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  • Welcome akatrigs & Hillheader & welcome back FINgers & Windy.

    AR - I do my intervals on a loop around my estate that has little traffic.  I run on the road for most of it but there is grass next to the pavement so I start on the grass and then when I get faster I go onto the road for more stability.  I try to start my intervals with 400m reps, then each week or so going through 800m, 1000m, 1200 & 1m. I try to keep the pace just below 6m/m for all apart from the last rep which I blast faster.  I found that not running them flat out helped recover for other weekly sessions. As Blisters said, you need to be consistent and don't blow up after the first one. 

    Gul - "Relaxed" 5.14m/m.  Hope that was sarcasm!!!  Good session.

    akatrigs - I'd recommend core training.  It certainly helped me last marathon campaign.  The stronger the core the less you lose form at the tired end of a race.  I used to use medicine balls and light free weights at the local gym.

    Happy Birthday OO!! image

    Monster mileage Jools.  The base is coming along nicely.

    I've just tried to cobble together a training plan that I can stick to with new work commitments.  Looks like I will be testing a 3hr-ish marathon off of an average 38mpw.  Should be fun!!!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    SBD said 'Happy birthday OO - out of curiosity how can you be sure you were the first to the top of Skiddaw on 1 Jan?.

    I can't be certain but the first person I saw was half way down on my ascent. I did the first half hour in complete darkness. I doubt anybody would attempt the summit in darkness, least of all on New Years Day.

    Thanks for the messages, 8 mile walk with the family after my 8 mile run this morning. Some drinks and a nice meal should round the day off. 

  • Happy Birthday (5)OO! Yes, a nice way to celebrate it.

    Great miles being bagged, esp by Jools and SBD.

    Thanks Badbark for the link to those hill reps - I can't wait to get out there and try them - I have just the place. I liked the related Sisyphus session, too.

    I do intervals/reps here:


     It's a walkway laid out to cover railway tracks. One loop is 1.1 km, and I generally do reps of 800m - 2km there. Otherwise I go to a quiet (and totally flat) area of town early in the morning and do 2-3 milers. As others have said, consistency is the key, and I find it helps with form and running economy. In short, your normal running just gets faster. All this, in the middle of a marathon training campaign.

    I can't stand the treadie because I get so bleedin' hot, really quickly. Also, I'm not sure if  I replicate my real running gait on there; instead, I think I do this kind of skating motion. Still, I would love to have one at Casa Ant.

    What the extensive, state-of the-art facilities available at Casa Ant will soon include is a spinning bike. As soon as the delivery men get here with it, in fact. It is my present to Mrs Ant for the Three Kings (6th Jan). I will report back on this, but I was quite favourably impressed by it when I tried it out. Good and solid-feeling. It won't be the greatest, at 259€, but I'm hoping some decent training can be teased from it. The only thing, where to hide the ****er until Sunday!!


  • Mmm, back from a very laboured 10m down the Thames to Bat Park and back. The Paula Plan said 2m w/u 6Tempo and 2 w/d. In fact I'd planned to replace with a 10m progression... Started ok but after a mile i knew something wasnt right and found it increasingly hard and didn't manage to even pick the pace up at all. Struggled home with a very pedestrian average pace of 8:15 m/m.

    I've put it down to a little but of fatigue in the legs still from yesterday's 9, and an underestimate of how warm and muggy it was that led to a very bad choice of clothing and consequently a sweaty mess at the end. And I don't think I've fully kicked the man-flu that consumed me over Christmas. Oh well, it's still miles in the bank. I have a feeling too that maybe I want properly fuelled. Then again, It could just be one of those days.
  • Ooh, and happy birthday OO!
  • FINgers - There's no such thing as a bad run. You'll look back on this in a few weeks and shrug dismissively. Fwiw, I always perform terribly if I'm overdressed, and never-underestimate the power of man-flu to undermine your efforts.

    Forgot to say earlier - welcome aboard Akatrigs and Hillheader. Plenty of sound advice to be had here. And some rubbish - from me, mainly.

    The spinning bike turned up, and after debating where to put it, I finally found a cunning hiding-place for it till Sunday. Do you think she'll notice it?




  • Welcome to the new fellas - stick around and we'll try not to be too boring

    I've never really found strength works nakes much difference to either my performance or injury proofing. Like TR says the main thing that improves injury likelihood is doing lots of easy miles. Could argue however that it must help like Martin says so maybe I should try it ! Part of the problem is finding the time

    AR - I've tried dreadmill intervals quite a bit during icey weather. I found they don't work due to inaccuracy of the calibration of the machine, overheating, taking a while for the belt to speed up to target paces, flailing about pressing the buttons while goling flat out. MUCH easier on path, bike routes or - ideally - track. I find the track does make me focus and try harder

    Is that a spinning bike behind that chair Ant or are you just pleased to see me ??

    Sounds you're still post viral FINgers - ease up !

    Happy Birthday to OO ! Party hard my friend

    8 miles today (Moraghan special) including some 400s, some 200s and a couple of MP miles in the middle. Really nice to be training a bit and get all the nonsense out of the system

  • I need to improve my core. Probably reduce injuries. I do various cross training such as canoing and mountain biking but not sure that's what's needed.

    I travel a lot so use hotel gyms for intervals if place too hot or dangerous. Typically 8 x 800m with 400m recoveries. I need to be a bit more structured.

    Holly Ant - agreed. Any run (so long as not getting hurt) is better than none.

  • Ant - what spinning bike?

    Help needed re shoe stuff. Been looking at asics ds sky speed shoes. Are these man enough for 50-60 a week?(am I man enough for 60 miles a week?) realistically, the way Speedy, Jools and Minni are performing I should rephrase the question; are these woman enough for 50-60 a week?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    OO - happy birthday!

    Ant - she'll never notice it. Have you got her the DVDs to do with it? And Beats by Dr Dre so she can listen to her music?

    Fraser - 5 miles in the fells? I'm impressed. What did you wear on your feet? I was sliding even in my fell shoes the other day. I'm going to take you out in the hills here one day. You'll love it!

    Men - can't advise on shoes because I wear the same ones all the time - but have 4 pairs on the go at the moment. All clad in mud.

    Jools - great start!

    Hello new people! I am the slowest on here.
  • Happy birthday OO!!

    Welcome and welcome back too...

    akatrigs, most people say that core/strength work is important but few do it. I've signed up for a Pilates class starting next week so that I don't have a choice.

    Ant, did you write "to Ant" on the gift tag?image Reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons when Homer buys Marge a bowling ball.

    Take it easy for a couple of days FINgers

    I'm grenading my intervals from this campaign. I enjoy them but main aim is to just keep running injury free.

    5 miles in the woods and to the top of the local fell - very muddy on the way up and a bit blowy on the top but great fun - 55 minutes!! 1 hour swim session ticked off too.

    Bike tomorrow although I spent an hour trying to fix an inner tube today and failed miserably - not very slick image
  • Nicely hidden Ant

    Thanks again for all the info on intervals. I'm going to investigate a 'posh' running track which is only a few miles from here, and may also try out one dreadmill session - I imagine it will go exactly as FW described.

    10m done today, a little too quick, and then this evening did my rowing interval session of 4 x 2K

    Mennanias - have you had the VO2 session yet - interested to see how it comes out

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday OO

    Welcome to HillHeader and akatrigs

    I was on the track tonight at club.... but doing my own session to plan (15 mins warm up (1.94m) 4 x 5 mins at threshold -  .80m, .80m, .80m, .80m off 90 sec rec and 15 min warm down (1.89m) total 7.7m in 56 mins)

    Happy with the consistancy

    Take care all

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Welcome to the new folks.
    Minni - no you're not . . . . .
    A thought based on experience if I may - between 1988 & 2000 I lumbered round 16 maras between 2:46 & 2:59, and I never recorded one situp or plank , and I was never injured. Never in the last miles did I think "blimey,I wish my core was stronger", but I did learn to "trust the training" - i.e. the miles in my legs. Didn't worry about losing form, as my form is c**p anyway !  My recent injuries (2008 & 2012) - both small knee ligament tears, probably just thru' wear & tear.  Yes, core may be a "nice to do",and have some value,  but "important"?  Not for me. 
    I agree with the specificity angle to training (BikeIt) - always like to do the majority of miles on the road for road marathons (as all mine have been) - again, no injuries to speak of until the recent ones.  Saying that, I did do treadmill sessions from time to time - a favourite was 3-2-1 - this was a 2 mile jog to gym, then 3 miles at 6:20, 2 at 6:10, 1 at 6:00. Also did this at the track.  I liked the discipline of keeping the effort going on the treadie at the set pace, and I liked the track ambience - once there you seem to lock into the fact you're there to run quickly.
    All this is personal preference of course - one man's meat etc. 
    Finally - Happy Birthday OO - we expect great deeds in the new age sector  . . . .

  • OMG, will lot stop yattering on??? I can't keep up. Skim read only. Happy Birthday OO, nice present hiding Ant (she'll never notice), welcome new folks. 

    Intervals - good. Weights - good. 

    Bed - good. 

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    (note to self - avoid entering the same races as OO)

    Birch - did you eat gravel instead of gels?

    Overall impression is that the level and ambition on here has stepped up a lot. Getting scary.
  • OO. Happy birthday hope you didn't over do the booze...

    Intervals, few weeks to go before I attempt any.

    Welcome to the new peeps!

    11.5 m plod for me today amazing how hard it felt after a couple of light weeks!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    no would I?


  • Almost too late, but set of Happy Birthday wishes from the opposite end of the country to OO.

    Ant - I reckon you're pretty safe with that hiding place. If necessary, just distract her. Alternatively, you could drape your running gear over it after you've come back from a run. That normally acts a a deterrent for anyone going near a particular part of a room in my experience.

  • OOlg - happy birthday for yesterday.
    Apologies for the flying visit; I'll try and read back later. A bit late today as I did a 13 miler this morning @ 8:58 m/m; now rushing to get ready for work.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    I've been wanting to update the software in my garmin (310XT) for a while now as it some time takes too long to aquire the satellites and mysteriously looses the battery charge overnight occasionally.  So I followed the Garmin instructions and downloaded the 'web updater'... wait ages....installed it.....took ages and then it can't find my device....can't find my device.....can't find my device.

    A little search later it seems that this 'web updater' is just plain problematic for most people.  So if you want to update your garmin you have to find the page that looks like:

    Once I did that with my device connected it took 10 minutes to update the software.  If you do this please be aware that all your run data and setting are erased so you need to make sure all is uploaded to the server before you do it. Now I've got to put all my setting back in.  Hopefully my Garmin problems should be gone and I can spend a few more minute running instead of 'Locating Satellites....'

  • Morning All,

    Rest day in the plan today but perhaps an easy 4 at lunchtime (I've promised a workmate that I'd go out with them).

    Bike It - I have the 310XT and have been through the same drama. Never really got on with it to be honest - the touch bevel just annoys me and I seem to spend ages waiting for sat lock. I'm currently toying with the idea of a replacement and really like the look of the 910XT  but blimey it's a lot of wonga so need to really justify it.

    In the mean time I'm actually using the Garmin Fit app on my iphone - no HR data but actually works quite well and integrates to garmin connect well.

  • Now that really winds me up - how did wonga get a link inserted to a morally questionable money lending site without any help from me.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Good early miles there Gul - what's your next Big Target Race?

    Interesting info on the 310XT BikeIt - mine seems to be working fine but I'm only on version 3.20 of the software and there seems to have been lots of subsequent bug fixes and enhancements.  Should I risk updating?

  • Today's my last day's holiday before I start the new job on Monday and I need to get younger Lorenzito to a XC race early tomorrow morning, so decided to bring forward the long run to this morning.

    Ended up being a tough one because of the hilly sections, but I tagged on a little loop at the end to bring it up to 20 miles, so that's the first 20 miler of the spring campaign done and dusted for me.

    I'm also in a bit of a dilemma about the ideal tune up race in March. Unfortunately I didn't get my act together and the Fleet and Reading HMs are both full, so I'm left the following options:

    - do a fast but dull (4 laps of Dorney Lake) HM. Advantage of this is that it will give a good benchmark as to where I am vs sub 3:10 target for VLM, but it's not the most enjoyable of runs and at 28 quid it's pricey.

    - do a not so flat HM. More enjoyable, better value but more difficult to correlate the result with where I want to be.

    - do another distance, possibly the Maidenhead Easter 10 or a 15/16 mile race.

    Any thoughts from people as to the ideal race plan 3-5 weeks out?
  • FINgers - just noticed from your profile that you're in Surrey. Whereabouts exactly?
  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    SBD - I had version 2.6 software which seems to be a rather early version.  I've now got 4.5 as the most recent.  I really wanted to get improvements to GPS aquisition and also eliminate the 'overnight power loss'.  I haven't used it enough to know whether these 2 things are improved really - will report back in a few weeks.  If you don't have any noticable problems then I wouldn't suggest and reason to update your software.

    Fingers - 910XT only advantage is recording swim info for triatheletes I think otherwise the spec is the same as the 310XT

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - Check out the Lydd Half marathon.  A smallish field but a fast course ...

    Thanks Bike It - I may stay as I am until I notice any problems!

  • Lorenzo - currently I live near Wallington (Beddington), basically between Sutton and Croydon. But we are looking to move house at the moment - not exactly sure where to but will be on a commuter line into Waterloo. From either Winchester or Petersfield but that is as far out as I will go.

  • Lorenzo, my only comment on Dorney, is that, flat as it is, you can get some pretty high headwinds on one of the long stretches. If you are looking for even pacing, the weather on the day may scupper you. I ran round their in Feb last year. It was dull, but I learn't a fair bit from the run.
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