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  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    STOP! - step away from the wine bottle. Now.

    Nice XC performances, good strength training too

  • Well done on your XC Speedy & selection.

    Went and bought some new Salomon Speedcross 3 shoes today and looking forward to getting them muddy in the morning on my LSXCR!
  • Nice one KR, I had the speedcross 2s in day glo green - lurvely

    Well done indeed to the XC and parkrun racers and special plaudits to Speedy.

    Good luck to those racing or long-running tomorrow. I'm taking part in a "blind race". You can set off when you like but without a watch and whoever crosses the line nearest to the stroke of noon wins the kitty. Very scenic hilly 6 mile route. Got engaged in a head to race over the last mile last year with a club rival and blew any chance of winning but crushed him on the final hill. image
  • PS I'm aiming to be drier (hopefully more effectively than Minni!) over the next 6 months - last night was my first dry night for 3 weeks (I'm talking about alcohol rather than bed wetting before anybody makes the obvious gag) and had a crap day today so might reevaluate that tactic.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    That sounds like fun SJ. Well done on the dryness!

    Parkrun times through and we were 28:10 and position 293. Now, a few hundred meters in Master Minni realised he'd dropped his barcode. I told him to run on and I'd go back and find it. Instead he dropped right to the back so when I caught back up that's where we were. I know there were over 400 finishers so we must have over taken about 110+ runners. Nice!
  • Just opened a cheeky Primitivoimage
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    County vest no mean feat, Speedy - well done.  Course doesn't sound the easiest from what my son tells me - couple of stiff climbs each lap? 

  • One long hill and one short sharp one on each lap, plus a stinking bog of doom (I really fear it was raw sewage - certainly smelled like it :S ) but otherwise a straightforward course I think. 6 hills for us laydeez, so it's a good job I did that boxing day 6 hill xc run in the howling gale image

    Hi Minni, yes, I'll be at the National this year. Will you be there?

    I hardly ever drink alcohol anyway, but I'm not promising a dry January since it's my birthday this month. 

  • nice parkrun OO and happy birthday for the other day.

    Top stuff Martin. Certainly not hanging around there!

    Lorenzo, Keir  as TR says (spot on again) it is the whole package of P&D that makes it so good. There is no way that someone who is running double figures 4 times a week is not going to have the miles in the legs to run well at the marathon. The only caveat is if folk run the progressives too quick or start adding unneccesary miles onto the long runs which will end up burning too many matches and they may reach race day burnt out. I followed the up to 85 mpw last year for London to the letter (although I had to drop out of London cause of illness). But it was still good enough to get me to 2:29 opne month later at Edinburgh. I am doing the up to 105 mpw virtually to the letter to see if it can get me closer to 2:25.

    The point about there not being enough long runs is understandable but it does depend on one's background. I suspect that those that have been running for many years need far less twenties in a marathon build up than novices although ironically the twenties are harder to do for the novices!

    Great famil parkrunning Minni.

    Nice double racing there RFJ

    County vest Speedy. Wow, very impressive.

    Best of luck tomorrow Jools.

    Kent XC chanps for me today and it was about what I was expecting given my current shape. Came 27th. I do struggle with XC but then I hardly ever train off road and tend to only do 3 or 4 XC raxes a year so it's no surprise really! The way that I look at it is if I was fit now I almost certainly wouldn't be in April. I got aboslutley spanked by folk that I would tend to hammer on the road. Oh well, 18 miles tomorrow, should see a very solid c88 mile week. image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great running Speedy, and just reward for the effort you've put in. And you too RFJ, double sessions- very impressive.

    I could never manage those miles on a bike Blisters- respect.

    I'm dry today- couldn't touch the stuff. But I did go for a pamper wet shave, haircut, and eyebrow trim at the Greek barber. He even 'flamed' my earlobes which was interesting. This was a birthday gift. Fantastic.

    Planning 16 tomorrow but may stretch to 18 if I have time.  

  • OO Nice time and target V50

    Minni Nice and impressive family day out

    RFJ Very well done.

    Speedy Major congratulations, you must be feeling very proud

    5 miles recovery today. All very enjoyable.

    I am currently 4 days and 21 hours dry. I drink a hell of a lot, so it is an issue. I was tempted to have a couple tonight, but I know what a couple means.

    16 tomorrow, but may become longer. I intend to run it all at a very slow pace.

  • Keir, just reading RJ's eminently sensible post about P&D rings a couple of alarm bells around your plan. I know you are already doubting the number of sessions that you have targeted and are describing them as "best case" but maybe you should deliberately take some of them out of your plan to avoid burn-out. All of those progressive runs must give you a bit of a beating over several weeks.
  • 18 miles is the distance the cool folks are running tomorrow image

    I was 8th in the County Champs, which actually isn't my highest ever finish position. Bizarrely, the year I came 7th I wasn't selected for the Inter Counties and only one girl ran for Notts. The year I got drafted in at the last minute I had actually finished 10th. 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I'm waiting for the call up Speedy image

  • Great work from Speedy.

    Restrained family racing from team Minni

    Big sessions from RFJ

    Tasty parkrun from you too OO

    12 off road for me tomorrow. Kind of nice to be back into normality and put all the festive mayhem to one side
  • The way that I look at it is if I was fit now I almost certainly wouldn't be in April. - Good point RJ! Races in Jan need to be taken in conext with the bigger picture in mind.

    Like the family Parkrun Minni.

    Scooby, good luck with being in the dry dock. I'm trying to cut out the alcohol too at the moment mostly during the week on school nights! I'm hoping to shed a bit of weight gained over Xams too.

    Managed to get a photo of my new XC Salomon shoes. It will interesting to see how they look after 14/15 miles of XC tomorrow!



  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    17M for me today, did 16 last week, 15 the week before, but after a summer and autumn of ~100M per month I'm struggling on the long runs, However, I'm with RJ, I'm taking solace in that fact that if I'm this unfit now then it's going to be hard to peak too early.

  • Congrats to Speedy - another cracking performance

    How are the shoes looking now KR?

    Thanks to RJ and TR for their comments and wise words. TBH, I've never really looked at the higher mileage P&D plans as the bottom number looks so scary!! But the point is well made that it's the totality of the plan that's important.

    That said, I'm in the position where I'm going to struggle to be able to get 6 or 7 days' worth of running in, so want to make sure that the 4 or 5 sessions I do really count.

    With this in mind, would it make sense to look at (say) the up to 70 miles a week schedule but strip out the recovery runs and treat those days as rest days? That way a typical week would be 1 long run, 2 medium runs and a speed / LT session whereas if I follow the up to 55 miles per week there's only one medium length run in there, but 2 recovery runs a week.

    What are people's views on the benefit of a recovery run? Intuitively I would have thought that a 20 mile run followed by a rest would have a greater benefit than a 15 mile followed by a 5 mile recovery the next day.

    Hope this isn't too much of a ramble!!!

  • I tried that Lorenzo and it worked OK until I got injured. The strongest I've felt in a campaign was when i also did the recovery runs. Why not just follow the 55 plan and trust it?

    I came last in the "blind race" today. First across the line but furthest from the target finish of 12:00. (11:58:12)
  • Lorenzo - Call me controversial, but I would skip the recovery runs, but make bloody sure I made the other runs all count.

    KR - Nice pic, but don't go dancing in those shoes or it might all go a bit pear-shaped...I've got a pair of Salomon XA Pro 3Ds, and while fairly nifty, they are pretty bulky, too.

    Jase/KR/TR - I have decided to christen this campaign "I'll Be Ready When I'm Ready, And Not Before (IBRWIRANB). 14.2 miles today at 7:45mm, quite bumpy, too. 16 planned for next week. 46 miles bagged this week. Feeling happy. Why ever should I be doing more at this point?

    Speedy - My problem is that I could never decide whether to represent Kent (my place of birth) or Surrey (where I always lived). Consequently no-one ever called me. A similar thing happened with football - my dithering between England and Holland (Ma Ant is Dutch) cost me about 50 caps, I reckon.


  • Slokey - x-post - You know that's a moral victory.

  • Hi folks,

    After a quick bit of advice, long time lurker 1st time posting! I'm running the Doobai Marathon in 3 weeks and this weeks plan has me doing a 10k for one of the hard days (no LSD). Due to my work schedule I can't make this weeks race so I'm trying to figure out an alternative session. Would it be of more benefit to try run a hard 10k myself or do one more LSD?

    Cheers for now
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - I wouldn't say 5m is a recovery run.  A 20m run is always going to be better than a 15m but why not then substitute the 5m for a 3m, run slow?

    Here is a good article about recovery runs.

    18 miles banked today.



  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Surprisingly good day at the SW Inter-Counties XC for me.  Legs felt rubbish for the first 2 miles of my 4 mile warm up but seemed to loosen towards the end and then had a surprisingly good run, finishing 15th overall (it's a fairly loose comparison but I was 19th the last time I ran there in 2008) and 3rd team scorer.  We won the team prize as well, and I think that's the first time I've actually been a scorer for a winning team - I'm usually frustratingly the first non-scorer!  All in all, pretty pleased with where I am now.  Just need to keep it together to the end of April image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Does that mean you get a call up too Joolska?

    only managed 14 this morning but at a decent 8:30 avg. pace. 49 for the week. 2 weeks until the brass monkey in York- anyone else here doing this?

    Work 2moro image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Well done Jools!

    OO - I'll be at BM. And Race Jace.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Doubt it, OO: we have a combined Avon/Somerset team and so the chances that I'll be in the top 9 out of the 2 counties (especially considering girls who will get discretionary picks) are slim.

  • Well Done Jools. Did you get a prize?

    Lorenzo I think the 55 is too light, but am struggling mentally with the 6 days upto 70. Listening to a few on here, I have decided to try to not stress at this stage, especially with the interval/tempo session. I am going to try and listen to the body more. Hoping to average 5 runs a week and over 50 miles, missing the odd run here and there.

    As I said ealier I dropped the 13 on Wed (as felt tired), but then did 13 on Fri with MPM (instead of 9 with tempo). I will be more flexible in future weeks also, getting the miles in the legs is the most important thing.

    In relation to the above todays plan states 15 miles. I decided to run 15-18, but entirely on feel. It is the first time in a long time I have not looked at my Garmin and calculated pace(s).  Anyway being the mature man that I am and as everything felt comfortable, I dragged it out so that I could join the 20 mile club.

    20.23 miles at 7:55 mm with HR 74%. Bit tough mentally towards the end, but it felt great. Gives me an 11, 13 and 20 for 55 miles for the week off 5 runs.

    I am going to celebrate by jumping off the wagon tonight, but only having a couple.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    DXB - 3 weeks out I would do a long run with 5-6 miles as MP towards the end. Welcome and all te best

    Jools - Well done on the XC

    Some good long runs going in TR / SD / OO

    51.61m for me this week, so a good start of a decent solid base - onwards

  • Hi Dxb.  Personally I'd do another LSR but I'm not big on warm up races.

    Congratulations Speedy on the County vest and Jools on an excellent result and team victory.

    Lorenzo - Last year I cut out an easy run and limited my recovery run (day after long run) to either 3.5 or 4 miles as a maximum and it worked for me.  Work commitments will mean I will only run 4 times most weeks so looking at mainly quality runs this year.

    Great long running by everyone else, whether that be 14 or 20+ miles.

    A sedate 4 miler this evening to finish on 35 miles for the week.

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