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  • dont do any track, well did a little bit over winter with the club but was no one there to push ( club focuses on fell) me so ended up doing my own thing. my pace is all over the place from 2.15 half mile efforts in a 6 mile run to 8 minutes mile on a sunday 15. i seemed to be just focused on doing the miles and have  not raced since upping miles.
  • Great weekend of racing for me, was last leg of relays on Friday and our vets team was in 3rd position and I had 13 seconds to catch the guy in front, just pipped him on the line to get team silver.

    Then 34.45 for 10k on Sunday, 48 hours later
  • great time sb

    what relays was that

  • Elswick Good Friday in Newcastle
  • 10k today in 33.37 image
  • Wow Robt, amazing, what were your splits
  • did 10x400 on track on sat with 1 min recovery 73 average
  • New pb for 5k 16.35 but alas my watch said 16.33, where do these seconds go?? Still happy
  • Great 5k SB what's next?
  • 1500 metres last night in rain and wind, new pb by 7 seconds 4.32.2, think i can do 4.25 with good conditions, slight twinge to just below left calf half way around
  • bumping this did 34.49 today in 10k but got my 1500 down to 4.22.1, anybody else got any pb's to report

  • Nice times Sawney bean

    I did a 10 mile in 56.50 does that count as a comeback PB since it's 29 years since I ran one image also selected to run a 10k for Cheshire this weekend at 47++ how strange is that!!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Good running Rob and Sawney

    No PB's here other than weight loss.... the times are coming back down after injury but its hard and slow.... Have a half in 2 weeks so that will tell me where I am really at....

    Take care

  • 56.50 is my aim for 10 miles and will attempt at Brampton in November, meanwhile wanting 1.15 1.16 at GNR, What does the 10k race involve, is I Weatherall involved

  • No Ian is struggling with injury at the moment how do you know Ian he's my main training companion

    There is a Cheshire v north Wales race during birchwood 10k and 4 runners from each area have been selected birchwood is also part of the Cheshire grand prix series so several races in one should be interesting!!
  • Ask Iain if he knows Kenny Mac

  • Sawney bean - another Police runner you'll obviously know the Cheshire boys Malcom Fowler, Rob Grantham etc.  Ian said say hello he'll be back racing autumn ready for the country!!image

  • 1.16.21 GNR, any other updates


  • Nice running there SB. I've been avoiding races other than parkruns since my Ultra efforts in the first half of the year, and suffering my usual late summer training downswing. Looking to maintain this year's higher mileage through autumn and winter and add quality sessions to improve the HM PB.

  • Are you living in Inverness 57.5? What is your HM pb

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Sawney bean, great running at GNR...

    Running is going well here too, now over injuries and now finding some speed, recent performances have been,

    18:55 Parkrun 10 days ago
    30:26 Victory 5 the following day...
    23:44 SEAA relays, 6k in atrocious weather for our vets team.

    Aiming for a sub 85 at Gosport in November... will see how Im doing with Solent half and Lordshill 10m before that though.....

    Take care all

  • I'm in Nairn Sawney. Managed a PB of 1:20:19 at the Inverness half this year, so now of course I have to work on losing the next 20 secs... This year I concentrated on upping the mileage, next year I have to finally try high mileage plus hard sessions. Ouch!

  • Can I join in?  42 male, ex heavy smoker and alcohol abuser; stopped drinking 3 years ago, stopped smoking last year and started running.  My first parkrun - after some months of training - was a bit over 30 minutes, and I recently got a PB of 22.14; so I've knocked 8 minutes off my 5k time in a year - I hope to repeat this for the next few years and be in Rio in 2016. image

    I plan to run the Glos marathon in January, and my weekly mileage is 30 miles a week; much of it slow; and I'm pretty feckless with my training.  I've got a Hal Higdon program, but I'm well ahead of it at the mo with my last long run being 13 miles.

    I'm also transitioning slowly into minamalist training shoes and my aim is to beat Mrs Easy in any race; she's a pretty decent club runner with a 19 minute parkrun time.  I'd also love to run an ultra.  I like the slow stuff! 

    Nice to be here!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    welcome Easy Does it... more than welcome, all abilites here.. 19 mins is great going for Mrs Easy... nowt wrong with the long slow stuff either.


  • Nairn, my brothers wife family live there, nice place and a good 10k I believe, 

    Did a steeplechase at Bught Park in May 10.46, only one of the year

  • New Year, new attempt to resurrect this thread! Maybe all us oldies siezed up as the Autumn came on image.

    I am still set on the goal of keeping the mileage high but getting in some speed work too. And hoping not to get injured in the process. A concentration on speed in the autumn din't really seem to be paying off in cross country or on the 'verging on cross country' Inverness parkrun course but I did suddenly have a couple of quick runs at Glasgow parkrun's Xmas day event and the 10k Ayr Turkey Trot Boxing day. Now for a serious three months of training!

    How are the rest of you getting on?

  • Well hallo 57.5, since last time we spoke I represented my Country in Belfast at XC and I am now a V45, done XC all winter but got a half marathon a week on Sunday, want 1.15 so lets hope I can do my best. Did 1.16.20 at the GNR and its not flat and there was a buffering wind so 1.15 is a reality. Then its 10k/5k season....

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