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  • Loong read back due - tomorrow.


    Seaso s greetings to all.

  • Festive greetings all. Hope everyone had a great day. Bit full, headachey and semi pissed now. Time for some TV in bed after a day of shenanigans. Got 6 nice miles in ths morning - always a nice run with everyone smiley and jolly. Very quiet day tomorrow with a decent run in hopefully
  • Happy Birthday Jesus. And my Mum.

    Too much food, too much grog. Tomorrow's 20 miler may become a bimble. Why? Not because I ain't hardcore. More because I haven't been doing the basic ground work. Piss all followed by a 20 eventually caught up with me. I did 7 yesterday at a gentle(ish 8m/m) and my legs had DOMS today.FFS. Call me lazy, call me lardy.
    Slow, Surely I could have anticipated that, but it wasn't too bad, even vs HR.
    DOMS? That was a shock to the system.

    I suppose that the give-away was what Mr Garmin said. Last run was 2 weeks ago.

    This dark side stuff is more complex than I thought.

  • I'll have a pint of whatever POEAGWTAM has been drinking!
  • A late xmas gift!

    Keir posted this on his thread

    Excellent stuff and would highly recommend you read through and absorb.
  • The holly Ant the ivy wrote (see)

    PMJ - Are you with me on frowning on the use of "Santa" as opposed to the above-mentioned "F.C."? 'Course you are.

    As a contraction of Saint Nicholas I find Santa quite acceptable. Not a big fan of xmas. Off for a parkrun freedom run as parkrun HQ won't recognise a Boxing Day parkrun as official even though we have barcodes, timers and results ...

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Blisters - another reason for me not to have a gadget then. It is indeed tricky to keep the balance when you have 3 sports to juggle, I certainly dont run enough at times. That new turbo trainer will do wonders for your aerobic engine though if you use it often. 13M for me today was my 3rd double digit run in the last 5 days, but the previous 3 probably took me about 50 days to achieve. 

  • Hope everyone had an excellent day yesterday and enjoyed the over-indulgence. Way too much food and drink made this morning's 4 miler rather uncomfortable!!!

    How good is leftover pork pie, pate and cheese as a recovery snack???
  • I had Christmas pudding with double cream as my post-13 miler breakfast, MartinH, and I'm pretty convinced it's what Haile would do.  Well, it tasted good, anyway.  No freedom parkrunning for me, as Reading parkrun is out of action until the New Year due to flooding.  Currently crossing everything because they're pumping out the local substation according to local news; really not in the mood for a Boxing Day powercut...!

  • Managed to control the urge to eat loads yesterday - an evening meal of turkey sandwich, Stilton and port sounds like a good balance?

    Much more pleasant weather up here today so managed to get another hilly 11 miler in.
  • 9 miles for me this aft before my family get round. Beer Day todayimage

    IDJ - That was caffeine typing!I was DD for the day and had had about 6 pints of strong coffee and had lost control of my motor skills by the time I got in!!

  • As I'm staying in reading for a few days I was hoping to run along the Thames. No chance! Instead I had to run around the town centre and back up to caversham for 8 miles with ten sets of strides, which felt too much like hard work on my sluggish legs.

    Just popped back into town and treated myself to a pair of brooks ravena for my general plodding and also a pair of adidas tempos for the faster stuff. Hopefully these will be my choice of shoe for VLM. They are nice and light and look quick, which I'm sure is half the battle.

    Have a nice day everyone, hope no one has to work.
  • I bought some Tempos recently too Moof, but have only tried them once on the treadmill so far. My legs were killing me running in them, but that could have been due to the two gym classes the day before and the class immediately before I ran in them.  Or the fact I had only run 3 miles in the previous 10 days. 

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I also bought some Tempos. Like you Moof, I hope to wear them in the marathon, but if they are an issue on a couple of 20milers then I'll stick with the Gel-Nimbus.

    Finally found a way not to put on weight over Xmas - have a stomach / headache / cold type bug. Feeling a bit better today and managed to eat a light lunch, but I wasn't much fun around the place yesterday. image

  • Question for you cycling boys...

    Is it worth me buying a set of tri-bars for my bike, considering I am going for an IM in the summer? Not sure of the aero benefit vs additional weight on the bike, although they do look cool...
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Just a ten mile plod here. I seem to have gained 5lb already, felt like a great heavy lump.  Back to work with Mrs OO tomorrow but should be very quiet in the shop. Planning to sneak an early 6 miler though.

  • Ah, shoe porn, interesting to see the drive to lightweight shoes for mara racing when conventional wisdom says lighter = more injury risk. I have been using Adi Bostons but I see the Tempo is even lighter. Anyone actually raced a long way in the Tempo?

    Sleighky - you know you want to

    13m tonight in the rain @ 7.40mm, it all helps.

    Minni - the thought of talking b!!!ocks out of your car radio is, err, a bit weird. Hope everyone else managed to stay awake.
  • 12.5 miles of mental hell today. Soaked to the skin as soon as I got outside. Wearing glasses and unable to see after a mile. I wanted to stop and turn around from the very begining. Felt very satisfied once I had completed it and was lying in a hot bath.

    No idea why I felt so bad today. Only had one bottle of chapagne, one and a half bottles of wine, plus approx fourteen cans of stella. Must have been that extra potato.

  • Potatoes are EVIL! You can't argue with that evidence Scooby.
  • 1hr on the spin bike this aft and just got back from a tough 1hr session in the pool - feeling like I deserve a Christmassy treat.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    SJH - Without a doubt, after the bike itself and cycling shoes, tribars are the best improvement you can make to your bike for: 1. Speed (aerodynamics) 2. Comfort (your back is supported through your elbows rather than all the weight being held up through your lower arms and hands). I would put them above light weight / aero wheels as a time improver. They are also happly the cheapest improver you can buy. Alloy ones weigh about as much as carbon ones (500g) and can be bought for £30 approx 2nd hand on fleabay. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Poacher - I had headphones on. Even though it was a fantastic interview I'm not sure they would have considered it worthy Christmas Day entertainment!
  • I wore ad tempos for VLM 12 and they felt pretty comfy, but the new ones are a lot lighter. Although I did have cramp at mile 23 and have wondered if the slightly harsh 'ride' contributed to the cramp or just the fact I'm not very used to running 26.2 miles at sub 7 min/mile pace.

    To be honest, does a lighter race pair make any difference for that distance? Just gets me a bit more in the zone, mentally speaking.

    Go easy on the spuds Scooby. For me it was the roasted parsnips in goose fat, yum yum. I'll avoid the scales to at least mid Jan.

    One bottle of theakston old perculiar left, that should just about finish me off for the day.
  • All right, I'm a big lad, but I once wore NB834s (remember them? Why did NB have to f**k about with and ruin something that was obviously so popular and worked so well?) at the Madrid Marathon in 2005 and at the end I wept with the agony my knees were in. It felt like someone had doused them in petrol and set fire to them.

    Yeah, fancy eating all those potatoes, Scooby - no wonder you felt a bit Damien today. Erm, fourteen? Really?

    I didn't feel too bad this morning, having fallen asleep for nearly two hours in front of the telly after lunch. I shouldn't really have necked that bottle of cava mid-morning, but the lunch came off very well, notwithstanding.

    So, a brisk 4-miler early as a beautiful sunny day was dawning (6:58mm), and then 9 miles tonight round the city, with lots of people on the streets, most of them smoking and/or on their mobiles/texting.

    Stomach getting bigger, but definitely feeling fitter. Turkey sandwiches and beer nowimageimageimage

  • Forgot to say - Keir, I was once ill over Christmas and God knows it was miserable for all concerned, so I hope you're feeling better soon.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I wore asics DS racers for VLM last year no problem. On the lookout for a new pair of lightweight now for VLM 13, but I need a bargain.

    I had appendicites over Christmas a few years ago aged 45- stands out as one of the most miserable I can remember.

  • I have a new pair of Asics DS trainers to try which are a bit lighter than my normal shoes. Unfortunately there is little going on running wise for me - continual battle with a recurring injury and other niggles.

    Non alcohol induced sickness for me today following a rather intense VO2 session on the rower. Thinking back, I did have potatoes earlier in the day, so maybe it wasn't because I gave my all to the session.

    Enjoyed the MT interview poacher, and currently catching up on Keirs' sub 2:50 thread - lots of good discussion and debate

  • RFJ - really tragic news; so sorry.
    PMJ - sounds like you're rightly proud of your daughter.
    Keir - only just spotted the forum six thingy. Congrats and look forward to reading all about your sub 2:50 campaign in all its gory detail.
    Martin - good to hear from you; hope you're having a good Christmas.
    Lorenzo - talented young lad you have there!
    Speedy - congrats on the parkrun PB - enjoy those jelly babies!
    RJ - fat? Don't believe it!
    Well done to all those who managed to get out running over the last couple of days. Sounds like people have had some nice presents. I got a pair of new leggings (only hi-viz stripes, I'm afraid) and a compression base-layer. First run since Christmas Eve for me this morning - 8 miles @ 8:35 m/m. Go easy with those turkey sandwiches and mince pies now!

  • 8 miles yesterday and had the same experience as scooby. Everything was off and it was miserable. If thats what running felt like everytime I wouldnt do it ever again, and to think I turned down all that nice champers, wine and port the day before so i could fit it inimage. Going to risk a lazy five in a bit.

    Keep up with the 'shoe porn' please, I need to buy a pair and dont have a clue where to begin.

    Hope you are feeling better Keir

  • 5 miles today. Felt a lot better than yesterday. Only six cans last night. I ran it a bit too quickly today (8:27mm) whilst my HR was nice and low 71% I am trying to keep the recovery runs in the 60s percentage wise.

     I am going to get another pair of shoes as well. More because the weather is so bad I need at least three days to dry out my current pair. I ran my mara PB on a pair of normal trainers that had 647 miles on them at the end of the marathon. I threw them away the day after, it was quite emotional.

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