Quick computer question

In the last few days web pages that I haven't clicked on (to my knowledge) keep opening up and annoying me. I suppose there is a way to stop this happening - can anyone explain how in words of maximum two syllables? (computer numpty here).

Thanks in advance



  • Do you know what browser you're using?  If it's Windows Internet Explorer, it's as simple as:

    Tools > Pop-up Blocker > turn on pop-up blocker.

    I think!

    I quite like Lee Mack's answer to a tech support guy on the phone: "Have you tried disabling cookies?"  "I once bit the legs off a gingerbread man."


  • what sort of popups are they Aza?? are they asking you to install some sort of virus scanner/run a scan??

    if so, your PC has been infected so I'd do the following

    if you have a virus scanner - make sure it's up to date and run a scan. if you don't (and why?) get a free copy of Avast and run a scan - and keep the virus scanner updated.

    download a copy of Malwarebytes Anti-malware (google it) - it's free - and run that. that will detect all sorts of shite and help you get rid of it.

    finally also get a copy of CCleaner - also free - and run that as well. between Malwarebytes and CCleaner you'll cover all bases. also with CCleaner, run a registry check and clean the reg up - but be careful here as if you don't know what you're doing it can lead to trouble so follow the instructions properly.

  • Oh, that sounds complicated FB.image

    I had the 'puter all cleaned up a couple of months ago and have the Kapersky anti-virus installed. It's up to date and tells me everything's fine.

    The pop-ups aren't asking me to run any a scan - they're mostly trying to sell me health products I think.

    I was using Internet Explorer until a couple of days ago when the pop-ups started. Then I downloaded Mozilla Firefox but they're still there.

    Should I still do the Malwarebytes and CCleaner even with the Kapersky?

    Phil - I'll have a look for the pop-up blocker  - ta!


    (feel free to fight among yourselves about the significance of the 'x')

  • Oh, the pop-up blocker was already on.image
  • I'll take it as a marriage proposal.  Let me think it over.


  • Aza - yes - still run the 2 I suggested. most virus scanners are good at picking up and blocking viruses but not so good at malware which can sneak in under the radar so it's always good to keep those 2 programs handy even if you don't use them often (and always update them, or download new versions of them, before running)

    I use them from time to time on the network I look after just to keep PCs in good fettle
  • The image was for Phil.

    Thanks FB - I'll do that when I get in from work then. image



  • image 

    fb - If I've got all the bells and whistles from McAfee is it worth bothering with any of the stuff you mentioned on top, or am I covered?

  • when you run them Aza, make sure all other programs are closed including any browsers. that way they'll work more effectively
  • If you've got McAfee, you should really be happy that your computer runs fast enough to be able to get on the web in the first place!!!!
  • Phil - ditch McAfee and get free Avast - it's a much better setup. and yes, get the other 2 as well. no harm in covering as many security bases as possible.
  • spot on Dano!

    the problem with commercial programs like McAfee and Norton is that they hook themselves into so many operating programs that they can slow the whole shebang down and cause conflicts. many network managers hate them 'cos of this

    the other alternative is to get a Mac or a Linux system - they aren't immune to viruses or malware but in comparison to Windoze, it's miniscule.
  • Cheers fb.  One final point of clarification - I use my laptop at work, but it's connected to a server in Holland (where my only other work colleagues are based!)  We don't share any programmes other than Outlook, so the server connection is just for e-mails and stuff.  I'm using McAfee because that's what they're using in Holland - is it still OK to get rid of McAfee altogether and replace it with the other programmes?
  • PhilP - my GOODNESS you're fickle.

  • Oh, and Aza - I found Spyware Doctor a few years ago when I was getting horrid amounts of popups an' stuff. It cleaned everything up and I've never had a problem since. I use the basic AVG for anti-virus and it's never given me any problems.
  • I swear by Nod32, not the cheapest, or most well known (although more than it used to be), but IMO, its the best.

     I had someone recently come to me with a slow lappie, of course they hadn't do anything to it, it was running dog slow, when I delved a little deeper, I asked them about virus software, they said they have some, so I delved a little deeper, and infact they had 2.......

    Mcafee was the one that came installed, but they had a pop-up come up ,probably from clicking something on the net, or visiting a "shady" webiste (which of course they never did, even though the history told a very different story!!!), saying there computer was at risk, and need to buy X.

    Needless to say X was malware, that they had to pay for image

  • PhilP - I don't think it will matter what virus scanner your laptop is running and what they are running in Holland unless you get the virus updates from the server over there. if you don't then it's no deal to get rid of McAfee and install something else.

    dano - I'm running VIPRE Enterprise from Sunbelt Software on my network as it's memory overhead is very low so it doesn't interfere too much with the OS on the system PC when scanning. I have a few other issues with it though so might be looking for an alternative come licence renewal time. will take a peek at Nod and also Avast corporate as too many of the main commercial ones like McAfee, Norton, Sophos, Panda etc are getting too bloated and expensive.
  • FB is speaking in tongues.image

    JJ - I had AVG before and my 'puter got a nasty virus and it cost me 90€ to get it cleaned up. The man in the shop recommended Kapersky. But then he could have recommened Bumfluff and Co for all I know about IT and I would have said yes anyway.image

    My pop up is Ofertix.com and it is currently trying to sell me Timberland boots.image

    Feck off!

  • Ofertix seem to be a (spanish?) shopping site that gets discounts to its members, you (or someone else) hasn't used that site?, or maybe installed a toolbar / piece of software that could be associated with said site?
  • Hey, whaddya know! My latest popup wants me to download Avast antivirus. How much of a coincidence is that?

    Dan - as far as I know I haven't used any of these sites. My historial is very simple. It consists of:

    A variety of dictionaries
    Er.... that's it.

    I don't buy anything off t'internet except flights.image

    I'm going to download what FB said.

  • A great deal of popups are part of the fuctionality installed when using free programs or browser toolbars on the WIndows platform.
    The biggest issue with WIndows is it runs all applications with administrive privileges as such they can do what they want to the system
    Windows also does not display everything which is running on your system at start up which is where most of these applications which present popups hide and load.

    The first thing you need to do is detemine what your computer is loading at startup. To do this download an application called hijack this from Trend Micro

    HijackThis examines certain key areas of the Registry and Hard Drive and lists their contents. These are areas which are used by both legitimate programmers and hijackers. Some items are perfectly fine. You should not remove them. Never remove everything. Doing that could leave you with missing items needed to run legitimate programs and add-ins.

    The following URL provides information on using Hijack this

    The following forums are a great resolurce for the removal of malware which it sounds like you may have

    Alternativly if you want me to review your hijack this log simply post it to the forum and I would be happy to have a look.

  • Oh gosh, this is getting complicated.
    I downloaded and ran the antimalware and Ccleaner. I'm now using google chrome instead of Mozilla but the popups are still there (although the antimalware found six infected thingies including three adware thingies).

    Squeaz - I'll have a look at that. Thank you very much. If I start to hyperventilate I'll post it for you to have a look at...

    (google chrome has no smilies!!!!)
  • I do not believe at this time, it is website prompted but an application or browser plugin which adds that functionality to your system. Usually these are rouge processes whch start up during the windows boot process and I do not believe that changing the browser will resolve the issue.
    You will have to go through the processes of removing the offending malware imho.

    Before doing this we need to establish what is running on your system and what needs to run on it.

  • Ok Squeakz.
    I have a list now from HijackThis. Now all I need to do is work out the goodies from the baddies....
  • I can review the list for you or alternatively you can use a website to process the log against a database of suspect malware



    If there is any process which you are uncertain about I would advise not to remove it without further investigation, google can be useful for this. 

    If you want me to review the log or any section you are concerned about I would be happy to do so

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