First Marathon - Leg Cramp - HELP !

Please can I have some advice/opinion:

RH was my first marathon and all was going well till 22 miles - 2 hrs 56 mins (i was hoping to break 3h 30m for the race itself). However, after mile 22 i got cramp in my quads only and had to fast walk/gentle jog, as advised by an excellent marshall, for the last 4.25 miles which took 44 mins. I came in in 3-39-57. I had taken on fluids at every point, felt fine for the whole race i.e the wall etc never arrived, but just cramped. My longest runs in training were 21 miles. Any advice or thoughts please ? ? ?


  • I'm not sure of the set up for the race, but were the "fluids" you took on water only, or were there sports drinks provided. If it was water only, then the salt that you lost in yout sweat could have caused cramp.

    Also, were any of your long training runs done at marathon pace, and on roads? If you suddenly upped the speed for the distance, or were used to running on soft surfaces, the added impact could have caused the muscles to complain.
  • Hi Nessie,

    It was water and SIS electrolyte drinks I made sure of that. I never felt dehydrated or had "salt on my forehead" symptoms.

    Stuck to my pace religiously and the surface was pretty much the same.

    All I can think of was that I had never run past 21 miles and it was just the extra mileage ? ? ?
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