Hilliest races ion your continent

Two queries here:
1.Haworth Hobble: I am interested in running this 32 miler. I am not familiar with fell running. How does it differ from running on trails? (Are there trails? Or do we bushwhack and need a compass?) Is the surface rocky or smooth footing? And how far is it from the airports in London? Is there a train service out to this part of England - start of the race or will I need to rent a vehicle? Also, we checked out the Haworth Hobble website and can't really find any photos of the actual course. Any visuals you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

2. Hilliest Marathons & Ultras (road &/or trail) in England, Scotland, Ireland & rest of Europe: I'd like to do a run on your continent in February or March of 2011 as training run for Comrades in South Africa. Hard to find hilly races back here (eastern U.S.) in the dead of winter and perhaps even harder across the pond but if anyone can provide me with their recommendations for the hilliest Euro races (in both ascent & descent), marathon distance and beyond), we'd be much obliged.

Thank you!


  • This may help http://www.scottishhillracing.co.uk ( sorry can't do proper links from phone). Also, if you can get hold of a book called 'Feet in the clouds' it will tell you about the fell running scene in the UK. Re the Haworth Hobble - I don't know anything about the race, but as far as transport is concerned you might want to think about flying to somewhere other than London - Manchester is much closer and has plenty of US connections. Good luck!
  • Hi Laura

    Haworth is near me.. As mentioned above, Manchester airport is your best bet.
    If you look at nationalrail.co.uk you should get an idea about trains, doesnt look like there are any to Haworth though. It's a small village. Maybe you could hire a car?

    I think Haworth is roughly about 50 miles from Manchester airport.

    Other airport worth considering could be Leeds.
  • heres a list of some more Scottish ultras, some more hilly than others;


    unfortunetly not many at the start of the year, but you could always run some of those routes yourself

  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭

    langdale marathon. Ron Hill said it was the toughest road marathon in the world....quite a bg claim. 

    It is a toughie though.

  • Hi Laura - I'll be doing Haworth Hobble myself - I've not done it before, but it's a typical LDWA Challenge event - you have to carry a map, but are supplied with a detailed written description and you (should be!) sticking to recognised paths (trails)

    another good one is Trollers Trot on March 5th (Yorkshire Dales)

    or if you fancy the awesome scenery of the Lake District there's the Four Lakeland Passes on March 19th - that's "only" 18 miles, but you could always go out again the next day on your own - I'd be happy to suggest some good routes... image

    there are some "proper" long fell races in Feb/Mar - Kielder Borderer, Wadsworth Trog and Edale Skyline spring to mind - but the organisers would probably want proof of relevant experience before accepting entry...

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Snowdonia Marathon is a must-do classic!image Mostly road with a couple of off-road sections- including a dodgy descent to the finish over grass on tired legs! 

    Well, I keep going back anywayimage

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