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    I did that for GNR big G but without the fruit. Do you eat it cold or heat it? I microwave it but the overnight soaking saves lot of time. With the slower pace of the marathon my belly is usually ok holding food. Its post race I have to be careful- eat too soon and I can get serious stomach cramps.
    It'll be a real cut back week here with swims most days and a few short runs. Nice progression Gul 👍
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    OO, I eat them cold.  I really like them like that now as the oats are soft, so I don't heat them up any more.
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    I'll try that Big G 👍
  • Big_G - good idea with the porridge, although I've never tried it with cold milk before, usually natural yoghurt (when eating cold I mean!). 
    I always have a niggling thought that eating pre-race is the one major difference between training and race day for me (other than 26.2 @ MP!) Usually I get up and am out running within 10-15 minutes with no breakfast (food or drink). That included last year when I did an unofficial solo marathon in 3:05.  If I could stay in Blackheath or Greenwich on the Saturday night, I would be tempted to stay up late and eat my evening meal around midnight and then just get up and go as usual in the morning :)
  • Does anyone get another person to register at expo for them? If my brother still worked in London, I would have been tempted to ask him, but now with the kit bag debacle that wouldn't be very feasible in any case. I wonder if that has messed up anyone's plans? Surely there should be an option to say you don't want anything in your bag so don't bother to post it out?! (Or I'm not bothered about a medal etc... so don't even bother with a bag at all!)
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    Gul, It's an interesting point in terms of the bag as I was debating whether I actually need to bother as my wife will meet me at the finish and I only really need my phone, wallet, hand towel, deodorant, tracksuit bottoms and fresh socks, but then of course there is the issue of the medal and t'shirt as no kitbag means you won't get either and personally I want mine.

    I am not sure what is required to get someone to collect it, I think a letter of authority from you and  a signed copy of your drivers licence if I remember correctly. They'd also need your kitbag as well now.

    Final instructions pdf will be with us very soon so hopefully a lot of questions will be answered.

    Out for an half arsed effort at spin first thing, which probably did me more good after yesterdays 22 than trying to go hard. Recovery run after work.

  • Hi gang! Missed quite a lot on here in the past week as we've been away in Dorset and Bath. Last week was always going to be an enforced recovery week but still got 6 miles in on the coast path before breakfast one morning (lovely run with over 900ft of up)  came home on Thursday and planned  16 varied but it was so humid I just bashed it all out at steady pace, 7.25.
    8 miles before leaving for a athletes on Friday and that was it for the week, only 30.

    Off this week as well, so got 20 miles in this morning. Everyone seems to be doing some great sessions and I've fallen into a regular trap of low confidence. Today's LSR was a surprising 7.55 average and felt straight forward. Best big run of the year which was the boost I needed.

    I now own Nike Vaporfly Next % 2 racing shoes. Can't wait to test them. 😍
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    Good confidence 20 miler G-D.  When are you going to try out the Next%?

    Apologies for being over sensitive DT - I think taper madness has got to me already!

    My taper plan is 70, 54 and 36 from a peak of 86 miles.  Normally on a Monday I would do 12K recovery but I'm only allowed to do 10K today which doesn't seem right!

    Had a quick check on the London campaign stats.  Over 16 weeks, I've run 1,280 miles, no rest days and weekly mileage between 70 and 86.  For longs runs, I've completed 5x20, 6x22 and 1x24.  Probably a bit more than you need for a Sub 3 but I'm hoping for something closer to 2:50!

    Don't forget, a good taper can give you a 3% improvement - so 5 minutes at 3 hour pace.  It will however drive you mad as well!
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    You'll love them Dawg I don't know anyone who has been disappointed. Maybe the rest will do you good.
    Gul my daughter has  collected my number in the past but not checked how it works this year with the bag. I've kept all my marathon medals.
    TR more 100 reps in the pool this morning and a tad faster 😉
  • Anyone else get the World Championships entry email from VLM just now?
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    g=dawg, you'll have no idea where you are all week having done that long run today. Nice confidence booster though. They are a great shoe, but make sure you've done some work in them first.

    OO, Same here re marathon medals. I started out having them framed and wall mounted with my race number or raceday pic, however as it became apparent that I wouldn't be stopping at 2 or 3 I have them all in my drawer. I don't usually pay much interest to a finishers medal however I do for a marathon as they represent quite a bit more in terms of sweat and sacrifice.

    SBD- Haha, edgy times!! That is some selection of big runs there!

    Thoughts on todays VMLM e-mail re the automatic entry into the Wanda world age group champs? Not quite sure how it w ill work as the e-mail suggests that we will all start with the other runners in our gender and age groups, so lots of mini starts as each age race may be a first over the line out and out race?

    Oh and that makes it a two medal day!

  • That's four more safety pins to find as well for the back number. Is there no end to this expense!? 😀
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    SBD - your spiky post made me smile last night, i assumed youd had a few post long run frothies (like i do)......we're all in this together and as DT said he didn't mean any offence.

    OO - good one. No doubt Adam Peaty is getting worried.

    Gul - training runs on empty is one thing, but you shouldnt run a mara on empty, you need to fuel a mara. Theoretically someone could smash a marathon hard if they could digest the calories required, but the stomach stops working when the effort gets too much.

    That world championship thing is like baseball having a world champs, will folks travel here from all round the world?

    I'll be up around 4 hrs before vlm starts, i have a 2 hour drive. So ill be on the early porridge. I have 1/2 water and 1/2 milk in my porridge, so you could have cold milk as long as you have a kettle for the water.
  • GD - good final 20 miler.
    What I was thinking about the bag is that if it doesn't arrive till a week on Friday (should be no later than that date), then it doesn't leave you much time to get it packed and sent off to whoever is going to expo on your behalf. Academic for me as I plan to go myself, but it doesn't seem to have been thought through very well.
    Looking at the email about the World Championships, it seems to read as if there will be a single start wave for each gender/age category. If so, then the predicted finish time was a bit of a waste? Definitely back of the pen for me :)
    TR - it didn't seem a problem for me last year. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough ;)  I did fuel with gels during the run though. 
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    Have a read of P&D on fueling for Marathon day Gul.

    Just realised how crazy the Kew Gardens 10K course was.  This is how the Garmin recorded it:

    Hard to believe this is a PB course!
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    Gul - indeed, i should have said run a marathon towards your potential, rather than run a marathon. Calories are required, getting some of them in beforehand and topping up from early on whilst the stomach is more willing......its easier for the pro's to run on less as they are only out there for ~2hrs and weigh about 8 stone.
  • Yes, I will definitely be eating breakfast on mara day, but probably not porridge. I am just curious as to whether my body does not cope with that as well as it might if it were used to it on a regular basis. And how many calories per hour do you burn when you are asleep?!
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    Yes, you should do the odd long run after breakfast i guess. But then i eat breakfast and run pretty soon after that in training, race day i try to give a couple of hours between breakfast and racing, but vlm will be longer due to per the calories asleep, i guess it depends upon how many miles you run in a sleep walking way.... but not many for you as you are up running anyway not sleeping.
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    Here's the extra medal. 

    Tr, yes it'll just realistically be all the London gfa runners. The fee to enter for qualifiers was about £180 but then it got them into London I guess. 
  • 11 easy miles this morning. Talk of breakfast and fuelling may be academic as well now as I think I am coming down with a cold :(
  • My concern with the age group thing is that as a Champs runner I already have a number on my back, so now am I supposed to have two back numbers? I'm quite small, I'm not sure there's room!

    I'm a porridge fan. I usually self cater so can make it as normal, but was in a hotel for GNR. I had one of those little pots that you just add hot water to. Then about 200ml of Maurten 320. I was too worried about needing to pee to drink any more, since they didn't seem to think it was a good idea to provide toilets near the pen we had to wait in for 45 minutes!
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    Taper madness already, Gul or an actual cold? 

    Speedy, yes I've seen a few raise the double number issue. 

    Big session today, 8 x 1m off 1 min. Conditions were good which helped. Reps were 5.50, 5.49, 5.50, 5.53, 5.50, 5.51, 5.55 and 5.53.

    Last double digit mlr tomorrow at 13m. 

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    Plenty of time to get over a cold Dul

    Good session that DT, nicely done.

    I did my standard 14x3min/30sec this morning, av pace was a bit slow but probably due to saturdays mp run.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    A big volume of intervals DT and nice consistency.

    Hopefully it'll clear the system Gul, but better now than 2 weeks time.

    Nice medal but I'm not sure I fancy a MV55 pinned to my back!

    Intervals for me early evening as well.  Five sets of 1K with 500m jog recoveries.  Splits of 3:39, 3:39, 3:36. 3:36 and 3:33.  Almost the last interval session of the campaign, just the 1 mile reps to do in 8 days time.
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    Take care Gul. I also felt a bit under the weather today so bailed on the swim and dropped a group at the club sesh. 
    There were plenty of loos scattered around the Town Moor Speedy- you must gave been unlucky.
  • Speedy - that's a good idea with pot of instant porridge.
    DT - strong reps. Yes, probably just panicking a bit, but not 100%.
    TR - tough session shortly after the MP run. How long does it take to fully recover, I wonder? Hopefully nothing too bad.
    SBD - nice reps, did mine today.
    OO - yes, I probably should take a rest, but have one eye on the weekend. Hope you',re feeling better now.
    I had planned to do my final long run this morning, but wasn't up in time, so did the 5x600m intervals instead. Fairly consistent, 2:14, 2:11, 2:09, 2:10, 2:10.  Did 12 miles in all. Sweating buckets by the end :(.   Taper starts at the weekend as we're taking Miss GD back to Uni and making a bit of a short break of it.
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    Gul, as noted above, if you do get a cold now, it's pretty good timing as the training demands are reducing and you are then very unlikely to have one come VLM. The worst time  to start feeling it is 5 days out! Sweating buckets when it isn't now hugely warm/humid does denote there is something being fought off.

    SBD- good going on the reps, always nice to see that progression and strong finish.

    Off out for 13 shortly. 

  • OO, on the Moor, yes, loads. On the start line though, none at all. And they took us down there 45 minutes before the race.

    I hope you and Gul don't really have colds and you just have Taper Maladie. 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Hope the 13 went well DT.

    A good set of intervals in the 12 miles Gul.  Do you think you'll do anything longer before London?

    Hope you're feeling better OO.

    For the last six Wednesdays it's been a 15 mile MLR.  Today was only 14.3 miles!  A bit sluggish for the first half as per usual post interval Tuesday but picked the pace up in the second half with the last 5 miles at 6:33/m. 

    Sports massage tomorrow after a morning recovery run. 
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