Can you run in supportive shoes if...

I've got a slight problem in that one of my feet rolls a bit when I'm running which is causing one quad and calf to become much tighter. Can someone with a neutral gate in in support shoes such as the Nike structure Triax? I mean it's surely not counter productive to run  in support shoes if you're neutral?


  • As far as I know, running in support shoes when you are a re nuetral will introduce all kinds of gait issues and potential injury.

    Why dont you look at something like the Lunarglide series from Nike with their supposed "as you need it" support? If the marketting is correct, the support will only kick in for the leg that needs it, leaving a more or less neutral shoe on the other leg.

  • Running in the wrong shoes, regardless of the problem may cause injury.

    You could look at exercises to strengthen and increase flexibility in the quad and calf, or perhaps inserts in your shoe to compensate on that one side.

  • Cheers guys! I've been wearing the 'dynamic' Nike shoes but mine have done their 500 miles and quite some way more, so maybe time to replace and see how that helps.
  • That may be your problem.

    By Nike "dynamic" I assume you mean the Lunarglides?

     I had a pair myself, and I really dont think they are good for much more than 300 miles max. The foam is a lot wekaer and seems to wear down faster than normal runners. You may simply be feeling the effects of running in old and knackered shoes.

  • I had the lunar elites, which I loved and now run in pegasus 27's. I'm currently looking for a replacement. The lunar glide 2 or eclipse look favourite. I tried the original glides and didn't like them, they felt a bit big and clunky.
  • Are you a heel striker or mid/fore foot runner??

    May be just a case of cushioning and/or a different model shoe required.

    Get thee to a running shop and seek some proper advice.
  • Mid/forefoot runner mate, that's why I didn't like the glides as the bigger heel encouraged me to heel strike.
  • I still say get to a proper running shop, but it sounds like a case for cushioning (or lack of).

    Just a suggestion, have you thought about a sports massage for the quad/calf issues. Could the tight spots be due to a couple of muscle knots which may need massaging out.
  • Yeah had a sports massage last week, he said my quads were like a bag of spuds, and my calf was about ready to explode!! I've had plenty of rest since with 5 straight days of stretching and relaxation!
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