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  • Which exercises are you doing Menna?
  • Perhaps break whatever the exercise is down into component parts and, once you've found the bit of the exercise when your glutes are doing the work, just focus on that bit.  I know when I started core stability work I had to start with very basic exercises - it was weeks before I did anything approaching a sit up!

  • Just over 12.5 miles through the woods and fields this morning. Not the fastest run I've ever done as I was feeling the effects of a late night. Knee seems OK, but my left calf is a little bit stiff at the moment. Might be a job for the massage stick!

    Bike It - what did you say your goal for Abo was?
  • 17 miles for me this morning after 10 last night. Cold,wet and windy but still managed av pace of 7.29 with last 7 between 7 and 7.15. Made the school boy error of taking no water and felt really thirsty after 13! I swear my wet gear weighed 3 or 3 pounds. One more week and into taper. Ran on fresh legs for first time in months on Saturday night after the luxury of two recovery runs in a row (thanks P&D). Felt really nice and can't wait to feel effects of taper.

    Respect to anyone who made it out today as weather foul.
  • I am doing the double leg bridge and single leg bridge (vry poorly I might add). tried donkey kicks this morning but again couldnt locate the right muscle as felt it in my leg/groin area. I just cant seem to be able to get it to engage. I am also restricted as to what I can do as I am still in a sling. I also carry out a single leg effort where you rotate your at the hip whilst ensuring it stays level.

    Nice running DM and Lorenzo.

  • Mennania: are you doing plenty of core work?  If your core is weak then it'll probably be hard to use your glutes properly.  If you're standing up or sitting down can you isolate and tense the glutes?  I'd probably just focus on that and then try the easiest exercise again (donkey kicks?  simply because I'd guess you don't need such a good core to do the exercise properly), but tense the glute slightly before you start the exercise to engage the muscle.  I was always told to engage my core before doing any of my exercises.

  • No Jools I am not. Its something Ive always known I needed to dedicate a bit of time too but never did. I can isolate my glutes and can tense them but cannot seem to get them to fire by themselves, so I can do the bridge and force myself to  tense them but not as a direct response to the exercise. I have read that another exercise it to forcefully tense them when walking with every healstrike. The result is I am mincing everywhere I go!

     I guess the easiest thing is to start at the start so is there a good core programme that can be recommended?

  • I had an issue a few years ago with ITB that was caused by weak glutes and they weren't 'firing first' apparently. The best exercise I was given was basically lying on my side and doing very slow leg raises with the top leg slightly behind the bottom leg (which has to be slightly bent for stability), top leg is locked straight and with the foot flexed. It's actually quite difficult to do and I could only manage about 20 at first. The fizz said 'do it till it hurts, keep going until it's agony, then do a few more'. You can really feel it in your gluteus medius. 

    24 miles this morning. Now I'm really tired and can't be bothered to cook dinner. 

  • Lorenzo wrote (see)
    Bike It - what did you say your goal for Abo was?

    I'd like to get GFA for VLM 2014 as a goal.  The exact pace I start at will be decided a few days before and dependent on how recovered I am feeling and the weather.  If I was running it next weekend, then today I would say to start out at 7:20 pace and accelerate from 19 miles to finish on empty if I was still having the energy.

    Mennania - my fizz has me still on a hard tennis ball to activate the piriformas and move my leg from side to side to basically provoke the muscle into firing

  • Early morning run today - got up far too early so had my first run with a head torch. Had a mixture of MP miles on road, and steady miles on trails to finish up with 23m @ 7:07. Beat the bad weather.

    Last week of training to come before I'm off on holiday with a week of no running.

    Weak glutes caused a lot of ITB problems for me. I was given a load of exercises involving resistance bands. Solved the problem and I try to do the exercises a couple of times a week. Side ways walking with a resistance band looped around the ankles can really be felt.
  • Bike It - sounds like a good plan to me. From experience, planning to be just under 22 minutes for each 3 mile section will:

    a. make the calculations nice and simple (get to 6 miles in 44, 9 in 66 etc)

    b. ensure that you don't fret too much about hitting under 7:20 for every single mile

    c. get you to 24 miles in under 2 hour 56 which will leave you a comfortable 18:59 to do the final 2.2 miles in.

    That's the theory anyway!!!

    AR - sounds like it was a fun start to the day. 

    Some of these recent posts are making me wonder whether I also need to strengthen my glutes. 


  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    Good luck with the mincing exercise Mennania. When carrying any slight niggles I do all my physio and core exercise, stretching etc religiously, but as soon as I'm injury free (which is not often!) I get lazy and drop all of it. I should get more disciplined because the niggles start creeping back.

    I was supposed to do a tempo run on Friday but didn't get around to it so included it in my long run today, as punishment.

    15 miles which included 3 easy, 3 tempo, 3 easy, 3 tempo and 3 easy to finish.

    Paces were 8.20, 6.20, 8.15, 6.21, 8.07 min mile pace. The tempo bits are at my HM PB pace but as I'm not in PB shape I suppose they must be about LT pace.

    Tough run giving it more than MP on a long(ish) run especially the second fast set, found it hard to get going again.

    Pi**ed down with rain the whole run and my shorts suffered a severe bout of 'shoaming'! image must put them on an extra rinse in future.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I can't believe how fast you guys run your LSR's. I was running with a cold but wrapped up and plodded 18 miles at 9:10 pace. Assuming the cold lifts I'll do some speed work this week and hope for the best. A sub- 80 for the Redcar Half seems a bit optimistic a week from now. image  

  • OOlg - hope the man flu has flown; 18 miles with a cold doesn't sound much fun.
    Mennania - good luck with the core strength exercises.
    PMJ - nice parkrun; you'll be back up to full speed before you know it.
    Jezza - excellent parkrun; nice one from the overseas guy too.
    Jools - you seem to have done quite a lot of speedwork lately; I'm sure it will pay off in the Bristol HM this week.
    Speedy - so definitely sub 3 in Autumn 2013, then?
    Bike It - great MP run; hope you stay lurgy free and the wife is better soon.
    Lorenzo - you must know those woods like the back of your hands by now.
    DM - good LSR.
    AR - stonking LSR; just be careful you're not pushing it too hard.
    Moof - well done on sticking at those long tempo intervals; not an easy one.
    Another 5 slow miles for me this morning. Now that autumn is here I'm wimping out and switching from cold to cool showers after my run.

  • Thanks for all of the input.image Here's some of the better stuff I have found in case anyone wants to reacquaint themselves with core work stuff. The video is long but shows some good exercises.

    Glutes exercises

    Core work 1

    Core work video

    Nice extra long runs SpeedyAR - 23 at 7.07 in training?? - ,  great efforts from DM and Moof too. 5 slow miles sounds very pleasant Gul

  • Lorenzo wrote (see)

    Bike It - sounds like a good plan to me. From experience, planning to be just under 22 minutes for each 3 mile section will:

    a. make the calculations nice and simple (get to 6 miles in 44, 9 in 66 etc)

    b. ensure that you don't fret too much about hitting under 7:20 for every single mile

    c. get you to 24 miles in under 2 hour 56 which will leave you a comfortable 18:59 to do the final 2.2 miles in.

    That's the theory anyway!!! 

    That's also the sort of plan I have in mind.  Also there is the difference between a Garmin mile and a real mile.  So keeping to 7:20 'garmin pace' gives a little margin for the inaccuracies.

    There'll be a few modifications probably.  I'm a slower starter for the first few miles so I would plan to be a bit slower over the first X miles.  I've -ve split my last 3 marathons and would like to keep up this trend so I would plan to accelerate around 19-20 miles assuming I still had something to give.

  • Bike IT - All my PBs come from slow starts (normally 10-20 seconds behind  pace) - What I like best about them is that although a deluge of people runpast you in the first 3 miles or so, you start picking them off in the later stages which is a massive boost at just the right time.

  • Must .... work..... core......

    Knew I'd forgotten something! Thanks for the links Menna, have a mental image of you mincing along "power walking" style

    22 unfuelled yesterday - 1st half at 8mm, 2nd half at 7:30mm. Felt strong all the way round so nice confidence builder image

    Heavy case of shoaming last weekend but stayed respectable this time
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    crazy weather here- who was brave enough to go out? Not me...

  • Blowing a hoolie up the Northumberland coast - out for 16 this morning but got a few funny looks. Still nice to have those miles in the bank at the start of the week.

    I'm confused -who is going to Abingdon which must be about 4wks away?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great run Slokey- was it wind assisted?

  • SJ - excellent LSR.
    Poacher - well done on braving the storm; we got off lightly here again.
    I did 8 miles with half a dozen strides this morning at a nice and easy pace, but more importantly it means that for the first time ever I have completed a year of running with no injuries!!! (A couple of times I've had several rest days playing safe with a niggle but no injuries as such) So I'm feeling very content today. I'll probably celebrate by going out for a run tomorrow...

  • OO, I am straining to refrain from some obvious gags.... But no, not windy. Monday was rather breezy though and got on a plane this morning in what felt like sub zero lashing wind and rain and got off in Bristol to blue skies...! It's like another country down here.

    Gul, marvellous milestone. A lesson in sensible hard work paying off. Take it easy on that run tomorrow, you may have just cursed yourself!
  • SJ: we had the p!ss poor weather on Sunday and Monday...

    Gul: crack open the champagne!  Nice milestone to pass image

  • Poacher, I think the Abo runners are:

    Poacher, Slokey Joe, Fraser, Also Ran, Bike It - any corrections or ommisions?

    Nice milestone there Gul - keep it up

    I'm dealing with both cars MOTs and due to that I've already been for 4 runs and a bike ride since yesterday with another run to come this evening


  • Bike It wrote (see)

    Poacher, I think the Abo runners are:

    Poacher, Slokey Joe, Fraser, Also Ran, Bike It - any corrections or ommisions?

    For a minute I thought I was on a boxing forumimage 
    Bike It - creative use of inconveniences there.

  • Nice landmark Gul, now enter that marathon.

    BI thanks for the list. I feel confident of scraping a top five finish out of that lot. Nice training too, buy another couple of cars and you could get enough extra training in to make Rio 2016
  • Stealth training by necessity eh? I like it!

    Last big intervals session for me tonight - 6 x 0.91 miles in 5.39, 5.37, 5.37, 5.43, 5.43, 5.40. Bit annoyed with the 4th and 5th reps. Probably went too fast on reps 2 and 3. 

  • Slightly disappointing 5k for me last night: 19.50 or thereabouts.  Thought I was on for a pb from the first 2 mile splits (6.01 and 6.12) but it turns out my Garmin had measured the course long (ultimately got 3.17M) as I turned with 1.59M covered, which was a bit dispiriting.  I also lost my nerve a bit on the way back as the course isn't particularly well lit (it's run on a cycle path which is close to but not adjacent to a road; there are people with torches at the turns!) and so lost a bit more time on the way back.  Still, it's reminded me that I should definitely run using a watch rather than my Garmin on Sunday!  Nice and easy short runs for the rest of the week as I feel pretty tired from all my gadding recently - I know I'm in pb shape and so I just need to have faith in the training and not be put off by last night's result...

  • Poacher - Still looking at 2014 for the comeback mara. 2013 will be the year to nail the sub 90.
    Speedy - still an excellent set of reps.
    Jools - Garmins sound very annoying; looking good for Sunday. Take it easy now for the rest of the week.
    3 mile recovery run for me this morning.

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