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  • RFJ cracking result and good luck tomorrow.....

    robT you must have a bit of pedigree.... What time did you have to do to win the V45 champs?

  • 16.10 at  Horwich which is quite a tough 5k but I ran 15.59 last wednesday at Capenhurst 5k so really pleased
  • I couldn't go that fast on a bike at the moment.... Times like that are just memories of a distant past, and memories are what keeps me going.....
  • what times are you running at the moment and what did you do in the past?

    I do run past quite a few peopleon bikes during training so don't be phased by my times

  • 31-22 for 10km in 1992 ish... And 15-45 for 5km on the track.... Dont remember ever seening a 5k road race them days..... Got injuried around 97, and didn't run again untill last Sept due to hitting 50, and being overweight (4 stone heavier than 97)......

    I personally think, with unterurted training, and some weight loss I could get to around 18-19 mins for 5k... But thats easier said than done..... Missed close to five months this year for one reason or another. but I'm getting there.... Started year off running 24min but got that down to 20-47 in July, was in good shape to smash that in Aug, but got shingles on the day of race.....

    Hopefully I'll get there....  The bike thing was a joke...I've got a Honda 250, it goes faster than that......

  • I stopped running in 1985 and 5k's and 10's where not really around then just used to be road races over various distances

    I stopped running from 19 until 41 then realised I was unfit and overweight so thought I would do something about it been training properly  since 2008 but picked up mileage in 2010 and continued into this year.

    Got ill myself in Nov 10, 5 days after running 5 mile in 27.10 had burst appendix and then when in hospital developed CDIF (hospital bug) I lost 6 kg in 4 days and my wife was told I might not pull through it was after this I thought bloody hell you've got some running to catch up on and make the most of your talents so after 2 month rest and recuperation I started to train even harder to prove a point to myself

    Still way off times as a kid but have several race times in top 10 on power of 10 for age group including fastest 1 mile for V45 so very pleased still feel more to come if I can keep injury'sat bay suspect left achilles and knee at moment but like most runners of our age running through

    Great times bluenose back in the day you cannot judge yourself on those times but make your target V50 category boys and move up the rankings!!

  • Sorry to hear about your probs, but thats behind you..... And whatever your doing at the moment looks like to be leading you to some exciting times.....

    I hope soon to get under the 20min barrier, but if it doesn't happen then so what, I'm really enjoying being back in the sport.....

  • Isn't it great just to be running again I agree it's really enjoyable to be back in the sport again
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys for the comments..

    Was not racing today, stuck 2m on at the start to make a slow 22m was aiming for 8:25's, finished with 8:20's, so quite happy.

    Bluenose, Im sure youll be under that 20 barrier soon, Parkruns is the way to go for that....

  • Anybody on here found fell running to be a good fallback plan for the aging runner if the road pounding gets too much?

    I tried a short (8km/ 270m climb) fell race in the spring for the first time. Damn near killed me but I beat a V40 runner who regularly (including the following week) beats me by 3-4 minutes over a flat 10k. I can still keep up 35-50 mainly road miles/ week right now but the lower legs protest a lot of the time and would probably like a few more trails next summer.

  • RFJ.... Funny you should mention about parkruns..... They only started in this area yesterday..... Just got to get used to not drinking on a Friday, and being able to run nine o'clock on a saturday....
  • Did my first Mara Sunday at Wolverhampton:- 3:00:29 & 9th. All going well until mile 16 when my legs turned to porridge & had to dig deep to make the next 10 miles.  Anyway, got to be pleased with that as a benchmark for the future.

     Just wonder how long I'm gonna be walking round like Charlie Chaplin! 

  • Well done LuvsaPB
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Well done LuvsaPB
  • Hope all you "oldies" are in good fettle!

     Did my first recovery run this evening since Sunday's mara.  My usual 14 miler in just under 2hrs.  First couple of miles felt a bit strange & then it started to feel like normal again!  Next race in just under 3 weeks-Oxford half.

    Will start ramping up the miles again before the next taper for Abingdon mara in Oct.  Sometimes I think I must be bonkers! 

  • Yes, you are bonkers. But with what you've learned from marathon 1 the 3 hour barrier should be a formality.

    Though a regular timed run to gauge fitness is helpful I'd say keeping me out the boozer on a Friday is the key parkrun contribution to faster times.

  • Can I borrow your crystal ball 57.5?image
  • Running my first ever 5000m track race tomorrow cannot believe how nervous I feel!! I never raced this distance on the track as a kid only roads

    I haven't eased down for it but I promised the club I would run as it is the Northern Mens League Division 2  promotion match in Cleckheaton

    Not sure how to approach 12.5 laps don't really know what to expect no doubt race will be full of U30's wondering what this old fart is doing racing them anyway might just surprise them and myself!!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Enjoy Rob... I did that a few years back and got a 17:46.... and won the B race..... just a little stunned... but then went on to win the other 3 races I ran in the B league, but learnt that as long as I stayed in front of the double letters I was OK... as double letters ie XX indicated the B team where as an X would indicate the A team.... (I was wearing double letters...)
  • Unfortunately I will be the A runner as the normal A runner cannot make it anyway I'll give my best shot.

    I am aiming for sun 16.30!!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    That well may win it.... certainly in the league I ran that would have been 1st or 2nd... all the best
  • Rob- I did one last year as a time trial with my club.... Won in a time of 18.40image  Only problem was I can't run & keep proper note of the laps I did... Ended up doing an extra lap til someone flagged me down!

     How many other runners are there?  Bunching, tripping & lapping slower runners may be factors that come into play.

     I'm sure a speed merchant like yourself will be fine  image  Just save a bit for the last 200metres.

    All the best! 

  • There are supposed to be eight teams 2 runners per team

    Thanks I will try and do all Vets proud!

  • Just sharpen those elbows & kick assimage
  • Will do

  • Came 3rd ran 16.29.4 very windy and bloody humid!!
  • Well done Rob!  Did you have a kick at the end & did you lap anyone?image
  • To be honest I found it tough and thank Gog I didn't need to kick as about 6/7 secs behind and I did lap a guy from Gateshead (what's happened to such a wonderful club he was their A runner)
  • Sorry I meant God not Gog
  • Well done!  What next?......a track marathon?image
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