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hi folks i've been running for about twelve months,anybody got any ideas for races that are a bit different from the norm. All ideas welcome and distances.....cheers


  • Go to the event finder on RW and search your required area - anything with Hell, Extreme, Mayhem, Challenge or similar in the title are usually "something different"

  • Find your local off road club. You will normally find they run a winter league with other local clubs, so you will be able to do several events that are different from the norm over the coming months.

  • There's the Maldon Mud race around this time of year - it's across an estuary when the tide is out.  I think it's a bit muddy, and rather cold, but not very long.  Never done this one.

    Or the Benfleet 15 - I think that's in January or Feb, some off-road, again a bit muddy.  As in shoes left behind muddy.

    Race the Train

    Man vs Horse

    North Downs 30k - Kent, June, mostly off road, rather hilly.

    Further afield:

    Transbaie in northern France - across the bay of the Somme and back, while the tide is out.  That one is in early summer, depending on when the tides are right on a Sunday.  More mud - smelly mud, too, suck-your-shoes-off stuff if you don't get your technique right.  Good fun, that one!

    Marseille-Cassis - October, point to point, about 20k, the first half is uphill, the second is downhill.  Great views.

    Gendarmes et Voleurs - near Limoges, May, a choice of three distances (5k, 10k, 32k), nearly all off road, very, very hilly. 

    Marvejols-Mende - half marathon, July, on the road but seriously, seriously hilly and can be seriously hot.

  • thanks all some great suggestions going to give some a whirl...lardarse i may have to build up to that one mate thanks all



    Honiton Hippo

    Sussex Obstacle Dash

    I keep getting leaflets stuck to my car, wish I could remember them all.

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