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  • AR - if you can do 37:20 on a treadmill, imagine what you'll be able to do with a number pinned to your chest and the roar of the crowd in your ears! The Bushy Park 10K at the end of July is a good flat one.

    All the best tonight OO

    Copy of Running with the Kenyans arrived yesterday - bought after listening to thinteger view on the Marathon Talk podcast. I might have to take a break from Les Miserables (i.e. the Hugo book, not a collection of Mennania's race reports!) to read it for some inspiration.

    Talking of podcasts, I listened to some of the Talk Ultra one the other day - just reminded of what a bunch of nutcases Ultra runners are!

    6 x 1K at 10K pace for me yesterday - bike to and from work today.

  • Those ultra guys & gals really are nutters. I watched a video of Badwater from a few years back. I have been to Death Valley, and it was bad enough stepping out of an airconditioned car for a few minutes.

    Quite enjoyed Running with the Kenyans (more so than Born to Run). Need to get myself some Ugali for the next campaign. Also enjoyes listening to the audiobook of Eat and Run. Good Long Run fodder.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    5 miles for me tonight after a prolonged period of laziness. Put the fast trainers on to give me the edge I felt I needed and set off at a decent pace. Hoped to go sub 7mm. First 3 miles feeling fine albeit a bit warm then got a horrible stitch in my side, hung on and had to put a bit of effort in to come home in avg 6:59 mm pace. Clearly need to do more running and more often if I am to have a crack a sub 40 10k in July!

    Lorenzo - Nice training and enjoy your book. It's a good read that.

    Bike It. - Good luck with the MRI!

    AR - Impressive 10k on the TM! What's your 10k pb on the road? I've only ever run a few times on a TM.

    OO - Hope it went well and look forward to the race report!

    Gul- Your going well, keep it up!

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Another impressive alternative session there Bike it. Good to hear the NHS is making better use of its resources. I'll use that as an example when teaching the Asset turnover ratio next week.

    Nice 10k AR. I still need to read Running with the Kenyans (maybe one for the birthday list), but there is no way I would be able to follow the diet. Ugali is the blandest stodge ever invented. My wife bought me Extreme Running (50 of the most extreme races in the world) for Xmas. Some impressive pictures and those runners are so hardcore.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Ugali - aarrgh. Bad times.

    Not sure ultra runners are mad, if you go back to "what if the opposite were true?" you can argue that short-distance (mara and below) runners can be a bit geeky. Ultrarunning is about letting go of minutes and seconds, and revelling in the journey. Different ethos from mara IMHO. Ultrarunners can look at a satellite map of the earth and say "heck did I really do that?" 

    Handy double today, 10m AM + 6m PM, sneaked that in 

    Literatin, do you like the crazy arms dealer Rimbaud too?


  • Keir, that wife of yours wants to be careful. It's such inspirational books that are the germ of a seed of an idea, that generates. Before you know it your finger is hovering over the send button on the entry page for Comrades or Marathon de Sables.

    For me, just round the rat run at a sedate pace, to see if my legs are still attached.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    AR - great session - hope the infection clears up very soon.
    Bike It - good luck with the scan.
    Lorenzo - nice 10k pace reps. Whereabouts have you got to in Les Misérables?
    GM - at least you did make your target even with a stitch.
    Poacher - good double.
    Blisters - hope you recover quickly.
    10 miles without checking my watch this morning - came out at 7:10 m/m. A bit faster than I was aiming for ("steady"), but it felt OK, so I guess that's good.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Oh well bad day at the office yesterday. A lovely evening at Newburn and a full house with all 400 places sold out. After a pacey start with 5:45 first mile, settled in the 2nd to 6 miniutes hoping, to maintain this for the rest of the race. Basically I struggled thereafter, running in 3rd gear and unable to sustain the pace. Dropped to 6:15 for mile 3 and that's pretty much where it stayed for the rest of the race, finishing in 40:48 for the 6.5 mile course.

    This was below my target of 40 and about 1:45 down on last year. Far short of a disaster but disappointing all the same. Rather hoped my positive parkrun might be a platform for a return to form but mediocrity continues. 2 weeks until my next 10 k, so back to the drawing board image

  • OO - chIn up. Not every race can be go as well as planned. The parkrun showed the form is there but things obviously didn't come together last night.

    Gul - you're on a roll at the moment. Finding 10 miles at 7:10 pace nice and comfortable especially first thing in the morning is a very good sign. I'm just coming to the end of the section where he digresses and covers the Battle of Waterloo. It's all very tense and Blucher is on the horizon, so don't tell me who wins! image

    Just over 40 miles on the bike yesterday - got straight home, changed and then out again for a meeting with parents at the school to explain the changes to the class structure next year - variety is the spice of live.

    Train to Wimbledon this morning, then ran the 6.5 miles into the office. 



  • AR- have been done the first 3 20’s at a very sedate pace – they’ve all been around 8.10/8.15 for about 70% HRR (what P+D suggest for the upper limit of recovery runs), he most recent one first 12 miles were hilly, but easy, then miles 15-19 were at approx MP+30s pace (though a slight net downhill)- will stick to the easier ones a little longer before getting into the MP+20%/10% or tempos.

    That’s a scary session on the treadmill too, a fast 10k in the middle of a MLR!! There must be a fast 10k near you sometime soon. I’ve done a race here before with a different company, if it’s not windy and there are enough people your speed then it’s fast.

    Glad that you’re more at ease with your race Mennania

    Kier – I’ve looked at some of those races with mud and obsticles, I think I might give one a go once winter comes around.

    Bike It – glad you enjoyed your PT abs session- I like the theory of hurting another area to numb the prior sore one. I’ve heard a lot of good things about kettlebells too.

    Gul – am doing Abingdon, what is your next target race? You seem to be getting in some good miles lately.

    CC2 – nice short reps- I always feel like I’m going to tear all sorts of useful tendons when I go faster than 5k pace, and my lungs sometimes feel like they’re threatening to abandon me.

    Lorenzo – is that the kind of behaviour that immediately precedes entering an ultra?

    GM – glad that your back out running and a good pace too.

    Poacher – nice double

    OO – sorry your race didn’t go to plan- if it was anything like as muggy with you as it was round here then it’s not conducive to good racing. Sure you’ll be fine for a fortnights time.

    5x 1M averaging 7.29 for me last night off one mile recovery. Perhaps at first glance not an earthshattering session, but each rep included 45m assent in a pretty uniform way, so was a bit more energetic than it first sounds. Ran past the same pub 10 times which I think confused some of the drinkers. 

  • OO - bad luck last night, I'm sure it is just a blip. It could be worse; this morning I was overtaken by a lady in full office dress with big rucksack making a dash to the train station.  I tried telling her I was on a recovery run but she was gone by then. image

  • JD3 wrote (see)

    5x 1M averaging 7.29 for me last night off one mile recovery. Perhaps at first glance not an earthshattering session, but each rep included 45m assent in a pretty uniform way

    Any chance of a picture of you in your pretty uniform?!image

  • HI JD3 - that is the one I've got booked for July - Dorney Dash, and I squeezed into the Thame 10k end of this month. So I hope to better my 38:40pb which was a hilly/multiterrain type affair.

    Sounds like the long runs are progressing well. I'm a big fan of the slow ones, really seems to help use fat more efficiently. I've been following Mcmillans approach with plenty of slow LRs , with the occassional fast finish long run.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Yes I think she passed me in Newburn AR image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Looks like GFA places for VLM should be open from 24th June (next Monday). See website.

  • FrazerelliFrazerelli ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all.

    Looks like everyone is enjoying their summer runnin' (had me a pla-aan....)

    Glad to see you're getting some abdominal torture in after your leg thrashing Bike It

    Wicked 10k from Menna and a nice treadmill effort from AR

    How are the the Lytham team shaping up ? Are we going to go for a one-two-three of podium domination on the day chaps ?? Not sure how fit I'm feeling these days but looking forward to the  day out by the seaside

    Very impressed with the level of literature being read. I'm more Peter and Jane Book 5B according to my wife....

    HMP session later to see where I'm at

  • Another 10 this evening. No commuters overtook me. This weeks experiment:  I've been running doubles to see how I take to it. I don't think this is my future; work is suffering, too much kit to wash, too many showers, oh and I'm knackered all the time. Respect to those who cope.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    AR - start out with 5 and 5 for a while and take it nice and slow. Thats what I do when I start my commutes in January, I build up to the 15 inc MP and 5 on a Weds.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Since when has it been de rigeur to shower and wash kit between runs when doing a double? image

    Actually if you keep odd hours, doubles area handy way to get the miles in.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    OO - don't panic. I'm sure that overall your form is returning.
    Lorenzo - Hugo's digressions are legendary! There actually is a point to that particular one, even though it only really needs a couple of pages!
    JD3 - that interval session will build good leg strength.
    AR - I've more or less given up on my Weds doubles.
    7 slow miles this morning. Hoping the forecast for tomorrow morning is wrong otherwise it's going to be dark when I set out with all those rain clouds image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Yes weekend weather has arrivedimage

  • The only doubles I do are an in and home to work  too but dont involve showers or kit changesimage - just a quick flannel in the bogs.

    Frazer - Have suffered with niggles since Sundays 10k so just one run for me this week. Stomach strain was painful enough last night to make  me turn round and go home after 1k instead of the hilly 6 or 7 I had planned. Heat pad has since been purchased. It will be a very poor turnout if I get anywhere near a podium.



  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Are bookmarks a thing of the past in RW?  Mine have all disapeared.

    Thanks OO for the pointer to the GFA entry opening.  VMLM sounds too much of a mouthful so are we sticking to call it VLM?

    Spinning again yesterday - different instructor to previous.  Her favorite word seemed to be 'faster'.  It surprises me how well I respond to being pushed to go faster by somone else.  The second half of the session was all standup cycling at high resistance whilst dropping low or pushing up over the bars - killer.

    Dumbells and kettlkebell in the park for lunch today.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Just noticed my bookmarks have gone as well, Bike It.  Perhaps they want us all to 'follow' threads instead...

    Bit of a busy week again, with two round trips to Plymouth, but as long as I do 9M today, 10M tomorrow and 18M on Sunday, I'll hit 60!  P&D starts on Monday, which means only 18 weeks until Frankfurt.  The two months since VLM have flown by!

  • they are still there intermittently, but I am having probs too. Have thought about joining a spin class for xt stuff Bike It - sounds pretty useful.

  • Today was the day to give that final 10k Mcmillan session a go as its about 9 days out  from my next race - that's the 3x2M @10k pace session

    I did my 3 miles warm up trying to pluck up courage to start, then hit the first rep which was 11:35.3 and all was well. Second rep came around very quickly and managed 11:32.9, but right hamstrings felt tight towards the end. Spent most of the recovery period stretching, and then started rep 3. Lasted .25M and needlike / stabbing pains arrived, so  I immediately binned the Rep. Shame as after 55miles earlier  in the week I was feeling good.  I guess I pushed myself too much.

    Managed some slow jogging without any problems, so some ice and rest, and then back to plodding for a few days is prescribed.

    In good news, I passed my Million Metre rowing target and am now the bearer 1 x T-Shirt (Million Metres Club). I'm going places.


    TR - I may do some more doubles in marathon training - the 5+15 appeals on my medium long run day.

  • Bad luck on that last rep, AR - as you say, take it a bit easy for a few days and you'll be fine.

    Gul - I'm now onto Zola's "Therèse Raquin". If 7:10 feels good over 10M in training, you're in very good shape.

    No running at all since Sunday for me as I nurse this foot of mine. I did some static bike and swimming instead, and quite enjoyed it, but the foot doesn't seem to be any better to be honest, so now I'm even doubting if it's got anything to do with running. I'm going to start again tomorrow and if I get through a 6-8 miler without limping, will just carry on regardless.

    Fraser - But - oooohhhh - those sum-uh-mer...niggg-ulllllllsssss!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Hard to avoid putting strain on your foot when running AR, best take it easy if it hurts during your session.

    You too AR, take it easy.

    Good going Jools, do you feel ready for Frankfurt?

    Topsy turvy week, not sure what the parkrun will bring. Vouchers arrived for 2nd V50 at Newburn image 

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    AR, sounds like a tough session! Not surprised that things started to twang a bit by the end. Hope it's nothing serious.

    Thanks for the GFA news OO, I might actually enter for next year!

    Jools, I'm hoping to run Frankfurt too but I won't be starting focussed training for a few weeks yet. 

    Week 1 of the taper: 1.5hrs hilly ride this morning then a 1hr trail run after lunch followed by open water swim at tea time.

    4hr ride tomorrow then 2hr run on Sunday. 

  • Jealous

    Had to do a full day's work, like a real paid up member of society. Fecking shock to the system I tell yer. Left client at 1745. ON A FRIDAY. I shall admit it here that I did enjoy the most beautiful drive through fantastic Wilts/Glos cycling country, a straight north line discovered by Tom (Tom) for an hour or more. Unfortunately I got a "where have you been" bollocking from the Mrs who assumed I'd been jollying (training) when I got home at 7pm. She's been in a bad mood all week. Sorry, I'm offloading. Training blanks again.

    Frazerelli, HMP session? That sounds godawful tough.
    Also, Man up. Just sniff the kit and let it stand in a corner until you've got a big enough pile. For goodness sake, this isn't the sub three thread. 2 vests, 2 shorts, 4 socks. Not hard is it? The washing machine is the white thing in the corner. Save eleccy, and acquire a 3rd set of kit if it bothers you.
    Jools, I am so pleased that you are holding up, and the talk of a (rear end loaded) 60 mile week is an absolute commitment to the cause. Your mental strength is something that is not adequately applauded. Are you planning 50/50/60 weeks or is it 60/60/70?
    AvO Take it steady, Lytham/Southport isn't that exciting. We don't want you broken.

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