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  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Welcome back DS2, we'll let you off for the family part at least.

    That's a bugger AR, man flu no doubt.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Back in the UK now.  I'll post more on the training summary and also make a larger race report in a few days.  Right now though I'm not feeling too good thoughimage

  • Moof - yes, that's the one. Are you sure you can't be tempted. If it's your birthday that day, what better way to celebrate that with a bike ride through the countryside followed by a few beers in the evening.

    Ref pedal incident and Allen keys - I did have a set with me but unfortunately it was the bolt that attached the pedal arm to the spindle that came loose so I didn't have a key big enough.

    Welcome back DS2 - no more excuses for not posting now!

    Bike It - welcome back to Blighty. They had a bit on Comrades on the last Marathon Talk podcast and it sounds like such a great experience. 

    AR - hope you're over the worst. 

    Biked into the office today and looks like it'll be gorgeous weather for the journey home. Early start tomorrow to head over to Hopton-on-Sea so not sure whether I'll be able to sneak a run in.

  • What great weather for a lunchtime run. I have an 11.5 mile route now that I started doing after last VLM as a cutback from my 13 and 15 milers but longer than the 10s I do. Seems to work out quite nice as it isn't too long to run as a session just off tempo. Start out with a couple of steady miles to get out of the bust part of Hammersmith and then push hard onto Richmond Park, a shortened lap of the park and then back home via Sheen and Chiswick and ease back again over the last bit. Came out as 11.38 miles in 1:19:20 and average pace of 6:58. That is my fastest run over the course by a good couple of minutes and first sub 7, over 10 mile, run in a year.

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Thats a cracking effort Phil and nice to keep the numbers below 7.xx

    Off to try and get 6 x 1k at 3.15-3.20s now but not holding out too much hope as its still warm out there and short of any real stability at the faster end, but am going to give it a bash and see what gives as I have just had a barbie in glorious weather without booze so I could still get out! Am seriously thinking of shifting training to 'Gul time' over the summer months. Also need to find a track to run on for this type of stuff really. The grass one at the school isnt conducive to rapid intervals.

  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭

    SUMMER'S HERE !!!!  Huzzah and indeed double huzzah!!

    Hope everyone's making the most of it

    Nice runs from the early bird Gul and swift one from Statto. 

    Hope that nasty case of man flu settles AR. Perfect weather for the bike Lozza

    I shall expect abs of steel rippling under your Lycra when we catch up next month Ant. Does this campaign mean the ladies will be treated to ever more revealing shots of you in various states of undress?? Ant lifting a couple of big tyres, Ant artfully posed behind a five bar gate chewing a piece of straw, Ant relaxing tickling a litter of young kittens, Ant playfully being sprayed with a garden hose as he frolics on a lawn etc etc. Form a steady queue now ladies...

    Track today in the sun. Concentrated hard to hit 3 efforts of miles in 5.50, 5.40 and 5.32

  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭

    (Infernal iPad nonsense stopped me typing there)

    ..anyway. All quite hard work but jolly good fun. Had the track to myself too

    Hope your sesh went well mennania 

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    Frazer, I am amused and disturbed in equal measure by the mental images which you have invoked.....

  • Frazer - Heh, very possibly. What's that I hear? Ah, you see - they're banging on my door already. Now, where's my sh*tty stick? (Nice reps, btw).

    Mennania - I'll be bashing 6 x1000 out myself tomorrow, but hoping for 3:40-ish. I won't have had a BBQ, either...

    PMJ - Excellent (sub-) tempo stuff. You are flying.

    AR - Sorry to hear you're poorly, but it could've happened at worse times for you this year, I suppose...

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Frazer,- painting pictures with words...nice reps

    just back with a quite difficult result of 3.27,3.30,3.29,3.32,3.26 and 3.27. first 4 on roads and last two on grass track. Shows how unflat the flat lane I do my speedwork on is. Changed my aspirations to 3.26 before run as 3.15/20 is not doable yet. Have I told you all how much I hate speedwork?

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Been a bit preoccupied the past couple of days and after a quick scan back it seems there has been quite a bit of talk of 100 mile bike rides with missing pedals et al and 10 mile runs been knocked out at very impressive paces.image Well done, you are all putting me to shame.

    Ant - Sorry, I neglected to answer your question re time for my pending half pace duty this coming Sunday. Goal posts seem to have moved in a rather alarmingly optimistic direction. My friend originally wanted a new pb, sub 1:36, made me think that shouldn't be too difficult pace wise and a challenging but realistic target for her given her current fitness level (and for me too) but now she's wanting to do 1:33!! She may be borderline and so may I , considering I have run sporadically since London and nothing more than 6.2 miles. On this course the conditions will be a big factor!

    6.2m for me tonight in the blazing evening sunshine and was wanting to run sub 43. First half fine in 21:20 but knew second would be considerably tougher as all the other runners out tonight running in the opposite direction to me had that look on their faces i.e. I wish this wind would change direction! Stopped the watch at precisely 43:00. So average 6:55 pace and a nice little warm up for Sunday. Maybe squeeze in another couple of efforts before then but at least I will be fresh.

    Menn - I was waiting to see how you got on with your reps. They are still very impressive even if you didn't go as fast as you originally aspired to...... I am not surprised you hate speedwork.  I love it, but if I could run as fast as you I probably wouldn't so much!

    Bike It - Glad to hear you are home in one piece albeit wornout (slight understatement). I look forward to your extended report and all training log etc. Take it easy.

  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    Very pacey solo effort PMJ - I bet that blew away a few cobwebs.

    Good reps from Menn and Frazer.

    The big question though Gerard - how goes the no smoking. Are you still hanging on in there.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    AR - Sadly no, fell off the wagon big style. Ashamed to admit it but after 15 days and feeling the presurre of exams etc ( no excuse I know) but I cracked! It's not the end of my attempt though and planning a second bid this weekend. Sorry!!!!

  • Yes its great the summer has finally arrived.

    4 very easy miles at lunch with no major grumbles and 14 on the bike after work, then some core and then some weights. That'll do for the day.

    Lorenzo- may be tempted to give it a go but fear I might be under trained for a 200K bike ride, a bit like running a marathon with only one long run in the bag. Also in weather like this, great, but if its pissing it down I don't think it'd be much fun.

    Don't mind running in the rain but when it comes to cycling I'm a fair weather fairy!

    Talking of fairies, thanks for those images Frazer, I'm off to bed now with a greased up Ant firmly lodged in me brain....

    "Not tonight dear, I'm not feeling"
  • Nice bit of speed PMJ and good reps Mennania.

    GM- if smoking didn't cost a fortune, didn't stink and make your teeth go yellow, stain your fingers and then kill you I'd do it, because it is quite enjoyable.
  • Moof - I'm also a fair weather cyclist but they might be taking entries on the day anyway (they were on Sunday) so worth pencilling it in.


  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    moof wrote (see)

     I'm off to bed now with a greased up Ant firmly lodged in me brain.... 


    Don't give him any more ideas for photo shoots...

    Unusual smell round here - had to do a serious emergency stop in the car when another "driver" decided to pull out at high speed without indicating, looking etc. Sadly I was carrying 8 bags of rather moist horse manure which went, err, everywhere. At least the car smells better with running kit than without.

    Who's got races coming up?

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    DS2 - look forward to more posts now!
    AR - get well soon.
    Bike It - welcome back. Hope you're having a good rest.
    PMJ - cracking lunchtime session.
    Mennania - impressive set of 1k reps - your target was very scary.
    Frazer - speedy miles. Easier when you don't have to weave in and out too, I suspect.
    GM - very tidy 10k in training. Good luck with the 2nd attempt at giving up smoking.
    Moof - steady as she goes.
    Poacher - that smell will take some getting rid of.
    3 mile recovery run this morning.

  • Can I just say I feel I am being treated as a sex object on here?

    Poacher - Are you sure it was the horse manure and not just due to the skid marks??

    Mennania - Great set of reps. I'm on record on here as not being a great fan of speedwork, either...

    Gerard - That's bad news about the gaspers...keep at it, you know it's a good idea on all levels, from bad breath to money and worse things. *Sermon over*

    I really didn't do much on Monday, a bike session of 10 mins + 10 x 30 secs full-on, and then some dumbell work, but my whole body really, really ached yesterday and when I woke up this morning I was still a bit stiff. How am I going to get on in the reps session? We'll see, won't we?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear you woke up stiff Ant image

    Some good summertime runs going on. Your sounds very nippy PMJ.

    I took it easy last night just a 5 mile plod. Tonight is a 3 mile hill race (I last did 19 years ago) as a warm up for the Blaydon race this sunday image

  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭
    Gerard Mooney wrote (see)

    AR - Sadly no, fell off the wagon big style. Ashamed to admit it but after 15 days and feeling the presurre of exams etc ( no excuse I know) but I cracked! It's not the end of my attempt though and planning a second bid this weekend. Sorry!!!!

    Bad luck Gerard. Exam stress can't help, so maybe when they are out the way. I did CIMA in a previous life.

    Last night I felt like I had been smoking 40 per day. Now the Newbury 10k was sponsored by Bayer, and we received Berocca as part of the goody bag. Health has taken a tumble since then. Just saying image

  • Also-ran wrote (see)

    Very pacey solo effort PMJ - I bet that blew away a few cobwebs.

    Maybe one or two in the corners but in reality it was just another incremental increase. The hard bit is that when I race on Sunday I won't see any benefit at all of the training I have done this week. All I will get is some residual tiredness and if I was really serious about Sunday I would do a full marathon like taper. When I will see the benefit is in a few weeks time. What time I get on Sunday will be down to the training and racing I did a few weeks ago.

    This seems to be a big difference between a marathon campaign and my current running. For a marathon there is a single goal and all energies are directed at that goal. Currently I don't have a single goal: I have a stack of races but no single over-riding aim. Maybe I need to nail my flag to some post.

  • Pretty rotten reps session this morning. I felt achy, stiff and creaky while warming up, but at least when I got to the place where I do reps, after 3 kms, I'd loosened up enough to attempt the session. Anyway, 6 x 1000 in  3:44, 3:44, 3:44, 3:48, 3:52 & 3:49.

    This tells me I'm clearly not as fit as I want to be or even thought I was. It possibly also tells me I've been trying to do too much and haven't given myself a chance to recover properly from the marathon campaign. This last is surprising, as I only did 118 miles in May, and thought I'd been quite sensible about my recovery.

    Whatever, I felt washed out and it was a real effort to carry the session through to the end. It was supposed to be off 2-min recoveries, but after nº3 I allowed myself 30 seconds rest on top of that. So, a bit demoralised and confused.

    Just to throw this into the mixer: would the fact that my hayfever has come on this week have anything to do with it?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    we all have days like that Ant

  • Good reps Menn.

    PMJ - set a race as a goal each month. This month (30th) I have a 10k race earmarked, then July is a 5 miler, August another 5 mile, September a 10 miler then October my Autumn “A” race of the Amsterdam half marathon.

    I sympathize with you Ant. Felt exactly the same last might. Knew I had to do the session but didn't enjoy it. Legs felt sluggish on the warm up mile which didn't help. Session was 2 miles @ 6.09 & 5.55, then 2 x 1 mile in 5.52 & 5.56 and finished with 2 x 800m in 2.47 & 2.45 (but ideally should have done 4). Battling with the CNBA demons the whole way too!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    AR have you stolen Lorenzo's legs? 

  • Just in a stats induced gloom at the moment. For last VLM my long run staple was 10 at MP+20% and then 10 at MP+10%. For 6:30 pace (which turned out wrong as I needed 6:29 for 2:50) these are 7:48 and 7:09

    If I look at 2:45 I need 6:17 pace and then these paces are 7:33 and 6:55 so the 11 I did yesterday at 6:58 is no good: I have to do that at 6:55 pace after a warm up of another 10 at 7:33 pace.

  • sorry to hear about the stats gloom PMJ- i think you said the other day that you want to find a conclusioon and then find the stats to support it. I'm sure that by looking at the same stats you can draw a positive conclusion.

    I'm not sure when the marathon you are targetting is, but as far as I know you're not in specific marathon training at the moment; so it's a little unrealistic to hold yourself to marathon targets. Where you doing those 20milers from the off in marathon phase? I find that MP+20% is really just my basic running speed with no effort, so adding 10 of that isn't too bad.

    I've also had my own stats gloom of late. I have now had a garmin for about 65 weeks, which means that I have now got approximately 3 month worth of overalpping data from last year to this. I am aiming to try and take 14 mins of my marathon time at the same event, which means I need to be runnign about 32/33s per mile faster. I figure this means every run needs to be that bit faster for the same effort. However the stats say that I am averaging around 26s per mile faster. So It looks like I am likely to miss my target by a couple of mins. On the plus side I am also averaging a few bpm lower this year than last, so could look at trying to factor that in, a regression analysis suggest that each bpm should correlate to about 0.1kph faster, which closes the gap, but is unreliable because in order to get a useful level of data I have to go back several months, and then I am less fit than now so less relevant. 

    Am thinking of upping the milage, but deep down know that what I really need is to get my speeed up (but I hate speed wrok)


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    PMJ - your marathon isn't for months surely there's loads of time to test your paces? 

  • JD3, sure I can statistically prove I can run sub 2:45, it woudl be age graded 82.3% and my best age graded performance is 82.06% so within spitting distance. The trouble is that stats are exactly that, a way of summign up a lot of data. As Noakes points out, each marathon is an experiamnt with a sample size of one.

    Minni, indeed it is a long way out but VLM 2013 started in June 2011 with a 36:56 10k, went through the summer with a 17:49 5k, then into the autumn with a 59:26 10 mile and then through the winter via a 79:34 half.

    It is now June 2013 and my 10k is 37:17 and 5k 17:59 so I am behind 2011 and I am trying to shoot at a race 5 minuets faster which really means 36:30 10k and 17:30 5k and then a 59 dead 10 mile. That does mean speedwork JD3!

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