Newbies FIRST MARATHONing in 2011



  • Well done on the super six Rox and really good luck for Friday - fingers crossed. I'm not stalking honest I just read about all the contestants some amazing people out there. Pretty photo by the way and the pedalo bit was hilarious image.

    With you about the dreadmill, fair play for sticking with it. It is sooooooo booooooorrrrrring, now I know what a hamster feels like.

    Club night for me tonight so a bit of company on my run - just to assure you club members are safe from the whole eye gouging thing.

    Isn't it funny that thing about being a real runner (and does it annoy you to be called a jogger? I hate it personally), I agree it's a state of mind (in my mind I'm a gazelle in reality I'm a hippo). I always think it sad that some sniffy people make you think you can't be a real runner if you aren't running x miles per week or  over a certain speed. I may be really slow but  I'm getting out there and doing it and I'm still moving a heck of a lot faster, and further, than 98% of the population who sat on their sofas in front of the telly.  

    Have a good day one and all, happy running.

  • Hi K - Thanks for the luck and feel free to stalk this thread so we can keep it going for those that've joined already and see if we can all make the big M this year!! The pedalo experience was flippin terrifying at the time but wholly hilarious ever since!

    I'd really like to join my local running club Burnham Harriers but i have to sort my work life balance out first as i have a long commute and never make it back i time during the week, i think i'm gonna put it on my new years resolutions actually to sort my hours out and join! Are you in a big club or little club and what do you get up to on training?

    JOGGER yep that gets right on my tripe too!! That said there may be people who are perfectly proud of their jogger label??!

    You are a Hippelle!!!!!!!!!!!! Me too!!!! say it loud and proud and jog on!!!!!!!

    Happy running peeps - make the most of it cause i think we'll be skiing for the forseeable.....!


  • Hi all image  I am doing my first marathon in May - the Halstead & Essex. I have done a few 5K's and a couple of 10K's in the past, but it's been a while, and I am having to build my base back up before I start training proper. I decided to sign up for a marathon to give me a real focus to get me running seriously again, and the main reason I wanted to get running again is to help my depression, which has been bad of late. My GP has been nagging me to do some exercise as it is meant to help depression. I have always wanted to do a marathon, so I thought, why not? I picked the H&E because it is in May, which suits me in terms of time for training, and because it got rave reviews on here - not too big, well organised, plenty of support, and nice scenery.

     I'm going to be using the book " The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer", which is a 16 week programme, so I'll be starting that mid-Jan. As I said, just working on getting my base back at the moment. I'm off work atm, as the doc signed me off due to stress, so I'm making the most of being able to run whenever I like instead of having to fit it in round everything else.  So far, so good image

  • Welcome lacebylady. Know exactly how you feel and have been there myself. One of my main reasons for running is stress management and it really does help, sometimes I find it difficult to get out of the door but I force myself as I know I will feel better if I do. One of my mantras

    One day you will not be able to do this, today is not that day. (not original I found it on the US runners world site,but I find it motivating)

    I'm early awaiting the non runners mara book (Amazon must have had a run (no pun intended) on them lately)

    Hippelle - love that

    Running with the club is fantastic, we are a really friendly club (no sniffy speed merchants - though we do have some very speedy merchants) you couldn't find a more supportive bunch if you tried. We have a club runs  one night ( various lengths and speeds), hill sessions another night, and track sessions with a trainer on Saturdays (not been brave enough for those). We run in a county short league through the summer, have a cross country team and there is a group that cycles as well. Plus we organise a big 10k every year. Running with the club has definately made me faster (I don't want to slow people down - although they wouldn't mind if you did and there's usually someone going at your pace any way. They've also given me the encouragement to try things I didn't think I'd be able to do. I'd definately join your club if you can.

  • Thanks for the compliment, RR, although I'm not sure that I'd say inspiring, more determined old bag!

    Sorry that you're going through a tough time, lacebylady, all I can say is that it will get better and you're right, running can help.  Set yourself gentle / easy targets for the time being and it's a good idea to start building your base. (( ))  - plenty of folks around here going through or who have been through a similar situation to you, so you'll find a lot of sympathy.

    Re the HR training, I find it very easy and have followed the principles in the book recommended to me "Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot" by John L Parker.  You have to work out your RHR, then your max HR, the latter being your actual max based on exercise and not an estimated one.  There's a calculation that you do which then gives you your HRs for specific training zones.  Once you've got those, you just ensure that you run your session at the appropriate HR.  The difference between that form of training and pace-based training is that if you run to HR, your pace will vary but your HR shouldn't (+/- 5bpm or so), whereas if you run to pace, then your pace should remain constant but your HR will vary.  You do include tempo sessions, but the emphasis is on less hard sessions which use up glycogen stores tiring you out more quickly. 

    I like it - but maybe it suits me as I'm older!  For a host of reasons (most out of my control image), training with me is always sporadic but I had managed to get my LSR pace down by 1 - 2 m/m and was able to knock out some 8 - 8:30m/m (not many, but I did manage it!), so I'm going to carry on with it, once I'm back on my feet.

  • Thanks for the tip about the book Jeepers off to check that out now. I use an HRM but only really to check I'm not overdoing it on LSRs and I feel it's something I could utilise more.
  • Morning kimage

    I got mine from Amazon, about a year ago, cost £10, not sure if they still have it, but a good read.  I started doing higher mileage last January, had a lot of (enforced) time off this year, then picked up again in the summer, back to 45 - 50m/wk, all on the back of HR training and without injury etc.

    That's one of the reasons why it gets my voteimage

  • Hi guys,

     Thought I would drop in and say hi!  I have been running on and off for 4 years - due to ill health I had to keep dropping out, but thankfully I have been very well and I have been training hard from May time this year.

     I am also hoping to do my first marathon this May and possibly my second marathon 3 weeks later!  Bit ambitious??

    With regards to training I haven't been doing a lot of running due to snow and ice but I normally run 4 times during the week and a longer run at the weekend.  I also do other training - core work, weights, cross training, pump and spinning on occasions.

     I am having really serious issues with the psychological side of my training.  I am so afraid of not succeeding, not being fast enough, not being fit enough that I have really isolated myself.  I know a few people that do run, and I would love to join them, but even thinking about it gives me severe anxiety!!!   I don't know how I will ever be able to race.  I know I am just putting far too much pressure on myself!

    Any tips on how to overcome this would be more than welcome image

  • Morning all,

    I was out doing my 5 miles early doors this morning to try and avoid the dreaded snow - although the snow hasn't materialised yet and its now drizzling....fingers crossed the snow stays away cos I really want to do my long run on Sunday on tarmac instead of snow/ice or the treadmill!

     I have that book too - The Non-runners marathon guide - although was slightly sceptical about the training plan in it - the longest run only goes up to 18 miles - that's 8 miles short of the full marathon distance - I know on the day that the adrenalin will carry you through a few miles but I'm not sure my adrenalin will carry me 8 miles!! Any thoughts on this?

    Morgan - welcome to the thread! Maybe with regards to your anxiety, if you go on a run with someone that you know really well and you won't feel self-conscious with it might make you feel better? It could be one of things where when you've done it once, you'll be fine...I used to hate running in the daylight for fear of ridicule for being too fat/too slow/too red faced (!) but then one day I had no choice so headed out and when I realised it was ok and most people ignored me, I was fine!

    2 marathons within 3 weeks? You're very brave! I think it'll take me 3 weeks to be walking normally again!! I am debating entering another marathon in September (my first one is in April) but part of me wants to wait to see what my frist experience is's tough though because the registration closes in February...tough decisions!

    Anyway, happy running to you all! image

  • Evening all image Did (run10, walk 5) x 2 today. Was fab actually, driving hail/snow at one point, but very invigorating.

     Jeepers - thanks for your encouragement image

    k - if you can't find that HR book, you can have mine. I bought it, but HR training didn't suit me, so it's just sitting gathering dust here. I have written on a couple of the pages, but apart from that it's in good nick. I'll happily send it on to you, just let me know - might as well be with someone who can use it!

  • You're welcome and glad it went well.

    PS Just try to take it one day at a time.  If the day goes well then imageimage, but if it doesn't, then leave it behind you and concentrate on the next new day.  Cliche I know, but the only way to get through it.


  • Anybody interested in building up a good base in January?

    You'd be very welcome here and it's great fun.  This is how I got into higher weekly mileage last year.

    Morning, lacebylady, see you've found us over there!  image and good for you, it doesn't matter what your mileage is, every single one counts.  When I joined the thread last year, I was only doing around 25 - 30 per week and thought that everyone would be doing far more than me, but not all were.  I was somewhere in the middle of the pack, but it encouraged me to get out there - and if I couldn't do my long runs (family problems) then I split them up and on some days, did 3 x 5m, just to get that daily total up.

    If you don't have a specific training plan for January, I'd definitely recommend this - and the threads that come out of it are image.

  • Thank you for the invite Jeepers, I saw the thread yesterday but was a bit tentative about signing up as I'm a relative newbie. It looks fun and very motivating.
  • Don't worry about that, k, it's a really friendly thread and incredibly supportive.  I can't find the thread that we had last year, but it was nothing but encouragement, support and wicked banter.  There were loads of people that I'd never come across, but the team spirit was massive - and everyone really was encouraged.

    I've just posted on there that it was a great way for me to up my training.  I was being conservative (age and injuries) with my running, but doubled my weekly mileage, sensibly of course image, thanks to the challenge and it made me realise that I'm capable of much more than I'd originally thought.

    We're a complete range of ages, experience, distances etc, but we're one great team - do give it a go.


    Just a blatant spam for the Snubbed Six Please enter.

    re east vs west oh - the thread last year - the one with all the piccies - we must drag that up. Agree with Jeepers, this site is really inclusive in many respects, so just dive in. It's a great way to keep motivcated when the weather is so cold.

  • You mean this one! sugarplumimage

    I couldn't find the actual daily thread that we posted on with our results - that would give you an idea of what it was like too, k.  And anyone else thinking of it.

    Aha, found it

    Read it and weep - with laughterimage

    (I was CJBA in them days, but imagine that my forum name is still the same as it is now)

  • You've convinced me, looks like a lot of fun and I need the motivation.

    That and just back from 3 miles in 8 inches fresh snow and a bit of a work out helping to push a car stuck on the hill enroute.

  • Hey folks and welcome to new followers to the thread.

     Lacybylady - keep going with the running, it is a magnificant  stress/depression buster. I recently started quite a stressful job and its a great way to forget about work and feel good about yourself.

     Although I'm feeling pretty bad this week - i've only got out for 1 run due to a combination of being lazy/ice and snow/christmas nights out. Got busy sociable week next week as well so wont get out much and the snow is back with avengence. oh dear!

     Well done K on getting out in the snow and helping out.

  • Hi casslass image I am keeping on going. I just have to keep forcing myself out the door, even when I don't want to go. As long as I keep doing that, I'll be OK . I keep telling myself it's not an option, it's part of my "therapy" image
  • Great thread you've got going here - it's nice to be able to read it without needing a glossary of running terminology!

     I'm hoping to run my first marathon in 2011, but am looking for some advice and encouragement... So far the longest distance I run is 15 miles, the longest race being a half marathon, my best time for which is 1:36.

    Anyway, I'm doing the Bath Half in March, which I'm now training for - aiming for a sub-1:30 this time. I'd really like to do the Great Welsh Marathon in Llanelli on April 10th - what do we reckon about having 5 weeks to step up from half-marathon to Marathon? Obviously I'd have to train over-distance for the Half to compensate, but will this mess my pace up etc?

    The reason I'm keen is that I'm raising money for Lupus UK to support my sister who has been diagnosed with it this year, and I figured I'd get more sponsorship if I do something like a triple-whammy e.g. 10k, then H/M then Marathon.

    I'm 21, and make a habit of doing mad stuff, but would this be pushing too hard? 

  • Hi Robin - welcome to the forum and the thread image Can't advise on this I'm afraid, I'm a newbie to any distance over 10K, so I'm still learning too.  Plenty of folks on here who will have the info you need tho!
  • Robin, you could look at RW UK v RW USA it's a great challenge, I did it last year, can't this year as benched, but the team is still open to new members joining.

  • Welcome Robin, can't help on the specifics but your're running for a great cause my sis in law has Lupus too.

    Second what Jeepers says about the challenge, I've signed up for the first time

  • The other thing that you could do, Robin, is join some of the marathon threads, depending on what time you're aiming for.

    There are established threads already (either under VLM or training I guess), then the latest Super Six, think they're under VLM although they're all doing Paris - don't think that the mentors have appeared on those yet, so not sure what's going on in terms of advice.  Think they're using "ready-made" schedules that are up on the side of the threads.  Then - and far more exciting - you've got the Snubbed Six - the same as the Super Six, but mentored by other forumites, they're already up and running and the mentors have come online and are working out programmes.  Those will be slightly different as I think that each mentor is going to work out a more specific programme tailored to his / her mentee, so allowing for more individuality.

    But do give the challenge a go - it's worth it.  I joined last year as training was off due to weather, so I used the month to get a good base.  When I started, I was doing around 25 - 30m p/wk, when I finished, I'd managed to increase it to 45 - 50m p/wk and it showed me that I can do that mileage - my current training plan is still built around that. It changed my approach to training permanently and showed me that I'm capable of more than I'd previously assumed.

  • Hiya, thanks for all the responses!

    Think I will sign up for the challenge - whether or not I decide to do the full Marathon, it will encourage me in training for the half. Will look out the Marathon threads too - would love to get my first one in before I turn 22! 

    My 'official' training plan starts next week, but I've already got a good bed in. Currently doing easy 4.6 mile runs at 8mins, and that's on icy and snowy road surfaces so I'm feeling confident. The artic winds we've had on the East coast for the past couple of days aren't helping though!

    I'll keep everyone posted with how it's all going,


  • Hey all,

    Here's one more. I'm running my first marathon in 2011. Have never done a half marathon or 10km or any racing before but have been running on and off the last 4 years or so. Grand plan is to finish the marathon, that's all, no time goals. My very own training program (with the help of books and the net) started this week, only starting nice and slowly,15 miles / 25km a week increasing the mileage slowly. Hope it is enough. Do you think I'm foolish going for the full marathon without any previous racing experience?

    At the moment I'm full on energy and enthusiasm and feel like I could train a lot more but I'm trying to take it easy to avoid injuries.

    This is a brilliant thread! Nice to see I'm not alone, we will get there!!

    Has everyone signed up for the challenge? I was thinking about it...

  • hi all

    i'm not a newbie, so i thought i'd wish you all luck,

    not sure you'll want me on the thread

    but  i do - like many others have that vital marathon expereince

  • I'm doing it! Signed up for the Great Welsh Marathon on 10th April... Bring it on!!
  • Good stuff, Robin image I've signed up too, should be a great motivator!

    micknphil - I'm sure you're more than welcome in here, after all we are all newbies at marathoning, so all encouragement, support and advice from those who have been there, done that is more than welcome! image

  • but i'm still a little shy image
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