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  • OO - what a result! Congratulations on another sub 3 :) Great stuff.
    - nice progressive run and MLR. P&D starts a week today!
    Leslie - pleased to hear you're over the lurgy - hope you can get back up to speed soon.
    Ian - hope you enjoyed Barca and come back refreshed.
    DT - excellent parkrun. How far off a PB is that?
    VTr - sounds promising. Hope the ice and snow is gone soon.
    GD - good running in the mud. Tricky call on the calf pain. Perhaps avoid any speedier stuff for now.
    Busy weekend again. 1 daughter back from Uni and the other has just flown off to Africa for a month. Hopefully no long drive next weekend! Got back from Heathrow in time for carols in the park and heard lots of cheering from the football ground where the Linnets beat Dover in a penalty shoot-out in the FA Trophy. Back to the running this morning, albeit a Christmas Card delivery run, and did 14 easy miles.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Well done on a pb, OO.

    Nice 16, SBD.

    Gul, my local team were on their 3rd visit to Norfolk on the weekend at Needham Market. Following an inconsistent start they've now won 6 straight games and find themselves in 2nd.

    My parkrun pb is 18.20, however it was run on the old Worcester course which is accepted as being about 80m short. My 5.56 average pace on Saturday is the fastest pace I have held in a race, if my gps was correct in stating that pace, ever.

    Followed it up with a very enjoyable and bouncy 12m sunday morning, coming in at 7.49mm which is pretty quick for me.

    4m recovery done over lunch spin tonight.

  • OO - Thanks, will have to take a peek. Maybe the swimming is your secret elixir? Seriously, I think your consistent max effort park runs must play a huge role (maintaining/improving your VO2max, which is one of the things we all need to work on at our master ages). So a PB under duress (physiological and weather). That makes it even more impressive. Can appreciate that nice strong finish.

    Gul, you seem to have snapped back to form nicely!

    Leslie, you will certainly get back to where you left off quickly. My guess is the rest will be a good thing (and apparent soon).

    DT, really nice job on the race. Fastest pace ever is a pretty cool statement to make. 

    PMJ, I think you are close enough to call it good!

    Nice 12M run yesterday (54 for the week). But ice storm last night and the world is a skating rink today. No running (my legs are itching to go out). I'm nearing 2600 miles for the year, but think with holiday travel and some weather obstacles, I'm going to fall just short (my most was 2608 in 2016). 

    Belt feeling tighter than normal at the moment. Not likely to improve until after xmasB) though...
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    SBD-Thats a great progressive run,I never seem to be able to get them done.
    DT-Fastest pace ever is a great pace to be at.
    VTr-Surely you can sneak another 9 miles in over the next 2 weeks to break your record.
    OO-Brilliant run,impressive running and time.
    Back from Barca,lovely weather and city.Got out for 8 after getting back,so back on it now as there are 10 weeks until Seville.
  • Hi all, just dropping in to reach out to OO54 as I also ran Malaga yesterday.

    In fact, I was just two places behind you overall and one on age group, two seconds on gun time and 8 seconds on the chip! We must have been running very close to each other at times. I passed 109 people from 10k to finish but based on what you say, you must have come past me at some point as I went through halfway in 1:28:47 chip (1:28:58 gun).

    Interesting to read your comments. I enjoyed the first half of the route, thought it was very pleasant. Found the wind hard going from the turn away from the sea up to the athletics stadium at about 26k and that part of the course pretty soulless and desolate. Thought it got better as we began to head back to the city but those small climbs were quite hard at that stage of the race, especially the first one. I’ve been to Malaga a few times but had no idea where we were after the football ground and it was a real relief when the narrow road entered into the big square and then the right turn into the old city centre. Shipped a tiny bit of time towards the end but then recovered well for a strong closing 1500m, or so. Anyway, very well done on your run.

  • Ian5, I should clarify that I'm sitting at 2,480 right now. So while I would gladly run the 130 miles needed to set a new mark not sure it will happen in the two weeks remaining.;)  But happy to get close again!
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    Hi Little Theodor, that's amazing and congrats on your fab time. Agree your comments. My 1st time in Malaga so had no clue where I was. I had a storming last 3 miles and passed a lot of people but sounds like you took some catching. I don't think many people got PBs on this course. Mine was a PB by 4 seconds. Someone ran into the back of me in the city centre in the last mile but my fault as I  moved to avoid a barrier. If you find me on Strava we can compare notes on how the race unfolded 👍
  • DT - good 12 miler. Good form from your local team. The Linnets are having a stormer of a season; after gaining promotion last year, they are now sitting top of the National North.
    VTr - the weather is conspiring against you. Still a decent tally and more than I will reach this year.
    Ian - glad you enjoyed Barca. 10 weeks will fly by.  
    Little Theodor - well done on the sub 3. Doesn't sound like the fastest of courses or best conditions, so a great result.
    OO - was that an all time mara PB?! :)
    16 easy miles this morning inc. 20x100m strides and 2 Christmas card deliveries.

  • OO54 - Firstly, I think you did very well to run a negative split, especially on that course. A very good effort to keep a lid on the pace early on as those first 26km of the course are fast. I reckon you definitely had a very strong last three miles and probably passed me at that phase of the race. I remember two women going past me at separate times in the last 10k but very few others. Couldn’t find you on Strava but don’t really use it, so not very familiar with it. However, I’ll put my key Garmin splits below from halfway:

    30k: 2:05:48 
    32k / 20m: 2:14:16
    35k: 2:27:03
    40k: 2:48:23
    Finish: 2:58:12

    Not sure if that helps, especially if you work in miles, but I’d be interested to know how you went from halfway onwards.

    I think my favourite stretch of the race was the out and back from the lighthouse to the suburb of El Palo. It’s the part from about 11k to halfway. I also thought the volunteers at the aid stations were very friendly and supportive. They need to put some barriers up on that stretch just after the start / at the finish as it was a bit hazardous. Did you get caught up in the bottleneck at the start?

    Gul Darr - many thanks. I’d say it’s pretty fast up to about 26k, then could be worse. The part between 26k and 32k / 20 miles isn’t great but was exacerbated by the wind, which was more acute in that area. The little uphills were the kind of inclines you’d hardly notice on a training run but aren’t much fun in the last 10k of a marathon. 

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    Just a quick one, not had time to read back, but SBD regarding the product you asked for the link for I can pop it on here however following them on social media they are getting hammered by people that have waited months and are having all attempts at contact ignored. It seems they are having all sorts of issues importing them to various countries so I would not considering ordering anything right now until they sort the issues out.
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    Here are my splits from the results page. Yes Gul it's an all time PB by 4 seconds. I had not realised how close it was until I got home and checked my previous results.

  • Ian back to the grind again lol
    VTR cracking annual mileage there ! I haven't been anywhere near those numbers in years it seems !
    Little Theodor congrats on your sub 3 
    Gul I can imagine you in a santa outfit racing between letterboxes ,given how early you like to get up you must have been a postman in a former life !
    0054 metronomic pacing with no fade and a neg split amazing.

    4 yesterday easy,  out with the club today and there was a bit of ice at the start so a planned 5k pace run was called of which was a bit disappointing but understandable  and we went for a 6 mile easy jog but the second half was far more icy than the original route in places !

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Good to see you're back running Leslie - shame about the icy conditions.

    Well done on the PB OO.  Given the course and conditions on the day you should be capable of improving on that at London in 2020.  I'm still amazed you could run so quick after York - what long runs have you done post York?

    Well done on your Sub 3 Little Theodor- what's your marathon history?

    DT - I was curious on what they looked like rather than interested in purchasing!

    That's a long midweek run Gul and postal deliveries as well!  Yes - London training start date is approaching far too quickly!

    That sound like a good weekend in Barcelona Ian - were there no running opportunities?

    Sounds like tough training conditions VT - will you continue to train outdoor over the next few months?

    Have you had a Physio look at the calf G-D?  And are you doing any calf-focussed S&C work?

    Treadmill tempo session mid-afternoon, 10 miles with the middle 10k at tempo pace,  Determined to get a good marker down before the 18-week London schedule begins so full mental throttle and a time of 39:00 for the 10K.

  • OO54 - excellent idea to cut & paste from the results. Makes for a more meaningful comparison. My official splits are below. You were actually ahead of me at 10k. Looks like you came past me somewhere close to the end but had cut my lead by around half a minute between 30 and 38k.The finish line videos are now up on the website and you’re just ahead of me. I’m in the blue with the cap just behind you. Anyway, well done again. I think you did very well to run a negative split on that course.
    Leslie H - many thanks
    Pos.Pos. GéneroPos. Cat.TiempoT. SplitRitmo10K3082872700:42:22 00:42:22  04m 14s / km15K2932742401:03:19 00:20:57 04m 11s / kmMedio Maraton2722532201:28:58   00:25:39 04m 12s / km30K2392231502:06:20 00:37:22 04m 11s / km38K2081911402:40:12 00:33:52 04m 14s / kmMeta1991811402:58:23 00:18:11

  • Oh, the copy and paste hasn’t come out right. Will try again tomorrow.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    SBD, York was hard going for me and although race times were similar York had less than half the elevation and no wind. I took it easy for a couple of weeks post York and then started building the mileage again peaking a week out from Malaga with a 61 mile week. But I only managed 1*20 mile ran over the 8 weeks which seems to have been ok. I've had a couple of strong races over shorter distances in the last 2 weeks so I knew my form was good and I felt better than I did going into York. Would be good to hear your background Little T. You also ran a strong and well paced race.

    That's a cracking time on the treadmill SBD, don't know how you do it.
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    Little Theodor. Welcome and congrats on the awesome marathon performance. You and OO kicked some major butt down the stretch. Lots of runners passed from 10K to the end!

    SBD, you are an animal. In awe of that treadmill performance. 

    Gul, ho ho ho. I can picture you doing the santa thing as well.

    Leslie, I was thwarted from speed (subLT run) today too (snow).

    So took yesterday off due to icy roads (probably could have gone out last night with headlamp as ice had mostly been melted due to salting, but it was 15 deg F out and I played it safe). Today I couldn't get out until after midday due to meetings. Roads were dry this AM, but I ended up running in a snowstorm. It was lovely though. No wind, big fat flakes, and just enough grip. 13 miles easy and felt I could have run all day if not for other commitments waiting. 

    SBD, I will run outside all winter. I've really enjoyed the journey to buy the right collection of gear and then learn which pieces to use on any given day. There are a couple of areas where I live that get plowed consistently, so can usually get anything up to 20M if needed. The only real impediments can sometimes be ice or heavy periods of snow (so can't always get quality runs when needed). But I work at a university so do always have the option of running on the indoor track or on one of the treadmills. But I loathe indoor running (treadmill much more despised than the tiny indoor track, but both not fun for me). Most people that know me think I'm crazy (Iike a fox!). But you guys understand perfectly well:) .
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Well done VT. That brings back memories when I lived in Switzerland. It often snowed in winter and I had some wonderful runs on fresh snow. Sounds like your wardrobe is well stocked with good running gear. I hate treddies too, impressed by anyone who can stick at it. We are blessed in the North East coast with some great well lit, traffic free routes which you can take for granted. But I recently visited my daughter in Didsbury near Manchester and she struggles to find good routes that aren't along residential streets or crossing major road intersections.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    On the finish line with Little T. We crossed the line less than 
  • OO - wow, those splits speak for themselves. Fantastic achievement on the PB. Congratulations again. Very little traffic around here either :) I will never forget my first run in fresh snow (or several weeks of running round a certain field which followed).
    Leslie - hope the ice clears up soon.
    SBD - another stonking tempo run on the dreadmill. Looking forward to next week, although it's not the greatest timing!
    VTr - shame about the weather. Now I'm a member of a gym, I do have the option of the treadmill, but it's been several years since we've had ice/snow in any decent measure (not complaining!)
    Recovery day today - 6 miles and 30 min swim (plus a few more cards!)
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Ian, Barca is very nice isn't it and always seems to have nice weather when I have been.

    SBD- I understand, I'll post it up in a bit. Nice treadmill tempo.

    Nice work on the 16 Gul. It seems at this non league level a lot can change and there is a very high turnover of player. In September we were right down the bottom half, however we have enjoyed big crowds for many seasons now, averaging about 1000 a week which means there's plenty of cash plus lads want to play in front of big crowds in a  pretty decent non-league ground so we just got in a load of better players.

    VT- Thanks, yes I hadn't really thought about the pace in that way. I enjoy winter training and snow running, but am pretty uneasy when it's icy.

    oo, similar to your daughter I am not blessed with winter routes like that, which brings me onto last nights tempo.

    So, for the 5th time since July the racecourse is flooded yet again (only the third time since 1989 this has happened!) so I found myself doing a 6m tempo up and down a 2m stretch of the A38. All pavemented with only 2 junctions to cross and reasonably lit. It is grim though as it's just lorries and cars flying by and it was bitterly cold and dense fog. Plan was a low tempo effort so mara  pace. I always struggle with paces in the dark, there seems to be this difficulty in perceiving pace accurately.

    Anyway, 6m at average pace of 6.42, but more positively average HR was 153 and it felt that easy as well. For context my average hr in London (granted that was much further) was 165. That's the best pace v hr on  a tempo I can recall and it probably would have been better statistically in the daylight looping around the race course.

    Easy 8m shortly over lunch break.

  • VTR snow is something we very rarely see for more than a day here , wouldn't mind a good run in the snow and when snowing big flakes as long as its flat with no hills .Your conditions are way more challenging than ours not sure how you manage at times with temps of -10c (I have to convert fahrenheit to celsius as I've no idea  how cold it is ) 
    We are just not geared up for that sort of winter as we just don't get it more than once a 30 years usually ! Place grinds to a halt if its snows hard for an hr or 2 as its hilly and the lorries (trucks) get stuck and block the roads !!!  Sounds like you were on a roll today .
    Gul nice recovery run with bonus swim.
    SBD 39 min weekly 10k s you are rockin ' 
    DT that sounds a bit grim down the A38 in fog and freezing cold with lorries soaking you , well toughed out and hr sounds low for the pace.
    Got up at 7:30 and everywhere was frozen solid and pavements were lethal but by 9:30 it was completely clear of ice but still 2c so decided id do some reps instead up the dual carriageway , footpath is very wide and it's only a 40 mph zone so the  traffic isn't too scary unlike the A38 id imagine DT !!!
    5x 1000m duly completed with 70 sec slow jog recovery as we were told the storm was coming later on with strong winds ,pace was 7:00 m/mile  with a slow down to 7:15 for the last one and not much go in the legs today as expected, just over 6 in total and good to get a session in again.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Good to see you back on the reps Leslie.

    Thanks for the link DT - are you still finding them useful?  I remember seeing something similar at the Boston Exhibition - although they were a full leg version powered from the mains.  They were very popular - I even had a go.  May be just a matter of time before they reach this side of the Atlantic.  Shame about the flooding - but a great tempo session on the main road.  Have you got any races lined up?

    So will you be following P&D from next Monday Gul?

    I think it must have been the shades that made the difference OO!  That was great pacing - I'd love to be able to negative split some day.  How are the legs feeling?

    All sounds perfectly normal to me VT!  I lived in Norway for 18 months and did some outdoor running in similar conditions.  I recently came across the Half Marathon in Tromso on 4 January 2020 - that could be good fun to run in a vest and shorts!  What's your next target race?

    A bit windy here but not quite as cold as Boston.  10 miles late afternoon on the country roads.   Working in metric, I like to do these runs at 4:50 or below but will generally start slow (5:10 pace) and build up the speed progressively.  After 4K, I was 52 seconds down and not feeling enthusiastic.  By 12K, I'd picked up the pace a little but was still 10 seconds down on target. So a bit of work required over the last few kilometers to bring the time just under the magic 4:50 pace!  It makes you wonder what runners did before Garmins were invented!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the compliment Gul. Legs fine today SBD, even had a little run. Jealous of all you guys running fast- wont be trying that for a while....
  • Passed 2,000 miles for 2019 yesterday so on course to hit the (arbitrary) target of 2019 for the year. I also have an eye on my "highest lowest month" so in 2017 the least I ran in a single month was 152 miles in March 2017 and so far, in 2019, my shortest month was Feb with 158 miles so I'd like to get December over 158 miles and I'm on 97 so another 61 miles and almost 2 weeks looks plausible.
  • DT - tempo run up and down the A38 doesn't sound ideal; another solid session.
    Leslie - you weren't tempted to use the inner lane?! Nice work.
    SBD - stop looking at that watch so much :) I'm intending to base my training on the P&D 18wk <=85mpw schedule, but will adapt as needed, probably using the Steve Winwood principle i.e. if I see the chance to fit my long run in during the week I will take it! How about you?
    PMJ - nice arbitrary target. Will now have to find my highest lowest month!
    12 miles this morning. 1M w/u, 5M @ 7:59/m & 6M @ 6:58/m.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    SBD- Yes, I've used them every night except last night (as I was out) and lower legs and in turn knees feel so much better. I think I first came across them or similar concept at London expo.

    I have entered the Speedway 10k on 19th January down in Chepstow. No frills race for fast runners is the tag line. £10 to enter and they only accept the fastest 200 or so entries. Odd arrangement in that you apply to enter, send then a po10 link to fastest 10k in last 2 years then wait for entries to close. Only then are you charged entry fee, if you make the cut. I messaged them as didn't initially understand the process and they confirmed i'll have place. Looking at results from summer race, a huge proportion of the field are sub 40.

    After that is Village Bakery half again I think, then Knighton 20 early March, road relays, then London.

    Nice 10, and yes I often wonder that and also how any of it work before the Internet!!

    Nice 12, Gul.

    Solid reps, Leslie. Yes my stretch isn't dual carriageway but it's 60mph and the pavement isn't well maintained or overly wide.

    8m easy yesterday. Suddenly all my easy running is coming out at 7.50s average. HR is still in same place so i'll just go with it.

    3 X 2M at threshold tonight. Racecourse still under water and I don't fancy the necessary paces on a38 so will go to track. It's club night so I can use for free, albeit i'll be in and out before that starts.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    I saw details of the Speedway 10K DT - I like the concept!  Interesting on the compression wraps.   Sounds like good progress on the easy runs.

    Other than recovery runs (run at c. 5:10) Gul, I hate posting anything slower than 4:50.  It's just mentally jarring!  A good pace at the end of your morning 12 miler.  I'll use the same schedule as Abingdon, so P&D up to 85 without the doubles and a few longer LRs.  I also need to make sure I get the stride sessions in - they're all too easy to miss. 

    Only 132 miles for me in November, so I beat you on the shortest month PMJ!  However, I am guaranteed a record annual total, currently on 3,283.

    If you've been for a run already, I would say you're doing pretty good OO, no need for any speedwork for a few weeks.

    Recovery run with strides at lunchtime followed by the sports massage.  My cadence has always been a bit on the low side, c. 160 but I've decided more frequent stride sessions is the way to bring this closer to the magic 180.  I'm also tempted to upgrade the Garmin to one that measures cadence so I can monitor it a bit more closely.  Must have a word with that friendly gent with the white beard.
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