Formidable Six - le sub 3.15 Paris

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My name is Colin (Knight Rider) and I've been on the forum for a few years actively taking part in discussions, giving advice where I can and trying to inject a bit of humour here and there.

I'm really excited about the opportunity of being part of the Super Six for 2011 in Paris.

Now for a bit of background: I have been a serious Club runner for the past 8 years and enjoy competing for my Club whenever I can. After nearly 20 half marathons I finally stepped up to the marathon this year in London and finished in a respectable 3.22.10. I was pleased with this time for my first attempt but also disappointed at not getting near the 3.15 mark I knew I could. With a Half marathon PB of 1.25.26 in 2009 I know a sub 3.15 is a realistic goal for me with the right kind of training and coaching. In the lead up to London I also managed a 1.26.10 half marathon in early March and hoped I could achieve my marathon  goal. Not sure if I overtrained near the end or whether my nutrion or endurance played a part, but I'd like the chance to be able have a professional input into my training.

Having Steve (in his 35th year of marathon training) or Bud (20 years experience of coaching) as a mentor and coach would be an immense opportunity for me and one that I hope I can translate into a sub 3.15 marathon time in Paris.

I have got a few good ideas (don't want to give anything away just yet) to add to the forum if I get picked so I hope it would be an enjoyable experience for both myself and others too and I hope to see you on the journey for a Spring sub 3.15 marathon.

Thanks for reading this thread and don't forget to to vote for Knight Rider!

Bon Soir


  • Good luck, Knight Rider image
  • Cheers Frodo
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Bon Chance, Monsier Knight! image

  • <wanders through the thread with a large VOTE BRIDGET placard>


  • Best of luck.

    I tried voting for you but I keep getting told I can't due to a "technical problem".
  • good luckimage

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Bon chance ... image
  • Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records wrote (see)
    Best of luck. I tried voting for you but I keep getting told I can't due to a "technical problem".

    Cheers Artie, keep trying.

    I believe you can only vote once in each time category.

  • Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records wrote (see)
    Best of luck. I tried voting for you but I keep getting told I can't due to a "technical problem".
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Good luck, KR! <waving my pom poms>
  • MsE wrote (see)
    MsE wrote (see)
    Good luck, KR!
    oerr madame!
    biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)
    Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records wrote (see)
    Best of luck. I tried voting for you but I keep getting told I can't due to a "technical problem".
    Is it just the sub 3.15 trhead that you can't vote for?
    I'll email RW and see what's up.
  • bikermouse, I had another go this evening and managed to get through

    disenfranchising voters worked for Dubya, maybe one of Knightrider's opponents is a megalomanic too?
  • the sub 3.15 vote has no connection to Wiki leaks, so can the hackers please restore it back to normal.

    Oh, and while you're there put a couple of votes on for me image' />

  • My vote is in for you.  

    Good Luck

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I'll vote for you, but want to see some more Hoff pics first. In fact, I might hold out until you post the YouTube clip of Hoff singing 'Looking for Freedom' at the demolition of the Berlin wall image' />

  •,0,40,0" width="425" height="350">" />" width="425" height="350">

    Keir - your wish is my command!

    I've been looking for freedom
    I've looking for one of those jackets…
    Dare I promise to run the Paris marathon in one like that?
    No I wouldn't - only the Hoff could carry that one off!

    It's quite catchy tune - no honest.

  • Martin H wrote (see)

    My vote is in for you.  

    Good Luck

    Cheers Martin - it's gonna be a tense week till next Thursday.

    I'm getting ready for marathon training regardless of the outcome next week as I have a place for Brightono on the same day - 10th April. Went out for a 10 miler tonight. Plan was to break it up into chunks of 2 miles easy 8mm then 2 mile at marathon pace 7.25 than a mile sub 7.00mm. It went okay and managed it in 73.41 which actually works out at 7.22 pace and a very nice pace for Paris!

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    My vote is yours! image' />

  • Good luck! Hows the campaigning going? do you think if were struggling for votes we could join forces and form some sort of running coillition!
  • Yep. Good luck KR. Voted for you. Nice run last night too fella, great to be in good shape before the schedule starts. All the best and really hope you win.

  • All the best big man and Peter Thompson14 - I voted for you in the sub 3 category. Really hope you two get in and am UBER jealous of this opportunity. I think Steve Smythe is a great mentor to have via the forums and is still aiming at going sub 2h45 in 5 separate decades image' /> The man's an animal...... He's also a great guy to chat with and I have to admit to having a bit of a man crush on him image' />
  • Thanks matchstick man, really hope i make the cut to. It would be an amazing opporunity as you say and i do realise how lucky i'd be. Yeah steves record speaks for itself so just hope a bit of that 2:45 magic rubs off on me!
  • peter thompson 14 wrote (see)
    Good luck! Hows the campaigning going? do you think if were struggling for votes we could join forces and form some sort of running coillition!

    Hi Pete, not seen you here for a while - keep posting mate - have you been on the sub 3 thead? There's loads of good posters on there that can give good advice. If you are seroius about your sub 3 you should check it out regardless of the outcome from the SS. Go for it dude!

    I think you are up there with Angus in your category, you did well last Saturday!

    Cheers MM - your thread this year for the Lucozade SS was an inspiration - not just for me but for many others - keep it up on the sub 3.15 buddie! It's good to have you, Morghan and other others on there for a balanced opinion!

  • With about 10 days to go before my 16 week plan starts, I've been building up the weekly milage again and I'm going out again tomorrow for another 14/15 miler. I just want to get to a point before the plan starts that 15 miles/2hours on my feet feels like a comfortable run. I've got a Club Handicap race next Sunday which is a 6 mile race so it would be good to get a decent time in that before the 16 plan starts on the monday.

    Either way with the Super Six comp, I'm runing a marathon next April 10th, either in Paris or Brighton.

  • 15 miles last night starting off at around 8.15 pace for the first few miles. Then I started adding to the pace until I was doing the last few miles at marathon pace. It felt okay, but i was glad to finish as it was a late finish - 10pm!

    A bit of a rest tonight after last nights 15 miler. Off to my eldest boys carol concert at school tomorrow nigth, then out for a run after their bedtime. Looking forward to starting my 16 week plan next week.

    Hopefully that will be as a Super Sixer!

    If there is anyone just reading through this for the first time and hasn't made their mind up yet, then head to the sub 3.15 page and cast your vote in my direction please - Colin - Knight Rider.

    It's great to off load all the “please vote for me” on the Super Six stuff on this thread!

    By the way the spot has now gone
    imagehttp://smilies/smile_smiley.gif' alt='smilies/smile_smiley.gif' onLoad='resizeImage(this);' width='350' onClick='ShowFullSize(this);'>

  • No Club run tonight as planned as I've got my sons Christmas Carol concert to go to.

    So another post boys bedtime run for me again!
    Looking forward to another good session, will let you know what it is later.

  • Christmas Carol concert at my boys school was good tonight.

    It was too late to make it to Club for a session tonight, so instead I ran there in time for them all coming back. After a bit of a chat and more Super Six plugging I ran back home.

    3.1 miles there at marathon pace of 7.18 mm then 3.1 miles back @ Half marathon pace of 6.48mm.

    Not a bad out and back session. The insentive was there to push it to the way back. It certainly made the marathon pace feel easier. One of the seesions we did at the Bootcamp in Birmingham was a 5k time trial. This was spilt into 400m at 10k/5k pace then a recovery 100m at marathon pacce. A tough session, but one that made the marathon pace feel easy as it was straight off the bac kof a more intense 400m.

    Looking forward to Thursday for the result of the Super Six competition.
    Good luck to all the candicates.

    And as always, if you are still undecided, please vote for Colin in the sub 3.15 category.

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