Male Vets Over 40 Discussion

Would like to discuss male vet training, racing and events with other like minded comrades, what are your goals and aspirations for 2011. What PB's are you after


  • Hi Sawney -nice thread idea! image

    I am a M40 runner. My 2011 goal is a sub 36 10k

    What about you?

  • well i have had a difficult year, i feel a better runner but for one reasson or another i have not been able to race although i have trained hard.

    i really only took the sport up seriously in 2009 and did 35.28 in my 2nd 10k and 17.05 in my first 5k and 2.12 in my 1st 800 metres

    did 35.40 for a my first 10k in April 2010, then went array.

    ran a 10k and did a average time, 37.16 i think and followed it by doing a 5k three days later and hated it and jogged to the end.

    then did my only track race, my 1st ever 1500 metres, but guess what it was blowing a gale and i did 4.39, due to work i could not do any others.

    Went to Bulgaria on holiday in August and could not be bothered to run in the heat and crowds so took three weeks off. Guess what i came back hungry to do well again and i have been flying in training.

    i then was training hard for a 10 miler in November and was well up for it only to get called away at the last minute.

    My racing is curtailed by Mrs Sawney working nights and me slotting in races when she is off as we have kids.

    So as the year is drawing to and end i know i am a better runner and WILL get pb's next year even if it kills me.

    My Motto is now pick your races, dont race too often but when you have a chance to race take it because tomorrow never comes
  • Sawney and 41 Hound -  Impressive times already from you 2. Especially Sawney 35:28in your 2nd 10k I take it you were pretty fit before you took up running seriously.

    My targets for next year:

    Sub 3:15 at Gloucester Mara in Jan current PB 3:16:21

    Current 10K best is 39:36 so hoping to get 38:xx next year

    Bring HM PB to 1:26:xx

  • barry my only bug bear is that i have not apparently improved since then lol
  • Hi Sawney - it's surprising how good the over 40 Vets actually are. You only have to look down race results and check out the age categories to see a lot of 40+ Vets up there and even winning races. I think it is harder to keep a level of fitness and speed up and longer to recover from races and harder sessions when you get older. We have a few late 50's early 60 runners at our Club still knocking out sub 7 minute miles in races. I think it has helped that some of these guys were doing 1.18 half marathon when they were younger - so it is in their genes I guess.

    When I turned 40 last year I had my best year running ever setting PB's at 5 miles: 30.36, 7 miles: 45.45 and half marathon 1.25.26. Didn't have as good a year this year, but fingers crossed for next year as I am chasing a sub 3.15 marathon goal.

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    instead of being average over all the distances make a decision now and either go for the track or the long distance. i think you will probably be more successful on the track because it is highly unusual to see veterans with such good basic 800m speed and i think you have real potential to be one of the best for your age here. end of the day it is about what excites you. good luck.
  • My goal for 2011 is to run thriough without injury and to break the 1500 mile barrier a target which has escaped me due to injuries the last couple of years. The only race planned next year is the VLM as I have other things to prioritise first but am aiming to go sub 3 in 2012.

    As someone has already siad pick your races carefully as the rune/life ballance just seems to get harder with age. 

    My stats since turning 40 for those interested
    • 5K 17:56
    • 10K 38ish
    • HM 1:25:24
    • FM 3:01ish
  • >>>> i think you are right and its what i am thinking, my age graded percentage is better for track 800 and even that crap 1500 i did and i am unconsciously steering myself towards running with one of the best over 40 track runners in the country.

    i dont know if other over 40,s feel it but i feel this is my last chance in the next few years to do something with running.

    i did have a brief affair with the sport in 95, aged 28 when i did 2.05 for 800 in 10.06 for steeplechase.

    Then I never ran for 10 years due to kids and both working ful time. GOD them days were HARD
  • I finished higher up my age gropup when under 40.

    Now I'm an M40 vet I regularly get hammered!

    Lots and lots of seriously quick over 40 year olds out there!

  • kicked i think when you reach forty you work harder at what you want to achieve, when your 20 something you take it for granted
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    there is no reason at all for you not to improve considerably in your veteran years. it is your training age that is important. i am quite pleased you have a track past because i think it is precisely the reason why you have got the times so easily in your forties. my plan is to spend the next three to five years trying to get under 2 minutes for the 800m and then i'll take the distance runners down in my late 20's. glad to see it worked out for you. 10 minute steeple is madness!! good luck mate.
  • >> how old are you mate?

    any training tips for old man middle distance

    any do's and dont's
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    what worked for me is joining a track club and doing the long races (3000m-10k) early in the season and then sticking with your main races (800m-1500m) for the rest of the season.
  • When I first joined our club I was invited to train with the vets track and field squad. I did 2 seasons of 800m training and went from 2.27 to 2.12 - I also did 2 seasons at 1500m improving to 4:31. I have to admit that I really had had enough of it by then as my lack of genuine, easy speed was finding me out and I was getting sick of being out - kicked in races! But I enjoyed the vets league. I found the regional / national vets competitions a drag - poor turnout for midland T & F champs, with only 3 or 4 in each age group and a huge gulf in class to national standard ( my 1500m pb wouldbe be good enough for last by 5 seconds image). Too much hanging around and people posturing for my liking too  image. But it IS great for making a better runner out of people. The speed enduance and aerobic combination gets us very fit, if done well and progresively.

    I have now turned back to my first love of cross country and 10k. I love it and I am starting to race well and improve my times. But I wouldn't be where I am without the experience of training and racing middle distance.

    I think anyone who can run a 2.12 800m as a first effort  will run a lot quicker with training and should be capable of good things as an M40. Certainly running with national champoionship medal chances. Sawney - your starting effort was my final score! I think you should give it a crack alongside the 1500m. Unless your 400m PB is very good,in which case a 400 / 800 combo is best.

    One thing I found was that the more I raced the quicker I got in a 8 week period. I would then hit a peak and plateau. So lots of racing at distances 400 to 3000 in the weeks leading up to your key events should help you peak. Nothing prepares you for racing like preparation races.  

  • sawney bean wrote (see)
    kicked i think when you reach forty you work harder at what you want to achieve, when your 20 something you take it for granted

    So true Sawney.

    My key target for this year is to beat my 10k PB set at age 26 when I didn't much enjoy running and training consisted mainly of commuting and touring by bike. Gradual improvement since I got back into running 6 years ago age 38 has seen me peak at 36:51 last season... getting close.

     I also had a good buildup and race for VLM (2:54:54) so this year's marathon target is just to stay healthy, enjoy Boston and do a good sub-3 hour time. More important is to beat my rather weaker 5k and half marathon PBs.

     I actually enjoy racing as much as possible when feeling good (though in the north here the schedule is a little thin so no danger of overdoing it!) and just taking whatever the day gives you (PB on that flat course in good conditions, strong showing in a hilly race, enjoy the scenery).

  • i did 59 secs last year but it was on the same night as a 100 metres and 800 metres and it was in training
    never raced a 400
    i am 6'4 and might be tall and rangy for a 400 metre runner
    but i have been thinking a lot of making a proper bid for the track this year, kids and work allowed
  • 57.5 where in the North are you, I am in Newcastle
  • Inverness, the occasionally very isolated north in the winter.

    And there was me thinking you'd be running from a cave in Ayrshire image.

  • aye well i am from Mallaig originally
    but well done on the Moniker
  • this thread's for me!

    started running in may and turned 40 in august. only done 3 races so far. a 5.5 mile road relay(averaged 6.40 ish min mile-can't remember time) and  5k and 9k hilly cross-country (19.50 and 35.32 respectively).

    got the re-scheduled  norwich half-mara in march and G.E.A.R 10k in may as main goals.

    got no idea what to expect for the half but would dearly love to break 40 minutes for my local 10k. hopefully, i can get some decent advice from you speedy oldies!!

  • Hi DASH,

    My first advice is you have lots of enjoyment and improvement to look forward to. In my first 10k race as a V40 (funnily enough a race for over 40's only, so I was a spring chicken) I was happy to run 40.01 (my best in 10 years). Gradually taking running more seriously since I've dropped 3+ minutes and had lots of fun along the way. Age is no barrier.

  • Interesting thread...and whilst I'm a good 10 1/2 years off 40 image, done a bit of lurking.

    Have to say Dash, if you've done 35.32 on  a hilly 9k xc course, you should easily smash 40mins for 10k on the nice stable road! Can't see how you couldn't as you only need to maintain 4mins per k, and you've done that with 28secs to spare on a tough non road course!

    Good luck..just pick the right course!

  • I didn't start running until I was 40, and now as 48 looms large on the horizon I'm running faster than ever, largely I think because I've done full marathon training for the last 3 years. I finally cracked the good for age time this year with 3:11:37 at Brighton, but along the way I've broken PBs at 5k, 5 miles, 10k, 10 miles, half marathon, 20 miles and marathon each year. My best race I think was the Maidenhead 10 miles this year where I did 1:02:57, but I've also done 18:44 for 5k, 30:35 for 5 miles, 39:13 for 10k, 1:25:15 for a half and 2:23:03 for 20 miles, and these are way better than my PBs were in 2007 before I did my first marathon campaign. I don't really have any specific aims this year other than keep the GFA going, but I do think the 10k PB should be a little lower - I screwed up the race I targetted this year where I did 39:13 by getting stuck near the back of the field at the start, and then also had to contend with strong headwinds as well. I still ran a 39:00 watch time, but it really should have been down in the mid 38's.
  • thanks guys,

    really interesting looking at your times-shows us fogeys can still cut the mustard!!

    stevie, must admit that the 9k was a tad under-distance according to my garmin and still think i need to improve by 10-15 secs per mile for the 10k but having lurked on your thread (well, a lot of threads!) and gleaned a lot of good advice i think i can gain the necessary improvements come may-time.

    oh, and am loving the times of 57.5 and fish. it can only bode well for the future... image

  • How many days a week do you guys train, i run 6 days a week and do upper body and strength work a couple of days, kettlebells at home, or 45mins to 1 hour at gym,
    do 2 to 3 sessions per week and try and include drills and sprints on at least one run
    probably do an average of 50 miles per week
  • 3 days a week - club speed session on Tuesday, club 7 mile run on Thursday (usually run pretty hard), then long run or race on Sunday. I'll sometimes do a very gentle recovery on a Monday after a long run - 4 miles with the heart rate barely ticking over. For my 3:11 at Brighton I averaged 25 miles a week over the previous 16 weeks. The only other thing I do is a yoga class most Wednesday evenings.
  • I usually run 3-4 times a week when I'm not training for a marathon and 6 times a week (on a Hal Higdon schedule) when I am. 3-4 usually includes a tough club session Tuesday, easy club social run Wednesday (gets me out with the dog) and a fairly hard 90 minute run on a Sunday with clubmates. Then I mix in periodic Hash House Harriers runs with wife and dog which may or may not be easy and the odd parkrun. When training I just shift the schedule around a bit to fit in club activities and try to race every few weekends to make the most of the fitness (I'm with Beware Of The Fish, just the structure and variation of marathon training has made me better at every distance from 5k up). According to my log this year I usually run 20-30 miles in "off" time and up to around 55 miles a week at the peak of marathon training.

     I have a friend (age 41, 2.39 marathon PB at 40, up to 110 miles a week) who gives me a hard time for my "easy" schedule and reckons I could give him a run for his money if I worked harder. I answer that much beyond 55 miles/week my legs would fall off. Sometimes I have to admit I am no longer young and have to take care!

  • i am 43 and did 5 x 1k with 2 twenty something lads tonight
    was just about hanging on to their coat tails
  • Postie Postie:
    3:01 is a great time, now just you get your finger out and get that result starting with a 2:XX.

    I note your 10 mile time, impressive. It's time you did some proper training, it's not translating into the other distances from what I can see.

    Who's going to flog it around (and up & down) the Gloucester Marathon in January? If I come and freeze with you it won't be running, that's a cert.

  • Blisters not run for the last 10 weeks due to injuries, colds and christmas pressure at work. Have booked Wokingham HM for Feb as a barometer for VLM but not going all out this year so may achieve if I chill like Gloucester last Jan.

    Anyway what are you up to these days?

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