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  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭

    Sounds like an excellent LSR/race AR and a very good time for not racing.

    KR - Congrats to little KR.  I heard about that trip on Radio Leicester.  Same races targeted as me. I also use Cooks Lane for hill reps.  Only race issue is a potential session at a 20/20 match the day before Prestwold.  Hoping to duck out of all day drinking in the hope of another PB!!

    Gul - Cracking early doors running.  I remember the joke.  Pleased it was only a joke!!!

    Good luck with your racing Speedy and Jools (nice warm-up..18miles!!!)

    Hope all goes well tomorrow OO and all went well today Keir.

    Good session Blisters.  If you are locking your bike make sure you remember the key/combo!!!

    10 mile x-country run for me this morning which ended up as just over 12 miles as I am crap at navigating and working out how far it is to get home.  Nice run though!!

  • Not another marathon AR, (suppose this is a mara thread). Still a decent time even though you weren't racing and recovering from a lurgy, makes me feel guilty for not getting off me bed ridden arse for VLM.

    Good luck with the Tri tomorrow Slokey.

    Are you ready for the half IM Blisters?

    Good luck to Speedy and jools tomorrow and anyone else racing, OO?

    Alternative days running and riding (ohh eh!) this week seems to be ok for my annoying niggles. Although an 8 mile run on Wednesday felt a lot further than it should, just shows how quickly the endurance running fitness drops when you're not on it consistently.

    85 miles on the bike this morning with a fair bit of climbing, felt pretty comfortable. One emergency pit stop but I'll spare you the details, although its a right ol'' faff getting out of that bike gear clobber!

    I'll try a decent run tomorrow.

  • Moof - impressed that you feel comfortable after 85 miles in the saddle. Looked like it was gorgeous out there today.

    AR - so just a gentle sub-3:30 marathon on a hilly course. Not too shabby!

    Hope Keir had a good time today - photos expected

    Good luck to Jools and Speedy tomorrow.

    Parkrun for me this morning - not feeling in tip top condition (tired legs and not much sleep for the last few nights) so wasn't expecting much. Run lived up to expectations as I finished in 19:30, the only consolation being a nice even split and 1st place in the age category, just pipping a mate of mine who I'd taken along for his first parkrun. Couldn't bear the thought of losing local bragging rights so had to put a big sprint finish in. Felt very strange running without the Garmin or a watch.

    Planning a couple of hours on the bike with elder Lorenzito tomorrow morning - hoping for an early start so that he can get back in time to get in his session of GCSE revision!!

  • Finally back from the UKWAL (Division 2 at Abingdon). The bus broke down, which made a long day even longer! Legs weren't too happy about running quickly, especially as it was blowing a howling gale, but it's about position not time, and I managed to win the 3000m B race despite running a fair bit slower than my last one. The 1500m wasn't pretty and I only managed to run the same pace, but I did manage 3rd in the B race. And a PB since I've never run one before. Should be easy to break that one some time in the future!

    Turns out Notts weren't spreading the athletes out over the three leagues at all. We have no 3000m runners in the women's race in the Midlands League Division 1 tomorrow. I was almost tempted to volunteer as it's only at Loughborough, but then I remembered I have a very hilly 5.75 mile summer league race on Wednesday and sanity was restored. 

  • Moof, you need to practice those intermediate transitions! Anyone who can call 85 miles on a bike "easy" deserves respect. Personally, I feel rogered after that distance.

    AR, another marathon tabbed. Hilly equals no pb, so might as well enjoy it. Well done.

    Multi sport day for me. Stalk for details.

  • Speedy - one victory and one PB. Not bad for a day's work. What time did you do for the 1500m?

  • Not sure Lorenzo, but it was slow! 5.30.xx I think. I ran 11.00.xx or 11.01.xx for the 3000m so it might even have been a slower pace for half the distance!

  • Blisters- Maybe easy/ comfortable is a slight exaggeration on my part but I do think even when marathon fit a 20+ mile run is harder than an eighty mile ride but today I was getting a bit sick of the hills towards the end and the Newbury/ Andover stretch has a fair bit of climbing which certainly pushes up the heart rate and makes the legs creak.

    Lorenzo- yes great day to be out but I should have put on some sun tan lotion. Enjoy your ride tomorrow.

    Well done on the Victory Speedy, shows a fair bit of dedication travelling down to Abingdon on the bus.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Well my friends, it has been a long time.  I've been on a mega-bender since Comrades. I think I have drunk the same number of pints of cider as the number of miles I would have normally have run

    If anyone does ever run Comrades, you have to realise it is seriously addictive.  I am addicted.  After saying to myself that I did it already and it would be good to do some different races, I find myself waiting for the race entry to open.

    There is the lovely bubble of Comrades in which you don't think or talk about anything but running for several days.  It is really wonderful.  In Durban you spend all your time with runners and when you go back to JNB the number  of them dilutes and the when you go back to LHR the number of them gets even lower. At LHR you greet the final Comrades runners goodbye and then you have to go back to reality.  The reality is another year without Comrades.  It sucks  

    I went to the doctor on Friday who told me I've got some detactment of my tendor from my shinbone.  She will send me for a scan. 

    I promise a full race report and training summary in the future.  For now I'm just carrying on with my bender.  Sorry to bring anti-health into the conversation.

    Goodluck Sloakey nfor tommorrow's tri

    Gul- a bit of glue and they'll be alright for a few hundred more.  I've met people in Comrades running with their sole worn right through.

  • Bike it

    I have read reports from people who have run/done Comrades, and I think that your report sums it all up rather neatly. Truly you have to be an addicted runner to really understand what the next level of addiciton might look like. I have this ugly feeling that many of us here are just one step away from that realisation. For some it's sub 3, sub 2:45, 100 marathons, Ironman (cough), or another challenge. I guess that it is called Comrades for a reason.

  • Good running / riding / swimming from the Tri/Duo contingent. Good luck today SJ .

    Great running Speedy. A fast track outing for speed and long bus outing for endurance!

    Keep on running with  the bender Bike-it. I think you earned it.

    Seem to have added an ear infection to my ailments today. oh joy.



  • Nice run there AR. What was the course as I am sure I am gettign confused with a number of ultras that rin the the 100 or so mile long Suuth Downs Way and being 26.2 that muts have been just a small section. I used to work at Shoreham-by-Sea so used to do a lot on the Downs betwen Brighton and Worthing and they were killer ups and downs.

  • Wargrave 10k for me today. Not a race I would have chosen to do (hills, wind, twists, grass) but it it in our club champs and I needed to run it to get a reasonable stab at completing 7 events so I get 7 counters (ideally I would do more and drop a dog or so). 

    After yesterday and bright sunshine today started very cold (blue fingers) so a fairly long but slow warm up (literally) and then off at the start. First half mile or so was round a playing field on grass (why?) and then out onto the road for a quick loop of a housing estate before the race set off en route for real. There is a Wargrave 5k as well as the 10k and the 10k basically pisses about, then runs the second half of the 5k, then a bit more larking about, then the first half of the 5k and then back home.

    Settled down fairly well, the first couple of ks neatly inside 3:45 (6 minute pace) and then a couple of slower ks as the course went uphill into the headwind. The first lady pulled alongside me at this point and she was puffing and panting and breathing deeply in a manner that wouldn't have gone amiss as a voice over for a certain type of gentleman's film. The hill at this stage is not steady, it has sections of up, then a dip, then and another up etc, and I noticed that she was doing badly on the ups so I gave it a bit of effort and dropped her and the entourage she was pulling along. Got to the top of the course and half way in 19:12 so all thoughts of a good time were off and it was down to place now.

    The downhill section which is normally very easy and fast (which is the start of the 5k, you are following this closely) was a lot harder of tight muscles but the runners ahead seemed to be coming back so it was a case of concentrate on form and keep steadily pulling them in. The guy in a yellow top, pony tail and 3/4 length shorts (I'll call him person running in colourful kit, or PRICK for short) looked like he'd had enough and was wandering a bit so I set him as the first target and passed him at just after 8k, and a local rival, Gareth Morris, was the next ahead (and must have been having a bad race, afterwards I found he had a stitch) so I slowly pulled him in but made the schoolboy error of passing him just short of 9k rather than waiting a bit longer. From 9k it was all about racing: Gareth regathered and passed me and then as we came into the village and entered the playing fields PRICK elbowed his way past me and sprinted on. I had really had enough by now and another local runner, Steve Roberts, came past and I had no reply and coasted round the field for 38:06 finish.

    19:12 and 18:54 splits means a technical negative split but that is all bollocks as the course is up and then back down. Generally happy with the run, beat the people I needed to for the overall champs points, will have to wait and see what sort of times and age gradings others got for the age graded part. Bit upset that I couldn't muster a finish and get a few scalps but the race was not for that and the week was big week for me at 46 miles with a lot of quality so I need to make special effort to plan for races and rest a bit.

    Splits below as a record, nothing spectacular and really just echo the profile.

    1    3:46.9     0.64     5:57
    2    3:35.7     0.60     6:02
    3    3:55.3     0.63     6:11
    4    4:06.7     0.62     6:36
    5    3:47.7     0.62     6:09
    6    3:49.7     0.63     6:07
    7    3:50.0     0.62     6:10
    8    3:36.8     0.62     5:52
    9    3:4

  • PMJ - sounds lie a very decent outing on that course. I was going to be doing Wargrave until the South Downs lured me away (Slindon College to QE Park along the South Downs Way). 

    Have you got any quick races  organised for the summer. I will be doing Dorney Dash but have nothing before then. I am also considering Thame 10k.


    Today is payback. All the flu like symptoms have joined forces with DOMS in a vicious cocktail of sufferringimage

  • AR - you did another marathon???? And the nutter of the week award goes to...

  • AR, sort of run out of plans at the moment as it is starting to get busy. Will do the Last Friday of the month 5k in Hyde Park (June 28th) and Swallowfield 10k on Sep 22nd is the next thing I have pencilled in. Dorney Dash is a home race so if I am free I will be helping and not racing which is a shame as it is fast.

    Didcot 5 is a nice one but I am away, Thame 10k is full, Battersea 10k series (Sri Chiminoy) is again fast and 8am Saturday but clashes until October.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well done PMJ

    Average outing for me at Blaydon. 34.36 for the 5.7 course, 2 mins down on last year and 6:03 pace is 16 secs down on last year. On the plus side it was rather hot and none of the young blighters chasing managed to get my scalp today. Blasted a 5:40 first mile then 2 *5:55's. Wilted in the second half with 6:30 for the last two but did enough to hold off the chasing pack.  

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Nice running PMJ, OO and Speedy.

    AR: as Speedy says, not another marathon???

    Total of 12M for me including 3000m and 1500m (different meet to CC2: this was a Midlands League fixture in Brum; UKWAL was yesterday and I think CC2's second claim club are a higher division than us in UKWAL and Mids).  Anyway, am now the proud (?) owner of 2 new pbs: 11.01 and 5.24, so I just about managed better than 3k pace in the 1500m (after a 34 minute break!).  Wish I'd kicked a fraction earlier in the 3k and hadn't had to lap someone in the home straight.  The happiness of the 27 second pb is going to be eradicated slowly but surely by that 11.01 beaming at me from Po10...

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    +2 AR! image

    Good gathering of points there PMJ.  

    Well done on keeping that pack of youngsters at distance OO.

    I had fun at the tough mudder on Saturday. A couple of the obstacles were challenging, but getting stuck in without thinking about it was the winning strategy. Decided to make the most of the opportunity and went for total mud coverage in one of the mud pools (my skin feels super soft today). But with 11miles of hilly XC running the main challenge for most was keeping moving, so I was comfortable flying past people all day with a couple of mates. Finished off a good day by managing to sneak in for an extra 2 free pints of cider. These events are a license to print money, but it was an enjoyable one off thing to do. I will try to get some pictures for you later this week Lorenzo image

  • Sounds good fun Keir, I prefer to splash on a bit of Brut and just walk down the pub for my beer.

    Nice racing from PMJ, OO and Jools, well done on the PB.

    Just got in from running 14 miles which is my longest run for about eight weeks. The run was way too tough and the last couple of miles were reduced to a death march, quads feel totally battered. I think yesterdays long ride may have something to do with the total fatigue I felt. The good news is my glute was ok the whole run.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Jools - good long run - excellent racing too and a cracking PB. Quite a weekend.
    AR - sounds like a tough course - well done.
    Martin - you thought it was just a joke? That is funny. Nice XC run.
    Moof - good riding and running. Great news on the glute.
    Lorenzo - well done on bagging 1st place in your age category when less 100%.
    Speedy - congrats on the PB for 1st place and a podiudm finish too - good racing.
    Bike It - hope the issue with your tendon isn't too serious. Enjoy the rest. I've got the glue ready.
    PMJ - good effort at the 10k - battle of the Morrises! Should be on course for some super-fast races when tapered.
    OO - very fast start in the heat - well done on holding out.
    Keir - well done on getting a bit extra cider for your money - not sure about the mudbath though.
    6 miles d&d this morning, plus some hill sprints.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great running Jools, fast times and 2 PB's- you must be chuffed with that.

    I was 118th at Blaydon and I think we got the V50 team prize, actually not a bad day on reflection image.

  • OO50, that must be a well attended race (just looked and over 3000) if you are in the 100s. I didn't realise, guess it must be a big thing up there.

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    AR, tough running sir

    Nice and tasty track antics from the ladies.

    well done also to OO, PMJ, Keir and Lorenzo.

    Enjoy the rest BikeIt. You've earned it!

    Race report: Rhyl Triathlon (1500m swim / 44k bike / 10k run)

    turned up in the heat of the summer sun and felt a bit daunted by the displays of six packs, sun tans and bling bikes. Stuck numbers onto arms and set my transition area up, squeezed into my wetsuit and we were in the water (wave 2) and then off within a couple of minutes. Salt water - bleurgh. 2 lap swim course and took a full lap to get my breath and feel comfortable. Felt good by the end and came put of the water at 24:30 which was a massive PB. Took me 90 seconds to get myself steady and up the slipway and the jog to the timing mat since my legs were all over the place. Quick change and then bike. 2 lap course. Open to traffic with 2 sets of lights and 4 roundabouts on each lap plus quite a few sharp corners but was very pleased with keeping up with folks (apart from the odd Exocet which went screaming past). Quite enjoyed the ride than into t2 for a change of shoes and out on the run. 10k flat course along the prom. The sun was beating down now but I seemed to cope quite well with it for a change and romped home in a very even 41mins. Passed lots of folks and happily, no one passed me image

    2:24 result - 20 mins faster than my A target and felt strong at the end (plus fastest run in my age group which is always nice!). 13th overall. 3rd V40 (no prize image )

    4 weeks to Outlaw. Bring it on!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great performance Slokey- a man of many talents and able to cope in the heat.

    Yes it's a big event in the North East PMJ- and a big pull for all the North East club talent.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Nice result Slokey.  You seem quite good at this tri thing.  That's a pretty impressive swim time.

    Nice racing PMJ.  I love the new acronym.

    Free cider Keir - I'm in the next one then.

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    BikeIt, it's amazing what consistent 12-15 hr training weeks can do!

  •  Excellent, enviable stuff, Slokey!

    Well done to so many for another great weekend's running (and cycling), esp Jools, Speedy, PMJ, Keir and OO.

    AR will have probably done another marathon by the time I've finished writing imageimage.

    I've been getting gyp off my right foot for a while now and having ruled out a stress fracture I assumed it was plantar fasciitis. A visit to a podolgist in March informed me it wasn't, but the thing was persistent and was increasingly giving me aggro, not just when running but also in "normal" daily life.

    This morning I went to the physio for a general going-over and he told me the foot thing was the resut of a build-up of tension in the leg all the way down from the hips to the calves and achilles via the hamstrings. Could this be sorted? Lie face down on there, son.

    What followed was 55 minutes of (and I choose my words carefully here) excruciating, on-the-cusp-of-unbearable agony. I feel so much better now. I'll let you know. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Oh god Ant you've got the same as me! 

    OO - well done on Blaydon. I'm gutted to have missed it and punished myself suitably with 1.5 hrs of bootcamp, 2 mlies of running and 6 miles on the bike. My own triathlon!  I believe it was very hot gannin alang the Scotswood Road?

    will read back later but wanted to report 1 mile on Saturday, 2 on Sunday and 3 this morning with no sign of pain or niggle.  I can't tell you how happy I am! image

  • Good news Minni, it's such a great feeling when you can run pain free coming back from an injury. I on the other hand are feeling a little creaky today, late night running and then pretty much straight off to bed with no stretching don't agree with me, I have seized up.

    Great effort Slokey, traffic lights on the bike course is a bit of a nuisance, I hope you ignored the highway code and went for glory.

    Are you ready for the long'en?

    Sounds barrel of laughs Ant, hope the fizz has fixed you.
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