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  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Some big monthly totals all round.

    A good session G-D.  I like the London prediction - how much lighter are you now compared to London 2019?

    Good to focus just on London TR.

    Interesting arrangements for GNR Speedy.  Are you tapering for this?

    A good inverse pyramid tempo DT and excellent total for August.

    Hope the 10K went well OO.

    Hope you're enjoying the downtime Gul.

    For the Big Half, they had Waves of c. 1,000 runners every 10 minutes.  I would have thought London would be similar, so may be Waves of 1,500 off Blue, Green and Red every 10 minutes.  I can't believe they'll add any additional grading within the Waves in which case it doesn't matter whether you predicted 2:47 or 2:59.  I went for 2:52 - I might have been feeling a bit optimistic at the time!

    Tuesday intervals, so 6 sets of 1K off 500m jog recoveries.  Managed to drop the pace by a couple of seconds compared to last week, so intervals of 3:42, 3:42, 3;42, 3:39, 3:39 and 3:36.  W/u and w/u to give 17K for the day.

    A record monthly total for me - 370 miles - partly due to the five Sundays in the month and no recovery weeks falling in the month.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    Great miles GD. I think we'll be in similar territory at VLM- if Berlin hasn't snuffed me out.
    Tough 10k tonight with a windy return leg. A good time of 36:38 but the last mile of 6:08 was a bit disappointing. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Great session, gdawg and decent miles. I'm backing you for that sort of time in London for sure. 

    That's some pretty incredible mileage, SBD, average of 95 per week??

    Oo, fantastic 10k. The fact I've run 10ks twice this year and not been able still to sub 37 is a big frustration, particularly when in a half I've smashed through 37. 

    Tr, yes that all makes sense then. Will you be about for a drink afterwards? I'm concerned that folk have until 5th September yo log anticipated finish time. I like to do a final raceday time on feet equivalent run starting when I'm due to start as well as an 8m mp run.could really do with knowing what they have in store for us quite  soon. 

    13m planned tomorrow.  
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I had a feeling I would run well DT, and even thought I might tickle 36mins, but it just wasn't there in the 2nd half and I bonked the last 2 miles. I think running flat out 5ks every parkrun helps my speed over 5 and 10ks. I'm not sure it will help much in a marathon though.
  • Crikey, OO, smashing 10k there, well played.

    SBD, I'm around 4 pounds (just under 2kg) lighter than 2019. Not much on a 54 year old 6'1" frame but I can feel the difference.

    6 easy recovery miles on the trails this morning where I spent most of the time thinking up tonight's track session as the prescribed reps are too short for what I need.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Carrying 2Kg less will definitely help G-D.  The last time I ran London (2013), I was carrying about 14Kg extra which probably explained the very slow pace!

    Excellent time for the 10K OO - that must be your best for a while?  What that an official race or just a club trial run?

    That's only 84 miles per week DT and most of the miles are easy miles.  I probably do less quality than everyone else on the thread.

    Just need to get motivated for 15 miles early evening.  At least the weather is looking good.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    SBD, yes I take your point there. You don't do the big nasty sessions I do or the racing OO does etc. I also often forget that I spend 90 mins a week in spin classes which time wise would be about 12m of running.

    I'm sure you'll still fair well enough come London, OO.

    I've my biggest MLR over lunchtime, being 13m. Body knows a I did a big session yesterday, things are a bit tired and heavy.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    DT - another great couple of sessions and a monster month. On for a super fast time in London, I think.
    Speedy - have a great race at GNR.
    GD - some great stats there and good work.
    SBD - great pace for those reps and humongous mileage for August.
    OO - that's a great time and performance in the 10k.
    Did a nice walk in the drizzling rain yesterday morning, then swimming after lunch. Tried out the treadmill before our evening meal. Hideous. It threw me by asking for speed in kmh rather than pace, but got there in the end. Easy pace felt a bit harder than usual. Then got bored and ramped up the pace and did some 800m intervals. At least it's simple to get the right pace (once you've converted it). Another quick swim this morning and going to check out in a minute.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good leg speed OO, all yr 5ks mean that mp will feel nice and easy early on.

    Cracking mileage SBD, you've got yourself into good shape. 2.52 might be spot on.

    DT - i cant see any outrageous start times happening for gfa start, so id do that long run at normal vlm time. If i survive ok than im usually outside the Red Lion for a while.

    Im similar to SBD with low intensity apart from the odd session and long run sections, but ive been increasing the length of the session and making it weekly for the past few weeks. Did 14m inc 20min (av 6.38), 5x4min (av 6.25), 20min (av 6.33) today, probably shoul have pushed the shorter reps a bit more, but the point of those is to make the final 20min running through treacle.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    SBD it's a club GP but 3-4 clubs involved and they do it every year with 2-300 runners. So feels like proper race but not on PoT. Last time I did it was 3 years ago and was 8 secs quicker but less windy then I think. 
    G Dawg I'm also 2kg lighter since I retired 3 years ago. Slightly older than you but similar height. I think it defo makes a difference. Along with the swimming it is the only variable that has changed in my training. I'm not much quicker but maybe it's compensating for the effects of age 🤔
    TR are you doing those faster sessions on your own? When I go out on my own I struggle to motivate myself to run hard and generally slip into plod mode. I tend to rely on club sessions or parkruns to push myself harder. If solo what's your secret?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - all pf my running os solo, i was home today but usually any weekday running is commute running and i train on my own at weekends. I dont belong to a club, as they wouldmt want to do training runs on my commute route at commute times........when i used to do triathlon and run less i used to think that the turbo training and lunchtime swims used to help my aerobic fitness, esp the forced breathing patterns of swimming. Do ypu do eg 1500m or 2000m jon stop, i used to do something like 15 to 20 x 100 with 10 sec rest, or 10 x 200. Aiming to hold a steady even pace for the reps.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    That's really interesting TR. I used to just go for long stints in the pool but some tri friends suggested 100 efforts would give a better aerobic workout and improve my overall speed. So now typically I do 1k then 8-10 × 100. Been trying this for a few months. Also agree about the breathing. Holding your breath between strokes is different to running and feels like it does some good. Have you stopped the swims or still at it?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - give the 15 to 20 x 100 a go, you only have a few seconds rest so its not like intervals, the stop is to break the rythmn and make you start again. When i first started i was doing steady swims but way too slowly........havnt been for a few years, ive recently put the odd turbo back in though. I stopped running for 6 months in 2016 due to injury and when i was able to start building decently agdin in 2017, i decided to just run for a while in sn attempt to get back to sub3, which was a slow comeback aged 50......when my running tails off in the next few years, I'll probably get back to more bike and swim.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    I half fancy a triathlon sometime but would need to learn to swim properly first!

    Good paces on that 14m session TR - you're looking in good shape for London.

    Glad you enjoyed the Treadmill Gul - definitely good for maintaining a steady pace!

    Almost on the cold side early evening but kept faith with the vest and shorts for the 15 mile MLR.  A sluggish start but managed to find the energy for a fast finish, so last 6K at 6:23/m with the effort at just below marathon effort.  Would be quite happy with 42.2 of those in 3.5 weeks time!
  • Nice work on that last 6k, SBD.

    I quite fancy a triathlon at some point. I've got the London Classics medal so just need to do all 3 disciplines on the same day. They do loads at Dorney Lake, so my just jump in and give it a go.

    Recovery trails this morning and track tonight. Did a pyramid session of 2,4,6,8,1k,1.2k and back down. 1 min recoveries. Tried to do them all at 5.5x pace but a couple came out around 6.03 
    Good session in the end and bagged 13 miles for the day.

    Rest tomorrow...
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Good miles GD & SBD
     You both mention triathlon. For me it holds little interest. I only swim to improve my running and to have an option when my legs are tired. Maybe you'll swim when you retire TR. I know it's much more time consuming that running but if you have the time definitely worth it. I'll try the 20 *100 etc. Thanks for the tip 👍
  • SBD - good MLR with a strong finish.
    GD - excellent pyramid session.
    TR - interesting stuff about the swimming sessions; I'm a long way off anything more than some slow lengths!
    No running yesterday, just a short swim before breakfast. Now got a couple of nights in a cottage near Lincoln. Off to explore a nature reserve.
  • I did a triathlon once. Never again. 

    I see you're all lighter than previous race weight. I'm about 3 - 4 kg heavier than my glory year, but I seem to be running faster, despite the additional ballast. Some, but not all, of it is muscle. Hopefully it won't slow me down over the full 26.2!
  • Ditch the scales. So much simpler that way!
  • I think I will a few pounds heavier by the time I get home :).
    Speedy - sounds like the triathlon of a lifetime ;)
    Forgot to say 290 total for August. Taper and holidays have played havoc with my schedule. Must get back into it at the weekend.  Map of my treadmill run shows how inaccurate GPS is on my watch. (Couldn't paste it here). Clocked up 0.3 miles all around the hotel and car park :)
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    22 miles on the track today pacing some slower mara folks and helping with pacing duties.
  • Were you dizzy after, OO? That's' a long time spinning around. Well done.

    Just a six mile shake out here. Last mile was a surprising 6.29 without really knowing it. 6.56 average.
    Ready for an 16 on the trails tomorrow with the lads.
  • OO - that's a lot of laps! 
    GD - enjoy your weekly jaunt on the trails.
    Back home now. Must be out of the habit of rising early and so only managed 17 easy miles this morning. Might go for another longish run tomorrow.
  • I've just chucked the cat off my lap so I can make a mug of tea (Mr Jools is away this weekend, otherwise he could have obliged) and Gul has already done 17 miles!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    I had an earlyish start to travel to Driridge Bay parkrun (Poacher territory near Amble) with the fam. I was chasing the V55 course record of 18:25 but missed by 14 secs. Didn't help my chances with a slow 1st mile and then taking a wrong turn at a T junction. Still, not too shabby after 22 miles yesterday.
    I'm eyeing up the Valencia marathon in December- has anyone done this one?

  • Jools - coffee for me after my run :)
    OO - very tidy parkrun, I'd say. Valencia in December sounds good.
    Epic failure this morning - up an hour later than yesterday. Schedule had a 10-15k race this week, which obviously didn't happen, so I did 2x3M efforts instead in 6:29, 6:39, 6:22 and 6:22, 6:27, 6:14. 12 miles in all.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Very slack Gul 😉
    I paced mrs OO for 18 miles (10:50 pace). 61 for the week.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    22 miles on the track sounds mentally challenging OO!  Still not a shoddy time at Driridge and good pacing duties for your wife.  Is she on track for Manchester?

    You've slipped in to bad habits Gul but good work on the 3m efforts and the 17 mile long run.

    Good speed on the track session G-D.

    Maidenhead HM today, as an "MP" run following a 7m w/u.  Due to low entry numbers, they moved the race to Eton Dorney with an 11.00am start time.  Not ideal, but there were c. 330 finishers so plenty of company.  I had half fancied a stab at the PB (1:22 from 2010) but it was getting warm by 11.00am and the light winds felt stronger than they should have.  Went through 5m in 31:05 and 10m in 62:50 (both PBs!) but faded a little in the last few miles.  Crossed the line in 1:23:30 for 39th place and third V50.  Not a bad run, but only 8 seconds quicker than the Big Half two weeks ago, so feeling a little disappointed.  Two miles w/d to give 22 for the day and 83 for the week.
  • CC2 - Speedy GothCC2 - Speedy Goth ✭✭✭
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    That doesn't really sound like much of a failure Gul!

    22 miles on a track OO? I assume not all in one direction? And a great effort at parkrun too.

    SBD, you still got 22 miles in and bagged PBs along the way, despite a massive warm up. I take it Maidenhead isn't too far from Dorney? Sounds like an odd thing to do, moving an entire race!

    I did do my 20 miler on Thursday and it was lovely. 7.35s I think, and felt really easy. Then had a massage on Friday, an easy jog around parkrun pacing a friend yesterday and an all out PB attempt at 1500m today. I only went and smashed it. Old PB (from 2013) 5.07.69, today's solo, front running effort 4.56.96. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    That's immense Speedy. I do like a 1500 and would be very happy with that time. I got a late GNR entry Speedy. Starting in Orange and planning to enjoy it rather than race. Will look out for you though 👍
    Likewise to you SBD. I'd be well pleased with 1:23:xx Why should you be faster than at the Vitality? Mrs OO is doing great thanks, just a 20 miler next weekend then taper. It's hard work pacing that slow mind,  but happy to oblige.
    I've  entered Valencia marathon in December. Too far away to worry about but could fancy a short break before Xmas.

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