Aero Bard

I need to buy some clip on aero bars but keep seeing references to 'Draft Legal.

What does this mean and how can  I tell if a pair are legal or not?

Edited as the title should be Aero Bars, not some Poet with a chocolate fetish


  • I think the milk chochlate ones are draft legal aero bars but not the mint ones!!image
  • I think that draft legal means that they can't stick out in front of the normal handle bars.  They also need to be capped in a certain way to prevent them stabbing into someone if you crash
  • CD IIRC its more for the pro circuit as the cheating b*ggers draft we amateurs are not allowed to so dosent really apply to us as gertie says they have to be plugged though
  • Thanks for the info. I was looking at some on Ebay but they shot up the  end , so after borrowing some earlier in the year( Thanks RBM) I plumped for some Deda's off Ribble Cycles(thanks again RBM)

    Actually my OH bought them so now I just have to wait till xmas.  Thanks OH

  • Yep, don't worry about it.  Only the elites are allowed to draft so you can use any bars you like.
  • wondered in thinking Robbie Burns being on a tri bike......

    oh well


  • Shuffles, I had a lovely image of Shakespeare in a pointy helmet.

  • Glad two others had the same first thought as me. image

    Slim Shakey?
  • If your lucky enough to have 26mm dia  bars this is a bargain, and oh hasnt ordered them yet.


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