Aberfield Pulse8 10K Oct 6

Anyone doing this run this year. Can't seem to find much info. Dustin, how did you get the details last year


  • Same day as Alton,so I doubt I'll do it.
    But I think I got the details from one of the fliers left on the windscreen after a race.

    It was on the website www.pulse8healthclub.com last year but it doesn't look like its on there this year.
    5k fun run at 10.30, 10k at 11.00, you have to enter beforehand as it takes place on m.o.d. property and they need your car reg for security reasons.

    And last year wycombe manager lawrie Sanchez handed out the prizes.

    If you want the address or phone number, or if you want me to fax over the form I can do that, but I don't think I should post it here.Send me an e-mail if you want the details.

    Not doing Alton then?
  • Dustin, I'll mail you. Aborfield has the advantage of being more local and I'm a wuss when it comes to getting muddy. I've got a work colleague trying to get back into running who wants a local race so it fits the bill
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