Running on Sow and Ice

I have been looking at some add-ons to my footwear due to how much snow and ice we have around Edinburgh just now.

Micro Spikes

Yak Traks

Magic Spiker

Does anyone use these and who would recommend what.

Thanks for looking.



  • I wish people would check their threads before committing to the submit image
  • i know that Yak Traks cannot be worn on any surface that is not snow or ice, therefore if you came across any cleared pavements or roads, or grass etc... you would have to stop to take them off.  Though from what I hear of Edinburgh at the moment you wouldnt need to take them off so often!
  • Running on sows is not recommended.
  • RIPP: Thanks for your helpfull comment.
  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
    Running on sows is not recommended.
    I tried, but found it a bit of a boar.
  • Not sure why I've been singled out image
  • I had the same thoughts as you and ordered a pair of yaktrax when it first snowed. However, given that I've only had two postal deliveries in the past 10 days, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll see them before next summer .image

    Having said that, I've been out for a few runs in ordinary trainers (I'm also in Edinburgh), and as long as you try and stick to flat off-road routes, it's not too bad underfoot. Especially parks and along the canal where it's still quite soft, but there's enough of a trail been worn that you're not ploughing through the drifts. The worst bits are pavements which have been cleared and are now covered in lethal frost - and  I reckon they'd be tricky with any kind of spiky things.

  • RR I'm actually in Uphall, i ventured out with a friend today and my normal route is 18inches deep as there is very little through traffic, that  made for fun, ended up on the normal paths an roads, that i normally try to avoid. 50 mins though so i can't complain, wasn't even that cold when i got going.
  • You don't have to take them off, they just want to protect their arses in case someone slips on shiny granite or something.
  • I used my cross country spikes on Monday when it was really icy here. It limits you to where you can run - grassy fields, frozen mud, etc. Don't go near tarmac. If xc is not really your thing you might still pick up a pair cheap if you're lucky (mine were 17.50) ...and you might fancy racing cross country one day?
  • Yaktrax update - mine have arrived and I tried them out this morning. Very good on hard packed snow and ice, better than I expected on pavement, not much difference in deep snow. Overall, worth having, I'd say.
  • I agree RR. One thing is risk of slipping with Yaktrax on bare asphalt or concrete, which I feel is acceptably low (but the manufacturer has to make clear like McDonalds warn that a cup may contain hot liquid). The other thing is whether bare conditions actually destroy the device. Own screws wear down quite quick, XC spikes probably get spoilt, carbide dobs get worn down, but can last 100s km. Finally, there is no point to blunt on the Yaktrax "spring" style gripper - they too have lasted me several 100 km so far.
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