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Hi can some one tell me where to find a good free training plan for half IM, my goal is to train for half and complete then hopefully enjoy and then try the real thing... a full IM.

Plus any advice on a good starter half IM event. Im from the Midlands image


  • The only training advice you need is swim a bit, run a bit Bike alot image

    It depends on what you want from a course for your first Half, there is Bala with the odd hill or Trentham that is flat but several laps of a dual carriageway

  • Hi Darrell

    Some free training   programes here

    as youn are in the midlands come and join all the pirates at the Eastnor Middle and get a discounted entry feeimage see the Eastnor thread somewhere on  here, Oh and stop pussyfooting around and get your entry in for IM Wales in September  image

  • Thanks for quick replys.

    Give me a chance ridgebackmax i've still got arm bands for swimming and stabilisers on my bike, o and will my Dunlop green flash pumps be ok for the run?image

    Seriously im a novice so need to get head into training first, i've had a look at the Welsh IM though but thats a distant dream image 

  • Why?  There's lots of pirates on here who did am IM for their very first triathlon.
  • Really Ultra Ironwolf,

    Ok how many have you done? i see most are from may to october ( for obvious reasons) so what should i be doing in training? run twice a week bike twice a week swim once? does that sound fair? what distances should i be doing?

    I saw the IM on the tv and thought that it would be great if i could do one?

    Ok i've done a handfull of 10k obstacle races and two half marathons (2hrs20) also two off road Duathlons 5k 18k 5k and 6k 20k 6k thats all this year 2010 i did couple 10k obstacle races and a helly hanson adventure race (cannock chase) last year.

  • 3 x bike 3 x run and 2 or 3 x swim would be a more realistic target for a weeks training ...
  • And Bricks are a good bet - 1 ride and run back to back
  • Ok thanks M...eldy and Wildwill...

    What sort of distances should i be aiming for?  

  • Have a look at the link that Ridgebackmax gave that will give you a 20 week programme

    At this time you should just be getting a base fitness

  • you can look at the ironman schedules on the beginner triathlete link given above...................they are 20 weeks and are 3 bikes , 3 runs and 3 swims......................with one a weeki getting longer.............

    I followed it the year before last and it got me around.....................but I ignored the swim sets and just swam for the time allocated as I hate swimming and hate drills even more and I was way to slow to do half of whta they suggestedimage

    I'm following it again this year with some personal tweekingimage

    good luck

  • Thanks TSA and seren nos

    I did look at the link and the swim was confusing image but will do what you said seren nos and stick to time in water.

    Im just trying to gather info so after Christmas i can start my plan image well thats the plan anyway lol

  • Darrell

    Buy this book it will tell you everything you will ever need to know about how to tackle your first ironman it will even tell you what to do and when to do it when I did mt first ironman I didnt know anyone who had done one and had never heard of the pirates so I was a bit on my own this got me through, I still use the programes now (with a bit of personal tweaking) itll be the most valuble thing you read all XMASimage

  • Ok thanks Ridgebackmax

    I ordered two one for me and one for mate.

    Does it also help choose a nick name cause everyone in here seems to have one imageimage

  • Yes - but whatever you do don't ask for advice on choosing a name. Just pick something daft at random and move on.... you have been warned! image
  • Gyraffe wrote (see)
    Yes - but whatever you do don't ask for advice on choosing a name. Just pick something daft at random and move on.... you have been warned! image

    I think "metits" is the next name on the list......

    as in when people shout encouragement they will have to shout

    'come on ..........insert forum name here.....'

    makes me laugh but then I am sad

  • LOL ok er yeah er don't know how to reply to that LOL

    Ok i think i'll take Gyraffe advice and not the name "metits" (which i would of used untill you put it in that sentence image) image

  • Ok nickname sorted imageimage

  • What you went for metits - that is so low grade!
  • lol
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