Jolly Holly Jog 10K

Hi just signed up for this on line,do any of you have any experiance of this run ? what is the

cousre like.


  • I am just about to sign up. I think it will be hilly! I am going to wear my trail shoes because I think it could be muddy. I ran at Newby Hall earlier this year, near Ripon, and it was beautiful countryside. I think it will be tough but fun! Hope this helps!
  • Cheers for that Karen, I think it will be a good way to finish the years running and feel good after the mince pies and works night out.. I normally do the Poultry run at Loftus which is a very steep climb but I'm going to miss it this year because of work. I also have invested in a Santa hat to help me blend in! 
  • Hi Daniel!  I am going to run the Poultry Run on Sunday all being well! Just spoke to the organisers this morning and they are expecting snow at the weekend and will adjust the course accordingly. If there is too much snow I won't travel because I live in York and it it a good 65 mile drive over there for me.

     I am looking forward to the 'Jolly, Holly Jog' on 28th. Hope you enjoy the race too! I will be running for the RNLI. The Bramham Park was cancelled so I have tansferred my fund raising to this event. Have fun and keep running! Karen, England Athletics.

  • Really looking forward to this one, supposed to have a great atmosphere. The locals tell me to watch out for the footpath bridges, can be a bit slippery, and apparently there's a transition from footpath to road opposite a farm where if they've been sluicing on a freezing cold day it's bambi on ice time. Trail shoes the way to go if you've got them methinks.

    Oh, and enjoy the surroundings - Studley Park is a beautiful place (personally I'm hoping for a bit of snow).

  • Fingers crossed for some crunchy snow, out come the trail shoes !!

  • I've signed up for this one too. 1st trail race, looking forward to getting muddy image
  • Any news on current course conditions/likelihood of cancellation?

    I certainly hope it's not as looking forward to this as an easier alternative to the Chevin Chase.

    JEB, I've been told it gets muddy in parts but guess it may all be frosted over - whatever the conditions a good pair of trail shoes are recommended - Inov8 roclites for me. 

  • Timing of the cancelation was really late! Made the journey down (40 mile) just to turn back again.
  • Yes a rather late decision - especially as website said definitely on (as at c9am this morning).

    Having gone for a run around the deer park including an extremely icy section of the route - the FP between the deer park and Studley Roger village I think the organisers made the right decision at the end of the day - just a shame it wasn't made first thing this morning to save some journeys.

  • Going by last years conditions, the call for it to be off should of been made last night or very early this morn. Not one I will bother with again me thinks
  • Please have a look at the Fellrunner forum where I have put a response to 'Multiterrainer's point.  We are sorry that you had a wasted journey.  These decisions are not taken lightly and your disappointment will not go unnoticed.  We are going to try and reschedule the race, please don't discard your number.

  • Disappointed with the organizers. Travelled from Sheffield after checking the website in the morning to see it was definitely on.

    They should have said an inspection would take place later in the morning. I appreciate these events are organised by volunteers but still it was a bit previous to boldly put a note on the website in the morning only for it to be proved wrong a few minutes later.

    It is normally a great event on a scenic trail course and well organised.
  • Probably could have been better ways of notifying people but remember the organisers are ultimately responsible for peoples safety (which includes driving to the event as well) and don't usually take these decisions lightly as they've likely shelled out a fair bit already which they won't get back.

    Unfortunately the ice and snow which were ok the previous night (in Leeds anyway) had started to thaw and been rained on during the night which made sheet ice everywhere. I'm sure that was why the event was cancelled. It's been very difficult to judge recently, if anyone is aware of it, recently the calderdale valley relay was cancelled for similar reasons a couple of days earlier only for the snow etc. to melt and conditions on the day to be ok. It's a bit of a lottery when the weather is like this. Ribble valley 10k was also cancelled late when conditions changed suddenly.

    I would hope that people don't get too disappointed with the organisers of such events as it really isn't their fault.

    Fairyfeet has mentioned on FRA forums that the organisers are looking into better ways of updating the website via mobile or similar so I'm sure they've learnt from the experience.

  • I had a wasted 45 mile journey from Stockton to this event yesterday.

     I get the point about runners safety but I had scrupulously checked the website in all days leading up to the run. On the day before the site had said the race was still running but asked runners to check on the day.

    On the 28th itself I checked the website and it had been updated ths same day to say that the race was "definitely on" (Ripon Runners words, not mine), so i wasnt impressed to turn up and find it had been cancelled.  if there is doubt about event safety then make this clear on the website... don't give a final decision and then reverse it the same morning.

    So the communication was very poor. Actually I am only posting this comment here as there was no email contact address with the race details or a contact phone number (or indeed a contact tab from the ripon runners website), which in its own right says something about  communicaiton.

  • Your comments are noted guys, once again we are sorry for the apparent lack of communication we did what we could at the time, if you are club runners maybe you could let us know what steps your club would take to tackle the same situation ie: remotely accessing the website.  We can all learn from eachother in organising events and we will surely learn from this one.

  • Fairyfeet - maybe you could see if anyone at the club has a netbook or laptop you could take with you on the event and update via mobile web or similar. Or you could have someone at home waiting on a call to update.
  • Any news on whether this will be rescheduled?
  • Still no news. Not very impressive, the person who told me it was cancelled when I arrived was very keen to say that it was likely to be rescheduled, it would be polite to post something on the website.
  • The Ripon Runners website indicates there's a tentative rescheduling of this event for 2nd April - a Saturday (oooh, the controversy, I get nosebleeds if weekend races aren't on a Sunday), and dependant on landowners permission.

    I really hope they get this one sorted: comms since the cancellation have been, well, pretty non-existant, but it's a race I'd rather like to add to my collection. Just a shame it won't be Studley-in-the-snow (unless the gulf stream gets redirected in the next couple of months - don't tell me it can't happen, I've seen The Day After Tomorrow).

    Only problem is I signed up for the Liverpool half yesterday evening, which will be six days prior to this. Sore legs await methinks. Curse you, running gods!

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