2xu calf guard question

hello runners

i have got these in the correst size but can anyone tell me if they suffer with the same problem i have, i know they are tight to get on and off but ive been trying these whilst running, are we suppose to use these for running or just after a run.

i went out again yesterday for a 10 mile run and within 2 miles i get the tired aching feeling on that muscle on the front of my shin , i have taken these off through a run and almost instantly relief the pain goes away its strange it feels like theres no blood circulation while they are on giving me a very tired crampy feeling from the knee down.

strange i know but just wondered if anyone else cant run in them i was hoping to use these in the l,ondon but cant have that feeling when ive got about 20 miles left to go, i have slept in them overnight after a run and no problems a lot quicker recovery, maybe there not supposed to be used in motion?

if anyone could shed some light on the matter it would be great cheers danimage


  • When I went watching the Ironman in Bolton this year I was supprised at the number of runners using calf guards, and yes they where running in them.
  • Ive have 2xu calf gaurds, and they give me the exact sensation that you state, I also found this increased over time and distance. They now sit in my draw.

    I use long compression socks to run in these days

  • hooray i thought i was the only freak out there with strange legs so the compression socks arnt so tight then ?? what ones do you use?

    looks like the calf guards  will be just for recovery then

  • Im currently using x-socks and really really rate them
  • 2XU calf guards are great for stopping my shins/calfs being scratched - stung - cut by brambles, nettles etc.. my  2XUs are wrecked now.... 

    Really like the look of the  Exo IV calfs from Salomon..... image

  • well heres a good example, i went out for a 12 mile run with no calf guards on and as what i expected no strange feelings what so ever it was a pleasent run, i wore them for 24 hours afterwards whilst at work and got small srange feelings every now and then but now my legs are great , conclusion for me cant and will never run in these again!!
  • Perhaps you have too small a size so the compression is a little restrictive for running but better for recovery.

    I've large calves so have the XL size and they work fine for me with no problems whatsoever. Having said that I've also worn the Compressport tube and that's ok also.

    A cheaper option I've heard is the Tubular bandage you can get at Boots, which is 1m long and when folded in 3 and pulled on works just as well for around 25% of the branded product price.
  • i didnt think i had the wrong size my calfs are 14.5 so on the size chart small is correct i didnt want to go for a medium as it wont work properly
  • Can you swim with calf guards on pool swim
  • Noreason why not unless there is a BTF rule that negates that (if its a race you are talking about) .... chlorine will ruin them tho

    My question would be why you think you need them in a pool, if it is a cramp issue then deal with that before resorting to calf guards

  • RunTay wrote (see)
    Can you swim with calf guards on pool swim

    (puts BTF official's cap on)

    no you can't.  the only thing you can wear in a pool is a one or 2 piece suit, goggles and hat (and ear plugs. noseclip if needed).

    the same goes in open water if it's a non-wetsuit swim - however you can wear calf guards under a full wetsuit

    likewise no socks or gloves - feet and hand cover isn't allowed in either pool or OW swims

    (takes BTF official's hat off)


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