Talkback: How Competitive Are You?

cool! scored 4! hope no-one scores more than that!!


  • 3 for me !
  • That was appalling.  There are literally hundreds of sensible, useful topics that could be covered but this is what is dished out.

    Does everything have to be first grade paint by numbers?

  • What I don't get is that 2 of the questions scored zero. So if you answer yes or no it doesn't matter. So what is the point of the question???
  • Just embarrassing...

     I particularly liked...

    The Sign: You abandon your race plan to pick off random rivals around you
    The Solution: Focusing on the pack won't lead to better performance

    I love how the whole concept of racing is totally ignored. You set your own pace and you'd better not even think about racing anyone else. Infantile. 

  • tis daft but I am -2 -lol
  • Possibility the worst RW article I have read. Not only was it a silly way to come to a conclusion with the number system. But I think most adults have the metacognition needed to assess their own competitiveness or lack of. Gave me a chuckle at least image
  • Maybe the author used to write for "Jackie"
  • If a dog and a pig mated, would their offspring be dig's or pog's?

  • The best thing about this thread is the word metacognition.
  • Gives the impression the competitive and laissez-faire need fixing. Many will be perfetly happy just the way they are.

    RW is running out of things to say. Subscription is threatened.

    Rehashed old material full of contradictions; pointless for experienced runners, confusing for beginners.

  • This sucks, I'm going for a runimage
  • Well, it's a quiet time and none of us wants to work too hard. That seems to include the Runners World Editorial staff.
  • You used the apostrophe incorrectly. Still. It was more interesting than the article.

  • I scored 57.

    I didn't actually have to add or subtract any numbers, but they didn't specify a starting value, so i chose 57.

  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    Training through injury doesn't make you any less competitive, it just makes you stupid, as does deliberately training with slower people, that's not being competitive that's lack of self esteem!

    Translates as KK is so competitive it annoys her that answering truthfully means she doesn't score top marks image

  • Sorry the LOL was to Lardarse

    "I didn't actually have to add or subtract any numbers, but they didn't specify a starting value, so i chose 57."

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