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    Hi Sawney.... Haven't seen this thread before even thou been on RW for a few months..... Am currently 50, and was classed as a decent runner between 88-94, but due to a serious injury and then loss of interest, I give up and had'nt run untill September 2010....

    Aims for 2011 would be just to get some consistant training in, without injury (which I haven't yet achieved), and see were it gets me.... Time wise, sub 40 for 10k, and sub 20 for 5k, would be a achievement, but in all honesty consistant training would be more rewarding at mo.....

    Good Luck folks in all your aims... And luck forward in reading your successes....

  • Not sure how Highland and Islands Track and Field went Sawnee, I was working the whole weekend and so worn out after 2 days biking to work Monday/ Tuesday (lovely 38 mile round trip but quite a bit of climbing and a stiff headwind home) I didn't go to the club interval session today. I've been trying to bike more as the achilles have not recovered too well from Boston and this week the weather is finally co-operating.

    Costanza - I had a steady improvement in quality and quantity of training from 40-44 with a consequent improvement in times over those years (a little over 3 mins for 10k). Slid back a bit this year despite a similar regime to 2010 (and staying largely injury free) so I'll be interested to see if 44 was my peak. Trying hard to make sure it is not!

    Welcome Bluenose74!

  • Aye Welcome Bluenose74, you will be a Rangers Man then lol. I am also a Blue Nose but a Dark Blue Nose . Dundee FC
  • did 2 miles last night in 11.24 followed by 4 mins rest

    then 4 x 1 mile with 2 mins rest

    5.38 5.30 5.31 5.17

    feel i am getting faster but it has to be provenanced by a race soon
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    Hi Sawney..... Everton fan since birth..... Couple of years ago (like 20), was trying to break 34 mins for 10km, and was knocking out sub 5 minute miling in training (km & mile reps) on a regular basis, but come races, couldn't do the biz..... After alot of advice from a club coach,  eased up slghtly in training and kept the decent stuff for racing and within 2 years broke 32 min for 10km.....

    Basically Sawney, some impressive efforts, but don't "train to train", "train to race" mate.... And find yourself a race......

  • aye i know Bluenose your right about going too hard in training and i have been making a conscious effort not to do this as i have been guilty of this in the past. the hardest thing is running in a training pack BUT that was an exception last night, i hope,

    Think it started out at 10k pace but then the second but last 2 were 5k pace


    the last mile i just went for it,

    thanks for advice, appreciated
    Race next week, Blaydon Race 5.9 miles
  • Bluenose74Bluenose74 ✭✭✭

    Been there before, know what its like...... The first three are fine, but the last one, you've gone all out and probaly finished the session f****d.... Was told, always finish reps, knowning you could do another one......

    Any aims at next weeks race?...... You've got to be looking at 32-30..... 

  • Bluenose74Bluenose74 ✭✭✭
    Don't be scared of 32-30, its 5-30 min miling, and you know you can do that (your parkrun was at 5-25 pace).....
  • did it in 2009 in 34.26 went away far too fast, if i could shave a minute of that time i would be ecstatic
    went away too fast previously.

    my 10k pb is 35.26 which i WILL better this year

    ps Everton is my English team as well
  • mile splits from 2009 Blaydon

    5.32 5.39 5.43 6.05 6.06 and 5.19 for the last 0.9 mile

    obviously died after 3 miles, trying to race somebody, too fast start
  • Bluenose74Bluenose74 ✭✭✭
    I used to look at the training on the run up to last years race, that'll give you a better insight to were your at..... Plus you've a decent 5k time under your belt.......
  • Costanza, 44.06 is still a good time for the M40 ranks! I would say most runners peak around years 7-10 of their running career and number of years running is far more significant than absolute age. Which is why I'm finding these WAVA age comparison tables rather useless. Or do I mean unflattering? image


  • image Nice one Joe.  Another 7 and a bit years and I'll be storming that M50 category then!
  • Hi All,

    This is a good thread for all us more mature runners.

    I'm on the verge of 44 and my goal for the rest of 2011 is to get to being injury free. I picked up a hip/ periformis injury running the wokingham half mara back in Feb and am only just on the road to recovery. That is the problem with getting older, any niggles take at least 3 time as long to recover from.

    My milage at the moment is only 25 pw, once I get it back up to about 40 mile consistantly, I will enter some races .

    I've been running for a little over 3 years and have only done a few races.

    3 10ks, PB 38:06

    5 Halfs, PB 84:49 (Henley 2010)

    1 Mara 3:10:16 (vlm 2010)

    I have couple of questions with regards to joining a running club. As an over 40, is it worth it?  Is it all track stuff? As I'm not really into running shorter distance.

  • Bluenose74Bluenose74 ✭✭✭

    Welcome Moof.... Only been on this thread a few days myself..... I would recommend joining a club, not many club's have track's and those that do, will still have a element of runner's that keep off them......

    the good thing about club's is that, no matter what problem you've got, someone has already had it and got the answer to get over it.......

    I notice you've the same aim as myself, to stay injury free ( I'm injuried at the moment with a bad back), but once back upto 40 mile a week, do you have any aim's regarding PB's?

    Again Welcome 

  • Great times there Moof.  I would definitely recommend joining a running club, I'm sure you'll find something of use to you whether it be track or hill sessions or just a chance to meet up with other runners and share lifts to races.

    Agree with the injury recovery time taking longer as you get older.  I'm due to do a marathon in 4 weeks and did a fell race tonight as part of my training.  I've only gone and knackered my ankle on a particularly steep descent.  I'm sat here with an ice pack on and my fingers firmly crossed image

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all....

    hit 43 in 8 weeks....

    Been running since 98, 2 years ago broke all PBs (nearly every race)

    29:32 for 5m
    37:32 for10k
    62:46 for 10m
    86:10 for 1/2
    3:13:46 Mara

    Last year was a waste of space, 2 achilles injuries (1 on each side) and a hernia

    This year has been better, lost some weight and now finding some form again, with a 38:22 and a 39:09 recent 10ks....

    Aiming for a sub 85 1/2 in the summer and a 3:15 attempt in the autumn. (after a bad VLM as rolled my ankle at 4m on a water bottle, kept going but ruined my day 3:48)

    Currently running around 40m a week in a semi base mindset, using 1 set of intervals and 1 parkrun a week for speed the rest at 8mm

    Take care

  • Bluenose74Bluenose74 ✭✭✭

    Welcome RFJ..... You've got some decent 10k times, after coming back from injury..... No reason you can't be due another cycle of PB's over the next 6-12 months if staying injury free....

    Again welcome mate......

  • Bluenose74- my main goal is to go for sub 3 at VLM 2012. I know knocking ten mins of my debut time is a big ask, but you've got to set the bar high! When I get back to consistent training, just keep trying to chip away at my times and be reasonably competitive amongst the vets. Trouble is there are some bloody quick ones!

    RFJ- read about your VLM bottle incident on the 3.15 thread, (been lurking there for about six month, may input a bit when I get back into mara training.) Some Dick dropped a bottle in front of me when running reading half last year. Turned my ankle slightly, but recovered ok and no long term damage. I could have smacked the twat! Trouble was he was bigger and faster.
  • moof, I would definitely look at joining a club, the hard sessions are much easier to get through with others. And don't forget a lot of road runners/racers do track sessions for speed even if they aren't racing track. I do a lot of interval training on my own now but find the big volume sessions like mile reps tough from a concentration point of view.
  • moof what part of the uk are you living
  • Sawney bean- Newbury, berkshire.
  • well i didnt joined a club until i was 41 albeit i ran for a club in my 20's. Definitely improve your times, pick your club carefully mind as not every club fits all
  • park run tomorrow which is part of our club grand prix, then blaydon on thursday ,5.9 miles which is one of the top races in the north east even though it is an irregular distance. Half thinking of not doing grand prix tomorrow

    whats peoples thoughts
  • Bluenose74Bluenose74 ✭✭✭

    Hi mate... If you did'nt do the parkrun, you'd be doing half a dozen mile reps somewhere else!!!

    A good time tomorrow will have you well buzzing for thursday......

    Good Luck 

  • sawney, personally I wouldn't go for a max effort on the 5k with only 5 days recovery, but you might have better powers of recovery than me. I'd volunteer at the parkrun for the feelgood factor!

    Welcome moof and RFJ. The three of us could have a pretty good race over 10k if we could all stay injury free. I ran 3.03 for my first marathon soon after posting almost identical PBs to yours over 10k and half moof (around my 42nd birthday) , sub-3 18 months later and sub-2.55 the following year at VLM so your goal is very doable. And I would definitely join a club, after all we all fit right into the typical demographic (at least for the clubs here in the far north) and I've found training with a likeminded and competitive bunch of 35-45 year old guys has helped a lot. Being joined occasionally by a couple of very quick 60 somethings is also inspiring.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Thanks Guys for the welcome...

    Moof - you are close to me geographically.... Im in Andover.

    My short stuff is quite good as seen, but don't seem to have the convertion yet to Mara.... have run 12 of them and really only had 2-3 good ones.

    Work is getting in the way of training with a club at present, despite having a 1st and 2nd claim club.

    Take care

  • well i did the parkrun but it was windy as anybody in the north east will testify. Decided not to fight the wind in the 1st mile as it was blowing in my face, was way behind the main group of runners until we turned the corner, when i stepped it up, steady away for mile 2 then pushed it for mile 3, Finished approx 4th position, felt strong at end. time, well didn't have watch but reckon 17.10.
  • moof wrote (see)
    Sawney bean- Newbury, berkshire.

    I trained with Newbury AC for a year or so whilst working down there. They were very friendly and did organised sessions on Thursdays(I think).

    Well worth going along to see what they offer. One of the coaches was called Carol IIRC. I do remember she was very enthusastic about the benefit of ice-baths after training

  • Iced baths!
    Maybe thats not the club for me then
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