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  • ok now feeling overweight...
  • Blimey - things move fast on here these days, anyone would think there's a race coming up soon, or is it just the enthusiasm for starting the training.

    Sue - Yes it's Lochaber I'm targeting this spring, sad that you wont be making it there and think it is also a shame that Jools didn't pick up on your suggestion from last April/May and do Lochaber instead of VLM, with any sub 3:15 performance she would have been in with a chance of a podium finish, a minimal sub 3 would probably be top spot.

    Fraser - Glad to hear that you got outside for a run, whilst most of the pavements around here are fine there are still some with six inch thick rutted mess on them, hence still too risky to do much outdoors. And it is now snowing again, two inches in the last two hours.

    Another treadmill session for me last night. It was a tough and horrid 15 miles at just under 70%WHR. Which brings the total to 120 treadmill miles in the last fifteen days, I just hope there's a payback come the main day.

  • wow OGL - that's proper bonkers...

    In other news  - London Marathon Elites:

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Wireless network being updated and school so with that and tri club training last night, has taken me a while to catuch up on the reading.

    Could give you my vital stats, but lets just say I am right in the average of this thread.

    Respect due OGL for that mileage. Have you considered purchasing some Yaktraks or similar?

  • luna man - Nice fairweather cycling graph!

    MsE - Sorry, I did read about your tempo run but the forum's been moving so quick I thought it was longer ago than that. As far as warming up goes, I wouldn't worry about saving some of the mileage in a particular session for a warm-down. Like you and Fraser, it takes me a few miles to warm up the body and prepare the mind for the faster bits so tend to leave that for the end of the session. A stretch afterwards is warmdown enough in my book.

    SBD - Which bit of P&D will you sacrifice to fit the weekly interval sessions in? Not sure we meant the same thing about the cycle. My thought was to spread each week's training over 8-10 days so you could effectively get 4 hard sessions into 'a week'. Obviously that means there'll be less 'weeks' than 18 but you won't miss any of the sessions P&D think are essential.

    Hope your guts are back to normal MM. Pacey stuff for someone with a churning stomach. I've alot to do if The Regency is to be a smackdown rather than a smacked arse!

    Good running people, with OGL managing a ridiculous number of miles on the mill. I suspect Fraser's not far behind that total too. Fraser - forgot to say, a train would be a bonus in May. Latest count could see 4 carriages but we'll have to see how the planned paces pan out nearer the time.

    Scooby - Sorry to hear of your loss. Fabulous drinking ability though.

    Ant - Keep wearing those crazy coloured t-shirts and no-one will believe you're over 40 image

    Due to hopefully being busy tonight with getting keys for new house and going out on the lash with work tomorrow, last night's running had to be all things to all sessions. I was a little nervous before heading out at 5pm, from work. Anyone else get nervous before big runs? Anyway, a lovely chilly, still night for it. A smidge over 18 miles, done as 5 easy, 4prog MP, 5 easy, 4prog MP.
    First 5 Easy - 8:25mm, ave 125bpm
    Then 7:16, 7:10, 6:59, 6:54  ave 145bpm
    Second 5 Easy - 8:22mm, ave 133bpm
    Then 7:21, 7:08, 6:55, 6:44  ave 149bpm
    Really pleased with the session although I was practically on my knees by the end and nearly ran into a bus stop. The recent increase in miles over the last 6 weeks of base building is really paying dividends.

    Good luck to the Super6 hopefuls today!

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Nice run there B&B. I reckon if you carry on like that MM will need to get his arse in gear image

    Stupid question time: PMP or Prog MP. What does that mean exactly? Does it mean running 1m at current MP and upping it slowly to target MP?

    Feel a bit bad about not sharing my vitals: I am a fun loving guy, GSH, Blue (come to bed) eyes, and no longer shave my legs. PM me if your interested image

  • he he he image
  • image Keir! I think PMP is planned or potential MP(same thing really). Prog MP, which I may have made up, is exactly what you said. It's kind of current MP with a view to being faster. Having said that, my current MP is actually 7:42mm but I'm not training at that.
  • BandB - textbook pacing on your 18 miler there mate. Did you find yourself referring to the Garmin alot or just do it on feel ? Looking like MP could start with a 6 come May ! I found the test 20 miler 8 weeks out (10 easy, 10 MP) really helpful to settle on final MP
  • Cheers FW. Na, fat chance of 6:xx per mile. On the first MP stint I was checking the Garmin to make sure I was at 7:15's or under and increased the effort slightly as I went on, so yeah, on feel. Once I was into the last couple of miles of the second stint, I knew I was shifting so just went nads out tbh. It was a harder run than LN and a test of what the last few weeks' base had done for me. I'd be happy with that last mile as HMP.

    I've often wondered about your '10 and 10' session. To save me trawling the old thread, did you hit 6:50s or end up adjusting final MP faster or slower?
  • Badbark - dammit, you're right, grr! I need to try out the FIRST ultra schedules next time.

    B&B - oh I am so absolutely a fairweather cyclist - I don't enjoy sitting down outdoors in the cold rain, it's just not right! I do some biking in the gym, but can't take much more than an hour of that. Which makes 15 miles on a treadie seem quite a feat too OGL.  Have you got some good tunes / Archers omnibus listening lined up for those sort of sessions?

    And about getting nervous before long runs with pace, oh yes, I'm with you on that. I like the look of that session though. I feel way behind, only finally reaching 16 miles again this weekend if all is well. I've had a glute pain that kicked in at anything over 90 mins which put paid to the intended 20 miler haul.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Any news on the SSix yet?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Not even for you Jane?  I bet you're on tender hooks.

  • Minni wrote (see)
    Any news on the SSix yet?
    Just been out to grab a sandwich and no messages on my return.

    OGL - 120 treadmill miles in the last fifteen days - that's an amazing amount of running on the spot. Do you get the feeling the ground in still moving when you get off the treadie?

    B&B -  18 miles mid week - your banking them miles well. And a great session to easy/hard. Wa the last 5 miles the toughest?

  • am going out for a run (8 miles)
  •  OGL 15 miles on a treadmill !!! much respect...

     B&B good running there.You still in Tuebrook? am over the water on the Wirral. Do you get to do any races over this way cycle or running?

     club tonight 6-7 tempo run for me.  

  • luna man - 17 and a bit weeks to go. How many 20 milers did you want / do you now hope to get done? I note you haven't added your name to the targets list yet. VLM innit?

    KR - You're not wrong!

    x-post: efc-col - Moved to Aigburth now so literally just over the water from you. Races, what are they?!  I've done a 5k, 10k, HM and a mara in this, my first year and only the mara was since April. Tbh, I'm a little scared of entering any image Did you know they're starting a parkrun at Sefton Park in the new year? Are there any races coming up, on the Wirral?

  • @luna man - Do not fear i'm way further behind than you! I'm gonna run further than 10 miles for the first time this weekend! Hoping to not have to do it on the treadie due to promised weather.

    I can't stand headphone wire flapping around when i run and so don't really use tunes so long treadmill runs could feel very long!

  •  B&Bthere are a few races, have done a few cyclosportives this year too, Cheshire cat 100miler, Dave Loyd mega, which was hard...Welsh hills etc.

     End of Jan there's a good half mara in Helsby( four villages) that am doing to give me an idea of how my trainings progressing.

     Sefton park run sounds interesting, my club have had a cross country race there sometimes.

  • OGL - Do I take it all that treadmill running is due to the bad weather? Please say it is...

    B&B - Over thirty, you mean, surely...

    I also get nervous before a big run; in fact, I'm a bit ratty all day Saturday if I've got a biggie on the Sunday early on in the campaign. After 2 or 3, though, I find myself looking forward to them.

  • Oh, sorry, here we go then...

    07.11.10 - SteveC1975 - Regents Park 10K - Around 40 Mins - 40:14 - job done
    21.11.10 - AfE - Abbey Dash 10k - sub-39 as a marker/indicator - 38:22 - job done
    21.11.10 - BOTF - Brighton 10k - under 40:30 - 40:02 - job done
    05.12.10 - GE - Regents Park 10k - sub 38:30 - ?? - job ??
    05.12.10 - SteveC1975 - Regents Park 10K - Sub 40 Mins - ?? - job ??
    23.01.11- Barry B Gloucester Marathon - Sub 3:15
    23.01.11 - AfE - Brass Monkey Half - sub-1:25
    23.01.11 - XPS - Brass Monkey half - sub-1:24
    23.01.11- efc-col Four Villages Half Marathon-sub 1.25
    05.02.11 - Lorenzo - Thames Trot 50 - Sub 8 hours
    05.02.11 - Poacher - Thames Trot 50 - sub 8
    13.02.11 - Matchstick Man - Wokingham HM - 1h23m
    13.02.11 - SBD - Wokingham HM - 1:24
    13.02.11 - BOTF - Wokingham HM - 1:25, but seeing the two entries above...?
    13.02.11 - dm1974 - Liversedge Half - 1.29.59
    20.02.11 - BOTF - Bramley 20 - sub 2:25
    20.02.11 - luna man - Brighton HM - sub 1:25
    06.03.11 - Scooby - Marathon Catalunya - 3:09:59
    06.03.11 - MsE - Bath HM - Sub 1.30
    06.03.11 - Joolska - Bath HM - tbc...
    06.03.11 - dm1974 - Haweswater Half Marathon - 1.29.59
    13.03.11 - Knight RIder - Retford Half Marathon - 1:26.xx
    13.03.11 - SBD - MIlton Keynes - 1:24
    19.03.11 - Badbark - Larne Half Marathon - Sub 1:30
    19.03.11 - Speedy - Stafford HM - 1.31.59
    20.03.11 - FINgers - Reading Half Marathon - Sub 1:26
    20.03.11 - Ormeski - Reading Half Marathon - Sub 1:25
    20:03.11 - BOTF - Reading HM - 1:25
    20.03.11 - SteveC1975 - Brentwood Half Marathon - Sub 1:28
    27.03.11 - Keir - Paddock Wood HM - Sub 1:25
    10.04.11 - FW - Chris Hoy HM Edinburgh - Sub 1:20
    10.04.11 - FINgers - Brighton Marathon - 3:09:59
    10.04.11 - Knight Rider - Brighton Marathon - Sub 3.15
    10.04.11 - B&B vs MM in the Regency 10k Smackdown! - Sub39.
    10.04.11 - dm1974 - Paris - 3.14.59
    17.04.11 - Race Jase - VLM - not sure on target just yet, but hopefully I'll be in PB (sub2:39) shape.
    17.04.11 - SBD - VLM - 2:49
    17:04.11 - Ant & XPS - VLM - 2:54:59
    17.04.11 - Joolska - VLM - 2.59.59
    17.04.11 - AfE - VLM - 2:59:59
    17.04.11 - luna man - VLM - sub-3:05
    17.04.11 - Poacher - VLM - 3.07
    17.04.11 - Lorenzo - VLM - sub 3:10
    17:04:11 - BOTF - VLM - 3:10 ish
    17.04.11 - kittenkat - VLM 3.10
    17.04.11 - Jane326 - VLM 3.10
    17.04.11 - efc-col VLM-sub 3.10
    17:04:11 - MsE - - VLM - 3.14.59
    17.04.11 - Speedy - VLM - 3.14.59
    17.04.11 - SteveC1975 - VLM - 3.14.59
    17.04.11 - Ormeski - VLM - sub 3.15
    17.04.11 - Pipes VLM sub-3:15
    18.04.11 - OsloNeil Boston sub-3:10
    01.05.11 - Gul Darr - GEAR 10k - sub 42
    02:05:11 - Badbark - Belfast City Marathon -Sub 3:10
    08.05.11 - Keir - Essex & Halstead Marathon - Sub 3.15
    22.05.11 - B&B - Edinburgh Marathon - 3:09:59
    22.05.11 - Jane326 - Edinburgh Marathon 3.10
    22.05.11 - XPS - Grand Union Canal Race- 29:59:59 (not a typo!)
    18.06.11 - Lorenzo - Picnic - sub 4:45
    02.10.11 - Jane326 - Loch Ness Marathon 3.10

  • luna man wrote (see)

    17:04.11 - Ant & XPS - VLM - 2:54:59

    Eh? What, do we have to do it as a three-legged race this time? If XPS promises to bring along some of his legendary flapjack, I'm game.

  • B&B Very impressive progressive 18 miler.

    I also get nervous/stressed prior to a long run. If fact I am stressing about my run tomorrow, not sure 20 and progressive or very slow 22 for time on feet. Been thinking about it for the last 2 days. Need to make a decision tonight.

  • Sorry Ant, typo image And yeah, go on, three-legged. There is a record y'know. I'd love to see XPS's face when he sets off, only to find he has an 'attachment'!

    Glad it's not just me then on the nervousness. Scooby, if they're both of equal benefit to you, why not quit worrying and decide, based on how you feel, when you set off?

    efc-col - I'd like to do more cycling next summer so will look out for those, thanks.  Unfortunately Helsby's full. Someone (AfE?) offered a place that he couldn't use but I didn't get in quick enough.

  • B&B - if I'd kept them up straight through from Brussels, I was hoping for at least ten 20 milers. To my mind you can't do too many, and it would let me take down-weeks as well. But you're right, if I'm at 16 this weekend, assuming the glute feels okay, I should still be able to slot 7 or even 8 in doing a 20 one week, 15-17 the next. No need to panic!

    Ant - I think XPS snuck that one in (x-post above!)- we've also lost that nice formatting from earlier, shall I pop that back in?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    5ft 10 and a bit over 12stone at this end, not exactly marathon build either.
  • You'd be 11 stone if you didn't have those huge biceps, TR! How'd the swimming lessons go? Are you noticably quicker?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Is there still no word on the winners of the SSix?  Blooming heck, RW wouldn't get very far on the Apprentice.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    noticeably ? no defo not. But she gave me some pointers to work on, its an ongoing process, I even do some drills now. I'm doing 20 x 100 in av 1:38 now (off 2 mins), and can hold av 1:42 ish with 10 sec rest. On a good day I should be able to swim 1500 in 25 mins soon (1:40 per 100), which is where I always wanted to be when I was at 30 mins a yr or 2 back................the next thing then is to crack the OW swimming....and the cycling..........running is easy to improve, you just do it a bit more often.
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