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    Volleyball Lorenzo- was that an Olympics inspired decision?

  • OO - in a nutshell, yes. I played at a local club a few years ago and then had to stop because it clashed with Mrs L's choir practice but having been to Earls Court to watch the volleyball, I definitely felt inspired to go back. We played a bit of sitting volleyball (as in the Paralympics) during training and boy, is that difficult!!

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    parkrun heaven (Whitley Bay) from last Saturday


  • Lorenzo - sensible decision that's easier said than done. Hope it turns out to have been unncessary. Re bedtime - I usually still get 7 hours sleep but have to be careful I don't sneak out of bed a few minutes earlier each morning to get my running fix.
    OOlg - cool picture.

  • Nice parkrun OO, does it get a bit windy sometimes?

  • Did the photographer have a few too many on Friday night OO? It's a tad lopsided!

    Back in Nottingham and it's freezing. I'm much improved but still needing to blow my nose and clear my throat a lot. I'm assuming intervals won't be the most sensible plan so I'm going to do a bit of unpacking then head for the gym. Treadmill and steam room. Luckily I only had 8 miles scheduled for today anyway. 

  • Phew - mammoth read-back from last Friday after 4 gorgeous days in Sicily.  Bit sleep-deprived after a delayed evening flight followed by work this morning, so I'll limit myself to: well done to some on pbs, others on races showing a fine return to form and commiserations to those benched and lurgied (otherwise summarised as: wot Gul said on the previous page).

  • OOlg, isn't it cheatiugn if iut is all that steep downhill?

    10 at lunchtime, easy 74 minutes, recovery is setting in image. Mind you, I did the same run in 66 when I was fit so still a way to go image.

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    one of the club members took the photo- not sure what he's done with the angle and effects but it does capture the setting. Spectacular some days and blowing a gale most others. Hoping the get oyut there tonight. 

  • Club session for me tonight: 1K, 4 x 900m, 1K.  Not sure what the static recoveries were, but I ran my fastest kilometre ever: 3.40 for the final rep image

  • Just a quick dip in from me.  Currently in Japan where it is max 31C and min 24C with high humidity. Needless to say I am struggling with the heat whilst running.

    Generally I've been out running when I wanted to and am running around 45-50 miles per week.  I am also doing one fast run per week and it really takes me a lot to recover from these.  I'm hopeful that there will be an overall benifit, but the runs the following day are generally a sufferfest.

    Some runs are excellent - easy cruising at a pace just short of MP, or enjoying a tempo run so much that I forget how far I've gone.  Other runs are hard to run at recovery pace and yes those dreaded walk breaks have appeared in training runs.  A combination of the impact of the speedwork and lack of recovery due to baby related sleep deprivation.

    I too have bought the Julian Goater book for my tour of the east and there's a lot of good stuff so far.  Obviously I am not currently doing much of what he recommends.

    I also entered the Greater Manchester Marathon 

    After many year avoiding flying in typhoons/hurricanes whilst visiting the far east, I finally landed in one last week in Seoul.  I can confirm it should be avoided.

  • Speedy - hope the steam room has done the trick.
    PMJ - nice easy run; looking good.
    Jools - fast rep there; but why 4x900 in the middle rather than all 6 reps of 1k? I'm sure there's a good reason.
    Bike It - min 24C?! Rather you than me. Sounds like you're doing some good training.
    3 mile recovery run for me this morning on a new route. The County Council have replaced some of the old street lights with energy efficient ones and they switch some of them off at midnight. I was hoping that my new route would avoid these streets but no such luck; back to the drawing board.

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    Interesting place to run Bike it. I was in Tokyo many years ago and running was a pain, having to stop at each set of traffic lights as jay walking is against the law.

    7 miles for me at 8 min pace.

  • Bike It - sounds an interesting experience. Is it work or pleasure that takes you over there? I can imagine you get some pretty strange looks when you're out on the streets!!!

    Wanted to give my knee another day's rest today so hit the rowing machine in the gym. 5K's worth of rowing staring at a wall. image 

    Hope to be back out running tomorrow morning.

  • Gul: it's to ensure that the slower runners get the same recovery as the faster runners (who did 6 x 1K); we were set off early for the first rep and then all together for reps 2-6 (clearly we could have as long as we liked to recover after rep 6!).

  • Lorenzo - well done on the rowing. I've never tried a rowing machine; it's probably worse than a dreadmill. You must be looking forward to getting out tomorrow.
    Jools - thanks, I thought there must be a logical explanation.

  • Gul - to be honest I think I prefer a rowing machine to a dreadmill, if only because the alternative to the dreadmill is being outside in the fresh air listening to the birds and the sounds of nature, whereas the alternative to the rowing machine is constantly facing the prospect of falling in cold water!

    I think I might have to borrow an iPod for next time though.

  • O&O - luckily my hotel is nearby the Tamagawa river and all rivers in Tokyo region have a large flood plane so I can run easiliy on the path by the river without stopping.  I can actually run for about 10miles along this path to the sea unhindered by having to cross any road or railways as I'm below them on the riverside.  Otherwise it would be a huge and I probably have to find some loop to do.

    Lorenzo - I'm here for work.  Generally the runners and cyclist on the river path are quite neutral to me - no greeting each other seems to go on here.  It's the non-excercisers who give me funny looks.

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    Nice pic OO. I might venture down someday.

    Poacher - what are your plans for the TM?


  • 7 steady miles for me this morning.

  • Gul - similar for me. A couple of hilly bits and off road sections - definitely good to be out there again as I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. No problems with the knee, so pleased about that.

  • Nice 14 MLR for me last night. Cool, sunny and still, lovely!

    Had a reminder last night to respect marathon distance. Bumped into a local guy who I always seem to be close to in local 10ks (late 36 early 37 mins). He did VLM as his first marathon and thought he was nailed on for sub 3. (1.20 half etc.). This guy is a very experienced club runner with a good track record.

    He said he felt so fresh after taper stormed off and completed half in 1.26. (6.30). Ended up finishing in 3.08 after wheels came off. Took 52 mins for last 10k! Hard lesson learned which I have absorbed.

    Any one else have similar tales of disaster? Although 3.08 is by no means a disaster he would argue otherwise!
  • I split in 1.30 and finished 1 minute ahead of your friend; not quite such a bad slowing down, but worst positive split ever for me.

    Quite relieved to hear that the Midlands Road Relays have now been cancelled due to the e-coli outbreak in Sutton Park as I wasn't looking forward to spending several days waiting to see if I started puking.  However, due to the fact our local parkrun has also been cancelled (unrelated cause!), I will now have to do a session alone on Saturday as I have first aid training tonight, so can't get to a club session.  I've got rather used to having people to chase down in speed sessions, so I'm not looking forward to a solo effort!

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    DM - a friend of mine completed the GNR in 1:24 last year then backed that up with a 3:42 marathon a month later. The intimate crash and burn. He hadn't really done enough longs runs (as I had told him beforehand) and went off far to fast.
  • The intimate crash and burn sounds interestingimage

  • Dylan man wrote (see)
    He said he felt so fresh after taper stormed off and completed half in 1.26. (6.30). Ended up finishing in 3.08 after wheels came off. Took 52 mins for last 10k! Hard lesson learned which I have absorbed.

    Any one else have similar tales of disaster? Although 3.08 is by no means a disaster he would argue otherwise!

    If you look at VLM 2012 then there are 93 guys finishing 3.08.xx and the splits at half range from 1:24 to 1:37. Only 6 have negative splits. The average split for these 93 males is 1:30:03 for an average finish time of 3:08:24.

    There are 7 guys faster than 1:26 who fished 3:08.xx so it isn't an uncommon event and all of these list running clubs so are not totally naive.

  • Belated race report due to daughters 18th birthday.....

    I travelled up to Newcastle with my nephew who was running his 1st 1/2 mara for Macmillan charity.

    We made our way by metro to the start, we where early but quite a lot of other runners had the same idea.I could feel the excitement all around as we headed towards the baggage buses. My nephew said he felt very relaxed which was strange being his 1st one and not run more than 9m in his life.I gave him a few pointers, the usual not to start off too quick etc it was then he had to make a quick sprint to the loo's next to the buses,now this made me smile i think he just suddenly realised what he was in for.

    While i was waiting for him i spotted a pretty little woman in a purple and green vest with pigtails, what where the odds of bumping into Minni with so many other runners about... was good to meet you.

    Off to the start.. i was in orange zone B so not to far from the front.

    Start... thought i would have had a better start but immediately ran into a wall of slower runner, one woman must have been 15st as i tried to weave my way past i looked at her number orange,zone B i had to ask"how did you get a zone B start" she just gave me a sarcastic smile....anyway soon the crowds thinned out and i could settle into some sort of rhythm.

    Checked the watch at the 5k point 18.55 so was on track, nothing of note to speak of for the few miles 10k at 38.35, 4 or 5 of us running at similar pace and feeling quite comfortable.

    7-10m this is where i started to feel it, a steady incline our small group was down to 3 of us, the crowds where great all the way cheering us and i even high fived quite a few kids on the way. Then loud applause, i was honoured until i realised James Cracknell was along side me and on his way past, i tried to follow but had to back off i don't think i would have kept his pace.He finished 1 min or so before me.

    Finally reached the down hill section left turn onto South shields front and the 1m or so to the finish, looked up at the clock not a PB for me, but only 11 seconds off it. Relatively pleased. 82.47     251st and 7th coffin dodger category.

    Could i have run much faster, if not run a 4.8m multi terrain race the previous Tuesday? Finishing 24th out of 179 ,don't think so...

                Not much of a report but i had a great weekend up in Newcastle.

     Multi terrain race 3 of 4  last Tuesday finished 29th ,so down a few places on last week but to be expected.

           have a great weekend everyone, I 'am off to Toulouse in the morning for a couple of days.



  • You can get cream for that Joolsimage

    Nice sleuthing PMJ. Those massive positive splits look like my entire marathon running career. Ho hum

    Got my results for Buttermere, 27th out of 97. V pleased with that - 36th fastest swim, 41st fastest bike, 21st fastest run. image 12MLR on Wednesday and 7 with 5x600 at 5K pace this morning. Simmering nicely.
  • X- post, nice report Col and enjoy Toulouse mon ami.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Joolska wrote (see)

    The intimate crash and burn sounds interestingimage

    I was going to blame predictive text but maybe it was a Freudian type!  image

    Great report col.  Yes, what were the chances of me stopping right beside you when looking for my baggage bus! Lovely to meet you and congratulations on the fab time.

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