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  • Hi all

    just lurking for a while....can you please explain what the P &D schedule is.............obviously not for me but my OH has made great strides the last couple of years and has now got a PB of 3:23 off no real schedule.....looking for something now to help him get the sub 3:15image


  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Seren nos

    No need to lurk - we don't biteimage

    P&D - The Bible

  • thank you

     ordered for christmasimage

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Hi Seren Nos image

    Whilst waiting for your delivery, look here for a peak at the up to 70 mpw schedule

    (I do love any excuse to paste this link) image

  • Thank you.......

    Not sure why i am helping him because his abingdon time made him more than an hour faster than me....I now have to knock a few more minutes of my PB in spring to bring the difference under the hourimageimage

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    What time did you do at Abo SN?

  • Thanks all
    SBD and Frazer - i do like the sound of P&D - 3.05 as a marathon virgin is pretty awesome BTW so im going to start that on monday and see how i go and will scale if back if its too much. Badbark i can definitely see how that would help a good mara time
    5 miles in Regents park this pm - just me a only a few others then a few climbs up primrose hill dodging the sleds
    lovely out there today but slow - will take ages to do long run tomorrow ....
    any tips to stop fingers freezing even in gloves? my fingers turn white in minutes...

  • Welcome Upsy Daisy and Seren.

    A few inches of snow down here, I managed a slow recovery 4 miles after donning trail trainers.  I reckon it's gonna freeze hard tonight so it might have to be tready for tomorrows planned long one.

    Good luck to anyone managing to race this weekend

  • Top marks for anyone who got out today in the snow - particularly long runs.

    Once the four hour horizontal blizzard had subsided it was 6.5 miles for me today in the snow. Really slippery. It felt like I was running on a glass treadmill with wet bars of soap on my feet. Still good fun and all of our Christmas cards are now delivered to our friends in town.

    Jane - Of the three schedules I have tried  (P&D, Hal Higdon and RW) P&D wins for me because of the mixture of structure and quality. I also added some of the tips I picked up from MacMillan for my long running to improve the quality and value of these sessions.

    Barry - you're certainly hitting some nice form - just keep it simmering away and don't get injured in the snow/ice.

    Ant - You have described an officious side to the Spanish that I really disliked when I lived there.

    LOL Moraghan

  • Keir..........we  split the marathons.......I do a spring one and my OH does the autumn one...........I did 4:26 at Llanelli this year in a bit of a heat wave.........He didn't like his first marathon last year as it was London and suffered from the he then did Abingdon last year and this year and his time were much better.

    He is much better than me at motivation an nothing will stop him getting his 5 runs a week in during training........

    I can't seem to transfer my oither times to a marathon...I will see again at VLM in April

  • There's nothing wrong with the RW schedule. I did plenty of 50mpw+ this spring using the exact mileage prescribed. I've had a look at the re jigged schedules for 2011 and there are less races and more 20 mile long runs than the version I followed. My max mileage was 62 miles in the last week before the 3 week taper so don't think it's mileage light by any means. I'm sure I was in sub 3h10 shape going into London but I couldn't prove it on the day
    Jane didn't you say you were doing a marathon in January? How does that fit in with a fast spring marathon?
  • Mm: I see your doing Wokingham half as well are you reworking the rw schedule for that or more bespoke?
  • So Upsy will be following the Garmin ready 3:15 schedule??  Didn't they offer a Timex  Ironman Global Trainer GPS watch as part of the prize? Seems odd.image

    Very wise on the LSR front from B&B and Scoobs by getting them out of the way before the weekend.  BarryB you seem to be simmering nicely.
    12 miles outside by FW.  Did you have an adverse reaction to daylight?  Or did you have to play some white noise on headphones to make up for the loss of the constant hum of the dreadmill?

    Snow has hit sunny South Wales, 5 to 6 inches yesterday so ran home from work & played a game of race the commuter, but it was no contest as they crawled along nose to tail in the snow.  Only 5 miles home but as I was out decided I might as well stay out and totalled 9miles in the end.  
    5m recovery this morning with a further 3 to 4 inches of white stuff made for a reasonable workout, was only 8:40mm but HR was in racing range.  Not looking forward to attempting an LSR tomorrow.

    Good luck with the race Ant.  

  •  welcome seren nos.

     no run for me today thick blanket of snow everywhere!

     got to go out tomorrow tho, need the long runs in...

  • Zapo I am doing wokingham as an A target race. I'm trying to do as many miles as I can tolerate every week with two quality sessions per week. Weds night is classic intervals with my club and with running to and from club it should be 10-13 miles. The other session would be HM paced stuff within the context of a longer run. So 2 x 3 miles within a 14 mile run leading up to a Moraghan-type session of 6 easy 6 at HM effort to determine what I could be capable of on the day. Mix in a couple of races and the schedule pretty much writes itself. Running to and from work 4 days a week helps bump up the mileage as well
  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Seren nos - sounds like my hubby and I over the past few years - he did spring marathons (Paris) and I generally entered autumn ones (although I only actually did one due to having babies).

    Short run of 3 miles at 8m/m in deep snow this afternoon - at least it was something! My little boy has been waking early all week (around 4:45) but topped it this morning with a 2:20 start. He did settle, after a while, in bed with me...but I didn't. Yawn.

    I was pottering around on the computer last night and landed on the Edinburgh Marathon website by mistake (clicked an advert by accident). I noticed that I had the time to qualify for a FREE now I'm entered. Not really sure what I'm doing now, but the Edinburgh date actually gives me time to recover from winter bugs and do some proper training. I may do London in the build up...but in a very controlled way. I thought I was more sensible than this...obviously I was wrong!
  • Windy - was not sure if the watch comes with the training plan - it would have been great as I currently do not have a working watch - it needs to be fixed (Forerunner 205). Ever since I got the battery replaced a few months ago it started making some funny squealing noise and stopped working properly.

  • Pipes - There'll be a few of us at Edinburgh next year then. I've done it a few times as my home town mara and (assuming we don't get the freak hot weather we've had last 2 years) is a good PB course. Only snag is it's not really in Edinburgh - more an East Lothian coastal run.
  • Wokingham is the only A race I have booked for next year. Just need to find a sept/oct marathon to work towards.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Just seen the Edinburgh thing.  Like the way it closes just before the VLM!   I did Edinburgh last year, kind of my local too, but I hated it with a passion! 
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Zapo - Newcastle is November and I can recommend that.
  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Fraser - glad there are others doing it too. I have said hello on the Edinburgh thread but not much more as I didn't know much about it yet. I've spent some time tonight looking into hotels but I'm not really getting anywhere - everything is very expensive/ far out/ minimum of 2 nights...I will get there eventually, though.

    Minni - yeah, convenient closing before London. Why did you hate it, Minni? I've heard the organisation could have been improved but I'm hoping it was just a glitch. Same with the heat.
  • I will be doing Edinburgh too guys, assuming I get fully fixed and Moraghan agreesimage Having done The Extremely Hot One in 2009 (as opposed to The Hot One in 2010) I am a little concerned about the weather - I do NOT run well in heat.

    But agree, I liked the course and had few organisational issues personally, although I know many did.

    If not, it will be Abingdon in October I would think.

  • It can't possibly be that hot again.More likely gale force winds and pishing rain ! I too'd be interested to hear why you hated it Minni.....
  • Sorry am late with it but comiserations KR

    Snowed in here but did a 4 mile recovery run, I love running that slow, soo easy!
    12.5 on the treadie for tomorrow, better than going A over T outside!

    Good luck Ant on the race

    Hello to all the newcomers (there's been loads on this thread since we moved home!)
  • I did the 2009 and 2010 hot Edinburghs, and melted twice.  Didn't have any problem with either on the organisation front.  Thought 2010 was hotter.
    VLM for me next year though, hopefully a chance it will be cooler... with a PB tagged on it this timeimage.  Suppose I'd better do the training then.....
  • Seren Welcome to you and your OH

    Zapo As a neutral I would suggest the Mersey Marathon 09.10.11

    7 miles today, bit of a mix between steady and recovery with 8x100m strides towards the end. The strides were not pretty, but I will blame that on the snow/ice and yesterdays' LSR. I have officially classed it as a steady run, as it was too hard to be a sensible recovery.

    It was actually nice today and really enjoyable crunching through the snow, which will be the main reason I started the run at steady rather than recovery. Whilst out I was asked by a group "why would you run in weather like this?"  My answer "It's fun". Which is a good sign.

    Ant Good luck in your race. Spanish officials are the best.

  • Scooby Dudek wrote (see)

    Spanish officials are the best.

    When they're not on strike.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Pipes  I'm just a whinge really but...

    • It was hot - nobody could do anything about that.
    • They ran out of water -  this wasn't a problem for me but it was for others.  And I was doubly annoyed when they tried to say it wasn't their fault because the water had in fact been stolen from the side of the road.  What person in their right mind would leave pallets of water and sports drinks in the middle of the road overnight?
    • I didn't like the relay runners who kept appearing from nowhere and putting me off my stride.
    • The organisation at the finish was awful.  I was trying to get to my family who were on the other side of the track.  I kept asking stewards for how to get over and got sent in a different direction by each one.  After 45 mins I said to one of them that I was desperate to get to my children and he told me I should never have left them alone in a  pubic place.  I told him they were with their father and grandmother and he wouldn't believe me!  Said he could report me!  I bust into tears and told him to fcuk off! 
    • I found the route long and boring.
    • But, essentially, I was tired.  I did it 5 weeks after London to 'test myself'.  I was 12 mins slower than London, which I was happy with, but I think I just wasn't in the right frame of mind. 
    However, Edinburgh is a lovely city.  You could stay at Mussleburgh and get the bus in in the morning?  I often stay at a Guest house in the Murrayfield area when I'm there for parties etc.  I can give you the details if you like? 
  • @ seren nos - thanks for asking about the p&d saves me having too!

    i am going to stick with the rw 3h15 for paris as i used the rw 3h30 worked well for me but the p&d book is going on my list for santa that is for sure.

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