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    That sounds nice jools better than indoor swimbling for sure.

    SBD - similar to me yday then using the shoes to get used to them. Yday I did 6m av 6.43 for an av 136, in my 14m, it was av 143 in my 13m mp run the other week. In my solo 2.58 at goodwood in April, i was av 152. But i use my wrist based hrm and its not the best......the shoes were awful at 8mm, gave me all sorts of leg aches.
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    Report later guys but 2:58:48 in hot conditions 
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    Well done OO - that’s brilliant!
  • Great result, OO.  I knew you were in good shape!
  • I was tracking you on the website, OO. Amazing run, Sir. Well played! 
  • OO, grand chapeau! Or whatever that is in German. Great effort. 
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    Nice one OO, defo managed the last week and race day well there, plenty of sub3 race week experience came in handy.
  • Fab stuff OO - superbly managed and glad that the 10,000m was a one-off blip. I'm hoping "grosser Hut" (according to Google Translate!) is the phrase Poacher is looking for. Enjoy the beers this evening.

    1:32 in the Harry Hawkes Half for me this morning - generally flat course, well marshalled and an interesting mix of different surfaces. Went off a bit too fast (6:40 for the first mile) but reined myself in. Given that I hadn't tapered for this and had done a parkrun yesterday, I'd say that I'm probably just about in 1:30 shape, so I won't be structuring my expectations for anything much faster than 3:15 at the Yorkshire Marathon in 3 weeks time.

    Advice please. Elder Lorenzito (who's also doing Yorkshire Marathon) has just ran 40:07 at the Manchester 10K to smash his PB and he's put in some decent long runs as well so I suspect that he'll go much quicker than his initial 3:5x estimate. Trying to work out what advice to give him (it's his first marathon) as I don't want him to go off like crazy and not enjoy the second half - perhaps suggest 8:30s for the first half and see how he's feeling at halfway? 
  • Who's going to be at the Expo on Weds evening? I'll be there with MrsL (who's definitely exhibiting all the symptoms of taper madness at the moment!) towards the end of the evening and would be good to say hello and good luck if anyone else is going to be around.
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    Thanks guys. Quite hot out there today but I'm better with heat than many. I'd forgotten how painful marathons are, my legs were on fire most of the second half. I got distracted for a few miles chatting to a pal from 6-10. The paced dropped and I hit the half in 1:30:48. Spent the second half playing catch up, slowly cutting through the field and a negative split running about 3 mins quicker. My biggest negative split so far but mainly down to conditions and caution from the start. There were a lot of walkers and a few medical cases mainly  due to the heat. 
    Berlin is a flat race but not sure I'd rush back. Too many pedestrians, bikes and scooters cutting across the road during the race. So I'll take the good run, enjoy the nice weekend and bid auf wiedersehen to this particular major.
    It does feel like the pressure is off for London but if the legs recover I will give it a good crack. Hopefully conditions will be kinder.

    Good effort Lorenzo hope we can catch up next week 🤞
  • Fantastic stuff, OO. I saw your first half and thought the conditions were taking a toll and you were doing great under the circumstances. When I saw the managed neg split, I was amazed and mighty impressed. 

    My Berlin delivered a 3 second positive split in warm conditions. Your neg in hot temps is proper impressive. Well done. Hope the legs recover for next week's trott.
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    Great work, oo, an excellent outcome and well managed race. Hope you enjoy the night and weekend as a whole. 

    Hope you recover well and can have a good go at London. 

    Sbd, it was on supersports, a South African sports network. Someone posted a link on the sub 3 fb page and I just cast it from phone to TV. 

    Lorenzo, well done on the half. Re your son, it's important he enjoys it and doesnt walk away hating the whole idea. Though a 40 min 10k suggests he is much better than the initial aim. If it were me I'd go out first half based on original ish plan and aim to run first half in 1.50, maybe setting out at 1.55 pace then just go second half. He should cruise over Tower Bridge. 

    Easy 12m this morning. Nothing of significance now this week. 
  • Lorenzo, long time. Good to see your name and nice work on the 1/2.

    OO, outstanding effort. At least one person does well in the heat! Not my strong suit.

    I've been awol for quite a while. Sadly, I've developed a pretty nasty case of plantar fasciitis on my right foot. Earlier this summer, my feet started feeling tender in the mornings, but would always loosen up after some walking. So I kind of ignored it. A mistake. Anyway, I had to shut down running about a month ago and even biking wasn't tolerated. So no fall marathon for me. I am back in PT treatment. Turns out I probably should have gone in earlier when my body started feeling tight. I went without any PT visits for over 2 years (a record for me). But another lesson learned. So the score is I was way out of neutral with my left hip, and my right glute was just plain weak and likely not doing much (hence the PF took the load). So I'm a few lbs heavier, but actually found some peace the past month. I took a few weeks and just lived without exercise. Since 2018 I've been going nonstop. Other than some recovery after the 2019 marathon, I've just been piling miles. And not getting  enough sleep (understatement!). Although I did turn the sleep thing around this summer finally.

    But today was a good day. I've been getting strong doing all my prescribed strength work and repositioning exercises. I did some solid walking time on feet yesterday and while it got sore, it recovered fully by this morning. And today I managed a decent bike ride with no flare up. Maybe I'm finally ready to rebuild. Regardless, I think I needed the rest and hopefully that investment will pay out. And of course, my love affair with running is rekindled more than ever. I won't take "her" for granted for a long time.

    My other good news was a recent promotion. I've now risen to the top rank at my University (Professor with tenure). Practically, this translates to me never having to submit another promotion packet or endure another year long, multi-stage review (and wasting the time of busy colleagues to write letters or review). Sometimes I wonder how this whole system was established. But nice to be on the other side of it with some better job security (and a nice pay bump ;)

    I've tried to keep up with the thread . Some real dedication on display. Good thoughts from across the pond to the rest of you in your upcoming races and your day to day!

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    Excellent news on the job promotion VT. Would be great to have you  back on the thread a hear about your running progress which will surely come 👏
  • OO - so a negative split too! Very impressive in hot conditions too. Well executed .
    Lorenzo - tidy HM. You should be on target for a decent mara. Good luck to Lorenzito. As you say, best to play it fairly conservatively for the first half.
    VTr - good to hear from you and sounds like you're on the mend. Congrats on the work promotion. Sounds like a bit if pressure off.
    6 steady miles with strides this morning.
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    Interesting stats here. Only 20th V55 😳
    Also overtook c1000 runners in the second half but none in the 1st half. So overtook half the folks in front of me from half way...
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    OO, great stats, shows you dealt with the conditions perfectly. You may have only been 20th V55, but I bet none of the others rocked the topless running look quite as well as you did!

    Congrats on the promotion, VT. Great to be at the top of the tree! Did your fellow professors come over to you on lunch and present you with a jacket in order to let you know?? That's what happened on, was it the Good Will Hunting?

    It's nice to wake up on a Monday not feeling a bit depleted and tired from a 20 miler the day before. A normal ish Monday for me despite taper so 4m recovery over lunch (down from the usual 5) then spin later. Really is just a matter of treading water this week. Lots of extra time on my hands after today. Just hoping that kit bag arrives in the post.

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    The post has arrived here but still no kit bag - a bit frustrating as I'd prefer to pack before going to the expo on Wednesday.

    Impressive negative split in the warm conditions OO.  You were top V55 brit and almost in the top 1,000 - so a great day.  I had seen your first two 5K splits before heading off for the Sunday run and was worried by the trend!  Enjoy the rest of your time in Berlin.

    It is indeed a strange Monday morning feeling DT.  Just the MP test on Wednesday to think about for me, otherwise all easy miles.  And the sports massage tomorrow!

    Congrats on the tenure VT - that must be a huge relief, professionally and financially.  Not so good on the PF but good to here you hope to be back running soon.  It shows how important the S&C work is and how we neglect at our peril!

    Need to start to thinking about MP for Sunday although I'm not liking the forecast wind speeds very much.
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    SBD, My post not here yet, but like you, I would really like to turn up with a complete bag. I'm going to need to start writing lists soon, my brain can't deal with everything!

    I've got 4 x 1m off 1 min easy at mp tomorrow, then a sports massage a few hours later.

    I meant to comment on your previous post raising concern re the wind. In the first place, of all things to forecast well in advance, a slightly windier spell is hardest to accurately pinpoint. It only has to shift a few hours either way and we are good.

    That said, I did London in 2019 when the wind forecast was more than sunday currently is and I barely noticed it. Three reasons for that-

    1. London is so built up there's a lot of wind shielding.

    2. The supporters will absorb and act as a barrier.

    3. The running crowds will provide a final layer of protection.

    I'd also say running at mara pace into a moderate breeze isn't quite as disproportionately tiring as trying to do so for 10k pace.

    My plan is to run it like I did that 20m race in Bedford so to go out mid 6.30s, maybe get some momentum in the downhill at 3m and then just slowly chip average pace so I go through half way at 6.30 average  on the garmin which would be about 1.25.30, then just start slowly building it over the course of the second half so I finish with 6.25mm as my average pace, which assuming my gps measures 26.40m will be 2.49.30 ish.

    Of course, that's just a plan and this is a marathon so a multitude  of variables come into play to derail it! But my training and Dorney and that 20m in July tell me it's an achievable plan. I played Dorney pretty safe so quite prepared if it feels right to take more of a risk. I've already run a time this year that I am more than happy with so if I get this wrong, beyond initial disappointment, it won't be critical!

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    Well played OO, top pacing for a negative split.

    OO - take any kit for bag drop to the expo in a carrier bag, just put the carrier bag into the spare expo drop bag, you then have a carrier bag after the race for your wet sweaty kit.......wind should be negligible in the city, esp after CV safe motor circuit racing.
  • Congrats VT, great news on the promotion.

    Kit bag has arrived this morning. I'm sure they'll all arrive by tomorrow. I'll be at the Expo on Wednesday to beat the crowds and get the task out of the way. The instructions state that they take our bags upon arrival and allocate a crate number. We then go to the number collection desk where the number is printed out and will have the crate number also printed on it.
    I would have thought this would take extra time to normal, so those traveling and arriving on Friday/Saturday may want to allow extra time for this?

    Decided to only do 2 runs this week so that I can maximise hamstring recovery. Looking back at previous good races, I only do 2 runs on race week anyway.

    Proper anxious though...
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    OO - great pacing there :)  Well done on 1st V55 Brit too.
    SBD - my kitbag finally arrived this morning. Approx 17" x 21".
    DT- good plan. I have a check list which is slowly being ticked off - I have another old cagoul type jacket which I can put in the kit bag for the finish. I also am going to switch off auto-lap for tomorrow's run as I've never done that before with my relatively new watch.
    GD - yes, I imagine Expo might take a little while. Wise move to take a bit more recovery this week.
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    No kitbag for me in todays post.

    TR- that is true re recent races. Even at Dorney and the Bedford GP they weren't generally breezy days at all but the locations meant that it was stronger there. Even though the wind forecast for London is twice as strong as Dorney was, I suspect i'll notice it far less in London than I did in Dorney.

    That's a decent idea anyway re an extra carrier for the sweaty kit post event.

  • OO, you reeled in half the field ahead! You must have had some super good mojo going in the second half. Must have been a great confidence booster to just be cruising compared the poor folks you were busy passing.

    TR, nothing so exciting. Just a letter from the President and Provost. But I did find this on my desk shortly after (follow this link to see Crystal Head Onyx Agave Vodka). And a note about having sold my soul to the devil or something along those lines 😉.

    SBD, you are correct about the S&C work. I need to make doing this a part of my routine, not just to fix when I’m broken. I also wonder if I could get more speed if I actually used my glutes properly?!

    Strength and conditioning work checked off for the day. And no pain in feet for day 2. Not much tightness even upon waking this morning.

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    It was hurting quite a lot VT but it's still a great feeling to pick it up when others are struggling. Last 10k was about 41 minutes, which is faster than my track race last Sunday.
    Sounds like your body is almost race ready 👍
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    Good points on the wind DT.  I tend to get paranoid about strong winds and haven't run any big city marathons for a while.  I remember being surprised back in 2019 when everyone said the wind wasn't a factor. 

    A good pace plan from you.  I'm sure you'll run a big negative split off a 1:25 first half.  Of course, starting 6 minutes behind the rest of us means there is a good chance you'll overtake everyone before the finish!

    I'll probably run to feel but make sure I'm no faster than 6:30/m in the first half.

    I0K recovery early evening.  Legs beginning to feel a bit more refreshed.
  • Tried out auto-lap off mode this morning and glad I did. When you take the first split, the items displayed on the screen change; no idea why, but it then doesn't give me the info I'd like. So I'll stick to auto-lap. Mile markers on the course will still give me my actual time/distance. 5 mile recovery run d&d (or 5.02 as it doesn't show cumulative distance while you're running!)
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    My watch measured 26.5 for Berlin which is part of the reason I missed my 1:30 halfway target. I know it's basic but after 2 years without a marathon it's an easy detail to forget and one you need to keep checking in the race and factor into your mile targets 👍
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    Oo, yes, my pace plan is based on running 13.20 first half and 26.40 overall, which is what happened at Dorney.  

    Gul  you can completely customise your data screens to have on there what you want. 

    Sbd, if we both run to plan, I'll be finishing 6 minutes behind you still. 

    4 x 1m at mp ish today then sports massage later. 

    I found running yesterday on less tired legs and in 15c temps my hr and effort was much lower for pace than it's been lately so hopefully the 12-14c for Sunday will make a big difference. 

    Did a lat flow test this morning, just to make sure there's no surprises Friday. All good and very limited contact with people outside my house next few days. 
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