ASICS Super Six: Bridget (Sub-4:15)


Introducing the fifth member of our ASICS Super Six 2011 … Bridget (aka Ultra Sparkly Bridget)

Bridget will be using our sub-4:00 Garmin-ready schedule and sub-4:30 Garmin-ready schedule as a basis for her training and will be mentored by Bud Baldaro directly on this thread (starting December 20).

She’ll be posting her training progress and be receiving advice directly from the ASICS PRO Team experts live on this thread so make sure you check back regularly to find out how she gets on.

Good luck Bridget!



  • Yay.....well done Bridget imageimageimage
  • brilliant news Bridget.................can't believe that they haven't written a new schedule for you................just giving you a hash of two different oneimage.I tried to do a bit of both last time and they were wuite different

    I will be folowing with interest as I might well be going sub 4:15 at Londonimage

  • Popping in quickly to say hello before I start the usual Friday night round of acting as mum's taxi and getting the supermarket shop done (snow permitting). 

    At the moment I'm wondering how we are going to blend the 2 schedules

  • Wot Saffy said image
  • Well done Bridget. You are ne of the only people I voted for that actually made it. If you hadn't got in then I think we would all be demending a recount.....
  • Congratulation Bridget imageimageimage  We will be marathon training at the same time, you Paris and me Brighton. Just now need to turn up the heat outside to get rid of the snow and ice.
  • I tried to blend the two schedules this year and followed both threads on the forum................I ended up getting injured doing the speedwork from the faster schedule..................I also felt a bit demotivated as Andy was managing the sub 4 sessions so easily...he was running them much faster than required.( I think he could have gone  alot closer to 3:30  as he running was too good really for the target)...........I enjoyed following his thread until the injury though.......

    I hope the professional coach does a better job of mixing the two schedules especially as they are garmin ready and so you won't be able to adapt them yourselfimage

    Go, B!
  • image and image

    Reckon that you'll have massive support from forumites.

    Good luck.

  • Good Luck Bridget................... you go girl...
  • Congrats. Another Brighton Mara entrant here aiming for similar time.
  • Great news, Bridget, I will also be interested to see how they merge the two schedules.
  • Well done Bridget image
  • Great news Bridget, Allez!
  • Well done Bridget image

    Will be following you closely image

  • Erm, if you need a translator, I can offer my services image (*said in a French accent*)
  • We image Bridget

    I am more than happy to come and help you sample the French wine and cheeses in case they are trying to poison you.   I can't speak French but I can shout in English and gesticulate image

  • bonjour Bridget
  • Woohoo.  Go Bridget! imageimage  Congratulations and well deserved. 
  • Yay USB, you go girl, or allez as they say in Parisimage
  • Go Bridget!!!
  • TikkaTikka ✭✭✭

    Crikey, Bridget, they don't half make it hard for us stalkers, er, followers to find you - I searched for ages trying to track down this thread.  Why have they put you in the VLM section when you're running Paris?  image

    I doubt I'll post much on this thread, as I'm not running a marathon in 2011 (or indeed ever!), but I'll be lurking and enjoying every mile of your training from the comfort of my own sofa.

    Let the journey begin. image

  • ATM - love the song image

    Tikka - no idea either, you'll have to bookmark it image

    So looking at the 2 schedules Monday is somewhere between 2 miles at 11.30 mm and 3 miles at 10 mm.  The question is shall I get up early to do it and have a leisurely bath after work to get ready for our 'do' or shall I have a lie in and just a quick splash?

  • S'Christmas innit, give the run a miss and drink fizz in thebathimage

  • Got to drive back to Northampton for the meal so fizz not an option unless a bath bomb counts
  • Well done Sparkly B - see you in Paris (and most importantly on the Paris thread).
  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Congratulations, USB!! Shame you didn't get the call mid-jingle bells run last night so I could have seen your reaction. Looking forward to hearing what goodies you get.
  • Well done USB - hope you can make sense of the sub 4.00/sub 4.30 training. I know you have got a lot of support on here and I hope this can help you through to your goal sub 4.15 time.
  • >>>>>>BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE YOU MADE IT<<<<<<imageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    Congratulations, Bridget, so pleased for you.  Here's to loads of virtual training slogs together.

    Allez Bridget!

  • Congratulations Bridget...enjoy!
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