Muddy Bottoms 2011 9 mile or 17 mile

I know its not until March but Got 20 entered already!
Limited to 150
I know most of you enjoyed getting lost!
and Ria liked the bunny rabbits
and Brian's still looking for the tree

For those that did'nt do it, Well the best Quote was
"Brilliant! 15 runners in a field all of us lost. Don't change a thing"

Hope last years runners come on here and tell you about the run

If you think it will be easy NOW you have done the course


  • website details??
  • me look in morning. sounds interesting...
  • Hot tub: you won't be disapointed.

    It's a cracking day out.

    You'll be given a full set of instructions at the start. 

    All you have to do is FOLLOW the instructions. Dead easy, untl you get 15 people in a field, and 14 different opinionsimage

    No point asking me where the route goes - it's a different one this year, and besides even my GArmin couldn't find half the places we went to last yearimage

    This race does what it says on the tin: the bottoms will be muddy. And if you slip yours will be tooimage


  • it is a good race, i have not taken part in it, but from what i know it is a good laugh, its different, brian is right, hope too see you there on the day Hot tub.
  • Tyler, if you do the 9 miler you will be back in plenty of time to do the results for the 17 miler....................
  • haha no thanks brian, but thank you for the offer ;D
  • Seven hours seven minutes with a wabbit down your t-shirt is a fun way to spend a Sunday morning..... image

    Wish I'd had my Garmin then, so I could see how many miles we actually did......

    Still looking for the bush, stone wall & one stile.......image

    Though this clashes with the Sutton trail race.......which would mean I get fed by my brother & can then go on to Alton Towers.....hmmmm.........Decisions decisions......image

    Ria x

    Link to pics on Facebook from the race......might not work.....
  • imagehow far do you think you did Ria?

    was there any need to remove that poor bunny rom its home? its probally still lost out there.image

  • Well.....we ran for about 3 hours non stop......Then ran/walked for the other 4 we must have done a marathon..... image

    Bunny was out in the open, dying. Was ill, blinded, & had been attacked by a dog or fox too. I wanted him to die all nice & warm down my t-shirt, not out in the reeezing cold.  But he refused to die, so I had to leave him under a bush in the end.....It was very sad.....He was one very poorly wabbit.....

  • whats it like this race..reading the threads it sounds like a map reading exercise! image

    do you need any kit?image

  • Hi Ria

    Must point out that everyone else was finished in 4 hours 37 min

    As Brian said it was a good day out

    Still taking entries!
  • my sister and I signed up to do this as a walk/bit of a jog as we are not runners - and it did say run/walk on the entry but after reading these posts, seeing the results and rias pics/story I am cacking myself!

     Does anybody else walk it or is it just a runners thing? Worried we are gonna really humilate ourselves image

  • cheers steve ,

    it was aceimage ..different and hard work but still great fun..yes i went wrong but it adds to the funimage

  • Glad everyone enjoyed the Muddy Bottoms 17 or 9 miles

    26 Feb 2012 is a date for you diary

    See if we can get more MUD! 

  • Well me and my sister made it round, we had a great time although we did get lost and ended up doing just over 11 miles image Will definately be doing it again next year
  • its that time again!

    Sunday 25th March 2012 still 9 mile or 17 mile
    online entries or

    we did get close to putting race full

    Also there 11 mile Caldervale Muddy Boots 19 Feb 2012
  • Moody boots can I not wear trainers as I get blisters if I run in bootsimage
  • Yes Alan you can wear trainers!
  • Still got a few entries left.Passed 100 mark
  • Thats for 25 March 2012 (just noticed the date on heading!
  • Cheers Steve, it was a great day. Harder then last years route but still great fun and it was in the sun. Bang on
  • Just aweek to go for the 2014 Muddy Bottoma 9mile or 17 mile got 114 at the moment

    So come along and have Fun bookitzone  running diary for online entries

    or turn up on the day


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