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  • Oh good some smackdown talk on the thread at last. I am sat back in my armchair - please get to itimage

    Decided to run a race I'd paid for a couple of months back - Dorney Dash 10k which I had lost all interest  in doing. This was billed as my target race in a 10k build up which hasn't gone the way I was hoping.  Finished in 37:52 which I am trying to be pleased with, but until a couple of weeks back my training promised a lot more. Too many niggles put pay to any speedwork during the last fortnight, it was pretty humid, and had to carry my 'quit it' thoughts for the first 7K. Luckily physical pain came to visit in km8 which meant something else to focus on. 

    On the plus side I gave it a go, hamstring in one piece, and I don't think I was overtaken in the second half so did something right. 

    On the downside I really don't like 10ks and will give them a swerve for sometime to come. Achilles rather sore. No more moaning about 10ks / 10k training for the foreseeable future. 


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Dorney on a hot day is tough, AR - been there, done it, got the slightly disappointing finishing time to prove it!  Sounds like you have identified the positives.

  • Great running from AR and good news that the hamstring survived.

    Also very impressive from Jools - I bumped into a guy from your club at the Little Stoke parkrun this morning and he said he'd send you my regards.

    Love the idea of the Speedy / Literatin smackdown - my money's on them crossing the line together in an amazing sprint finish and the officials being unable to separate them.

    Minni - v.exciting. I'll be at the Olympic Park for the athletics next weekend but it'll be an amazing experience running in the stadium. Pictures please.

    MsE - that's not good enough. You can't have us all getting excited about you coming back and then callously pull the rug on our fun. The only way you can redeem yourself is by securing us complimentary VIP entries for some of the runs on your list.image

    Slightly disappointing parkrun for me this morning at Little Stoke - on what appeared to be a very flat course I should have gone faster than 19:27 but at least it was a course PB (out of 2 runs there) and a top 10 finish. Am I allowed to blame a combination of the heat and being woken up by my one-year old nephew at 5.30? No, thought not!


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    5:30 - that's a lie in Lorenzo! image


  • MsE wrote (see)

    It would be nice if anyone wanted to plot to join me image.  I do miss Brit humour image.

    I am flying out tomorrow, where do you want to meet up? I am racing New York 5k on Wednesday and then Chicago 10k on Saturday before a transfer to Seattle and a week on the West Coast, still hunting for a race there though.

    parkrun this morning, 18:57 on my local slow course where my PB is 18:54 so given the heat I seem to be in fair form and hope that the USA courses may be a bit cooler: they were hot this week but the forecast is cooling down especially for the 10k with a sensible 7am start.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)
    MsE wrote (see)

    It would be nice if anyone wanted to plot to join me image.  I do miss Brit humour image.

    I am flying out tomorrow, where do you want to meet up? I am racing New York 5k on Wednesday and then Chicago 10k on Saturday before a transfer to Seattle and a week on the West Coast, still hunting for a race there though.

    parkrun this morning, 18:57 on my local slow course where my PB is 18:54 so given the heat I seem to be in fair form and hope that the USA courses may be a bit cooler: they were hot this week but the forecast is cooling down especially for the 10k with a sensible 7am start.

    Dang! (see how I have learnt the local lingo?)  image I would love to meet you except we are flying to the UK for a month (hurray!) on Tuesday. I had a little look at the race calendar and there is a very nice race which you could enter which I know is mucho fun and an interesting distance too (well, insofar as it is 6M and therefore guarantees you a PB probably).  Details here (still no idea how to do linky thing):

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    ... PMJ - don't get too excited, just seen it is full (unless you have a sub-29 10K PB?) Sorry image

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    18M for me to bring up 47M for the last 3 days (I did 4 + 11 on Friday and then 14M yesterday morning).  Legs were a bit grizzly for the first 3M (i.e. refusing to go under 8.30m/m!) but then relented and ended up with average of 8.06m/m for the whole lot, very much helped by the fact it stayed cloudy and cool-ish with a bit of a breeze for most of the run.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    3 miles for me in Sorrento heat, then 20 mins swim. Getting fat and quite tanned.

  • 17 and a bit for me. In the RAIN. Yes, that's right. RAIN. Very nice! 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭


    Had a great time today. It wasn't a run to go fast - don't know if it was the same last year - it was very crowded, narrow and twisty.  I started about 3/4 way down the red and there were hundreds of slow (some fat) people walking or jogging.  Very few places to get any place to move forward.  

    It's a shame a lot of the park seems to be getting pulled apart but the stadium was amazing. We did a lap in an internal tunnel with speakers blasting out commentary of the games and the cheering crowds then Chariots of Fire before entering the stadium. The noise was deafening ... The crowds were on their  feet... I could taste gold..... Ok slight exaggeration but it was still an amazing feeling. My kids had seats on the finishing straight so saw me coming in. Finish time 37.xx   

    Although it hadn't felt too hot when running when I finished I started to pour with sweat. It was literally running off my face and body - I have never experienced that before, ever. So I guess it was more humid than it felt.   

    I joined the kids and we waited for Mr Minni to come in and all saw him finish in 53.xx, which is nothing short of a miracle! 


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a fab day,Minni.  I've managed to get tickets for both days next weekend and am very excited indeed to be going back to the Olympic stadium image

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    Jealous of Minni and OO.

    Impressive mileage Jools. What are you planning to peak at?

    9 mile run today taking advantage of having an hour and a quarter to kill in Kendal and followed that up with a solo mile swim in Windermere then a shorter swim with my 10 year old. Very pleasant indeed. Tempted to emigrate to a warm country to get these conditions more often. Beer and Tour combo planned for this evening image 

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    70 (P&D up to 70mpw 18 week schedule).

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Some good tough racing from Jools, Speedy, PMJ and Lorenzo. Also sounds like you had a great day out Minni.

    Like Jools I ran 18m today to round off a 58m cut back week. Unfuelled. Thirsty at the end but couldn't resist a dip in the sea before getting a bottle to drink. 

  • 18 for me this morning to give me 55 for the week. It wasn't a cut back week but it will be in about 4 weeks time. No schedule for me for Abo, just going to wing it and increase mileage and intensity over 3 week blocks before a cut back week. (I suppose that is a plan)

    Let's see if I can get to the start line in, nearly, one piece.

    AR- I'm not nearly in decent enough shape at the moment for the maidenhead half to give you a run for your money. Still, plenty of time yet. Is that fighting talk? image

    Great effort Minnie.
  • Good long running Jools, Keir & Moof - Switching back to marathon training myself from tomorrow after a day off today.

    Moof - no smackdown talk - I'm relying on you to drag me round. I know when I'm beaten

  • Great long running in the heat from Jools, Moof and Keir.

    Glad you enjoyed it Minni - very envious.

    Jools - will keep an eye out for you next Saturday!!

    Out on my bike first thing for a quick spin up and down Box Hill before taking younger Lorenzito to the last track and field league match of the season. Fingers crossed we accumulated enough points for promotion in my first season as team manager!!!

  • Well done Lorenzo - if you make promotion Lorenzito and the team should call you 'the special one.'

    Up a bit late today - have the morning off and was planning on a Long Run. It's a wee bit hot already.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Speedy v. Literatin - sounds like it could be a classic smackdown!
    Congrats to Speedy on 1st lady at parkrun.
    AR - still a very decent 10k - hope all the niggles settle down soon so you can give it a real bash.
    Lorenzo - well done on the parkrun PB. Hope your team did you proud.
    PMJ - great parkrun - good luck with your international competitions.
    Jools - good miles.
    Minni - sounds like you had a great day.
    Keir - 58M cut-back week!
    Moof - nice LSR.
    5 slow miles to start the week for me. Looks like it's back to plan A for me i.e. Peterborough on 13th Oct, so 12 weeks to go. After this cut-back week, I'm focussing on some speedwork during August.

  • Nice to readback on several successes, speedy, AR and Lorenzo and the prospect of a thread smackdown is super. Its anyones by the sounds of it and I am enjoying the battle for the title of underdog.

    Howe are you finding P&D Jools - Have you done it before?


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    I think this is the 4th time I've followed one of their schedules (I did the 24 week one for VLM this year and I did the 18 week one for FLM and Amsterdam in 2007).  It's fine and seems to work for me, although I always find the first few weeks of MLRs and LSRs a bit of a shock!

  • I am looking forward to getting back into this schedule as it seems to deliver all round endurance and lifts up my shorter PBs whilst being physically manageable. Will need to enter a marathon first then!.

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    PnD obviously suits you Jools.  I tried the up to 70 plan at the start of last year and was only half way through it when I nailed a 1:22 half which was a massive leap for me (first time under 1:30). I broke down with injury soon after though so this time I'm trying a cross between IM training and PnD - I.e. I'm taking the basics of a little speedwork, a tempo run, a midweek MLR and an LSR plus some endurance focused cycling and swimming each week to get some additional volume without trashing my legs again.

    I'll peak at 56miles with the peak 6 week block averaging 50mpw of running with an average of 12hrs per week of total training from week 4 to week 14 (of 16) (still aiming for Frankfurt).

    I am assuming that I can carry my IM endurance over to a fast marathon with more focus on running and reintroducing some faster run sessions.  I've only hit 10k pace once this year and that was in an Olympic tri so it might be a shock to the system. image

  • TR wrote (see)

    Keir - I noted it, I thought (to myself) that AR was injured the other day. But it looks like he cut it short by 20M so fair play to him.


    TR wrote (see)

    AR - matches not match sticks. You mentioned a treadmill mara, and then Keir did and then I did. I kind of regret mentioning the noting of it now now anyway. Keir and his big mouth !

    TR, Time for a bit of honesty. Gulp.

    I am sitting here reading back, and my answer to you was  rather curt - many apologies. As a bit of background, I haven't exactly met the 'normal' psychological profile over my life, and go through prolonged downs followed by hypomanic periods .... and during those tend to obsess on one goal. That goal is usually realistic and achievable, but I tend to focus solely on it to the detriment of everything and everyone around me. The phycs tend to help and give mind numbing chemicals, but the odd obsesssion creeps through, and when I'm in that mode get a bit sensitive about the mildest, most inocuous, and  well meaning comments that even suggests I'm perhaps out of control.

    So since taking up running last year,  I have tried to steer well away from targets, and to treat it as something that is a hobby, fun, enjoyable, and chance to get away from things. But I failed miserably last autumn (hence having to run 2 marathons in a week to hit sub 3), and then I seem to have fallen into the same this summer, trying to do too much at once, as though my running future is at stake (trying to change running form, while training for 10ks, while doing Trail Marathons, while looking fo the ultimate cure to get rid of a bit of weakness, while having some wierd idea about doing a treadmill marathon)

    So basically I need to get back to what I did for VLM, and not treat it all so seriously, run more to feel, let my body heel etc.

    Hopefully I am ready now to return to some sensible running

    - I've stopped searching out someone to 'heal me' - sorry physios & chiropractors
    - I've fininshed with the 10k stuff for now
    - I only have ONEimage marathon booked for Autumn (Abingdon) and no others
    - I extinguished to treadmill marathon thing by taking the morning off and doing it (yes - I was beaten by this)

    So, sorry for being curt - my head was a little f'd up last week. You advice is always welcome (but just not on a bad day!)



  • So, i'm not proud of this one - the Treadmill Marathon:

    miles 1 to 6 - hard going, counting down the miles to go in tenths

    miles 7 to 22 - at last it the 'treadmill trance' mode and time slips by

    miles 23 to 26 - feels ok, physically far less demanding then the same point in a road race

    After the 10k training, the pace was really really comfortable, but I will not be racing a Treadmill Marathon.

    Think I destroyed my phone due to the pools of sweat generated, but did manage a picture of the finish line:




  • Nicely done on the "bit of honesty", Also-ran.

    I hope there was a particularly gripping episode of Homes Under The Hammer on tv this morning, to accompany your extinguishing episode.


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    I'll break the radio silence here to say well done for sharing your story, AR.  No need to feel it is a confession of a well hidden secret.  We all have ups and downs and some are just greater than others as you have worked out for yourself.  If you were here in California, you would get a great big hug for that disclosure and a massive round of applause... so think yourself lucky you aren't. image  Pleased you are going to give your old body a break.  It sounds like it needs it. A bit of rest doesn't harm any of us from time to time.*


    * we just get fatter as my bottom will attest.

  • Thanks Guys.

    Not good tv viewing on the treadmill tv due to Royal Baby chitter chat image. I hope my small reveal gives some shape to my somewhat mentalist approach at times.

    Ps I won't be  sensitive about it so if in a few month time I win another thread nutter of the month award, then so be it 

  • You've just won this months. (For you treadmill antics!)
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