pace up to the line just to be sure finishing in 63.11 for a small 15s pb. Average pace was 6.16mm which is first time I've  held a sub 6.20 pace for a race over 7.5m.

    It's a decent platform with attention moving to Telford 10k which is 3 weeks today. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good for you DT, after less than ideal prep with the is it on or off build up.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    No-Good running in the circumstances,those switchbacks would have cost you a fair bit,at least with the over measuring on GPS it was probably an accurate race.I'm doing Telford,what time are you targeting?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Thanks both. 

    ian, Telford is a pb attempt (currently 38.18) and im in race 2, the 35-40 min race. What about you?
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Very similar,also in the 2nd wave,pb is 37:39 at Alderley Edge so hoping to give that a good attempt.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Cracking effort, DT. Super pace on what sounds like a tricky course.

    Chest cold in full flow here, so no running at all. I always planned to have two or three weeks off after NYC but I'm getting very itchy feet now. Hopefully the chest will clear enough for me to have a few slow miles at the end of the week.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    Leslie - nice 13.1 :)
    OO - good parkrun. That made me curious to look at parkruns in Manchester to see if I knew any of the locations.
    DT - pleased it work out so well in the end - bet you're glad you went now :)  Should be on for a good race in Telford.
    GD - get well soon.
    Rested over the weekend and then 6 miles plus swim this morning. Trying to decide on how to tackle my London 2020 campaign (only 5 weeks till it starts). Going to base the main sessions on P&D 18wk <=85mpw, but may copy what I did earlier this year and cram everything into 5 week days and take 2 days rest at the weekend. Hard to say if that was a significant factor in my improvement or not. And then of course, I need to decide whether to stick with the swimming and if so, how much. Decisions, decisions...

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