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  • That's a good 10k pace Sawney. What sort of weekly mileage are you doing? I've got another marathon planned in October and want to average at least 40 miles per week before I start the 16 week plan. I don't normally do that kind of weekly mileage during the summer, so hoping that is a missing link, plus some “new” sessions too.
  • doing about 45-50 miles per week, 12-14 on sunday, 3 sessions a week, 1 x barefooted running on beach with drills and sprints oh and some core work
  • Can I join in? Very new here, ran two 10Ks in my life about 8 years ago as part of a triathlon, with a best of 52 minutes. Aiming to run some again as part of a tri again in Aug/Sept and would like to run 40something mins. In the long term I'd like to run and complete a marathon in less than 4 hours next spring.
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    What is your 10k pb now sawney b?
  • 35.26 BB
  • But aiming for sub 35
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    When is your next 10k?

    Your 2 mile reps are showing good signs that sub 35 is well achievable!.

  • thanks for the support Beany, restarted serious running in 2009 and did my second 10k in 35.28. 2010 was a mare with loads of domestic issues and work problems.
    Really trying to nail a good performance in all disciplines and reading and listening to more experienced racers than me.
    Done 57.40 for 10 miles and 35.26 for 10k within a week of each other. Next race is a 3000 steeplechase which if i can get close to my pb of 10.06 which i did in my 20's i will be over the moon, time will tell.
    Race is two weeks time. Next really big planned 10k is Stirling in September but might slot one in before. Dont think i run well doing distance in heat of Summer
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    No worries sb,a good couple of pbs together there,you are going all guns at the minute.

    Is steeplechase your discipline then,not something I have ever tried,I have heard it is tough though,so good luck with that?

    I did a 10k Bank Holiday Monday in the heat,I think that sort of distance is fairly doable ,but anything a bit longer and you do start to struggle a bit,love running in the hotter weather though,not that we see it that often.

  • Beany, i am 6 foot 4 so maybe i have an advantage for steeples but since i last ran in the preceding century. god knows
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    They are more like tiny hurdles to you then.

    I am 5ft 7,so I would need a ladder to get over them,your fitness shows that you will do well mate,age and how long ago it was does not mean a thing,have you had any trial runs at it in training?

  • No none and tbh the time i did it i had to ask the other competitors "whats the craic here lads" you see i come from the Highlands of Scotland and the first time i stood on a track, i think i was 26 years old
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    Ha classic....

    First time I stood on a track was last year,cluelessly trying to become faster by doing some 400s or 800s I beleive.

  • Glad to see the thread revived. I didn't run on a track until I was 40 plus and it was a bit embarassing not knowing where the various start and finish points were (didn't pay enough attention when watching TV in the distant days when the UK could hold its own on the track). The track here in Inverness has nice little labels tacked onto the inner curb for the uninitiated image.

    Welcome hitman, good luck with the goals. I'm going to try running less over the summer and biking more with a view to maintaining fitness without hurting too much. I have continued to be a bit off my 2010 pace this year (with the exception of beating my rather soft half marathon PB) and have to shake things up if I'm going to challenge sawney's times.

  • Ah Inverness the place of my birth, but isnt every 1960's kid from the Highlands born in Inverness as there was no other hospital, from Caithness in the North to Skye in the West and Aviemore in the East , all born in Inverness
  • ... except one or two who popped out unexpectedly en route I'm sure. image
  • aye my brother, born Mallaig
  • well tomorrow is D Day, 3000 steeplechase. rested for 2 days and feeling slightly nervous, mainly because i know one of the lads who is doing it did the steeplechase in sub 9 minutes last week.

    tbh only interested in my own time and would be happy with sub 10.30.

    did 6 x 1 mile on Tuesday with 3 mins recovery

    5.32 5.31 5.34 5.31 5.29 5.23. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

    I am running better than i did in my 20's but can i pull it out of the bag in the steeplechase????
  • 11.01, could do better
  • new pb for 5k parkrun 16.57, praise the lord
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    Good time Sawney.
  • hello runners

    over 40 - i'm 53 next week,

    in my 40 th year of running in actual fact - 9 of those years pushing Phillip in his wheelchair

  • Hooray, I'm now a vet as of a couple of weeks ago. I've already gone to a rock gig and completed a 10K race so don't really intend it to make any material difference to my life! Onwards.

  • just to let you know, 10% at start fitness this weekend with this code


    and no i dont work for them, just sharing a bargain
  • Nice parkrunning there Sawney, which event? I'm still trying to get the elusive sub-18 minute 5k, but maybe I'll get a few more chances if wemanage to start a parkrun in Inverness.

    Hope you (and Phillip) are back running soon mick. Not sure I'd be so keen on running now if I'd been at it since age 13.

    Welcome to the ranks Virgil_. I celebrated by running an over 40s 10k (do they have such things in the UK?) which will almost certainly be the last event I enter as the youngest participant.

  • 57.5 Degrees of Pain wrote (see)

    . I celebrated by running an over 40s 10k (do they have such things in the UK?) which will almost certainly be the last event I enter as the youngest participant.

    Not sure I have heard of any but it sounds a good ideas, preferably lets go to over 53 races to give me a chance of appearing somewhere in the top 50%  

  • 57.5 it was the newcastle park run. I did notice that it was the Highland and Islands Track and field this weekend , how did it go, noticed that there was no senior steeplechase, shame.

    The parkrun at newcastle is on the town moor and it was windy as always, caught it head on at the end of the second/ beginning of the third mile.
  • Hi all.  I started running at 40 for something to do once I was too slow to play footy any longer.  Just coming up to my 3rd year running and if I needed reminding how competetive the V40 category is, I only needed to look on here!  Some great times on here folks.

    My PBs are a bit more modest (i.e. slower!) - 10k is 44.06, 1/2 marathon 1.49, and marathon 4.23 although I've only done 1 of those & I have 2 to do this year.

    The great joy I get from races is competing against my previous times which at the moment are reducing year on year, and finishing in the top half of the field.  Those of you who have been running several years - at what stage/age do you expect to plateau and your times to start slowing?

  • Welcome Costanza, keep us all updated on your times, i am 44 in November
  • Cheers Sawney.  I've got 2 tough marathons coming up (are there any other kind?!) at Coniston & Snowdon but am hopeful of sub 4hours in at least one of them.  As part of my training this year I've done a few short fell races and I think this is where I'm likely to do most of my running in 2012. 

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