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  • In for 22.... RAOC which then changed to RLC...... Which you probaly know being in Ludgershall... Finished in Hullavington.... But residing in Frome.....

    Good Luck Sunday... Hope you get the weather.... 

  • Matt, I agree with everyone else. Build the mileage up slowly and get fitter (losing weight at the same time).

    Don't be in too much of a rush to race. Why not a parkrun just to get a time on the table.

    My comeback is still ongoing. I have probably taken it easier than I needed to but trying to fit in some swimming, a bit of biking with running.

    Have entered a 10 miler in late Sept which should give me some sort of marker as I build up the mileage over  winter. Well actually build up the long run and cut out a couple of the shorter ones.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Bluenose.... RCT then RLC.....

    ended up with 1:26:25 on Sunday at Pewsey half.... 17 secs away from a PB... but there was no taper and legs were tired, so there is more and better to come...

    All the best Johnny in your 10m prep

  • My legs are constantly tired at the moment, even thou I'm over the worst of the shingles, parts of the virus can linger in the system for weeks......

    There's a few easier HM's coming up in the area over the next few months, would you aim for one of them, or are you off to the GNR......

    Anyway its still a cracking time.....

  • Hello peeps.  I'm 45. Started running two months before my 42nd B'day with no real plans or goals in mind. Only joined a club in May '10 & discovered I wasn't as crap as I thought I would be.

     Have done several 10ks, halfs, three 10 milers, and a couple of 20 milers & haven't looked back.  The biggest thing that appears to have pushed me on recently is Mara training.  I've managed to increase weekly mileage to 70 & this has brought my recent 10k pb time down from 39.43 set last Aug to 36.48 this July.

    Doing my first mara in Wolverhampton this Sunday and aiming for sub 3hrs. You can't turn the clock back, but I do sometimes wonder if I had shown this discipline & motivation in my 20's where I'd be now in terms of running performance.

    And the most encouraging thing is I'm sure there's still room for improvement!  I love doing the training & that really is key to everything.  I love being a vet runner, especially at races when a youngster takes a double-look as you burn past them!








  • Hi L..... Some impressive PB's, but thats the good thing about running... YOUR NEVER TOO OLD.... Plus, if your prepared to twick your training, you can get the rewards, like yourself knocking 3mins off your 10km time.....

    Good luck on Sunday

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Name and nature together ther Luvs a PB.... as blue nose says never too old...., never too slow or never too fast.... some good running to come from you by the looks of it...

    Bluenose, am doing Abingdon Marathon... next fast half for me will be Gosport in November...

  • I am a V45 does anyone have any views on how often we at our age should race I find that if I race twice in say 4 days that my 2nd performance seems to dip I am thinking of being even more selective and racing with a bigger gap what's your thoughts?

    As a kid I could race 2/3 times a week at certain times in the year with very little drop off!!

     I did stop running from 20-42 which again is a similar story to quite a few!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭


    I tend to race twice a week some weeks, but one of those is as park Run so use that as a fast session, which I will adjust as well to be slower if needed...

    However I still do doubles of XC on the Sat then a race on the Sunday, and usualy find I am strong on the 2nd race still... 

    I am 43.

  • Thanks Bluenose & RFJ. I'm also doing Abingdon. Rob, I have done a couple of 10k races in the same week a few times without any adverse reaction. But I make sure to have 2 consecutive rest days before the second race.

    I was a bit OCD earlier in the year & did a 20miler followed by 2 Half maras on consecutive Sundays without any mishaps too. As I'm doing a couple of maras 6 weeks apart,I'm cutting back on all other races,although Iam doing Oxford half before tapering for Abo. I think you just have to listen to your body & rest when you do feel tired.
  • RJF... Done Abingdon around 90/91....... Well I done the HM, just the one lap..... If its the same course, I remember it being fairly fast.... But then again I was doing sub 32 for 10km, everything seemed fairly easy.... The Good Old Days!!!!! I sometimes think, if it wasn't for the sex, drugs drink. drugs drink sex and gambling, what a boring life I would have had........
  • Thanks RFJ/LuvsaPB for comments

    I think I am over analysising performance/expectations to put into context in April I ran wed/sun 5 mile then 10k ran 27.20 (26.40ish unofficial course over distance and susequently confrimed by organisers)and 34.06. Then again last week ran wed/sun 5k then 10k ran 15.59 and 34.20

    On both occasions felt sluggish in 10k but having talked to collegues etc realise that at 46 should be pleased and stop beating myself up

    I plan to target a 10k later in year and just race once that week that then should answer the point as I believe I can run low 33's for a 10k as my 5 mile and 5k times suggest!!

  • I'm jealous of those times Rob! What sort of weekly mileage are you doing?
  • 55-60 miles per week

    2 quality track sessions with about 6.4k of effort, 1 long steady 12-14 miles, 1 rest day and the balance at about 6.45-6.50 mile pace

    Don't be jealous us "old farts" need to push the youngsters!!

  • Rob,I've got into a pattern of 14 mile runs around 7-7.5 min mile pace about 4 times a week & maybe one track session if I go down the running club & will usually make sure I do 10k at various paces. Iam prone to trash myself at the track so that I can't do a run next day. Am learning by my mistakes!

    I got under 40mins for 10k quite quickly,but it's taken just under a year to go lower,and I've taken nearly 3mins off last year in 3 races over this summer(38,37,36).Helped by mara training of 70 miles per week I would have thought.

    What has your progression in getting faster been like?
  • I used to run as a kid then stopped at 19 started again at 41 progression from 41 goes roughly like this

    1st 8 months treadmill running too embarrased to run outside ran a 10k in October in 40.06

    then 12-18 months running by myself as I now had the running bug again raced a copule of 5ks in 19 ish mins then down to 17.36 confidence coming back doing about 25-30 miles training no structure

    Joined local club just under 3 years ago started doing track work and in 2009 starting racing a little more including track races

    2010 did next 10K in september 2nd one since started back ran 34.40 then ran 34.06 in April Target now low 33 by end of year

    In 2010 ran various distances from 2.06 for 800m on track to 27.10 for 5 miles and 10k above

    This year inproved on roads again and ran 4.39 track mile fastest in uk for a V45 on power of 10

    I get a great buzz from running again after way too long out

    Sorry if this is a bit boring but if you want more info I'll try and explain better


  • No Rob. I find comparing other runners "stories" of how they progressed fascinating.  I hear coaches talking about an individual's "make-up" in relation to how quick they can become after doing specific training plans & levels of weekly mileage.  And because we're all different-have a different "make-up", if you & I did identical training plans, the results in our times & fitness levels would be different too.

    Do you only race shorter distances?{up to 10k).  Have you done any halfs & full marathons?  Were you a fast runner up to age 19? Interrogation over!image

  • Only race upto 10k at present may do half marathon next year but doubt i'll venture to marathon

    I am very competitive and if I was to commit to a marathon then my mileage would have to increase and then injury, time etc could be a factor as I would want to run around 2.40 and I think it would drive me mad. People I am currently training/racing against are doing that sort of time and I know the commitment they put in.

    I was ok as a kid

    800m 1.51, 1500m 3.51, 3000m 8.19, 5k 14.45 and half marathon 1.13 when run as a training run may sound good today but back in the early 80's only county standard!!

    What times/distances are you doing?

  • Rob, I'd say you were pretty useful as a teenage runner.  If they had park-runs back in the 80's then I'm sure you'd be winning a few!  My first races entered were the same half marathon in '09 & '10.  Only after I joined my local running club did I very quickly dive into lots of 10ks, more halfs & a few 10 & 20 mile races.

    I've got my first mara this weekend in Wolverhampton & hoping to do sub 3hrs.  I've done the mileage in training & 10k & half pb times would indicate I'm knocking on the door.  But, who knows?  I'll  keep running long-distance because I enjoy the training & the race is really just  the icing on the cake.  Would be tempted to try an ultra but I don't like x country much, and there isn't a road-only ultra any where to my knowledge?

    If the body doesn't start objecting, I'll look to build weekly mileage to 100p/w later this year. What sort of weekly mileage are your 2.40 colleagues putting in?

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Rob, some great times there.... on Sunday at Pewsey half our 1st 3 runners won the male team prize, I was fourth to count..... so keeping the younguns in there place....

    FWIW im doing 50-60m weeks in the build to abingdon and just done 267m for the month....

  • LuvsaPB 80-100 miles per week but are doing tempo runs upto 18 miles at 6 min mile pace the main guy was a 2.12 marathon runner at his peak but he is now 48 and doing chester marathon his first for 15 years

    Good luck at Wolverhampton but luck shouldn't come into it as I am sure you've done the training

    RFJ well done at Pewsey what time did you run?

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Rob 1:26:25 17 secs outside a PB on a undulating course, but have to confess that this course is my PB course from 2009
  • robT wrote (see)

    LuvsaPB 80-100 miles per week but are doing tempo runs upto 18 miles at 6 min mile pace the main guy was a 2.12 marathon runner at his peak but he is now 48 and doing chester marathon his first for 15 years

    Wow.  That's some intensity. Maybe if I progress, one day....  What time is your friend aiming for at Chester mara?

    robT wrote (see)

    LuvsaPB 80-100 miles per week but are doing tempo runs upto 18 miles at 6 min mile pace the main guy was a 2.12 marathon runner at his peak but he is now 48 and doing chester marathon his first for 15 years

    Good luck at Wolverhampton but luck shouldn't come into it as I am sure you've done the training

    RFJ well done at Pewsey what time did you run?

    robT wrote (see)

    LuvsaPB 80-100 miles per week but are doing tempo runs upto 18 miles at 6 min mile pace the main guy was a 2.12 marathon runner at his peak but he is now 48 and doing chester marathon his first for 15 years

    Good luck at Wolverhampton but luck shouldn't come into it as I am sure you've done the training

    RFJ well done at Pewsey what time did you run?

  • Sorry, Rob.  I should learn how to use these quotations first!  What time is your Chester mara friend aiming for?
  • 2.30-2.40
  • That's pdq!!
  • LuvsaPB and RobT, you are both adding some serious times to this forum!

    LuvsaT, sounds like your pan out as a similar runner to myself so far. I got back running in my late 30s but really began training @ 41, getting under 40 for the 10k for the first time in many years. Then I gradually improved off mainly marathon training (35-50 mpw) to 36.51 aged 44 en route to 2:54:54 at VLM. Bit slower this year aged 45 (~1 min in 10k) for no obvious reason but still comfortably under 3hrs in Boston. You should have no problem blowing past that 3hr target if you take it easy early on.

    As for how often to race, how long is a piece of string? If It's fun and you are happy with the times, as often as possible. Personally I need some recovery time or the Achilles/ calves let me know about it.

  • Thanks 57.5. That's very encouraging!  Got Wolverhampton mara tomorrow so we'll see if I'm near 3hr standard.  Will stick religiously to pacing target so as to prevent blowing up before the crucial latter stages. Then it's Oxford half 3 weeks later followed by Abingdon mara 3 weeks after that.

    We've all got a different "make up" so it's difficult to predict when you've reached your peak in terms of performance.  Alot will depend on frequency & degree of injuries I suppose, as well as recovery times. I've certainly heard stories of guys achieving 2.30-2.45 who were late forties/fifties & took up running later on in life.

     We've all just got to keep pushing the boundaries!  

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Just back from Overton 5, a tough very undulating 5m... wanted close to 31:30, got 31:09, very happy.

    Spitfire 20 tomorrow, but not racing it more a trg run

    Take care

  • Well done RFJ

    LuvsaPB good luck tomorrow let us know how it went

    Thanks 57.5 I've decide to have at least a week between races in future so I give myself a realistic chance of achieving 10K goal!!

    Also trying to get selected for Master Cross Counntry International in late November I am told very clicky so may not get a look in even though I won Masters V45 5k road champs in June but I am going to try

    RFJ good luck also tomorrow in Spitfire 20 well done in putting yourself on the line 2 days on trot better man than me!!

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