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  • Great stuff Scooby. Really solid run so early in the campaign, which should rid you of those demons for next time!

    Right, off to get pissozzled. Good luck tomorrow Ant, if you race the 5 miler.
  • of course i am
    Im still here am i not : image
  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    jane326 wrote (see)
    of course i am Im still here am i not : image
    Have a look at the January mileage challenge against RWUSA. (Thread at the top in clubhouse)
    Sign up everybody - I did last year - we whooped their asses image
  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    Have a look at the January mileage challenge against RWUSA. (Thread at the top in clubhouse)

    Signed up already! Let's whip their ar5es again.

    KR, Jane - hard luck guys but as others have said at least it takes the external pressure off.

    Scoobs - nice progressive running there - bodes well for the rest of the campaign.

  • Who needs the ASICS Super Six when you have the sub-3:15 thread?
  • KK- will do
  • and BOTF - True image
  • Lorenzo wrote (see)
    kittenkat wrote (see)
    Have a look at the January mileage challenge against RWUSA. (Thread at the top in clubhouse)

    Signed up already! Let's whip their ar5es again.

    I think just you and poach alone could probably see the whole of RWUSA off!
  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    Commiserations KR and jane, I was actually REALLY surprised by the results in that catagory.

    jane, I hope you're going to hang around on the forums.

    Echo those sentiments here - I also agree that you may be best off without the pressure.

    Pah, it's like the FIFA worldcup draw all over again.... image (That's a joke by the way Sepp, in case you're lurking....)

    Have a good weekend peeps.

  • Looks like I'll be on the Brighton train with you FINgers!
  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    What's Brighton like?

    Sunny, by the sea, lots of veggies and green party members image
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    kittenkat wrote (see)

    What's Brighton like?

    Puurfectimage  Much more fun than London although a few undulations over the first half and a lack of inspiring scenery at 20 miles.

    Bad luck KR and Jane but as everyone has already said you'll run a faster marathon by just sticking around here.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    KR and Jane - IMO your chances of running a strong Spring marathon have increased today. You get to listen to your body and train the way you would like to, with far less pressure. Follow the good advice on here and bag as much consistency as possible and then you just need no bad luck on the day.

    AC - JBFAR was a top aflete before she embarked on last years SS6 quest. She has done an 11h IM, (competed in various other Tris over quite a few years),  won the round Brownsea Island sea swim and had already run a sub 3:15 (as Supergirl) she had years of endurance BUT she wasnt a regular runner, finding out you have a SS6 slot as the sub3 hopeful in December is about 3 or 4 months too late IMO, unless you are already a regular runner and they arnt looking for someone that knows what they are doing.

    I dipped under 3:15 first go too !

  • Just popped in to thank you guys for helping to distract me earlier on and to commiserate with both KR and Jane. 
  • TR - thanks for the post.

    You get to listen to your body and train the way you would like to, with far less pressure.

    i know your'e right!
  •   Jane,KR what a bummer... echo whats been said already pressures off! 

         Best of luck for your campaigns.

  • KR/Jane - tough news for you guys. However having seen what happened to JBFAR last year may not be such a bad thing though.....

    I did 3.04 in my first mara (and 1.21 in my first half) then got slower and crapper for 2 years ( not through want of trying!) so don't underestimate what it might take for the sub3 guy to lose 6 minutes. 

  • Joolska - One day I'm going to be able to run enough to train for a marathon again (don't laugh).  And when I do, I'll be taking L Glutamine daily.  As I recall, Sue C started taking this, on the recommendation of a renowned proper person, to battle against the inevitable cold/flu/nastiness which comes with high mileage.

    Breaking out the pink grapefruit etc at the first sign of snot is all very well, but by then it's usually too late.

    Did it work well for you, Sue?  If so, do please let us know.  But if it didn't, then keep your bloody comments to yourself.  I can do without having another pet theory disproved, thanks.

  • TR - I thought she had a strong tri background - didn't realise it was that strong!

  • Commiserations to KR and Jane. As has already been mentioned though - you might be better off now and more likely to hit your goals in the Spring. Without the pressure of having to train to a "one-size fits none" program and not having to run your own forum, you should be able to enjoy your running more.

    Jools: Sorry to hear about the return of the man-flu. That's gotta be frustrating. Maybe take a week or so away from running over Christmas to try and shift it once and for all, then come back fighting hard in the new year - ready to smash that sub-3 barrier.

    Really interesting discussion on the HM time required to convert to a sub-3. If 1h21 is now the ideal time then I need to knock nearly 14 mins off my PB! I only need to knock 15.19mins off my actual marathon PB. I knew my HM time was really soft, but that's ridiculous image

    After a day's respite from the weather here in Oslo (it climbed to the heady heights of minus 3 degrees yesterday), things have now reverted to the norm. Temperature has got down to minus 8 and falling rapidly and it's snowing a blizzard outside. Guess that means the dreadmill again in the morning for my long run. Last day of P&D week 1 - a 15miler.

    KK: I'm now signed up for the RWOL challenge image A great idea - and when we beat them I can crow about it when I'm in Boston
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I've been following this on my iPhone all day.  All I can say is I AM SHOCKED! 

    Knight Rider, you had my vote because of this thread, but Jane you really stepped up to the mark and have been really honest with your posts.  I really thought one of you had it in the bag.  Nothing against the winner, of course, but in my opinion if they haven't found this thread how can they be really serious about getting under 3.15!!!!!

    And another thing - this talk about having regular posters was a load of sh*te! Jane excluded because she has made a huge effort in the past week or so. 

    And one last thing -  when I logged on tonight I see that all the winners have threads going on this forum.  Is this not the VLM forum?  And they not doing Paris?!!!!!!   Is this allowed?  

    Rant over.  

  • Scooby - Great running fella.

    KR/Jane -  Commiserations to you both, congrats to those who got through, I am sure we will all be following their campaigns with interest.

    15 miles for me this evening, 1 mile slow then 4 steady(ish) x 3. Splits for steadyish miles as follows: 6:59,7:00,7:04,6:58,7:12,7:06,7:01,7:02,6:59,6:54,7:07,7:05, with the 3 slow avg worked out at 7:18 that's 2 seconds quicker than PMP. Maybe that should be my strategy for Gloucester.image

  • Well said minni. I have serious misgivings about the sub 3h15 entrant and I hope to be proved wrong
  • Hitting some great splits there Barry. Looking very good for Gloucester
  •  am going to open a can of worms!!!

     as TAR has stated he will be taking Glucosamine, i too take 2 a day, helps with my dodgy knees.I don't know if its psychological but they seem to work for me.

       MM any thoughts on multi vitimins,glucoamine etc?

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Should we be expecting Upsy Daisy to join us here or is it likely she will be too focused on her own thread?

    OsloNeil - I too am thinking "blimey!" about the requisite HM time to go sub-3. I thought targetting sub-1.25 was conceptually possible, albeit difficult, for me but am sure a low 1.20 HM is just not something I could contemplate, even if I had the talent (unless I shelve my family commitments and just selfishly train train train, which sounds attractive but in the realms of delusional!) Am feeling like my whole ambition of getting a sub-3 time isn't going to happen at all which is disappointing because I have always said to myself that if I could run a sub-3 marathon I would have a crack at an IM once I can fit in the training around the family.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    MsE - dont focus on the HM time, focus on the sub 3. You're not going to train for a HM in a sub 3 attempt. IMO 1:23 ish shows ball-park readiness, BUT you are only really interested in a HM to fullM conversion prior to a marathon, so a 1:25 during marathon build up could be good enough (cos you'd be much quicker than 1:25 without marathon training in your legs).........and once again it all comes down to impact miles and running enurance anyway regardless of how fast someone can run a HM or not.
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